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Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks Lucifer’s Tech and Trump coup with returning guest, Chris Knowles.

We’ve all heard the Arthur C. Clark quote that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, but maybe they’re linked by more than just appearance. It seems that most people who study the smattering of crumbs the deep state has dropped over the past few decades will find a few curious connections between: occult practices and technological advances, strange phenomenon and secret experiments, and let’s not forget the curious resurrection of ancient Babylonian names from companies on the bleeding edge of things we’ll probably never see.

It’s true that odd pieces that seem unrelated, often times come together when you dig deep enough to find the ties that bind. Although, what can be overwhelming and often glossed over, is the vast amount of knowledge a person need to put these odd pieces in the proper context. What good is a NASA investigator who knows nothing about ancient Egyptian mythology? How valuable is a Ufologist who’s never studied the occult? And can a person really decode Hollywood symbolism accurately without opening up a book on Kabalah?
The point is that true “conspiracy” research is a vast and inner-disciplinary undertaking that few people are willing to follow through to it’s deepest depths; but Chris Knowles is one of the respectable few who is. He’s back and the saddle with an epic 2.5+ hour podcast,Chris is an author of several great books including “Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes” and “The Secret History of Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Mysterious Roots of Modern Music”. He’s been decoding the esoteric themes of pop culture and para-politics for years culminating in the catalog of work is on his blog, The Secret Sun.
4:15 Greg and Chris begin by examining how Knowles’ approach to his research has always been to take the path less traveled or studied, should we say? Diving down several rabbit holes the past few months on his blog from the likes of Bell Labs dirty laundry, to the lesser known MK-OFTEN project it’s easy to understand how his work is instrumental in helping people think different. Chris points out, this has been personally advantageous in this “all bets are off year”  where we’ve experienced so much high strangeness bubbling to the surface. With things feeling reminiscent of the past because of interchanging political scandals, a divided and polarized nation, the international war machine marching forward and the reemergence of the hacker culture onto the center stage of politics, it’s clear to see this is a time where the machinations of the secret world emerge. Greg and Chris dive even deeper into this by discussing the recent Podesta email leaks involving Pizzagate, the shocking election results and the shift of power players pulling the strings in the wake of president-elect Trump.
17:43 As Chris previously observed, the claim of Russian interference is not only unlikely, but interestingly enough ties into one of the overarching themes of his ongoing installment Lucifer’s Technologieswhere he elaborates on the idea of technology as a Trojan horse. After his lengthy series leading to a spin off where he more deeply covered the archetype of Lucifer, Chris expanded his research beyond the Grecco-Roman era and discovered not only the reasons this figure was hijacked and manipulated to reflect religious origins, but at the core the is a very powerful idea that is essentially a secret tradition.
34:42 Greg and Chris recap the origins of Lucifer from the rebellions against Sargon the Great to the tales that evolved into Prometheus. After following this twisted web of truths it may be safe to say that Lucifer can be equated to a figure who uses technology to subvert the established power center. Knowles contends the Titans of Greek mythology were in fact, also Sumerian kings, because the Sumerian kings were called Lugal, another word for giant or titan.
42:44 After reviewing the long and violent history of politicians ranging from the Clintons to JFK, being checked by nefarious forces attempting to protect their black budget programs, Greg and Chris walk through the unlikely connections of UFOs, President Ford’s attempted assassination, the Manson family and MK-OFTEN. Continuing with their conversation on UFOs, Greg and Chris dissect the ancient links of Cadmus to Roswell and the alternatives explanations from a mythological perspective.
57:50 Although so many people may have believed Hillary Clinton was above being taken to task by the ruling elite, recent events suggest otherwise. As Chris astutely points out, the dark and nefarious levels that supersede the Clinton dynasty are perhaps quietly playing their hand protecting their exotic technology and occult knowledge, while crumbling her house of cards.
1:12:54 With certain technologies failing to make the huge leaps forward, but instead only minor incremental changes one can only wonder, why?  As any half way decent observer will note, our infrastructure is rapidly deteriorating, and one viable explanation may be that newer technologies are being kept underground. Greg and Chris take this one step further by examining how the technology problem might tie into the idea that we are quarantined on a prison planet, something covered in Knowles’ Astrognostic posts.
1:41:09 Chris relays the connection between ancient Greek mythology, multinational corporations and the statue in front Rockefeller Center.
1:48:58 Chris discusses MK OFTEN, an off-shoot of the more well known MK ULTRA. Noting the connection between altered states of consciousness and the emergence of entities, Chris suggests that exploring that contact could have very well become one of the deep state’s primary goals.
1:58:20 Chris talks about the connection between Nike missile silos and the deep states human experimentation projects.
2:07:00 Greg and Chris speculate about the possibility that the deep state activities and an array of other strange events in 1966 might somehow relate to the Mothman phenomena that manifested later that year.
2:12:00 Chris relays, even to Greg’s surprise, that the original theatrical release of  Night of The Living Dead was initially marketed as a children film and exposes it as an exercise of mass trauma conditioning. Chris goes on to explain how the Exorcist could be another example of a similar style deep state operation.
2:23:03 Greg and Chris revisit their surprise over Trump’s win, the possible upcoming changes and the sudden desertion of the TPP.
Want more Chris Knowles? Check our his blog The Secret Sun or his books.
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  1. Oh Greg! You are my favorite person in the whole wide world tonight. Thank you so very much for slipping in another great interview. Its been one of those nights where nothing I do feels right and im bored and anxious at the same time. You are the best person ive ever heard at interviewing ppl. Youre always well prepared and you ask excellent questions. Thanx again for posting this extra podcast. As I say Goodbye to November and Hiya to December, I’ll be intertained and taught. Tho I feel that the eb podcast before this one was not so good, I’m confident that this new one wil, set my hair on fire due to its power-packed quanta of Knowledge. Thank you and good night. By the way, YOU ARE WELL LOVED. ♥

