Chris Knowles Interview He Will Live Up In The Sky Book Conspiracy Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Chris Knowles | He Will Live Up In The Sky, The Tangled Web, & The Woke Virus

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THC fans should be well aquatinted with Chris Knowles by now, but he’s the Synchromystic sage behind the ever-great Secret Sun Blog and the author of several books including:

-Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes

-Secret History of Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Mysterious Roots of Modern Music

-The Complete X-Files: Behind the Series the Myths and the Movies

He joins us on the heels of his first novel, He Will Live Up In The Sky, a conspiratorial cornucopia of Higherside-themed goodness.

The culmination of years of research and experience, He Will Live Up in the Sky is a work of “nonfiction fiction.” It guides the reader on a breathless primer through the very real spiderweb of intelligence agencies, organized crime, high technology and secret sects weaving in and out of nearly every aspect of our lives today.

PLUS Content

-Hollywood Woke Reboots, by the numbers. -Ricky Gervais, hired anti-woke assassin. -Peak Woke. -Esoteric Impeachments.

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  1. Great discussion.
    Can’t believe he mentioned Carol Burnett and people having memories of her dying! I thought I was the only one. I clearly remember her death notice on the news here in Australia and a popular news program doing a little package on her – they showed clips of her as Miss Hannigan in Annie … clear as day I remember her dying. I was shocked when I saw her in the audience at the Globes. Good to know I’m not the only one who remembers this.

    The woke subject was great. Especially his observation that hating half your audience and dissing them is gonna eventually kill your product. So true!

    The only bit I kinda disagreed with was when Chris was saying ‘what does it matter if we went to the moon; or what the earth is like, they’re abstractions, they don’t affect our everyday reality’.
    I guess my response to that would be that any conspiracy theory could be considered an abstraction that doesn’t really affect us. I think we pull on the threads of many theories because we hope at least one of them will unravel the whole tangled mess. I think the shape of the earth and if we went to the moon etc matters as much as any.
    But despite that small , insignificant observation it was an awesome episode.
    Love when he talks about the Siren Song too!

    1. I remember her being deceased as well. I loved her and watched her show w my family, growing up. It hurt real bad to know she’d passed away. Strange. I wonder if the Carrol on tv is a clone or a robot or a look alike. Must be the Timelines messing around again. Weeeee! Ain’t this fun?!?!

  2. Talk about little synchronicities — I’ve randomly bumped that MAGIC! song “Rude” a few times this week — not really a band I typically have listened much to either, but I was really feeling that song. Then to get to the end of this episode and hear it as the bumper track (very nicely done btw) was, idk…a moment in time I guess. Good show this week!

  3. Great show. I enjoy reading and hearing Chris Knowles..
    However every time some brings up Liz Fraser and the Cocteu twins I feel compelled to listen to their stuff… alot. Wtf.
    Greg you’re the man. Keep it up.

  4. I’d like to correct Chris: Camille Paglia, though a radical feminist, is really “anti-woke.”
    Try, at your peril, to listen to her interview with Jordan B. Peterson. It’s like drinking from a firehose. But she’s actually a serious critic of neoliberalism and the radical feminist “woke” movement.
    Also, the other point I think you were referring to is Saul Alisnsky’s Rules for Radicals–it’s the playbook of the radical left. better learn Mandarin.

  5. Great show, I’m a fan of Chris, doesn’t hurt that the locations he speaks on are in my backyard. Very interesting indeed.

    Oh yea I can’t say enough about the music 🎶 at the end of show. Song gets me every time, is that Amber Plaster?? Is there a spot to access all your THC music Greg?

  6. Also love the music! Chris is my absolute favorite. I will re-listen to his previous appearances as they are so pack with new and detailed info. He goes from the micro to the macro better than anyone……… and his humor is underestimated, frequently laugh out loud on my morning runs. My brother just won the super bowl – Shout out to Danny Sorensen # 49 Chiefs.

  7. The woke conversation was worth the price of admission. Great show. Looking forward to reading the book! Wish I could get my book club to
    Join me but sadly, I only know normal people.

