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Dr. Jack Hunter is an anthropologist exploring the borderlands of consciousness, religion, ecology and the paranormal. His doctoral research with the University of Bristol examined the experiences of spirit mediums and their influence on the development of self-concepts and models of consciousness, and is an effort towards a non-reductive anthropology of the paranormal. He is also a founding member of the Afterlife Research Centre. Jack completed a Permaculture Design Course at Chester Cathedral in 2017, and is currently working on the One School One Planet project to develop a mainstream permaculture curriculum for schools. He is also a musician and an ordained Dudeist Priest. He joins THC on the heels of his latest book: Engaging the Anomalous: Collected Essays on Anthropology, the Paranormal, Mediumship and Extraordinary Experience.

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PLUS Content

  • Floating green goat heads.
  • Animism.
  • The agency of rocks and rock mouths.
  • Receiving signs from plants and animals.
  • More wild stories from the field of anthropology.
  • Dr. Hunter’s possessed hand.
  • A deep dive into ectoplasm.

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  1. Totally loved this one with Dr. Hunter- the synchro emailing thing, just proves it was meant to be!

    Like Dean Radin , Jack is one of those people we need- his credentials and education is esteemed enough to warrant the attention and confidence of those not used to traversing the terrain that comes naturally to some of us- a foot in both worlds as you said Greg.

    I’m hoping you get him back on at some stage 🙂 I’d definitely love to hear more from him.

  2. Now this was a great episode. As soon as it popped up I had to listen to it. Great score. So good to see what I term as common sense in regard to “life mysteries” get credit. People like you Gregg and this other young academic are doing a wonderful job bringing it to the masses. I’m so glad people out there “get it”. Hope is not lost after all. 🙂

  3. This was a great episode! I’m so glad at the beginning you guys talked about positive paranormal experience/contact.
    Often negative experiences are the only ones that get any discussion.
    As someone who works in the mental health field at programs that are some of the best in the country AND someone who has had these experiences since I was a child … I can’t thank you enough. There is a so much shame and belittling of people reporting these experiences to hear someone like your guess is important. Many of the top notch mental health programs are so biologically based that the possibilities of an additional (not mutually exclusive ) phenomenon occurring, is laughed at.
    Thank you for this episode.

  4. Really interesting stuff. When you think about preparing for the afterlife ,i.e., getting oneself in tune with the dream world, preparing the mind, etc., are there retreats or groups that focus on these topics?

  5. Hi Gregg,
    Take the Tom Brown Jr Tracking School philosophy 1 class and you will see the world you keep looking for as easily as you ever wanted. Its called being a human and stop making it harder for yourself then it ever has to be. Peace Brother

  6. Really enjoyed this show Greg. I am a long time listener but rarely comment. I am so happy your life is going so well for you. You always ask the greatest questions. Thanks for your dedication and your hard work. Peace.

  7. Great guest. I really enjoyed his calm, intelligent and open-minded approach. Amazing that there are still some folks in Academia who are investing these things.
    I have a degree in Anthropology, and I recall studying Michael Tellinger’s Ubuntu movement in South Africa; the lecturers kept saying ‘pay no attention to Michaels other research, it’s weird and not academic’. Of course, that made me more interested and I came to learn all about his Enki and Enlil and ancient sound technology stuff. Way more interesting to me!

  8. Wow, how ironic would it be if you went from simple stoner doing a podcast poking fun at conspiracy theorists to the gatekeeper who determines what conspiracy theories will be talked about and how to approach the topics? Keep up the good work. It’s been interesting watching your evolution over the last few years.

    1. I appreciate it, but I would not say I poke fun at conspiracy theories, I cover them pretty seriously and in depth.

      I could never be a gatekeeper. There are many many forums to investigate whatever a person might want. I host one moderately successful show. I cover things I find to be interesting and only try to be diverse. I don’t really like the insinuation that I’ve “turned” somehow and I don’t know where it comes from. Clyde Lewis was my last guest. Charlie Robinson and John Le Bon were just here. I don’t see anything inconsistent about what I’ve chosen to do shows on. Do you?

  9. I have seen what was called to me “ectoplasm” by Herman Slater from the Magickal Childe way back when I was in the military.
    I was in the dark with my friend in a small 4′ x 4′ side room in the missile compartment on a submarine under water like 600′ off the coast in the south Atlantic. I was meditating underway in this room with my friend. He was mediating sort of. Verbally counting out the task a form of chakram relaxation. Red orb visualizing your chest…blue light my throat area..and white my head…You experience the colors or lights in your mind’s eye rolling up through you etc.
    We finished I was very calm…super relaxed. My eyes had slightly adjusted to the darkness of the room. I heard or felt something …like a noise almost. And white light started growing…forming out of the darkness near my head to the left side of it. It was expanding in the room like the size of a softball growing larger…and you could see the darkness around it…pushing on it…and it against it. Like striated not a perfect sphere at all.
    The second my brain was like “what is that and what is trying to get in..” it slowly collapsed. To be clear my mind did not think anything of it at first…I was calm and peaceful feeling. But my animal brain had a chill or fear and it started to collapse. My friend Tony said “whoooa….did you see that!” I was like “see what!”. He described it to me perfectly ..accept he saw a red dot below it as well.
    When I described this to Herman Slater …he would not look at me…and was sitting in his chair at the door the entry to the Childe. He whisked his fingers in the direction of the shelves without looking at me. “Ectoplasm…isle x. Look for Alice Bailey” … It felt weird to me that he would just blow it off like it was nothing. I walked away to the isle and he looked up from his book and started at me. When I looked back at him he turned away. That place the Magical Childe was a wierd…wierd place and in my youth I did a ton of reading on this stuff.

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