  2. Great interview again. I like this guy as he has common sense and talks as I do. We see the fake so called news as it really is. Also I feel the same eery unknown happening with current events. I feel like it is light vs dark but only time will tell. I will follow Arthur. Thank you so much. Much love to your family in the upcoming Christmas season.

  3. Great show for the close of a wild month for our citizens. He triggered some memories for me. I was 13 when I saw “Night of the Living Dead” it was fucking terrifying. At that time the children weren’t bombarded with simulated death, violence, abuse of all types & porn at every turn; so we weren’t conditioned to the horrific acts humans inflict on one another. It was mass trauma, I still can’t unsee that memory.
    Now there are so many dedicated researchers offering the pieces of the puzzle to the psy ops of my life. I realize now with age that I was always a good little drone being moved around a gameboard.

  4. Wow. Great talk guys. Greg, it’s great to hear shows like these. It’s one of those good faith shows. I was reminded that perhaps, just perhaps, the only clear view that is to be found, may just be attained /i/through/i>/ the looking glass. Or at least the only liberating one might be there. It appears to be the only way to cope with the high degree of uncertainty afoot right now, mere weeks before inauguration of Pinocchio-King, the fake boy who must become a real boy by learning to distinguish the truth from a lie. It is not an easy ordeal ritual which our dear idol/chief, king-for-a-day, and so all of us, must endure together.

    Sorry, in advance, for my meandering, epistle-length ramble. I have an innocent question.

    Do you think it’s fair to say that the Coen Brothers have managed to achieve a folk-Gnostic therapy-meditation cult that is subtly and playfully doing battle with the Fascist International? I mean Lebowski? The later Cat Trilogy? I’d hate to out them as jester/dissodents, but I feel they need to be celebrated for these achievements. Quietly, of course. Could, out of such materialist, consumer pop culture as ours a new faith be resurrected? …By a couple nice jewish boys who hail from the same aquifer as Bob Dylan, crowned king of the literates of late? Could Paul McCartney show us the way to life everlasting?

    Well, shit, as of today, Dec. 1, there is no more privacy left in the US & the UK. The nation will soon be eating itself. We’ll have to start a religion just to maintain any legal protections. And at that call it “Christian.”

    Let’s take a moment of silence for the loss of privacy.

