Daniel Pinchbeck | Trump, Initiation, & The Ecological Crisis

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Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks the Trump win, initiation and the ecological crisis with today’s guest, Daniel Pinchbeck.

It seems even the most dense of observers can see we have serious problems. The economic game the elite have built is more one-sided and unsustainable than ever, The Earth seems to be going through serious stress while multinational companies continues to pick it’s bones clean without regard, and the one-two punch of media and education has dumbed down the population and pacified our pineals so thoroughly that most of the mainstream wade through life in defeated apathy and exhausted indifference. It’s a multi-faceted crisis of consciousness like we’ve never seen, and as the proverbial train comes closer and closer to derailment- the shadowy cabal of conductors seems to have little gameplan beyond “full steam ahead.”
Today’s guest has racked his brain, broken open the head, and ceremoniously sent his consciousness deep into the great beyond in his attempts to develop a system of solutions to the rickety runaway train we call modern society. He is the renowned author, philosopher, and psychonaut, Daniel Pinchbeck. After having gotten himself on the radar with his first two books, “Breaking Open the Head” and “2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatal”, he’s laying out the roadmap to right the ship and solve many of the previously mentioned problems in his latest work, “How Soon Is Now”. Joining the Higherside Chats on the morning after the election, Greg and Daniel dive deep into the pool of weird.
6:09 With the country coming to terms with the election results, Greg and Daniel begin by discussing what this could mean. Like many of us on the Trump train, whether it be willingly or not, Daniel details the coaster of emotions and thoughts he’s endured throughout his observations of the election cycle. And while people have claimed this result may be an indication of underlying racism or sexism throughout our culture, one can argue these outlandish statements don’t translate to the policies and overt corruption we’ve seen with the Clintons. On the other hand, there is a fear rooted in past experience, where leaders with such demagogic tendencies have the power to erode and dismantle crucial democratic institutions. Listen as Greg and Daniel discuss the long history of disastrous policy that has brought us to our current point of complacency.
13:42 After covering the treacherous path our collective species faces if we don’t take preserving our planet seriously coupled with Trump’s policies threatening to accelerate us towards our demise by the expansion of fracking and coal production, Greg and Daniel tackle where we are in our biospheric crisis and the ways we are subconsciously self-initiating our species.
22:39 While Daniel’s work presents a clear and concise blueprint for what must be done in the future to save the species, many people aren’t in doubt of what needs be done, but instead limited by the corporate greed that has destroyed our eco-system and bled into our politics and policy in search of the almighty profit. Daniel outlines the inspirations and influencers he’s used throughout writing his books and how his works were conceived as an attempt to address an educational disconnect. With his newest book largely covering topics of our biospheric crisis and our best option plans for the future, Daniel details why his blueprint is a necessary tool in recovery.
32:50 After reviewing Daniel’s experiences at Burning Man, and how they can shed some light onto the malleability of human nature, Greg and Pinchbeck pivot to discuss another topic covered in his book: his noble goal “to influence the influencers”. Daniel reflects on his potential impact on people like Russell Brand and his experience charting a copter to view crop circles with Sting. He also discusses the effects of fame and the lessons learned from being thrust into the limelight.
44:42 One of the topics covered in his new book is the evolution of love and sexuality in society, the need for harmony between the sexes and the dissolution of the nuclear family. Greg and Daniel examine the difference in cultures, relationships, society and child-rearing Pinchbeck experienced while spending time with an indigenous tribe and whether there is something to be learned from them.
52:12 After covering where our collective consciousness has been heading since 2012 and taking into account  the recent election results, Greg and Daniel revisit climate change. While it can not be disputed that human activity has forever altered the landscape of our environment, one might still wonder, how much of this can be attributed to the planet’s natural cycle instead of us? They also discuss the issue of carbon-taxing and whether it is a nefarious play to handicap developing nations.
59:15 While Daniel has advocated moving forward beyond the blame game, he and Greg discuss the importance of identifying the most egregious offenders. If the erosion our of ecosystem can be attributed to mankind, maybe cracking down on corporations like Monsanto, Standard Oil, BP and Dow Chemicals isn’t such a bad idea? Pinchbeck offers the metaphor of humanity and the planet coexisting as a super organism and crucial pillars of society acting as elements of this collective body. As he points out, corporations are an important facet in society, but their structures need to be rethought.
1:07:50 After covering the ways in which the corporate structure needs to be remodeled to better serve today’s society, the benefits of currency restructuring, and the unlimited uses for blockchain technology, Greg and Daniel discuss current companies shifting their corporate policies to reflect the growing philanthropic move.
1:16:30 After discussing several new technologies that can offer promise of a more symbiotic future with our eco-system, Greg and Daniel elaborate on the use of bio-charring and other advanced permaculture techniques mentioned earlier. With indications throughout the globe that indigenous people harnessed these processes to cultivate and manipulate their surroundings, and astute observations by the great Gordon White, Greg and Pinchbeck examine the adaptability needed for the tribes to exist.
1:24:00 Having talked about both Burning Man and it’s recent intersection with the “Silicon Valley” dwellers, Greg and Daniel continues with their discussion on transhumanism, where the development of technology can take our species, psychedelics and the merging of these seemingly separate schools of thought.
Want more Daniel Pinchbeck? Check out his website and new book “How Soon Is Now”. You can also find him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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  1. Im bored silly. I keep waiting for tastey nuggets of new Truths but after listening to most of the interview I am still hungry. I do want to remind everyone that the entire solar system is heating up due to being in the more energetic location in our universe.

  2. Every election the think the “elites” have plan A, and plan B. This time for whatever reason plan B won, maybe because plan A was to obvious. Plan B works better so the left and the right can argue more than ever and blame eachother for the election results rather than the system itself.

