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Eric P. Dollard | Tesla Tech, Understanding Ether, & The Digital Demon

Show Notes

Eric Dollard is an Electrical Engineer who is a “living legend” in the field of electrical research. He is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable expert alive today on the true nature of electricity. Author of the landmark mathematical papers Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Waves and Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave, Eric shows how all electric phenomena can be mathematically measured and engineered WITHOUT using calculus or “Maxwell’s Equations.” Author of Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers and Theory of Wireless Power, he is also the only person since Tesla’s death to successfully build a real Magnifying Transmitter. His last several conference presentations are Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity, The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla & Alexanderson & The Power of the Aether as Related to Music and Electricity, The Musical Seismograph. & History, Theory & Practice of the Electrical Utility System.

Eric’s Website for more info & donations:

See Eric’s Flame Speaker:

See Eric’s Cosmic Induction Generator:

Get Eric’s Musical Seismograph Presentation:

Get Eric’s Tesla Talk:

Get Eric’s “History, Theory, & Practice of the Electrical Utility System” talk:

Also check out E Media Press for more fascinating follow-up content:


PLUS Content

-Mapping the Inner Earth with the Musical Seismograph. -Getting power from Radio Transmission. -Making a physical body for the biblical beast. -Oliver Heaviside’s work. -The realness of alchemy as a suppressed science. -How elemental substances react to planetary forces.
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Congratu-f’n-lations Greg! Can’t wait to absorb this one!!
Your work ethic and dedication is astounding and greatly appreciated.
Ripple on my brother)))))))))….


I drive a Ram 1500, guess I’m an asshole.
This episode made me want to move into the Alaskan interior and live off the grid. Fire gooood


Dude don’t feel bad. I don’t come from a Fed recognized tribe so according to this Britisher I am not a real “indian” either. Although my grandmother told us about this kind of stuff long ago. Britishers ya gotta love them….


Just out of interest what’s a “Britisher”? Cos this guy doesn’t sound very British….


the king returns


It is always a pleasure to listen to Eric as he has a deeper understanding of the nature of our reality most can’t comprehend, yet I find so familiar as someone who came to the same conclusions he has understanding our Waking Reality. I recall back when I was involved in the Aetherforce community all the resources I was able to digest from their efforts in bringing a lot of research out there from that past. It really helped bring a lot of insight that still is hard to find this day. Coming from an artist path, I share a lot of the understanding from trying to relate to nature at the fractal level where the deconstruction of what other’s are taught is fundamental to best grasp what we can see through the study of nature itself rather than that of what is propagated by educational systems, all which lack the real pursuit of expansive knowledge Eric speaks of. Even if we can understand the real relationship between Electricity and Magnetism, we see both the Masculine & Feminine side of our reality present being expressed in a number of forms. I could talk hours on these subjects and how the entirety of understanding how it all works at the Cosmic level like what other’s grasp as Astrology to the Cellular level of how we are the Earth of our own Cells, all have a fractal parallel to it. I do not know many who can juggle the topic as deep, so I see Eric as a peer to the same pursuit of knowledge I am passionate to embark on. His path is more of a practical engineering route, so my creative take on it all really bridges it in a way that can relate the knowledge in a digestible & conceptual manner. But he’s not wrong – this path of life is one where you essentially exist outside of the system but the growing communities that form also can’t digest the capacity of how this shifts a better understanding of it all. Maybe its the right place right time to pit such minds to walk such a path, much as he states is the synchronistic voodoo unfolding that allows living Universe to favor such potential. Given how I grew up outside of the Cell Service range, and continue to live in an area where no service reaches, I do understand at a level I hope others can but everyone is each their own. This leaves Nature as a great teacher to tune into one’s own path. Needless to say, the hermit path is not for everyone but when you dive into the melding of the true nature of reality with the deeper occult practices, you see layers of reality that perception alone cannot bridge.


Inside out design of the grid, and listening to the earth .. the simple “thanks” after a Greg intro

Next Level description , great questions higherside


This interview is EXCELLENT! I’ve learned so much. This man is a National Treasure. Woa. Thank you for the lesson today. Golly. Over my head but I’ve hope that with enough study, I might understand better. This is important stuff.


officially my 2 favorite episodes are both the Dollard eps- I know I was one of the people who nudged a few times to have Eric back .. Big love to you for getting that to happen, thanks to Aaron too!Loved it!
Eric is a gem and I really hope our communities can get behind him.I would love a round table with some of these guys.. Nassim, Aaron, Eric and a few others..Probably would be a nightmare to organise lol.Id love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.


Those monkeys are going to pay


Absolutely fascinating. Dollard is a genius.


Great show Greg. Rudolph Steiner talks about ‘Ahriman’ …the entity that will come in through technology to hypnotise humanity and move them into the 8th sphere to use them as fodder! Sounds like the same entity that Dollard speaks about…….hmm!


Greg, please tell MR Dollard that he can use self publishing at a very low cost for his materials at It is the same site that Joseph P Farrel uses for publishing of his books. Thank you


Great show after getting him to open up. He mentioned the upcoming solar minimum where everyone would be begging for global warming. That sent me down a rabbit hole, and whoa! We need some shows on this topic. We’re headed toward a mini ice age over the next 15+ years. Then couple that with Eric’s assessment of the vulnerability of the power grid and there’s your depopulation agenda right there! The veil is dropping and the end game strategy is emerging, no wonder why they’re telling everyone about global warming. What’s going to happen is the complete opposite.
Thank you Greg for bringing the pieces together. Now is the only time we have to get our affairs in order before shit really hits the fan.