    I have a slight variation in my hypothetical model from what Chris Knowles presents here, in particular around the point of greek history and the mystery cults. Whether one calls them schools or cults, there’s very little anthropological differentiation between the two. They are as interchangeable as religion and idol-worship, and they’re all the same thing. Especially so because they produced poetic cosmologies as all religions do, made discovery and sharing-ritual through their dialogic symposia, and personified the divine through their didactic lineage as mythical teacher-prophets, (like orpheus born of the gods) and/or through the zoomorphic anthropods and chimera regaled in their lineage of oral-tradition. Sometimes the dominant idols of a cult are symbols, in which case they are schools whose meaning is addressed. When those symbols are understood metaphorically as analogues for the hidden reality, then they are the higher form of school, the abbey or institute, the artists and scholar’s retreat. This is to say that ‘cult’ is hardly pejorative, fundamentally, and can be as benign as it can be vicious.

    I think the important point to remember, at least hypothetically, was that these schools appear to have been at times a flourishing manifestation of transcendental ‘clubs’ or ‘congregations’ eulogized in common beguiling stories, but gathered around oaths of secrecy so as to operatively maintaining healthy and self-correcting secret societies hidden in plain sight. The Cult at Eleusis seems to have had the longest ‘modern’ duration. Earlier cults of the Minoans, Egyptians, Phoenecians, et al. More contemporary mystery cults such as the sufi, Once on the run, each had to go underground by becoming hermitages, or loose networks of witches and wizards, or ascetics in far off mountain caves. (In the post internet age, one must ask what medium could sustain such a living-knowledge?)

    All of these organizations, as the theory goes, were built like Daedalus’ Tower upon the transcendental nature of the entheogenic experience, and its mystical unfolding – both the unfolding of plant or animal matter into the Mysterium Tremens, itself, (recounted as gold), And the unfolding of profane reality into the eternal and its folding back up again. It is through the door, beyond the argo, inside the eye, and at the furthest reaches of the firmament, (with little people and creatures of light all about for good measure) that proportion, dignity, harmony, wholeness, and non-attached love are born into human culture and it is there that they are rediscovered. That “place,” and it is a place, is the source of democracy, high drama, music, poetry and of time, profane and time that has no time… it is this place that teaches a human – any human who is prepared for it – revealing in no uncertain terms, the things of virtue and goodness. In the unlocking of mind that occurs through the experience, the eschaton is confronted. [All at once the initiate perceives the vastness, truth (w/ a small “t”), the beatific grace, and the constant perfection of things – and it is all as plane as day, more obvious than the nose on your face. By they way, your nose becomes quite a paradox at that point, in its relation to self-hood, the You-ness, The That Which Thou Art.] It is also the dreamscape void of which buddhism describes in meditation and breathing. It is acceptance of the enigma of mind, releasing of the grip of death. It is what the gnostics remembered. It is pure peace. For once attained, and recalled at will, no person may ever again be truly imprisoned. It is the hidden message behind what the Christ figure stands for, hidden behind the mask of fire and brimstone, the death-cult of rape and oppression known loosely as Christianity.

    To say the least, the Mystery is not very profitable nor controllable (as the CIA discovered.) And so it gets driven underground periodically, and must manifest itself through symbolic narrative and ritual, white magick, for want of a better term. (Far different than the Magick of L.Ron, AC, and Parsons at the foundation of JPL… Or at least, better than how history presents that story. Parsons and Crowley may have been doing white magick in Pasadena, and their productions stolen/usurped/remastered by Naval intelligence and then stolen again for the church of you-know-what. But who knows. Let’s just assume they were doing black magick.) It has been driven underground by association with the drug war for quite a while, now. As the foundations of that stumble, up through youth manipulation in the soil of a degrading pop culture and addiction culture, seems to be emerging the seeds of renaissance. The locally focused folk-impulse seems to be helping us reconcile the mysteries of 70 years of Secret History and National Security. 2017 is the 70th anniversary of 1947. This is the time lag that we are perceiving, “the break away.” We don’t know our own history and can’t separate fact from fiction, true intent from theatre, the light from a hologram. And how the screens and the cameras have us surrounded? So ironic, then, that an embrace of that certain type of madness known through plant life and chemistry might protect and insulate us and our humanness. Like Hamlet’s madness protected him, though hopefully without the kingdom crushing, violent, totalitarian ending.