  3. Now that was a helluva show Greg. man, it’s hard as hell to balance the “here and now” existence with spiritual growth. It’s really fresh(good word for an old man)to hear a thoughtful guy. Considered answers (I don’t mean programmed responses), given, well, thoughtfully:} Good job young sir. Well let me put on the old-guy garment ’cause i’m higher than giraffe, well, tail and it’s dinnertime. Peace brother.

  4. Just got my plus membership back after a long month of hardship and broke-as-a-jokeness. Had the worst run of luck in a long time. Was working an awesome job for a small business that provides exhibitions and displays for international clients, but the work ran dry till next summer; then a leak sprung in my apartment, then my housing benefit which i was going to use to pay my rent while between jobs got lost during a bank transfer, essentially losing me 500 quid. THEN a storm hits the south coast of England which tore some of the goddamn roof off my flat and flooded the entire thing, essentially leaving me and my girlfriend homeless. Real thankful we have some really good friends willing to put us up ’till we’re back on our feet.

    Looking forward to catching up on the ton of episodes posted while I was unable to get my plus membership, real grateful for your show and the work you’ve put in to it, Greg. The show has helped me through some pretty rough patches and I can guarantee it’ll help me through this one too.

    Listening now in reverse order from a mattress on the floor in my best friends living room!


    1. Trashpunk, you hang in there and try to keep your good attitude. My mom told me an old saying thats helped me get thru life’s hard as hell daze. It is ” THIS TOO SHALL PASS”. I send my love and care to you and your girlfriend from Michigan to across the Pond in Engand. I hope you keep your sense of humor because that will totally get you thru some of the worst situations with the least damage done to your spirit. Its hard to put in to words, but I’ve a feeling that you catch my meaning. Ive had one helova ride in this life of 55 years. What didnt kill me ( yet ) really DID make me stronger. And wiser. And wrinkled. Fucking gravity!

      1. Xoxo sound advice. I could barely manage anything more than ‘Fuck Pinchbeck’ in response to this because he is so obvious as a faker, and in time, vis a vis your advice, I’ll do a proper breakdown on the gritty reasons why he gets my goat, really grinds my gears… But I’ll keep it light, even keel!

        1. He comes off as a self important Eco Socialist. All his science is govt science, mind ops to justify a new version of population control. His further forays into shamanic psychedelics are devised to self aggrandize and justify some new pop control govt eco model – we know better bc we are psychonauts. Same use of classic theorists – all previous era pop mind control players. Im being nice.

  5. Fuck “melting ice caps”!
    Fuck theoretical physics and all the bullshit theories built upon them!

    I`ve heard that we could get rid of all the excess carbon from the atmo”sphere” by accumulating it into soil (organic matter). Since the beginning of the “Green revolution” soils are being destroid quite literaly, microbiological activity in our soils has decreased dramaticaly, so the carbon leaks into the air.

    Thanks for the show, Greg! Far from the best one, but still interesting stuff to listen to..

  6. Geez, there is a lot here that I want to go into, but another listening will be needed. I also want to watch the video that occultfan linked.

    Being so much the mad scientist, rejecting so much of what I see as basically flawed science, corrupted by a faulty base assumption, it grinds on me to hear anyone state a case of fact about this planet (and universe) as fact, while the theoretical corruption goes unseen, and so damned much is accepted as fact. But, I digress.

    The greater discussion, leaning on carbon emissions to the degree it does, makes me wonder if I am the only one who has seen Cowspiracy.


    Greg, you can lighten up on yourself for the tone of interview. It was fine, and the questioning was not overly aggressive, or anything like that. You were not being a dick.

    Where the word “blame” comes up in the context, could we say, “analysis?” Yes, we need to see the actions, but in knocking out perceived bad actors, will we not just open up a slot for the next one percent of the population with the apt diagnosis of psychopath to step into any vacated controlling positions? The issues of world destruction are systemic. The drivers are psychological, and in thousands of years, how many solutions have endured? It’s much like the death penalty, in that it’s simply a practical impossibility to kill all the killers.

    Another approach is needed, and one that has come up in this, and the previous ‘cast; that of what is human nature? And this becomes a question for each of us, looking inward, if the outward manifestations of destruction and degradation of quality of life are ever to be settled in a way most of us would feel to be satisfactory. And yes, I am optimistic… because of love in our universe.

    Certainly more coming later on this ‘cast. Thank you again, Greg.

  7. Greg was very good in this interview, if anything, not combative enough imo. Mr Pinchbeck came across to me as “philosophy lite” and surprisingly superficial so I now understand why the likes of Brand and Sting appear to rate him-both of them being hypocritical and assets of the British establishment.
    A couple of points where Mr Pinchbeck hasnt researched enough:
    Climate change-he appears to have bought in to the “science” that it is man made.
    Crop Circles-ironically he has bought into the money making scam that they are not man made-they are.

    He is a very poor interviewee and comes across as not very well prepared generally (perhaps there is a reason as Greg intimates in the summing up).
    My summing up for what it is worth is that listening to Mr Pinchbeck was like being savaged by a dead sheep (that analogy courtesy of an old British politician speaking of one of Thatchers cabinet members).
    Right, cant wait for the Chris Knowles interview 🙂

  8. This is going to wander a bit. My notes are somewhat scattered. As a practicing lysdexic, I don’t like running into long posts, but I sometimes write more than I read.


    I too am an R. Buckminster Fuller fan. He said this:

    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    And I also like this one:

    “You have to decide at the outset what it is that you wish to do, make money or make sense, because the two are mutually exclusive.”


    Carbon vs. methane — energy, transport, and manufacturing, vs. animal agriculture. We’re being blinded to more than half the heat holding atmospheric gas problems. See Cowspiracy.


    I guess, as Daniel referred to himself, I too am something of a Vedanta-ist (though I try not to go with personal labels if they can be avoided). Self discovery will probably be the only solution to this unraveling biosphere, as ignorance of self is the root malady which creates the psychological issues I mentioned in my other post.