  8. Another show that totally proves the worth of my Plus subscription. I have actually cancelled several shows recently because they started showing symptoms of becoming “Woke.” I won’t pay to support that cause, although as a believer in free speech, I will defend their right to their opinions no matter how offesive I find them personally. I have the power to change a channel or cancel a subscription to voice my dislike. I, too, am now going to go back and listen to his older interviews. Thanks for always hanging in there for us. Its become a scary world today, sometimes I feel like your show is one of the few beacons in the darkness to keep us from getting lost. Oh, regarding the coronavirus, it reminds me strongly of the 2014 Ebola epidemic. If you recall, many of the conspiracy theories you’re hearing today were also put forth in 2014, i.e., under reporting of statistics, proximity of a testing lab, US ownership of patents for the viral strain, etc. I clearly recall the panic in 2014 which resulted in people calling for closing the borders, even to our own returning doctors; the violence on planes if a passenger was thought to be possibly sick, etc. That fizzled away to nothing pretty quickly, but I know the panic was intense at the time. Makes me wonder …

  9. Greeeeeeg!!!!! This was AWESOME!!!

    OMG, yall killed it. Wish I could sip a margarita with you both and just talk about shit. Love the convo. Big hugs and thanks to both. Yall are my anchor in this every changing, insane reality. Much much love to you.

  10. Loved this chat and how deep you went. Itwas interesting how difficult it was for you both to speak about the right left issue as that has been so twisted now. I think maybe the Woke virus is the most recent mutation and perhaps more subtle of the one got us thrown out of Eden!? There is something about how long ago it all went to hell in a handbasket that makes me think it is an experiment in duality physicality and free will which went wrong pretty early on. It is getting harder to know who is on the other side for sure.

  11. Parasite won Best Picture by the way.. my non-conspiracy movie pods are going nuts about it

    Parasite.. right now.. cmon haha

    Also JOKER played by a PHOENIX

    And has Chris talked about Billy Eilish yet because WOW haha it’s like they heard the siren episode and created a person

  12. First let me start by saying that I remember the Ed McMahon commercials for the sweepstakes. Publishers Clearing House commercials! Crystals is one of my favorite guests always wonderful. I think she’s super well-spoken and I learned more about him every time. And always valuable information to share. Thank you so much.

  13. David Icke has by far the best analysis of the “woke” movement. Our Overlords named it as an antidote/counter offensive to the red pill awakening movement. Gee, guess I am still awakening while all these Hollywood celebrities asswipes are already woke. I wasn’t even an adjective before they chose it. It’s obviously part of the censorship / self-censorship global psy-ops. Since our Overlords can make “money” from thin air as the Fed is demonstrating every night with their repo scam, profitability is not the objective. Control of Joe and Jane Sixpack’s minds and wallets is.

  14. I love the show, I do have to say that the part about did Apollo land on the Moon, is the Earth really flat, Does that make a difference in your life? In fact it does, because if we are being fundamentally lied to, that is important. But anyway I love all this thought-provoking stuff. You’re a great interviewer, keep up the great work.

  15. Always awesome. Thank you Greg. Thank you Chris. So many nuggets. There at the end he mentioned that reality is disintegrating or that the veil between dream and reality is thinning. This is something I have been talking about for years that it is quite possibly how the evolution of humanity will look. That instead of evolving tech we evolve our consciousness and thus evolving our co-created reality. It’s not something we should be afraid of but realize it is an amazing opportunity if we are in control of it.
    We all should be actively trying to learn more and activate more of that because we know THEY are. Better to be ahead of it than underneath the boot.
    It always comes back to optimizing the body and mind and community. Avoid the chemicals and the distractions and we become super human in just a few generations.

  16. Apocalyptic hilarity! A wonderful pairing with the recent Gordon White episode. As for “wokeness,” Chris’s analysis seems accurate to me. I don’t personally think “woke” is the biggest problem in the world (more like a huge waste of time and yes, money, than anything else), but I too am ready for it to go away.

  17. Really loved this one. I made sure to finish my copy of He Will Live Up in the Sky before listening, and while Chris talked generally pretty briefly about his new book, I enjoyed the entire two hours. I agree with him that ‘wokeness’ is very overplayed and it’s getting tired; we know what it means. Thanks Greg for mentioning his Book Nook at the end of the interview. I looked for it, and will return again because I love reading recommendations on these subjects. I am growing my library over the last many years, and it helps to expand with used titles I have been looking for. And it sounds kinda like Mr. Knowles may just have a sequel up his sleeve, without saying anything outright about it! Cheers!

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