    In any event, it was the entheogenic revelation, the unveiling apocalypse of it all that gave the Pythagorean cult the observation and mastery of Phi and an appreciation for the etherial theory of energy, what today we call plasma physics, Heraclitus’s “flow of all things.” It gave Crick and Watson the Double Helix, it gave the Orphic cults music, Egyptian cults revelations about harmonics and material science, and it gave Jimi Hendrix a reliable conduit to the muses’ genius, and all of them a deep understanding of true cosmology infinite and mindful. And it has given any shaman worth his or her salt the ability to heal, drive out demons, and address the ‘problem of the human psyche,’ in very practical ways. Because it is so fundamental to the human mind/experience, untamed versions of it manifest the maelstrum’s fugue-like whirl through the reliable incidence of madness and insanity in any population, all the more-so in the more rigid societies. The purging fever-dream of the entheogen is the proverbial poison that is referred to variously by the viper’s fang, the forbidden fruit, the Thunderclap and the Bull. Because of these last, it is also thought sometimes to be an expression of Saturn or Jupiter, and through the rust-like honey of the ergot, an association with Mars is derived, and by the colored light of the alchemist’s bowl, Mercury, and by the cool blue of Vishnu, Venus. (Note to editor: I just made the last one up, or pulled it out of deep memory, please check.)

    Is it any wonder that this year, 2016, saw the advent of so many of our folk heroes passing to the beyond? Bowie was perhaps the most prepared, the most graceful in execution, the most perfectly prophetic in his final breaths – as a lyre-playing, electrified-androgene-poet with armed with Elvis’s birthday and the birth year 1947 – that he reveals to us the good side of these old ideas, and performs for us the benevolent expression of will, that to demonstrate the knowledge of death’s release, and therefore the wisdom to live forever?

    WWDBD? That’s all I’m saying. What Would David Bowie Do? Ya know, the second coming doesn’t need to be all that bad. “This ain’t rock n’ roll! This is genocide!” A pretty fun genocide, at that. The burlesque, bohemian kind. Purging through the ritual of mimetic art, catharsis and personal revelation.

    I mean, don’t ya think?

    Maybe we should at least suspend our disbelief long enough to see what the Coen’s do next. Maybe they’ll have the answer.

    With my civil disobedient ass foot in my mouth,
    Happy December 1st, 2016 everyone,
    Happy Holidays,
    And again, good show, Carlwood,

    1. Well, that was certainly fun.

      You know, a lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you’s. And, uh, lotta strands to keep in my head, man. Lotta strands in old Duder’s head. Luckily I’m adhering to a pretty strict, uh, drug regimen to keep my mind, you know, limber.

  5. over all a decent show but unless i’m misinterpreting it, i can’t see any basis for his assertion that there’s no basis to luciferianism. albert pike’s morals & dogma is pretty specific in stating that freemasonary is basically a lucifarian religion. is this guy a mason? 🙂

    edit: i hate to be one of ‘those guys’ but i have trouble taking anyone who puts any stock in nasa’s space exploits too seriously!

  6. Carlwood, I demand to know which entities you commune with to be able to record such tasty nuggets as this. It was everywhere at once and I loved every bit of it. Not sure if the majority of weirdos out there are yet weird enough for these kind of implications. Ruse or rouse, those email hacks threw us a fat bone to chew on and I’m diggin it. Excellent show!

  7. Wowsers. What a rad episode! I’m reminded of the sci-fi flick recently released called “Edge of Tomorrow.” It had a tech-based diety-flip as the centerpiece of its narrative, and, as a bonus, stars Scientology’s hottest hunk! 😉 More soft disclosure maybe? Keep up the great work Greg!

  8. Great stuff; I really enjoy listening to Chris. One thing re: his take on Luciferianism. I do think that there is an historical basis for it and it wasnt just made up recently. That being said, I can only comment on it with regard to European witchcraft. European witchcraft has at it’s core the Devil whom is identified as Lucifer, “the fallen one or Lord of this World”. Gordon has spoken of this, primarily in his interview on “Down at the Crossroads” whilst discussing his post “Counting witches on pinheads”. There is more though, Gordons publisher of “Star.Ships”, Peter Grey (and Alkistis Dimech) has written a very thorough book on the historicity of Lucifer in his landmark book “Lucifer: Princeps” which traces the origins and timeline of Lucifer. Maybe “pop” Luciferianism is recent, along with “pop Luciferian witchcraft” promulgated by Michael Ford, but there are far more interesting origins of this current.
    So thanks for a really interesting discussion. Youre the best interviewer out there Greg, by far. It would be really interesting if you could get Peter Grey on but I know he doesnt do many interviews!. He discusses Lucifer in the very first Runesoup podcast but I expect that you know that!