    The great master of Advaita Vedanta, Ramana Maharshi, once fell out of popular favor in European intellectual circles because he was perceived to be uncaring about human suffering. It went kind of along the lines of “if there was a loving God, bla bla bla…” So why did he not rush out and feed the hungry instead of just sitting there? I submit that the intelligentsia simply did not like what they heard, for personal reasons. The root problem in this world is not all the discernible bad guys, or all the bad things, but it was/is the common malady of ego identity, our conditioned notions of being some somebody/some thing which we are not, nor ever could be.

    We tell ourselves stories of what good chaps we are, and what bad chaps they are, while they are doing the same thing in their minds. All are mistaken whenever, and in whatever, bullshit story we might identify in. Advaita is a way past the bullshit, as it is a call for seeing the true self, prior to the culturally universal conditioning, though the conditioning may vary from one culture to the next. The seeing only works when it is absolutely honest. That’s a hard one for the ego, which is a slippery mutherfucker. Words like “awakening” point to being what we truly are, and were, before we have done what we believe we were intended to do, and that was/is: make something of ourselves.


    Any of the new bio-mimicry-like ideas will not get through the capitalist filter which automatically denies most chance for improvement. Zero point energy is certainly forbidden. Free energy has to be free. Abandoning the capitalist paradigm is the only hope for us to have free energy, and this will not be done as long as capitalism remains in its armored state of personal false identity. The lie that one soul is better than another in this life, one that deserves more than his/her brother/sister.

    The owning/controlling class knows this one inevitable fact: free energy in the hands of the masses means free mobility for all. Don’t like the concept of borders? Try just a dab of unlimited free energy. Try to patent it, and nobody will get it. Bet on it.

    Free energy has to be free.


    The lost initiation? Yes.

    I came out of four years in the navy in 1968, just as I was realizing that the Vietnam War was a scam. By a stroke of grace, the hippies found me just then and stuck some LSD in me. It may not have been the perfect initiation, for back then, it was certainly “us vs. them,” with them being Nixon and redneck flag-wavers. But something was seen in that psychedelic experience, something more than, “party down, dude.”

    Psilocybin and other psychedelics are just one gateway for beginning to escape our conditioning into false identity. Is this why they are prohibited? Though I haven’t used psychedelics for years, with my advancing age and declining physical condition, I will always honor the experiences very highly. It was no accident that Leary, Alpert, and friends at Harvard, saw connections to ancient Eastern scriptures.

    I won’t comment much about cities here. I grew up in the L.A. burbs, an ADHD baby wild man. All my childhood visions were of being in backwoods, in mountains, in jungles, at sea, or in deserts.

    I think I heard Daniel say that he had been with the Kogi. That is a culture where every male child is reared into something like shamanhood. In this age, for the Kogi’s little brothers (that’s us), we got the tryptamines, but we got few elders to guide us. Psychedelics showed me possibilities up there on peak, but Vedanta brought those experiences real by pointing past the mental state to where being is the reality.

    If we want this world to go on, and it to be a hospitable place for any humanity I would want to be of, it will be necessary to conquer the corrupting influences of false identity within the one life whom I have any real say about. I will just have to wait and see if the man who thinks he’s a CEO, or riot cop, wakes up from his dream. That’s for them to do. All I can do is live true. Daniel, I believe, is dedicated to such a path as well.



    PS: It was nice to hear Daniel mention my handle here. Satyagraha was a word coined in South Africa by Gandhi and his pals as a name for their movement. I loved the first definition I saw for it when I looked it up: “Polite insistence upon the truth.”

  9. He makes some great points, but this whole “people in the west are going to have to make sacrifices” is literally never going to happen. The west will watch this world burn before we stop eating meat, owning homes, and increasing our power consumption. What we “should” do is not even close to relevant. Any solution that starts with the assumption of reducing western consumption, rather than finding a way for it to increase in a less environmentally disastrous way, is simply never going to happen, and not even worth discussing.

  10. The questions Greg put to Mr. Pinchbeck are on point. Calling for mere reform to “corporate organs” while repeatedly declaring that the masses must sacrifice? Listen to yourself Mr. Pinchbeck and take some more drugs ASAP.

    1. Kick ass assessment my friend. Spot ON!!! I “LIKED” your comment but if there’d had been a “love” choice I’d have rsther picked it. Love your coment. Greg did the best he could. The dude he was interviewing was like msking fucking BREAKFAST or some such shit during the interview. How rude! And unprofessinal. Dont kno how this dude got famous. Maybes he’s got a Purdy mouth…?

      1. Many people in the 1st world do need to reduce consumption but the economy has been so tough on my peers that we all live close to the bone now anyway. I hope Daniel can see out of his success bubble soon and get right. He has valuable insight. Greg’s very polite questions might help him with that but I doubt it. My friend, a fan of his previous books, met him at burning man and said he was a shmarmy asshole.

  11. Guy seems like one of those who better knows what I should do with my life than I. For that reason alone, I’m pretty skeptical of that brand of “growth”. Much more a “thou shalt” vibe from him than “come along” or “here are the data…see if they agree with my assertions”.

    Also, his cadence was very telling. I cannot recall anyone I’ve met who has that speaking style and has remained credible over time. Seems like it might be a little thing, but…


        His uptalk mall rat philosopher thing kind of drove me nuts during the first thirty minutes or so. He did seem to warm up somewhere in the second half, maybe he was sick or getting over a hangover or something. Years ago, I did read his 2012 book all the way through and have been keeping an eye on him and Reality Sandwich. My impression has been that he is an underweight dilettante. An opportunity to be exposed to the guests that have been on THC could do this dude a world of good and if he’s feeling intellectually adventurous he should follow up accordingly.

