Nick Hinton The Saturn Time Cube Conspiracy Interview onm The Higherside Chats Podcast

Nick Hinton | The Saturn Time Cube, Tyler, & The Plasma Apocalypse

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Oh mama! Today the great Nick Hinton joins THC to talk about the vital content he’s released, often in the form of Reddit/Twitter threads. We also talk about his two books The Saturn Time Cube Simulation & The Aquarian Singularity, both only available through Direct Message. Nick is also the host of the What Iff Podcast & the Founder of The Institute For Folly.

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  • The Simpsons & The Yellow Cube.
  • The Hidden Hand Material & The Law of One.
  • Cryptocurrency, Chainlink, & the digital dystopia.
  • Facing our own shadow.
  • The rainbow bridge.
  • The importance and relevance of Sirius.
  • Him seeing UFOs with Chris Bledsoe.
  • ECCO the Dolphin.
  • The Randonauts.

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  1. havent even started, and am so insanely excited, I was still getting over the last episode, what an absolutely bloody awesome week this is turning out to be! Love you man! From sunny downunder


  2. The ra material and Cyrus stuff! That jail breaking reality with random coordinators is kinda the same mechanisms as tarot. I did not know about that helicopter hieroglyphs but you talked about Dude at the seance. I also think the guy who came up with the photocopy machine got the idea from the spirit world. I like the digital analog allegory to the EI and Ouija boards. This is a good to end for March. 

    Oh hexagon clouds in Bermuda Triangle and electrified soap bubbles make that hexagon shape as well I saw that on suspicious observer YouTube channel which I'm sure THC plus crowd is well aware of

  3. Holy shit. The smart dust at minute 18:18 – made me remember this patient when I was a research assistant at a VA hospital. This Vietnam-era veteran came in to donate blood for the study, we started chatting about gov’t research after I told him what the study was about. He said “a lot of guys like me won’t participate in research because they don’t trust the government (and I’m just listening), but the jokes on them b/c things are already way further ahead than they think.”

    I said “oh yea? Like what, airplanes and stuff?”  He said in Vietnam, he was in a comms scouting unit which, on a few occasions, provided support for people with really cool gadgets and there’s this dust that you hold in your hand and they’d drop it into an air vent. It disperses all throughout a building, stays suspended in the air and you can listen to conversations in a room of the building. I said “like tiny cameras?” he said “no… it’s more like a swarm. One particle of the dusk isn’t anything at all by itself. Its kind of like a swarm of bees, it works somehow with sound and charge.” Maybe he was fucking with me. I didn’t feel like he was but who knows. He’s definitely not the only veteran that told me a weird or crazy story out of probably 2,000 or more people I met during that study. 

    1. Tesla basically only had cast iron and copper wire to work with. Imagine him with special materials, micro/nano components, high speed microcomputers, etc. Today's challenge is 90% thinking of something new to do, and not the actual building of it. No matter how implausible or "out there" it sounds, it likely has at least been tried by some elite / military research branch. Most tech was "impossible" until someone made a rough barely working example, then the progress curve goes exponential i.e. first Wright Brothers flight 1903 – first B-52 flight 1952 – X-15 4,520 MPH flight 1967.

  4. Interesting to note (and not at all surprising) the most recent gaming console from Microsoft is called the Xbox Next. A nod to the progenitor of the internet and another altar for the saturnian demi urge as well perhaps.

  5. It sounds like the elite are the ones who are under the greatest spell. Education, medical, and our courts systems are so slow now. Focusing on income.

    ive heard many say, “oh no I can’t help myself, I have to see a professional.” 
    Giving our power away, thinking a stranger has a better chance at knowing whatever. But without the person telling the symptoms what power does the professional have? Ultimately each one of us has to give away energy and power for this system to work, and yet it does not work. 
    Thank you both for the info! ❤️💜💚👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤔

  6. 10% of my crypto portfolio is in Chainlink. It is an oracle solution for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. What that means is it brings outside data onto the blockchain in a secure way to interact with smart contracts. Weather information, commodities prices, you name it, any info for many reasons. I've been involved in bitcoin and crypto since 2012. The reason it came on my radar was researching 9/11. Once I wrapped my head around that false flag, I had to ask who is really running the show here? The answer was of course, the people who create the money, the banking families and the central banks who run the fiat money scam that keeps us enslaved. Along comes bitcoin which is fundamentally the antithesis to a centralized fractional reserve fiat banking system. It is a decentralized network that has sound monetary policy coded into it. It eliminates the middle man (the banksters) and puts the power back into individuals hands. Of course this type of future is not a given. Crypto is a tool and it can be derailed or co opted from this original vision. If you don't understand central bank monetary policy and the way it is a scheme to enslave the masses, then you can't understand what bitcoin is on a philosophical level and what the power and benefits are. Whenever I hear someone talking about crypto as a tool of enslavement or the mark of the beast, they ALWAYS know little to nothing about it. They don't understand the counter argument to their position. If the majority remain ignorant it is possible that the usual suspects will gain control of the crypto space. However there is a core community of developers and everyday people like myself who see it as an extraordinary tool to decentralize the monetary system and thus decentralize the corrupt power structure. That being said, the world we live in will always be a reflection of the sum total of the collective consciousness of all individuals. That is why the main focus of the MSM is to keep us in a fear state. But for me, I see the light creeping in more and more, and I see a bright future for us here on Earth.

