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Dr. Rick Strassman | DMT Beings, Prophetic State Contact, & Theoneurology

Topics Covered: DMT, Psychedelics, Shamanism, Spirits

Show Notes

Rick Strassman, M.D., is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

After twenty years of intermission, Strassman was the first person in the United States to undertake human research with psychedelic, hallucinogenic, or entheogenic substances with his research on N,N-dimethyltryptamine. He is also the author of the well-known book DMT: The Spirit Molecule which summarizes his academic research into DMT, and experimental studies regarding the substance, and also includes his own reflections and conclusions based on this scientific research.

In his latest book, “DMT and The Soul of Prophecy” (Inner Traditions), he has developed a new top-down model of religious/prophetic experience, termed “theoneurology.” This new model provides a theistic complement to that of the reigning materialistic bottom-up neurotheology.

He has also just completed a semi-autobiographical novel, Joseph Levy Escapes Death.

His website is

PLUS Content

-How Dr. Strassman views the imagination. -Where do these beings come from, what we know about their realm. -Comparing and contrasting the emotional content of these experiences -What Dr. Strassman thinks about the nexus of psychedelic culture, silicone valley, and where ideas come from. -The Huxley/Leary Debate -Rick’s 1986 DMT trip administered by Terence McKenna
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