        1. There’s mall rat/valley girl up-talk and then there’s Woody Allen, UES intellectual up-talk. This is the latter, not to be confused with the former. The two types are worlds apart and have drastically different psychological implications. The former is meant to kill thought through implied bullying, like Orwellian double-speak; the later is meant to convey ideological humility with a touch of anticipating-jewish-mother-guilt-trips-on-the-receiving-end-of-a-proposition. Pinchbeck displays this version.

          By way of remedy, I prescribe 1 screening of Manhattan, 2 viewings with Hannah and Her Sisters, and a marathon of Midnight in Paris/Magic in the Moonlight/Cafe Society. 😉

          I agree that Daniel should listen to THC more. Everyone with a fringe inclination should.

  12. Liar and propagator of the elite agenda guised in the garb of a leftist. Oh the planets dying, we’re all dying, we need to sacrifice. Global warming nonsense. 95% of Co2 every year is released from natural (not man made sources).

    Also love this piece by Jan Irvin.

    Jan Irvin
    December 21, 2013 ·

    One year ago today:

    All of the hippies and new agers believed hucksters like Terence McKenna and Daniel Pinchbeck that the world would end, and that we would transcend. A word Huxley defined in his book Moksha as “loving your servitude”.

    It was a story created by CIA agent Michael Coe, and sold via those at (and around) Esalen to help destroy humankind and the world along with it, as per the plans laid forth by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World.

    You think this sounds crazy? Hear my recent interview with Commander General Albert Stubblebine, former head of INCSOM – global Army inteligence, where he admits that this was in fact the agenda.

    The sociopaths and agents at Esalen thought that they would save the world – for themselves – while using soft eugenics on the rest of us. They made up lies about spirituality and the environment to help sell their agenda. No lie was too out there. In the sophist world they created at Esalen, make believe and lies were sold as reality – as spiritual! The agenda was to slam us back into the Hindu caste system – strait from the ancient Mahabharata. Those who questioned or challenged them were followed around and harassed by under cover agents. The CIA funded Esalen group wanted to bring about a neo-feudalism, a new dark age, and they sold this to the new-agers as the “Archaic Revival” and spirituality. It was all just a marketing, PR scheme, but they were found out and exposed to the world – indeed, the Emperor had no cloths.

    After Terence McKenna died, they needed a new poster boy for their insanity, and that’s when Daniel Pinchbeck, son to the beatniks who were there in the 1960s in Greenwich village, came rushing in to fit the bill. Daniel’s mom was close friends with Zionist extremist Alan Ginsberg – who had many ties to MKULTRA. Daniel’s mom’s best friend was Ginsberg’s last female companion – and was “suicided”. In fact, Allen Ginsberg’s close friend, who later departed because of their sociopath behavior, William Burroughs, actually published that the Mayan calendar was about mind control in a French Magazine back in the 1950s. Daniel Pinchbeck also knew of Burroughs work – as he hung around both Burroughs and Ginsberg as a child.…/the-art-of-fiction-no-36-wi… – oddly, Burroughs killed his wife.

    Thereafter Daniel sold us this garbage for a decade, and thanks to him many millions were fooled into his cult of 2012 mind control. Hollywood films made, everything done to push this sick agenda. And many still follow his Rockefeller funded Reality Sandwich, even though he and the entire gang managed to prove themselves frauds 1 year ago today – when these 2012 “predictions” failed to come true – that is unless he actually meant mind control. Immediately after Dec. 21 2012 Daniel Pinchbeck began to re-market himself, going around telling everyone that his lies had actually come true! That the world had really ended, and we had all really “ascended”! The bullshit couldn’t get any thicker.

    These people are sick. Do not befriend them and their ilk. Do not associate with the Esalen Institute. Do not think they’re spiritual or enlightened. Do not think that you need to be positive and that you’re one with them just to justify their behavior. Ignoring facts to be positive is off balanced and known as “ignorance”. They’re nothing bot sociopaths and they’re not here to uplift you in any way.

    May Dec. 21 be the day, from here on out, where we all remember and are never fooled by again by the ilks of these sociopaths. May this day be remembered so that we never forget such evil predators and the tactics they are willing to go to for their agendas.

    They study every word we expose about them. They’re the ones that have everything to be afraid of.

    1. THIS Jan Irvin?!!!

      This guy – to take Greg’s interview with him as any evidence – is an unscholarly douchebag who makes the John Birch Society look open minded. It is plain that he sees nefarious forces behind every progressive figure in recent history, assumes hyper-omniscient agency behind every aspect of the psychedelic community as if it all derived from a divinely powerful CIA as a form of mind-control, and he name-drops with the humility and grace of Senator Joe McCarthy naming Communists.

      His claims about McKenna are fucking absurd. It’s as if he is able to ignore the content of every message McKenna ever delivered. Any claim that he makes about anyone he mentions in the above screed, whether McKenna, Esalen, Pinchbeck, Burroughs(!), etc., are completely unfounded, unsupported, and exceptionally ignorant. They are constructed of the flimsiest evidence. Even through his keyboard you can hear him spit out the words “Greenwich Village” as if he were Tipper Gore talking about 2LiveCrew. His analysis has the lucidity of Lyndon LaRouche. His understanding of the world is so lumpy, any reasonable conspiracy hound should not be able to swallow a single bite. Talk about a psy-op opposition muppet!

      It also sounds like he’s angry at those who waxed poetic about the Mayan Calendar 2012, as if he had bought in hook, line and sinker to the literal prophecies of transcendence/apocalypse, and now he’s not ashamed to have been duped. Meanwhile, nobody ever said “existence will cease,” on Dec. 21st that year. Anyone who believed that simplistic singularity was an incurious dupe.

