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Cort Lindahl | Axis Mundi, Architectural Alignments, & The Millennium Monuments

Topics Covered: Esoteric, Geomancy, Hidden History, Mysterious Places, Sacred Knowledge, Secret Societies

Show Notes

This week, researcher, Cort Lindahl, joins THC to discuss his work into mapping the alignments of man’s most famous and interesting structures. We cover the Georgia Guidestones, Balbek, Thomas Jefferson’s Popler Forest, The Dome Of The Rock, Coral Castle, and many, many other interesting sites with calculated connections to other monuments and structures.  We also speculate about the wide range of reasons the elite might put such an emphasis on what seems to be a fairly odd practice.

In the plus show we get into the International Peace Garden, the Geomancy of 9/11, Burning Man, Labyrinths, and a ton more. Enjoy.

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