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Nick Hinton | The Saturn Time Cube, Tyler, & The Plasma Apocalypse

Topics Covered: AI, Cataclysms, High Strangeness, Saturn

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Oh mama! Today the great Nick Hinton joins THC to talk about the vital content he’s released, often in the form of Reddit/Twitter threads. We also talk about his two books The Saturn Time Cube Simulation & The Aquarian Singularity, both only available through Direct Message. Nick is also the host of the What Iff Podcast & the Founder of The Institute For Folly.

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PLUS Content

  • The Simpsons & The Yellow Cube.
  • The Hidden Hand Material & The Law of One.
  • Cryptocurrency, Chainlink, & the digital dystopia.
  • Facing our own shadow.
  • The rainbow bridge.
  • The importance and relevance of Sirius.
  • Him seeing UFOs with Chris Bledsoe.
  • ECCO the Dolphin.
  • The Randonauts.
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