      Jan’s anger should be the first indicator that he’s unreliable. His inclination to name enemies suggests he has major persecution issues. Or else perhaps simply this: he is a prime example of a walking counter-intelligence campaign. I realize that this is totally paranoid of me to say about him. Maybe he’s not, but the alternative analysis is the condescending version: I totally hate to pull the mental health card, but Jan has lost his center. He has moved into a very negative schizoid spectrum, and he’s not helping anyone’s cause by opening his mouth. The dude has got to do some yoga and get laid.

      He doesn’t say a single positive thing about the use of entheogens. And so we have to ask: what possible benefit does he bring to the Higherside Community?

      Big deal that he feels the way many do here about climate change. Getting angry at conventional science for not seeing the blinders that their institutional structures impose is not way to persuade them. Plenty of good people have not had the benefit of patience and curiosity to wade through the Electric Universe model long enough to let it sink in. You can’t fault a person for believing in the Big Bang, Expansion, and mystical Einsteinian math. It’s the god-damned scientific lingua-franca of modern life. It’s the orthodox currency of academic inquiry in the material world. Our friends’ knee-jerk rejection of it in more conventional circles is understandable.

      Clean energy, healthy environment, resource equilibrium, et al., all remain reasonable and healthy priorities, not some affect of a eugenicist cabal. Even IF the current climate variability isn’t caused by artificial human forces, that doesn’t mean we should just pollute the world into a wasteland and mine all human desire and insecurity for profit. Pinchbeck’s environmentalism is not your enemy. Calling Pinchbeck “an agent” is foolish. Even if, and I say if as a pure hypothetical, even if he were to have received CIA funding wittingly or none, as for instance we know that Leary at times did, that hardly disqualifies his life’s work, let alone the particular things the agency may have used him for. Leary was plainly working in the entirety of his life’s work at cross purposes with the interests of anything to do with Allen Dulles’s or Rockefeller’s goals. To say otherwise is to assume that the Medieval Vatican offered the better model of social organization.

      All of your 7 up-votes and the following words of support are really disturbing to me. My skeptical inclination is to ask if they’re not the up-votes of sock-puppets, given the nature of the comment you left, but I also realize that the THC crowd is a pluralistic place, and opinions vary widely.

      All I’m sayin’ is, regardless of how you feel about Pinchbeck the writer, the commenter, the man, or the public figure, the intent of your message is not cool, its content is very far from true, and regurgitating Jan’s drivel is not helpful. While I recognize I’m not boss, that this is Greg’s world, but I make a humble request to please go promote that shit elsewhere.


      1. What strikes me, being about 40 minutes into the Jan Irvin ‘cast is, that set and setting includes any presuppositional mindsets the psychonaut brings with him/her. The suggestogen idea is his own. Kennedy’s taking acid with Mary Pinchot Myers brought with it, through her, from Leary, the suggestion of a humanity living in peace, while it was the opinions of the MKU boys, in their tanks, that the psycomimetic could produce for them, super assassins.

        I now return to my listening of that ‘cast. Thank you, M.

        1. When I checked in last here, it was before the shit started hitting the fan. Could this guy, Ervin, while having a bad day (or on the wrong coffee blend), have slipped into a subconscious pit of projection and transference? If it had been me, I would have chucked this male baby with the dirty bathwater, proving something to him for sure about me, suiting his projections.

          There is someone I get rubbed by on another site and now I think I can guess where he has gotten a lot of his input.

          I suppose I have been MKUed with so many others by what my own psychedelic experiences have shown me. One problem I have with some of the guests I have heard in the short time I have been here, and this is mostly from the conspiratorial side of things, is what could easily be linked to the old six degrees of separation, and so much gets thrown up in the way of guilt by association. My dad was OSS, and probably unknowingly, ONI, (which surely greased some wheels for my getting a clearance), so I am suspect for sure. My rejection of the Vietnam War, seeing its criminality, in my forth year, just before discharge, and my subsequent falling in with a bunch of hippies and getting psychedelicized, had to have been scripted right there when Wasson and McKenna and company were up to their long range plotting.

          Okay, I’m sure this isn’t supposed to be fun. 🙂

          1. His behavior was pretty inexcusable but his research is pretty solid for which he has paid a high professional price. I don’t agree with his eschewing of entheogens as wasteful or useless. Questioned further even he has admitted there is value in using them but he felt that perhaps a half dozen trips were all he needed. Other than that his research is dead on and ground breaking and his accusation that these substances were distributed by the CIA to be used as mind control on the masses and change the culture; fragmenting the family is dead on.

            1. [Pardon me in advance for my rant. (I’m on a real roll today.) I realize you didn’t reply to me. I appreciate solid research, but I don’t think that’s simply what Jan is up to.]

              Yeah, but LSD doesn’t work as a mind control technology. It has the opposite effect. It has the uncannily reliable ability to dissolve boundary conditions, not build them up. Sure, did the CIA get up to loads and loads of domestic manipulation in the US? Of course. Did they bring LSD to the market with nefarious intent. Of course! Is it good to document this, reveal it and discuss it. Yes. Of course. But that’s not all that Irvin does.

              So what does all that horrible shit that the CIA did mean for any artist whoever took LSD and sang its praises publicly (Ginsberg, Grateful Dead), for any scholar who found inspiration in it (Wasson, Leary, Crick, Watts), even anyone who ever did work for the CIA (Hoffman, Eselan Inst.), or what does it mean for any delusional patriot who got involved with psy-ops (Matthiessen)? Does it mean that these people had the same nefarious, destructive intent as the Rockefellers and Brown Brothers Harriman, or whomever else is/was working to turn us into increasingly depraved and malleable debt slaves? Of course not! Acid got out of their hands and became something different. It was an operational failure because it inspired more anti-war protesting and more political awakenings among an otherwise sedate consumer proletariate than they ever could have wanted. That’s why they went on a spree of assassinations, throwing people off buildings, to try to keep more people from using it. (And to get rid of political opponents from the drug-addled left, too.)