  9. Greg I really enjoyed the first 1/2 of this episode focusing on Lucifer symbolism although I think the conversation was a little derailed by Podesta leaks, fresh election results, & too much ufo talk for my taste. What you mentioned in the post-show about the deity flip is crucial with Lucifer as no deity has been more demonized than him. I don’t think the “out me ahead of other gods” is his main symbolism, not at all in fact, but instead that is in line with being the “Morning star” who precedes sunrise. Lucifer’s main characteristic is Rebellion, and receiving punishment for his intervention on behalf of humanity. I’ll get into the associated Westworld symbolism in a minute..

    I also think there is a great deal of symbolism that describes Lucifer as a breaker of chains, subverter of god’s rules, and even esoteric symbolism that upon death (or maybe in stranger things Upside Down) Lucifer becomes the saviour like an underworld Christ while demons strip away your soul’s imperfections Lucifer then guides your spirit out of the darkness. This symbolism relates again to pre-sunrise, the morning star, who brings forth the victory of Light over Darkness, Horus defeating Set, “the dawning of a new day”, etc. Some time you will have to get a guest to explain Lucifer as Christ mythos because it’s wild and Alex Jones never will.

    Also, Lucifer was the group-soul that “The Hidden Hand” was a bloodline member of from AboveTopSecret’s forums a couple years back. Maybe this guest would say that was all disinfo but i disagree. I haven’t looked at that material in a few years but he did distinctly talk about bloodlines, group-souls and Lucifer & Quetzacoatl. All in all great episode. I think this guest implied the hackers that are slapping the hand of the elite(trying to be cannibal gods) are using technology for the people against the elite- just like Lucifer Tech. If hackers had a group soul it’s Lucifer, and dare I say if conspiracy theorists cared about symbolism then their own group-soul would also be Lucifer as he shines light upon the darkness.

    *Westworld aside: The man in black is Lucifer. They don’t say he is trapped in the matrix, but that he has lived many lives there as tho imprisoned(he may also be an OG robot). He seeks the great Mystery, the lost god who died in the Matrix and got trapped there to reincarnate over and over. In westworld Sophia is called “Arnold”, and they are said be the spouse of Ford(demiurge god) although they are almost romantically pursued endlessly by “The man in black”. This persistence to move through the darkness in pursuit of the beloved, to wrestle her back through force if necessary, symbolically represents Lucifer or Horus(The aspect that fights Set/darkness). Don’t be surprised if the Man in Black has his plan’s foiled repeatedly, attempts to rescue a lost love through force, or reveals new technology to the hosts from Ford and the executives- all this symbolism lines up. Great show, big fan.

      Having just seen the Westworld finale, “attempts to rescue a lost love through force” could be a pretty accurate line. I love the Gnostic parallels in that show. I’m most interested in if there is an archetype for Maeve, she’s been my favorite character She could almost be said to embody the other half of Lucifer’s characteristics, but I’m sure it would be a different character altogether. If you wanted to use the Garden of Eden motif, you could make a pretty good case that Deloris is Eve, after you’ve seen the finale, and maybe Teddy is Adam, since Adam seems to just go along with Eve’s plan to a great extent.

  10. Chris Knowles ranks high on my THC Elite guest list. (And proud to say his hometown of Braintree, MA is but 2 towns away from mine.) Can’t wait to kick back, slide on the headphones, and let my mind get flooded with an ocean of truth!

  11. Superb show, I’ve listened to the interviews with Chris Knowles on THC and Gordon White’s podcast Rune Soup and I’ve enjoyed them all. These are strange exciting times and it’s nice to have this interview (and the rest of this month’s shows) to go along for the ride.

  12. This show is everything that I love about THC, this made my month. I’ve been reading Secret Sun religiously for a few years, lurking. Chris called us Greg’s little stoner friends around 2:04 and I busted out laughing and didn’t take any offense – total New England ballbreaker style.

