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Simon Parkes | Reptilians, Mantids, Magick, & The Illuminati Agenda

Topics Covered: Alien Overlords, Capstone Cabal, Conspiracy, Elite Secret Beliefs, Occult, Personal Stories, Reptilians, The Matrix

Show Notes

Born into a privileged Illuminati bloodline, contacted at an early age by multiple entities, and schooled in the power of magick – Simon Parkes now holds public office in Whitby, North Yorkshire. He’s turned down his induction into the power pyramid and instead uses his privileged insight to talk about reality, multi-dimensional beings, and the plans of the Illuminati.

In the plus show, we talk far more about these Illuminati plans, Ebola & the guildstones ritual, the coming changes for humanity, the CERN portal making machine, what it means to have a soul that’s 1/3 Hollow Earth Human, the Mars and moon bases built by the Greys, the history of the Jinn, and the hidden truth about dolphins and the campaign to keep them off the main stage. What more do you in in an episode of THC?



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