              If fragmentation of the family is your concern, look at it this way. The birth control pill had far more to do with fragmenting the family, enabling divorce to proliferate, creating a culture of latch key kids, legalizing women’s independent ownership of property and wealth (only in 1979!!!), but would you seriously prefer to give that up? (Would you blame equality feminism on CIA’s intent to fracture the family, too? More importantly, would you take it back if it were true?) We’re nearing a point of women’s emancipation, first technically enabled by the advent of the pill, never before seen in the world. Equality, while it may be on the verge of rolling back by degrees under Trump/Pence, was for a while achieved in most domains. Other western nations have even exceeded U.S. achievements in this arena, and that’s a good thing. Could you really fathom truly enjoying institutions of romantic love in which you quite literally own your spouse as property or vice versa? It would be a complete charade and mockery of love to the modern eye. Without free will, love is just slavery. I’ll gladly give up nuclear family stability for that. (If ever there was one, the nuclear family was an institution of repression and control.) Human institutions can adapt. They have and they are, and they will. And life will be better for it, so long as people are up for the challenge and maintain it in law and practice. (The Christian Nazi’s plainly think differently about this, so if you are one, then I retract my appeal.)

              The same goes for Acid. Or any of the other entheogens. If Gordon Wasson actually got CIA loot to bring the mushroom to culture, god bless him! He should have doubled his price! He pulled one over on The Man, and helped pull back the veil for millions of eyes. Arguably, if the reports of the Drug War finally ending are to be believed, Gordon Wasson made a major impact contributing to that achievement. Do hippy baby boomers constitute the awakening to end all awakenings? Of course not. But it’s a damned fine beginning. And I’ll take the acid-drenched music of the mid-late century over just about anything else humanity has ever produced. If Rock n Roll and Jazz isn’t humanizing, man, I don’t know what is. Blame CIA for controlling the heroin and cocaine markets. Expose them for using TV and Film to control thought. Don’t demonize them for popularizing LSD. Thank them for that. Thank them for getting it so wrong.

              The archaic revival is not good business for the elite. Profits don’t remain high for the elite when people become their own mystics and seek alternative solutions.

              Irvin misses all of these fine points. He completely neglects the content of people’s work, and bullies audiences to fear their heroes. He giggles at the idea of disabusing people of pursuing ‘the heroes’ journey.’ I don’t care what documentation he shows; his certainty lacks all grace, and less understanding. Instead of loving his subject, he loves wielding it like a meat cleaver.

          2. I’ve been spending the day reviewing some of Jan Irvin’s products.

            If the military/industrial/entertainment/medical/security complex wanted to infiltrate the authentic community of psychonautic, academic, progressive conspiracy-curious people with a fraudulent thought-leader to misguide, misinform and misrepresent, with the broader goal of disenfranchising exploration, sewing seeds of mistrust, triggering trauma responses among the skeptical, and effectively disempowering the people who seek independence of mind, they wouldn’t have to! They could look no further than Jan Irvin to find their ideal man. If he’s not getting a clandestine paycheck he’s missing a grand opportunity, because he’s plainly doing their work for them to great effect.

            It’s certain the guy is incapable of looking in the mirror, but if he could delve into introspection, I would ask these questions:

            *Where in your life do you find the opportunity to occupy a state of play? (The kind of play that does not necessitate winners and losers, but rather embraces a sense of “as if.”) From what sources do find love and peace in your life?

            *Why do you approach your subject of Trivium education – a method meant to empower independent thought – with a bombastic delivery that bludgeons an audience into conforming obediently to your lesson? Shouldn’t the ends and means share the same spirit of non-attachment if they are to effectively enable free thought in others?

            *At what point does your understanding of the Trivium flip into Hegel’s dialectic, ie. a simple structure for controlling the dialog? What safeguards do you impose on your own methods to prevent that from happening? At what point does mind-control education become a means of mind-control itself?

            *How do you parse your understanding of Truth as derived through logic with the poetic, analogue and metaphoric nature of language? In your world view, are poetry and art fundamentally one big lie? Describe, if you can, a moment in your life in which you take pleasure in and find joy in ambiguity. When was the last time you changed your mind on a subject or discovered something new that caused you to reconsider your world-view?

            *Why does your work focus more on establishing connections than on evaluating the content of works? Is it possible for a good thing to be derived from or emerge from a fallacy, devious intent, secret cabal, etc? Can a bad person bear a good child, or are all seeds as corrupt as the trees from which they fall? Is logic the only redemption available to human kind? Do accidents or unintended consequences exist?

            *Which cultural innovators and public personae from the last half century have NOT been tools of elite manipulation of the masses? (If I understand correctly, he’s implicated Jung, Campbell, Burroughs, McKenna, Leary, Watts, Wasson, Ginsberg…. Hell, Bob Dylan and David Bowie must surely be the high-priests of evil by his accounting.) Name one figure who remains a healthy role model for yourself and whom you would promote for future generations to learn from and emulate.

            Anyone who finds sustenance in Irvin’s research and presentations should ask those questions of themselves and seek the answers that are implied in between the lines of his work. He will plainly never reveal the answers forthrightly, so the challenge must be put to his audience and his fan-base.

            It is hilarious to follow his logic through that the anti-war movement and psychedelic awakening of the 60’s was premeditated and orchestrated by the CIA… in order to… in order to… end the war?!

            1. In my own experience with entheogens I have found set and setting to be key. Doing them with the right people and in the right environment as you are in a highly sensitive and suggestible state so I don’t doubt like many things in life they can be used in a positive or a negative way. Left to your own devices they can be transcendiary experiences but locked in a room and force fed certain stimuli who knows what they outcome could be. There is also the matter of high dosages that were alleged to have been administered to these often unwitting test subjects. BTW McKenna and Leary are on tape admitting that they are/were working for the CIA. Same for Gloria Steinem. There is no doubt that a lot of the popular icons of the 60’s were in fact false idols.