    Thanks Greg, it was a good month!

    1. Also, a tip for anyone who isn’t familiar with the Secret Sun blog and wants to dip their toes into the waters. Don’t sleep on the comments section! Chris has pulled together quite an awesome community. Sifting through the comments often takes me just as long or longer than digesting the post, but it is always worth it.

  13. Guessing you’re a fellow New Englander, and glad someone else picked up on this. Chris definitely never lost that sarcastic, twisted style of humor peculiar to our region. People from other parts of the country (and around the globe, for that matter) don’t often get it. For example – on a Rune Soup appearance, discussing the bad luck he encountered following a trip to Esalen; specifically how his day of escalating misfortunes culminated in driving home to find his house on fire. He was in near hysterics by the end of the story. Gordon didn’t seem to think it was funny (because, in reality, it’s probably not), but I was literally in tears listening to his recount!

  14. I really want to listen to it again. It ws indeed exceptional, this Chris Knowles.
    About crystal balls and magic stuff that no one is using, my siblings and I use pendulum to know lies from truth. If there is nothing handy pendulum-wise to know what is truth, we use personal muscle response. I have found that it is indeed accurate, even to the result of the presidential election (sHillary will not access the Oval Office, says the pendulum, multiple times) and some advice it gave not to drive across Iowa in a snow-storm, which I did anyway and regretted it.

    About sHillary’s nose in places it shouldn’t be, it appears she did a lot of that. I think that part of the reason people didn’t vote for her was because she had a server in her basement thru which she did State Department business !! That is an national atrocity!! It isn’t that it is legal or illegal. It is more that there was an INTENT to obfuscate and hide things from … whom? Us, The People? Being feminist since the 8th grade during the ERA, and keeping the name I was born with for 56 years, thru two marriages, I am still not stupid enough to vote for that kind of person. She just wasn’t the best Dem person to offer up to us. There is little masking the sentiments of the country, when no one attended her rare campaign rallies while Trump filled the arenas with supporters time and time again in rally counts and amounts that put the sHill to shame. There is no puzzle here. sHill was the very worst person the Dems had to offer us. I am Democrat. But I think that might change now.

  15. I’m currently on book two of Peter Levenda’s The Nine and I enjoyed listening to you guys discuss a lot of the ground covered in it and explaining the difference between MK OFTEN and MK ULTRA. It’s easy for me to fall into that trap by labeling all mind control as MK ULTRA when in reality, it’s a lot more segmented than that.

  16. Cant believe NOTLD was not certified, you learn something new every day at THC.

    Quick story…Luckily, well looking back not-so-lucky I had an older brother and he used to rent movies off the video man, basically a guy in the 80s (every rough neighbourhood in the UK had one) who used to drive around with a shed load of pirate VHS in the back of his truck for nightly rental.

    So we spent many a day renting 80s horror flicks and the bizzare fantasies each director played out in these. So in many ways I can appreciate being a child who’s mind was burned with gorey flicks for many a weekend in appaling static-like quality recordings.

    Reminisce over, another great show.

  17. Something deeper is going on? Damn right. Welcome to Moscow, D.C. Let’s see if the media remains “on code” as it has throughout this “election” cycle” (anyone who thinks CNN and MSNBC, and assorted MSM-MKayed websites were in the tank for HRC and weren’t playing a game with the public is, well, myopic, at least). How can you tell? Let’s see… one shining example: the votes in Detroit (%9% of the precincts to be exact), in Flint, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee were, if you are “Black,” wiped from existence, same for “certain” parts of cities in North Carolina, Indiana and O-H-I-O(!). In each state those votes get counted and we have known entity HRC whose moves we can predict without a crystal ball instead of the kleptocracy-elect, where, some of us know, but too many people are “excited” or straight damn happy thinking ‘murica is back —- and the latter are in for a serious shock (oxycontin and heroin might just be the way to nod through the $$$$$ and good times you’re NOT going to see come your way).

