THC & TFH Live | Steve Lee, Jimmy Dore, Eddie Bravo, John Tole, Brendon Walsh, Vanessa Johnston & Gareth Reynolds

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Welcome to the first life swapcast between The Higherside Chats and Tin Foil Hat! Recorded 10/10/17 at The Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena, CA.

The guest list includes:

Steve Lee:

Jimmy Dore:

Eddie Bravo:

John Tole:

Brendon Walsh:

Vanessa Johnston:

Gareth Reynolds:

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  1. Sam Tripoli has an extremely obnoxious personality. He sounds like an adolescent teenager screaming for attention and seeking everyone’s approval. Regardless of that minor nuisance, I still enjoyed the great input by the other speakers on the panel.

    Keep up the amazing work!

    1. I’ve always thought the same thing about Sam Tripoli. He shuts down so much conversation by yelling and it’s really not funny. I’ve never watched any of his comedy or whatever, but I’m sure he’s better as a one man show. He certainly doesn’t play well with others.

      The show was interesting to see and I very much enjoyed watching it. Greg was certainly far more knowledgeable than any of the others who were at times trying to play dumb, to the lowest common denominator. Thankfully it didn’t dissolve into dick jokes. Greg, you’ve got a good thing going on, never look back.

      1. Eddie is by far the worst person on that panel. While I agree Sam somewhat overshadows guests on his podcast, he still managed to improve over time. I believe that he will mature in a couple of years, if the community gives him a chance. However, I sincerely hope that Eddie does not cohost any future panels; he’s absolutely intolerable!

        I agree with you on Greg. He is a superb host and has an excellent personality. Podcasters should follow his lead!

  2. “I’m sweating harder than Podesta on trial”. That one had me cracking up early on. Being a fan of comedy and conspiracy, this is the perfect blend for me. I’m glad you made it out of the bunker to participate.

    I ,for one, am a fan of Sam Trip. I understand people’s initial reactions to his personality. He may seem obnoxious and screaming for attention to some, but that could describe any comedian in my opinion. He’s one of us though. I’ve listened as he’s passionately gone on rants and been overbearing, interrupting guest and spouting off. But this seems par for the course with anyone that has recently “awoken” and can’t wait to share their newfound knowledge with everyone. As you slowly realize that most of the populace is . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . Umm. . . . .. . . .moronic and unreceptive you back off and choose your battles. And Sam has done exactly this recently, allowing guest to speak. Carefully trying not to interrupt, and all around being thoughtful. I’m glad to have the guy on our team. The more the better. NO MORE IN-FIGHTING!

  3. I also liked how y’all kept waking up Jimmy to stuff he had no idea about. I can’t believe he hadn’t researched Sandy hook! With that being said, I think I like him right in his wheelhouse where he’s at – in the middle. He can articulate factual, on the nose, “conspiracies” to academics and hard heads without getting “crazy” reptilian interdimensional. We need a grounded, well spoken dignitary to help spread the word. Sandy Hook leads you down a road of “too hard a truth”? If there is such a thing. The point of no return.

  4. AWESOME first outing, really light and funny, while deep and meaningful at the same time. The permaculture of a new politics, happening in front of our eyes. Also introduced me to a whole new bunch of podcasters, which is always mind-expanding. Looking forward to following each of them. Great job Greg, more to come I hope.

  5. Fucking wow! Thanks so much for this, Greg. It’s the first time I have checked back in since Shamangineer was on.

    So great to see you and Jimmy Dore sitting side by side, after I had long ago suggested him as a possible guest over at the forum. You two are the only podcasters online that I have sent money to. I expect it’s about time I anted up for both of you again. (Keep checking your snail mail, as some of us 70 YO geezers still operate in a 19th century mode.)

    I am glad Jimmy Dore got to hear that Pedo/Pizza-gate stuff, as what was alluded to by ufouria, TYT was too quick to follow the MSM herd when this came up, probably fearing that “fake news” meme might fall on them. It worked so well (and the perps continue to run free). They (TYT) actually called it “fake news” too.

    But, that last guy called it right. Basically, love is the answer. Talk about revolutionary!

    Good show, Greg. Thanks again.



    1. Well the download is just for the audio, as usual, but I do think it should be working now. Small glitch bc I use the same media hosting account for both free and Plus, and this is a rare instance of both websites using the same file. My bad!

    1. Well the download is just for the audio, as usual, but I do think it should be working now. Small glitch bc I use the same media hosting account for both free and Plus, and this is a rare instance of both websites using the same file. My bad!

      1. For those who can’t get the video working, you can install the free Mozilla Firefox web browser. If you wish to save the video file, within Firefox you can go to ‘Preferences’, install add-ons, and use ‘VideoDownload Helper’ or something similar to save as an ‘.mp4’ video file. Peace

  6. After trying it and failing, I clicked the video here and then shifted the playback over to YouTube. The audio isn’t very clean, but it was fun turning on closed captioning, watching some bot trying to figure out was was being said. Sometimes it said it was [Music]. I wish I could remember some of the funnier translations.

    Too bad it was mic’d in the room instead of each mic having its own feed through a board to a recorder. But, that’s probably not that simple to do with video.

  7. Great chat, but I struggled to understand it due to the recording quality. You might want to consider recording live events straight from the PA/mix to an external recorder and then sync it to the video (you can even do this with a smartphone to record the video, plus an audio cable running from the PA to the phone). Pain in the ass, I know, but it would sound much better!

    1. We had that file, but several of the mics volumes were so uneven, it wasn’t going to work.

      When dealing with a club, you kind of have to take what you can get, or provide yourself. They’re only concerned with what going on in those 4 walls.

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