              1. Interesting, I went and put ‘”McKenna and Leary” cia’ in a search, got one hit: Jan Irvin.

                I knew about Steinem already, but nothing tells me that if McKenna and Leary said that on tape, they were not simply having a little joke. Even if they said it, it has never come close to surfacing in the hundreds of hours of recordings I have listened to (mostly Terence). I saw Leary destroy a DEA policy writer in a panel discussion at the first MAPS symposium, where he got him all whiny. Ram Dass was sitting right there and I think he felt sorry for the poor schmuck. Of course, I guess that all them guys at MAPS are agents too.

                1. that one is mckenna

                  Now people claim this was tongue in cheek yet following the “they recruited me” were the statement that he has worked in deep background positions about which the less said the better and then was shifted into public relations. If he was an out and open hippie what would be deep background about that?

         for leary

                  “our undercover agents in los angelos”

                  There are other similar admissions on tape with archival footage of various musicians of the 60’s era. Many of the source documents unearthed by Jan Irvin but he didn’t make them. Merely flagged them and I think has built a case for the desired effect to fracture the family structure through the careless introduction of psychedelics into the culture. As I have said in other posts I find value in them but at times and environments of my choosing; not being dosed unexpectedly and exposed to various stimuli against my will.

    1. I think part of the agenda is to have the bulk of the population voluntarily impoverish themselves and live at a base subsistence level. Glamorize the homeless lifestyle. Look how small your carbon footprint can be when you live in a cardboard box. They already have people downgrading themselves and their children’s future through this kind of thoughtless living and mentality of hopelessness. People vaccinating their babies on their first day of life. Human beings have lived millions of years without any but suddenly we need shots on day one? Its truly heartbreaking and the youngest are paying the heaviest price though this blind obedience to authoritarian directives.

      1. What kind of lifestyle do you glamorize? Unless you’re pushing for Ozzie and Harriet in a Humvee, 2.7 kids raised on meat, potatoes, and reality TV, and dutifully attending church every week, you’ll have to illustrate an alternative. What does the ‘non-authoritarian directive’ look like? Please enlighten us.

        1. One of some degree of self-sufficiency where you are in control of your private life with enough prosperity to develop yourself as a human being and not just as a worker. Where there is a balance between your personal and professional life. Not sure why this is hard to grasp.

          1. Nothing in this statement sounds remotely opposed to or inconsistent with anything that Pinchbeck has ever said or written, to my knowledge. Certainly nothing in his interview with Greg.

            Sounds to me like you have an aversion to hippies and the aesthetic of their ‘lifestyle.’ No? Or maybe that you have a few ideological trigger words, like “sacrifice?”

            I’ve never gotten the impression from Pinchbeck that he’s fascistic in his aesthetic or philosophy. You make it sound like he’s out to shape your world in adverse ways. In fact I don’t think he sets out to tell anyone how to live, and implicitly speaks in plural first person, “we,” when thinking about the world. Maybe that makes you feel imposed on? If Jan is your most trusted, first source for reliable and authentic intelligence assessments, I could see how this might be the case.

            Pinchbeck is harmless. Even if he were a ‘puppet of the elite,’ which is absurd on the face of it, he’d still be harmless and they’d be wasting their money on him.

            1. Sounds to me like you’re a pinchbeck fanboy who feels the need to personally attack people on this board who have a negative opinion of your false idol. You’re not worth my time. Have a nice life chasing windmills troll.

              1. I’m not into Pinchbeck at all. In fact, I’ve met him, we’ve had mutual acquaintances, and I don’t really like him personally. But I respect his right to his positions and his intellectual pursuits free of harassment. I think he moves the conversation forward and helps turn on a lot of people. I think the whole field of inquiry is valuable, regardless of idiosyncratic details such as where one falls on climate change. While some people definitely present as dis-info agents (indicated exclusively by the content of their positions), it’s silly to think that Pinchbeck is. I’m proposing that your dis-info-radar is out of adjustment, not to troll you nor to strengthen Daniel’s idol-status.

                You’re re-posting Jan Irving absurdities and making blanket accusations about elite puppets, claiming the ubiquity of false idols, and discrediting people by association – without making a single substantial, content based claim, nor a philosophical argument to support it. I invited you to make a persuasive argument to support your claims and you didn’t. Sorry you feel trolled. It wasn’t my intention. Repost Jan Irving’s paranoid delusions at your own risk. Godspeed.

  13. Follow the history of Burning man (see below) to present day and the Punchback’s insistence on vaccines being a modern day protector for our immune system, the globalists not being held accountable for the destruction of the planet and imploring the need for a new culture of mum’s giving up their motherly duties for a more communal raising of our children, I thought I was actually listening to a reincarnation of Aldous Huxley. I know you like to be polite Greg but ffs, really??? If it wasn’t for his trustworthy friends Sting and Brand I’d say he was dodge, lmao!

    1. Agree. When he said vaccines are great technology (or something along those lines?) I thought, this guy is putting vaccines, as we know them, into a positive human advancement/life extension context? Really? Pfft.

  14. ehhh… you did as good as anyone could possibly do. this guy sucks ass, though, man. i tried my absolute best to focus, but he’s absolutely terrible. The guy seems to have zero idea how the real world works. shit, I’ll never get that time back, & as marty leeds recently said, I’m literally dumber after listening to him.

