Cort Lindahl | Axis Mundi, Architectural Alignments, & The Millennium Monuments

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This week, researcher, Cort Lindahl, joins THC to discuss his work into mapping the alignments of man’s most famous and interesting structures. We cover the Georgia Guidestones, Balbek, Thomas Jefferson’s Popler Forest, The Dome Of The Rock, Coral Castle, and many, many other interesting sites with calculated connections to other monuments and structures.  We also speculate about the wide range of reasons the elite might put such an emphasis on what seems to be a fairly odd practice.

In the plus show we get into the International Peace Garden, the Geomancy of 9/11, Burning Man, Labyrinths, and a ton more. Enjoy.

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  1. Fascinating show! I had never heard of Coral Castle either. I live in Florida so that is going to be on my list of things to check out.

    I also agree with Wayne, great intro man, keep up the good stuff!

    1. Oh man, you really got to check it out. My parents went and took a lot of pictures, seems like it’s still an awesome place. One of the coolest strange places in the states I’d say. I really want to take a trip to FL to see that and also check out the Venus Project grounds in Venus Florida and meet 97 yrs old Jacque Fesco before the inevitable demise.

      Glad you liked the show!

  2. That was a great one. I’ve been scratching my head about these geographical alignments for quite a while. I thought the guest did an excellent job explaining it. A lot of the concepts laid out by Robert Sullivan really mesh with this talk.

    I’m starting to think the problem we have understanding this magic is really a “class” problem. We’re serfs/yeomen’s descendants and our education and cultural knowledge is derived from generations of people that lived in the exoteric version of the myth.

    Now, more people are starting to get clued into the substance of the cultural knowledge held by people who lived in the esoteric version of the myth. For example, I am starting to understand why someone would do a ritual when founding a city. You’re basically binding the concept of the city on a map, or in your thoughts, to the flesh, blood, and dirt world.

    I’m starting to feel slightly disappointed as I learn more and more, though! Seems like the secret of the mysteries is that there’s no magic, just men and nature. I also start to understand why this idea is kept secret. When the magic spell fails, it seems possible to fall completely into a nihilist, or completely reductivist view–that the only reality is a sort of force.

    It’s like the world of man really just exists in this bubble of myth and all one can do is just gently guide it around.

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  4. What more can I say? This was an excellent interview. Greg managed to get the best out of Cort in getting him to explain about geomancy. This is not an easy subject and, although the detail is fascinating, it can often overwhelm the listener or reader. My own studies into this subject have taught me that there is a lot more to the world than meats the eye – and it’s not just a matter of brute force either. There is a mathematical precision and beauty to all of this that is mind-blowing. It is a very ancient science. The good news is that more and more people are beginning to see this stuff; not just the elite, who have been able to manipulate the rest of us – by possessing knowledge that we didn’t have – for far too long. The world is not as it seems, thank God!

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