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Born into a privileged Illuminati bloodline, contacted at an early age by multiple entities, and schooled in the power of magick – Simon Parkes now holds public office in Whitby, North Yorkshire. He’s turned down his induction into the power pyramid and instead uses his privileged insight to talk about reality, multi-dimensional beings, and the plans of the Illuminati.

In the plus show, we talk far more about these Illuminati plans, Ebola & the guildstones ritual, the coming changes for humanity, the CERN portal making machine, what it means to have a soul that’s 1/3 Hollow Earth Human, the Mars and moon bases built by the Greys, the history of the Jinn, and the hidden truth about dolphins and the campaign to keep them off the main stage. What more do you in in an episode of THC?



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  1. So let me get this straight: SP cannot compute 3 consecutive questions but can effortlessly recall what took place in his crib as a 6 month old? That made me cold and was all I needed to know to cease listening. So much for his photographic memory. I consign SP and his unprovable theories to the dustbin. In my honest opinion, I consider him a lightweight.

    1. As a person who is dyslexic, I can confirm that three questions asked at once are not easily answerable because things get mixed up in the mind. Also, you say “So much for his photographic memory” because he cannot answer three AUDIBLE questions? lol…

      This was an awesome show, whether you believe what he says or not. You turning it off early was your loss, that’s for sure.

      1. They were hardly brain-draining questions. To believe this would be more difficult than remembering in vivid detail one’s whereabouts at the age of 6 MONTHS, what and who they saw, what that person looked like and was wearing, is patently laughable. Dyslexia or not. If anything, HALLUCINOGENICS!

        Idiot savants have more credibility in that the results are palpable.

        If I smell a rat, and I did, why should I waste my time?

        1. Again, you are comparing VISUAL memory vs AUDIBLE memory. A person with a photographic memory may have trouble with audible recall. And it doesnt matter how difficult the questions are, its still a barrage of words, which are easily mixed up to a dyslexic person. It seems easy to you to say “The cat sat on the chair.” But a dyslexic person can easily read, write, or even hear this as “The chair sat on the cat.” Such a simple statement but easy to get wrong if your brain does not cooperate.

          And the guy has nothing to gain by talking about this stuff. All he is asking of you is to listen to what he says. After that, you do what you want with it.

    2. Not only do I believe him I am thankful he brought it up 🙂 I have cerebral palsy and along with the neurological glitches I have is…..dyslexia. I have the same problem.High functioning autistic. I finally learned not to allow myself to become overwhelmed and I manage fantastic ! Just because a person has,what I refer to, as a wiring glitch,in one area of their brain does not mean they have no cognitive function.
      And yes,Carter was our peanut president -lol. His brother brewed disgusting novelty beer. I remember rumors in middle school(when he was pres) about him and aliens but nothing ever came of it. Crappy president but considering his ‘marching orders’,I see why,in a weird way.
      Great interview .

    1. I got news for you: They’re both sane, Icke’s Story is TRUE, (I Know it, because I’ve had a very similar Experience in Dec. p’89, for which I had neither an Explanatiion, nor the Vocabulary to describe. Indeed, it took me around 23 YEARS, of VERY DEEP Spiritual Exploration, to finally learn what BOTH Icke and I had (Spontaneously–not very common) l” and I have Journal Entries describing the Aftermath of it all. Apropos, this entry about my own Experience is here simply to VALIDATE Mr. David Icke,–For Whom J have a great deal of Respect–and ALL His Experiences (as “Nutty” as the Untrained “judges” may consider him to be), I KNOW alll he’s said to be True. Yet, understandably, he’s become rather defensive in his Tone of Voice, because to most, his Story, and as he describes it, are just too Esoteric for those still in line for the Upgrade he and I Received Spontaneously.

      Likewise, this Journalist, Meta-Thinking Philosopher, Teacher, and Experiencer–can unequivocallly and Truthfully State that SA, DI, and their Stories are Plausible, and Possible, no matter how Crazy, Outlandish, Questionable they may sound to uninitiated

      Greg, You’re One Intelligent Kinda Guy, and with “Bazookas” to match. I Admire You, esp since I’ve 3 sons about your Age (the oldest has passed), but the other two are in their earlly 30s. (One is Awake, the other isn’t). Keep digging!

