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Alex Chionetti | The Tayos Caves, Ancient Artifacts, & The Inner Terrestrials

Topics Covered: Ancient Civilization, Cryptoterrestrials, Hollow / Inner Earth, Mysterious Places

Show Notes

Alex Chionetti is an award-winning journalist, explorer, and filmmaker. A consulting producer for several seasons of Ancient Aliens, his documentaries have been broadcast on Fox, NBC, A&E, History Channel, and other international networks. Alex is also the discoverer of two lost cities in the Andean region and a member of the Explorers Club, he lives near New York City.

Alex joins THC to talk about his book, Mysteries Of The Tayos Caves: The Lost Civilizations Where The Andes Meet The Amazon, his personal explorations of the caves, the tales of other explorers, legends of the local tribes, and more.

Investigating the lost civilizations behind the Tayos treasures, Alex Chionetti, explores the possible connections to Atlantis, aliens, Ancient Astronauts, and the Hollow Earth theory; the caves’ links with hermetic societies; and claims of tunnel networks that extend thousands of miles through both American continents, from the Rocky Mountains to Patagonia. His work clearly shows that Earth’s ancient past has many secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Find Alex on Twitter @chiolombus57

PLUS Content

-Father Crespi’s Curiosity Museum. -Nazi outposts in South America. -Ingo Swan and using remote viewing to explore the caves. -The Mormon connection. -Mysterious deaths and curses. -Secret societies’ interest in the caves.
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