    So, you think the faction of the psychopath power elite (PPE) that acts as the rubber mallet rather than the sledge hammer (no longer is it, “feather or hammer”) is up in arms??? Ummm, not a chance. They’re happy as hungry sharks swimming into a school of, whatever defenseless fish you want to assign to the general citizenry. ALL the PPE is thinking is, we’ve finally reached the stage where we can openly steal from these asshats —- and they’ll LOVE it. And if scapegoating – pick your minority/people of color – doesn’t work, we’ll just have a 9/11-type do over to rally the asses, I mean, masses.

    They. Are. Partying. Right. Now. ALL of them. And they’re sure we’re MK Collective distracted, passive, and scared enough to do not a damn thing when the detritus hits the fan.

  18. Having participated on Mesoamerican archaeological excavations (as an assistant principal investigator, as well as crew member in charge of workers) I can attest that wiping of The-story to create His-story is a global effort – just another arm of the power elites to manipulate everything making up our “reality.” It is, the known Earth – all the cosmos’ micro-and-macro-systems – as… constructs, where all is derived from human minds; after all, what is AI for, if not for being the ultimate “reality keeper”?!

  19. For those interested in further exploring the rabbit hole of Luciferian WitchCraft that Abramovic has led us down check out this shit. Dude talks about “consecrating” each book, which is about Sacrifice (and hand bound), while channeling Hecatate, Belize and Lucifer.

    “Streamed live on Feb 23, 2014The Altar of Sacrifice is the first of “The Books of the Way of Sacrifice.” The first volume in this closely woven trilogy consists of three inner books, each revealing legendary power of the Olde Ways, attained through the Arte of Bloody Sacrifice. The Path of the Devotee is illuminated from the initial Gift and Pact that opens The Way of Sacrifice, to the formation of the Mother Temple of Four Pillars of Fire through Vortices of Death and Gnosis of the Apocalyptic Keys. Glyphs filled with sacrificial blood open the Backward Atlantean Path of Hecate. The bodies of forest beasts of modern and ancient worlds are entered, with the Formula of Soul Inversion. Knowledge of the Atlantean Priests is revealed. The Elemental Temple Dragon is awoken. The Chalice of Sacrifice, the Grail of Sepheranz, is created as the gateway through which the soul is drawn to bathe in the Blood of the Gods. In an age of restriction and taboo, engineered to hide the true carnage of man’s occupation of this world, the destruction of the planet itself, this is not solely a book of the Sacrificial Arte. It is the first gate, manifested and opened in blood, through which the Trident Kin reveal the Apocalyptic Keys. Created from flesh in bloody sacrifice, these keys unleash the Wrath of the Gods. The Volumes of Sacrifice are forged from a practice that was born of gnosis received beyond the Gates of the Final Judgement of the Soul, a pact undertaken in free will by the author with Lucifer, in the name of Hecate.

    Spiritual evolution is stagnant while the world burns around us. Denial is the mantra of the paternal cults of the lie. Killing for false power and greed is the path to ruin. Witchcraft is nothing without the Will to act and the formula with which to apply this Desire. Magick within the modern world has been gelded — it will not awaken the Great Beast and the Dragon Goddess of the Ancients. There are many paths within the Primal Craft to spiritual evolution, but the Path of Ultimate Empowerment in the Aeon of the Apocalypse requires the bloodying of devoted hands. The formula of the Power of the Ancients, with which the soul may leap entire lifewaves in evolution or apply the Power of the Gods to bring change in the incarnate world, is given within the Volumes of The Way of Sacrifice. Few will walk this path, but the knowledge must be returned – replacing power back into the hands of the common man.”

    1. Not saying that all that work with Lucifer eats babies, i don’t think Gordon does, in fact this gentleman grows on you as the interview passes, but there is thread in Traditional WitchCraft that is identified by the witches as “Luciferian”.

  20. has anybody else been having trouble accessing the forums? I’ve tried it on a couple different devices, and it simply isn’t working for me right now :/

  21. Congrats, Greg. Not only is this show (and THC as a whole) a source of tremendous info, but you’re a fantastic, well informed host who makes lengthy podcasts a breeze to listen to.

  22. Great episode, my favorite so far by Chris. The Trump election seems to have really stimulated his imagination — he is dropping serious knowledge here. I also learned/remembered a cool word, demimonde (Chris uses it at the start of the show) — a kind of derisive label for folk on the margins with, as it may be, weird practices. Demimonde, that’s a good one I will use in the future!

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