That particular part of the interview stood out to me as well. I couldn’t agree more that we could use more shows/information about this ice age asap.

dreamtime jedi

Just wanted to say, Greg, it has never been more clear to me what drives you to do what you do. The wonder and excitement you showed as you barely breathed out, “What!?”, while discussing the “Galaxy in a Bulb” with Mr. Dollard was inspiring and fun to listen to. It is obvious that your pursuit of truths and revelations is not merely an alternative to corporate career… nothing that shallow. It is a passion. I feel it, benefit from it and draw from it. I truly appreciate what you do and what you strive for. Thank you for this show and all of the ideas and understandings it has offered.


I couldn’t agree with everything you said more. Greg is pretty much the only person I’m aware of who is doing what they not only have a passion for, but also it comes across as almost a need to do what he does. That type of combination is infectious. You simply can’t help being drawn to this type of show. Take care.


About the Sun, there is a good probability that we will get one more “normal” cycle, week but yet normal. Then after that one the real minimum will come, very week. Then all the US peoples will apply a VISA to move to Mexico… Witch will be very ironic !!


If what you say does come to pass, I’m personally not applying for any VISA. I’m simply crossing the border. I won’t have been the first or last to do so.


After had listen tho show:
About redo the Tesla tower… There is this guy living here in Brazil and he is related to Tesla, grand nephew, i guess. His name is Boris Petrovic. I know him personally and he is reproducing Tesla wireless energy transmission.
If there is interest i can open a channel to try interview him. (
Kudos to GC about this show !!! Erick seem to be the most difficult guest to talk… Those pauses he do while talking are hard to deal as an interviewer.

Hugh Johnson

I would like to discuss a perspective on what Eric calls “It”. Law of One material was channeled in the early 80s, and it describes two opposing yet equal paths in service to the one creator. One is service to others, and one is service to self. For years I was reading about health and I could not understand how these seemingly intelligent people could not even form coherent arguments or notice basic methodological flaws. How could they ignore the great success of vitamin therapy or countless other ways to help people, even when they could make money and gain fame should they adopt these methods.

I find that the path of Self, a path that focuses on manipulation, domination, installation of elite above the masses explains this. Their behaviour that constantly prevents the spread of good information and poisons the bodies and minds of the masses makes no sense otherwise, but becomes clear as day when seen through this lense.

Anyway here is some material. I suggest those interested to look first at the video, it’s a lot easier to understand:
Futher information can be found here, but it is a bit hard to make sense of:


Fantastic. I love Eric Dollard. Please have him on more often!


By far one of the best show i have ever heard!!! I spoke about this show to all of my family in colombia, my father is an electrician so he understood that part of the show better than me. I told my mother about ( she is a very conservative old fashion catholic ) The digital beast and all the evil than intents to generate; she concluded Doctor Eric has a gif from God, like a prophet! …
The ether subject is totally fascinating ; after listening to this show , I am just glad i do understand and accept there is a Higher power of good in this life!
Ps: thanks greg for this show, and God bless doctor Eric !


I studied money and saw the face of Satan. Satan in Hebrew means “The Adversary”. The world-wide control organism that manifests the evils that people do is an entity. We are living in a net of media monopoly, except the internet is a double edged sword. The dangers of interacting with “spirits” is that we only partially perceive them. Kind of like trusting a name on the internet. We can be fooled or led down the wrong path very easily with this partial blindness.
I highly suggest viewing channels on the U-tube “TheThunderBoltsProject” especially The Safire Project. The material on the ancient witnesses on that channel are an important insight.
The lectures of Randall Carlsen on “Geocosmic Rex” will clarify many things.

When it comes to current understanding and the fundamental battle with the corporate-entrenched resistance to true knowledge I suggest “DutchSinse” theories of earthquake prediction, “SuspiciousObservers” the Sun and Earth are a circuit/interaction and satellite observation of it.

Take care of yourselves folks.


Mind-altering show. I am still recovering. As stated at one point by Greg — who has never been better than in this interview — it is depressing. Honestly. But yet, life-affirming in the way truth can be. Then I remembered that YellowRoseFor Texas did say Ed was dead. Ed is nickname for SUN by they of the “it.” The Sun (as in Ra, etc.) is malevolent. ) In Rose’s cosmology, Ed being dead means the war is being won by the Parents and we are going home imminently. Now from the comments and from Dollard himself, this is very far afield from the science and rationale five-sense scientific discussion that would make this observation make Rose seem like a wing-nut. But there is a six sense no one values much, and Rose does show “cam” photos. Anyway, the idea that the “Sun being Dead” can be interpreted as positive is a view that does keep me from committing suicide, and points to their being two sides to viewing anything (except the truth, which is not arguable.) After all this knowledge and time, I have to wonder if this “place” was ever meant to be more than it is, that. is an entropic, destructive, death realm. Was this realm ever meant to be “other” than a play ground for devouring, psycpathic entities? If this place weren’t hell, would we have a reason to be here at all? Is this place redeemable? Or as Aug Tellez has has said, paradoxically, the only reason to be here is to leave here. In such a worldview, Ed or the Sun dying might mean we are getting out of here.

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