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Dr. Rick Strassman | DMT Beings, Prophetic State Contact, & Theoneurology

Show Notes

Rick Strassman, M.D., is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

After twenty years of intermission, Strassman was the first person in the United States to undertake human research with psychedelic, hallucinogenic, or entheogenic substances with his research on N,N-dimethyltryptamine. He is also the author of the well-known book DMT: The Spirit Molecule which summarizes his academic research into DMT, and experimental studies regarding the substance, and also includes his own reflections and conclusions based on this scientific research.

In his latest book, “DMT and The Soul of Prophecy” (Inner Traditions), he has developed a new top-down model of religious/prophetic experience, termed “theoneurology.” This new model provides a theistic complement to that of the reigning materialistic bottom-up neurotheology.

He has also just completed a semi-autobiographical novel, Joseph Levy Escapes Death.

His website is

PLUS Content

-How Dr. Strassman views the imagination. -Where do these beings come from, what we know about their realm. -Comparing and contrasting the emotional content of these experiences -What Dr. Strassman thinks about the nexus of psychedelic culture, silicone valley, and where ideas come from. -The Huxley/Leary Debate -Rick’s 1986 DMT trip administered by Terence McKenna
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Yes!!!! Nice work Greg, I know this is gonna be good!!


Psyched for this. Thanks!


Great questions! Loved the perspectives you brought up and alluded to, too. You really pushed on the walls of reality here and I fucking loved it. Thanks man!


Interesting show. Sounded like Dr.strassman was using a Nokia phone for the interview sadly.


Oh Pleeeeasse, Dr. Strassman is quoting from the Bible, I think Dr. Strassman needs to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with Joseph Atwill.

dreamtime jedi

Joe Atwill’s work primarily deals with the figure of Jesus in the New Testament, not the transcendental experiences of the prophets of the Old Testament. Atwill is diligent in his research, but that does not make him a world authority on all things spiritual.
If the ancients had more active pineal glands, or were experiencing higher spikes of DMT or other compounds within the body, then surely their experiences would be regarded as mystical, and would have been recorded as such.
I’m not a Christian, and certainly not a bible apologist, and I agree that the text has been highly edited, but if you consider all the mystical experiences that were left in, not to mention all the more mystical shit that was removed, then to dismiss the entire thing would be to throw the baby out with the bong water.
I began reading the Bible much more diligently as I entered the higher realms of esoteric study, and was pretty intrigued by some of it.
That book is chock full of sorcery, astrology, unicorns, gem and mineral lore, secret societies, entheogens, etc, and is practically a Grimoire of demonology in the proper hands. Most interesting is how much has been mistranslated or misquoted. Even the Lord’s Prayer has been misquoted for most of it’s history, and when compared to the actual passage could be interpreted as alluding to the hollow/domed earth, financial conspiracies’, and more.
All I’m saying is keep an open mind. To completely dismiss such a document outright is, in my opinion, just as foolish as taking it to be the literal and true word of God himself. Learn to read between the lines.


Thank you for your comment. I’m digging your words.


There was a tone of passive hostility on both sides towards the latter half of the show.

I’m not sure if Dr. Strassman was aware of the content on THC or he just wanted to advertise his books regardless of the platform conducting the interview.

He took on an attorney-like persona by emphasizing definitions. He was trying to distance himself from the show by emphasizing who’s definition being discussed for a given topic. It’s your definition vs my definition type of litigation, so to speak!

Also, why should we take his definition and views of the Bible seriously while dismissing how others define the same topic.

He has a great empirical approach, but seems to forget that most of his work is rooted within the context of the Hebrew Bible, which in itself biases any argument put forth by him.

Great show otherwise!


I thought his tone was pretty consistent with academic researchers (I work with his breed every day at Vanderbilt university). He lives and works in academia so he isn’t going to be “free-wheeling” when he does interviews for his book. With very much respect to your opinion, I would disagree that he had any tone of hostility at all. This is exactly how physician-scientists speak. He is explaining his science in lay terms and I actually thought he showed humor and personality when he was talking about his autobiographical book at the end.


