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Christopher McIntosh | Hyberborea, Rune Magic, & The Mystic North

Topics Covered: Ancient Civilization, Esoteric, Hidden History, Mound Builders, Mythology

Show Notes

“The North” is simultaneously a location, a direction, and a mystical concept. Although this concept has ancient roots in mythology, folklore, and fairy tales, it continues to resonate today within modern culture. McIntosh leads readers, chapter by chapter, through the magical and spiritual history of the North, as well as its modern manifestations, as documented through physical records, such as runestones and megaliths, but also through mythology and lore.

In addition, McIntosh discusses Russian Hyperboreanism, which he describes as among “the most influential of the new religions and quasi-religious movements that have sprung up in Russia since the fall of Communism” and which is currently almost unknown in the West.

Christopher McIntosh is a writer and historian specializing in the esoteric traditions of the West. He was for several years on the faculty of the Centre for the Study of Esotericism at Exeter University. He lives in Bremen, Germany.

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Legends of fabled lands in Russia. Why was the history of the North so often twisted and omitted? -Egregores -Christopher’s thoughts on the Bock Saga -Astrology -Christopher’s Rosicrucian book and research.
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