  15. Struggled for 2 hours listening to a grown man speaking with an upward inflection at the end of every sentence? Hard to take anything he said seriously? I mean, come on.
    While I’m all about conservation and stewardship, I always get suspicious when I start hearing global scarcity rhetoric and “rethinking personal freedom.” Sounds cute and fresh. It feels fucking weird, inverted and scary. We need to tighten our belts and do with less when 1% of the population sucks everything up to the top? Yeeaaa… Not today, elitist upspeak globetrotter. Not today.
    Greg, don’t be hard on yourself. I imagine if the Nazi’s (for instance) would have been told “Ya know, the rest of the world isn’t interested in holding you guys accountable for killing all those people. This whole deal was probably a just systemic problem…we are all at fault here. Lets just move forward.” No. Unfortunately we are dealing with groups of people whose intentions go way beyond “misguided.” Lynchmob them? No. Separate them from society until they have completed enough MDMA and ayahuasca sessions to bring them back from their insanity? Yes.
    I liked this show. Good to present a wide array of views while the listener takes on the responsibility of discernment.

    1. Do I hear you correctly that you are suggesting forced psychedelic therapy for people you disagree with? Tongue firmly in cheek I hope.

      As for “rethinking personal freedom,” that’s coming whether you like it or not. Either at the end of a bank-statement or the end of a rifle-butt. Scarcity is foundational to the monetary and corporate systems that we’ve inherited and it plays in direct conflict to nature’s equilibrium-seeking impulse. Until value is systemically re-evaluated, and the inherent virtue of growth challenged, then the drive to commodify and militarize every aspect of life, from art to air, is fundamental to our civilization’s endeavors.

  16. I was quite disappointed at Daniel Pinchbeck about his view on Global Warming, I thought he would be more intelligent and done deeper research on the subject rather than parroting the MSM fear factor headlines.

    Greg please look into the science behind Climate Change, there is tons of propaganda by IPCC (which is a government funded POLITICAL entity). Kim Greenhouse from have done an EXTENSIVE research on Climate Change, the science and politics behind this phenomena.

    Check out the podcasts here:
    (If you really strap for time, just listen to the first 3 interviews. And try listen to all the Dr. Tim Ball’s interviews.)

  17. I feel kind of bad for Pinchbeck in this talk, as it appears that he’s unaware that he’s on a Conspiracy-minded show. Albeit, it’s the only sensible and civil conspiracy show out there, he’s still talking to conspiracy audiences.

    Relative to his acceptance of mainstream scientific dogma, it’s unrealistic to expect him to embrace, let alone even be aware of viable alternative models. Being open to the paradigm shift toward an electric cosmology is rare, especially among anyone who’s concerned about having an audience. Crack-pot-ism is real, and most people – even those on the fringe – have a lumpy radar for identifying it.

    I think Greg’s insistence to drive headlong into the demon’s maw, by “going after Monsanto,” etc., is really zealous and unsophisticated. I don’t find it characteristic of him or the show. In my observation, it’s a sure fire way to get disappeared fast or character assassinated, at least. I chalk it up to his emboldened enthusiasm at Clinton’s defeat. Your tone, Greg, is atypical in this aspect for this interview. Not sure how you feel in relistening to it, but the wide-eyed adrenaline seems to be in full effect here, and I can’t blame you. You did do a fine job of presenting a novel case to the guest. But as is clear with two weeks of hindsight, Trump is hardly going to be the reform-president; if anything he’s going to resemble Pinoche more than Henry Wallace. It’s becoming quite obvious that he’s ushering the wolves into the hen-house.

    The only viable model for reformation or renaissance is the peaceful, non-confrontational kind. Anger, resistance, calls to revolution, direct action has been all but weaponized against the progressives. If nothing else Occupy should have taught us that. It is just as Darth Vader said, “Your anger makes me stronger.” Violence will get you neutralized or flipped before you know what hit you.

    However much I’m ambivalent about Pinchbeck personally, he’s learned to navigate the high-stakes game of public platform performance, just as any public persona must. I only hope that as Greg’s popularity grows he can avoid getting listed, and that he’ll reject the language of revolution. The hydra-like leviathan will eat itself, that is for sure. And that is the point at which alternatives must be ready to step in and offer constructive solutions. Renaissance is the only form of transformation that will not create power vacuums to be filled by tyrants.

    One observation about the comments about this show: it reminds me of the comments that the Josh Reeves show garnered. It’s as if in that show the full weight of Scientology PR machine was enlisted to comment. Likewise here, it’s as if the oil industry’s counter-intelligencers have been unleashed to defame the author on the most spurious claims. Even if it’s a coincidence of having mutual sympathies with the Energy Syndicates, this GreyOwl character is particularly pernicious. Read with caution.


    1. I have been saddened by such a widespread lack of a generosity of spirit in the reception here for someone who seems to me is not trying to be all-knowing, but rather is still a seeker. Only the empty cup can be filled. Nothing is nailed down, and theory is theory.

  18. aw pleazeeee… no more of this pap. Right and the other planets have warmed because Martians have been burning fossil fuels. The jet stream has completely changed. The magnetics are all askew. This fellow is a shill or an idiot.

  19. oh dude this guy is soo inside with the elite …..Russel brand for fucks sake and burning man ….. Greg wake up dude ….. and you get what you want from psychedelics … all in yer head bro …..tsk

    1. How do you know I’m not perfectly woke and had the guy on just to see what would happen? There is as much value in recognizing a lie as there is in a truth.

      And nobody can pretend to really know what happens on psychedelics, but I’m confident you’re wrong.

      1. We might also ask, what do we really know of what happens off psychedelics?

        We will certainly have a set of beliefs and opinions arise again, but don’t those heroic doses of entheogens really show us something more, as we’re tumbling into the screaming abyss?

        We might think we come back to knowing, and yet, we seem never to find the words to match what was seen. If that was genuine, what the fuck is this?

  20. I generally liked this interview, but felt the answers were often simplistic, unrealistic, or meandering without really making any salient points. I did like the correlation with planetary initiation. That bit really resonated with me. I feel the delivery could use a less self assured sanctimonious air. He seemed to fancy himself a bit more intellectual than his delivery came across.

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