  7. these last 2 episodes have been filled with truly refreshing new stuff. as a truly dedicated searcher things can get stale but your last 2 guys really really had new threads that I can weave into days and weeks of conspiracy clothing. it gave me a raging conspiracy boner. coach says take a cold shower but im gonna let my freak flag fly. Jesus Christ on a cracker!!! don't stop don't stop 

  8. Synchronicity. I used Randonaut one time a little over a year ago and nothing happened of note. I thought about this 2 days ago, and now it is mentioned here. Gonna give it another go.

  9. The ‘tiler’ or Tyler stands guard on the inside door of the lodge in Freemasonry to keep all cowans and intruders from entering without approval by the proper knocks. 

    From what I’m learning in regards to syncretism, everything has multiple meanings.

  10. Wow! Only like 30 minutes in but holy shit man! Love it!!! Again, Greg, Happy fucking Birthday! I’m so glad I got the plus shit now! Keep up the great work and fighting the good fight💜

  11. Thank you for choosing this guest and these topics! I’m truly grateful! Synchronicity! I made a YouTube video last week about my experiences with ‘orbs’ and I’ve read a lot of accounts of other people seeing them too. But I REALLY wanted someone discuss RECENT accounts with the orbs because of the assertion. I agree with Nick Hinton and choose to dial into the Christ Consciousness. Jesus is an amazing spiritual teacher and friend to all! GOD BLESS YOU THC!

  12. I have a mándela effect question. Does anyone besides me remember that it was a big deal that Bill and Melinda Gates adopted a few multi cultural children? It happened about the same time that they said Madonna did the same. I knew this as fact until I saw an article showing Bill Gates biological daughter being a doctor at Stanford and photos of his other kids. I don’t remember any mention of them existing until that article. Thanks

  13. Super show TYVM! Consider an infant coming to terms with seeing, hearing, manipulating etc. in their new 3D environment. Things have more than just the side they are looking at, fall down, don't cease to exist when not seen, don't really change size when the distance to them changes, size and weight are not always correlated, a breeze isn't directly seen, etc. Only a tiny amount of adults move on to thinking about what is beyond those 3D basics of our very limited bandwidth of senses. Those that actually figure out a thing or two could be equal to those "giants" that played peek-a-boo with us while we were in our crib babbling, crying, sleeping, and needing our diapers changed. I love guests that recognize any subject relating to there is more that exists than what we are familiar with, and things don't necessarily work the way we think they do.

  14. Is there another interview on Higherside where the Ra Material/Law of One is discussed more? I'm super interested.

    I really enjoyed this interview and LOVE his views on AI. Really steers clear of total technopbobia, which is refreshing. Looking forward to diving into more of his work.

  15. Cool!– always dig the Saturnian episodes.

    –The Simpsons had something about Dolphins in Treehouse of Horror XI.  According to Snorky, the dolphin king, dolphins lived on the land eons ago, until they were driven to the sea by humans. smiley

     also, HBD Greg! 

    1. Dolphins, highly intelligent, air breathing, used to live on land, the bones under their flippers are a hand and wrist, communicate in high pitches, that our ears may not hear, in 3D pictures, can knockout barracuda by aiming their echolocation at them, reproduce by rape, known to sexually molest humans, black eyes, grey skin. See where I'm going with this? Alien greys are land dolphins.

  16. That was more like it… I was going to pause this month. But this speaks more to a familiar language.

    ‘Kairos’ is Greek for ‘Weather’. The seasons and the ages may seem to depict stable sequence… but they don’t predict the weather day-to-day. And it remains questionable as to the extent of the influence of ‘stable sequences’. It may very well be that everything we experience is ‘weather’.

  17. Great episode, but want to point out the Ethiopian calendar is about 7-8 years behind, depending on when you're looking at it. Their new year falls in September, so it's currently 2013.

  18. Hidden Hand material seems like it was written by someone who just read the Law of One and is geeked up about it and ready to LARP. By the way: if he's trying to polarize at 95% STS, and the interview is helping STO people polarize, he'll never meet his 95% goal. BTW those numbers of polarization are for what: the moments of your death, the cumulation of all your life's put together or what? 

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