Maybe you should try meeting individuals outside of academia. You can become blind to certain human behaviors if you are constantly exposed to the same personality on daily basis.


I’m not sure how you can make a subject as fascinating as DMT dull but the good professor managed to do that. This is why I didn’t get an advanced degree. Most of my teachers killed my interest in any given subject with their excessive pedantry. Thanks for asking some great questions Greg. I might check out the latest book if there’s an excerpt available. It’s hard to imagine it being funny but you never know.


Excellent. Great chat with him a Greg you did well… as per usual….I dig that cross over over where we are now and references to the 60s and 70s … it’s like filling in blanks of my experiences with LSD and magic mushrooms back then etc hearing where we are now by shows like yours Is also not isolating in figuring things out ( or not ) …it was a lot to cop in the mind and then be in the every day mundane world… we are in great times now for the opening to large audiences of the MEDICINE OF Mother Aya’ also …. the realms of consciousness is a huge university and weaving our ways through the demonic detritus Needs to be avoided…

dreamtime jedi

Anyone who seriously undertakes a voyage into occult study, and is not merely dabbling, will discover techniques to achieve most or all of the things discussed in this episode;
The fine-tuning of various altered states for their specific purposes
The vetting of spirits
The “bringing back” of information gleaned while in an altered state
Ritual formulae for the reprogramming of consciousness
Correlations between experiences, symbol systems, and archetypal figures
and many more things that would be of practical use to any psychonaut.
I do agree that every person has the right to explore consciousness as they wish, but the so-called “elite” are indeed capable of getting more from the experiences because they have studied, or at least considered these factors.
Even a simple blessing of your entheogenic sacrament, and a protection prayer before going into a trip will have a profound impact on your experience. Pray to whoever you choose, be it Mother Ayahuasca, Grandfather Peyote, God, Legba, Zeus, or the Great Spaghetti Monster, it is the act of prayer which activates the spiritual technology, so to speak.




Greg, outstanding episode. You are a fantastically well prepared and effective host and your give and take with Strassman was outstanding. This episode very effectively covered a lot of ground and also in great/effective detail. I’ve never heard such a concentrated discussion on this subject. Great job! I’ll be listening to this one again to try and grasp anything I may have missed. I’m glad you choose to include hosts and topics that may only be tangentially related to conspiracy.


If you do follow the Bible and are a catholic, go to the Old Testament and read Genesis or Exodus and read where this Yahweh caricature or God or Lord, slaughtered and murdered the Hebrews by the hundreds, and this is your merciful God ???


What a profoundly interesting episode. Sheesh. Ancient mysticism + psychedelics + a experienced physician-scientist. As someone who works in academic research, this guy’s observations and conclusions carry lot of weight for me. Home run. I listened to it twice while I was hiking. Oh, and I was not at all bothered by his Judaic model, it actually made it easier for me to understand what he is getting at since I was taught Judaic-Christian principles during my childhood. I think it would be silly to throw out his work/insights based on the model he used. Just my two cents.


Liked this one! Talk about Ayawaska EVERYWHERE! WHY??? Good to have a more measured view I mean if you were nefarious would you go around telling everyone or would you pretend to be friendly until the time was right?


“If one reads the Hebrew Bible those ten commandments talk about the “neighbor”. That means another Jew “neighbor”. If one is only a goyn (non Jew) those commandments do not apply and any kind of wrong doing is allowed…”
Jordan Maxwell


I believe the word you wanted is “goy” or “goyin,” referring to anyone who is not Jewish or is ignorant of Jewish customs. These days, it’s considered disparaging or insulting. I don’t know where your quote is from, but the “Hebrew Bible” is the same as the “Old Testament” of the Christian Bible.


Thanks for the interview Greg. Fun questions, and another bucket list guest.

Next time, Dr. Rick should drink a little drink or smoke a little smoke first.

Mike Poorman

Sweet! As a fellow psychonaut I’m looking forward to this one! ✌🏻😎🍵

Mike Poorman

To follow up, great interview. Almost lost me there a couple times, the good Doctor doesn’t get too excited does he lol, but overall great episode! Extra cool points for the Terrence card played… 😉

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