      Never stop “digging,”

  2. Bonkers. I heard hours of his story a couple of years ago. He appears to have brought forward a lot more ‘interesting’ material. I don’t buy his story – but, he seems a sincere man so I’ll just let it slide. He’s not for me, but Greg, thanks for putting him forward.

  3. I’m one of the “gullible” ones that believes this guy as there’s this underlying thing about this world you can feel is under the surface that’s hinted at in all text and media. I wouldn’t listen if I didn’t have a need to understand to the best of my sanity. It’s thanks to Greg and others that take the steps to talk to and record these people to tell their stories and add their world views that help to open our minds to the possibilities of what’s out there.

  4. This guy is silly. Nonetheless I enjoyed the topics…cant seem to help myself. My opinion is that SP “samples” from a multitude of others. Greg you’re entirely correct…nothing would be gained by challenging him…demanding how he “knows” these things. Living down the rabbit hole shows u a common theme…there is no real solid Proof for most of what is discussed down here…but if you think that means that none of it is possible, you are quite foolish. Greg…you’re creativity w the show production and particularly your closing monologues has been on fire lately. The muse is strong with this one… Keep it up man.

  5. This is an awesome podcast, what a great dude. I trusted him completely when he was speaking of magic and mentioned that all people have this innate ability and just need to forge their connection to the universe. This guy’s the real deal, at least from my perspective! Really really enjoyed this. Love the spiritual podcasts.

  6. Damn, Greg’s ending “rant” / passionate speech at the end was beautiful. Such a wise dude for his age, it’s an honor to have experienced his perspectives in my life. He’s totally right, and that Zen tale is awesome, I’ve never heard of that before. Also, Daniele Bolelli! That’s wonderful, I love him on Joe Rogan’s podcast and Duncan Trussell’s. Anyhow, more spiritual podcasts!(Broken record?) This is by far my favorite podcast to date, I generally shy away from conspiracy because most of it is alarmist, negative, and really just not very productive because, albeit informs people of the unfortunate truths of our reality, keeps people in fear, causing restriction and tension, when we should be opening up and becoming receptive to each other and ourselves, thus finding our authentic selves. But this podcast was amazing, I love how Simon really nailed home not to live in fear and how powerful we truly are as creative beings. Thanks again Gregg, really, for putting yourself out there and doing this podcast, it couldn’t have been easy, both logistically and socially. I pay the $5 a month, but I plan to get some money together and donate a bit more soon to show my gratitude. You have a special place in my heart, Friend.

    P.s. – That Twenty-one Pilot’s song at the end is beautiful.

  7. About the dolphin stuff…

    Look up the work of Patrick Flanagan. He was picked up by the CIA in his TEENS to work for them on covert projects. One of his projects when he got older was making a dolphin to human translator (the project was never completed as his partner died a VERY mysterious death in the middle of prototyping it out). It would be a device that would allow communication both ways between species, I think he successfully made 30 something translations before the project was stopped. He was the inventor of the Neurophone which was eventually used by various groups / alphabet agencies to literally transmit voices into people’s heads. He wrote a book called Pyramid Power and can easily be found with a quick google search. He was on Red Ice Radio where I *believe* he talks about the dolphin stuff:

    Really enjoyed the show, thanks!

  8. I loved it yet I am torn to know what to think! On one hand SP has no books to sell, no iPhone apps or website to promote so he’s not gaining from any of this but on the other side it’s just so left field it smashes everything we have ever been taught or learnt about the cosmos and therefore can’t be true? I do wonder if SP is not a victim himself of some MK style programming given his family background and all those memories are false to hide something even more sinister? Either way this show got me thinking, which is a good thing as you just don’t know how much of the truth is buried in SP’s recollections. Great show Mr C, Bra-fucking-vo

  9. Where is the second half of the show? I subscribed for this very show, really wanted to hear it. I downloaded above, no second have. Sent my 60$ through paypal and logged in. Where do the second half of shows show up?

  10. Absolutely fascinating. I subscribed for the 2nd hour of this show (had to hear the dolphin information). As strange as all of this was a lot of this resonates with me. I would love to hear his opinions on the insect beings in the dmt realm. Love this podcast. Thank you!

  11. I liked the show… But some of his points have no background evidence and it’s basically just what he thinks. Yes, interpretation is subjective… But it seems like he’s just spewing out whatever about the hollow earth/space. Nonetheless… Still enjoyed hearing this pov / perspective

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