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Here’s this month’s Joint Session episode, thanks everyone!

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  1. Greg, I honestly think that you need to stop focusing on negative comments and defending yourself, for your own spiritual development…. (please don’t consider this a negative comment!). There will always be negativity but you don’t have to engage with it to this degree. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. True, but also if he shares them like this and we hear them and point how ridiculous some of these people are and what nonsense they are saying, it may help to him to realise some he should not take it personally.

      Honestly, that guy talking about the Youtube comments lol what a nutjob, Greg did one thing he disagrees with so he should crash and burn? This is why they give people meds lol.

  2. Lol that guy whining about the comments being turned off on YT, came and whined in Discord the moment they were turned off- then he also came into the Live JS on Zoom running the same whineline – I think he got kicked from Zoom,that may have added a few more drops of pent up whine to the whine bucket.Hopefully now he feels heard and replied to haha, geez.

  3. I love these joint sessions but had to stop listening at the negative reviews. I agree with Dix, I wish you wouldnt give them so much energy. Low vibes is not your style. There will always be trolls and assholes but that just comes with the territory. The vast majority of ppl who find you love you. Occassionally an explanation may be beneficial but for the most part, let that bs roll off your shoulders and just do you! 🖤

    1. I agree. I am in a fairly public platform, in a different field, and I don't talk about most of the shit stuff behind the scenes to the folk who follow my work. It doesnae add tae anything, in my view, and aw it does is take energy and focus away from the actual message which is what they are trying tae control. I'd only be doing it for my own reasons, tae vent my ego/spleen and get the last word, basically. I used tae do that, but it didnae make me feel good and it never once helped a situation. The last few weeks especially I've had so much shit thrown at me from folk who want to bring everythign down tae their level. Ping ping ping go the bullets. It doesnae do any good tae let folk who want tae bring you down achieve what they want, and if you feed them at aw, they will keep biting at you. If they have something genuine tae add they'll go about it a different way, so ping ping ping, ignore! 

  4. this one was especially good. I keep thinking about that dream about the new mushroom. I love that you give a voice to every opinion, even those rants attempting to knock you down… becomes so much more funny when it is read aloud. 

  5. Honestly, love the joint sessions. All the segments including the negative reviews commentary. Its one thing to live your life and only having to deal with limited interactions of negative people/comments and something entirely different when you have a platform. I feel Greg has a higher amount of negative energy towards him because of his platform. It’s only human nature to be offended and react a certain way. Also, I think it would be therapeutic to tell those people who have negative messages to F off. Anyways, just my thoughts. Keep up the good work, Greg my man!

  6. Been listening since the money-bomb days, and hoped that it would make you a millionaire as well as helping listeners harbour their dreams of mystery assistance arriving via unseen forces just for supporting a hard fighting warrior on the front lines of self-sustanance being derived frim pursuit of happiness and truth.

    While i concur with the sentiment of the commentors pertaining to the empowering of negatators with attention, i also appreciate the growth potential in discourse's power to clarify and broaden perspective on any topic.  That being said, i must say that i'm a plus member (due to the kindness of a dear friend that appreciates my appreciation of the show, as it facilitates the dishes getting done ha) but sorely miss the times of the show being available on the utube forum, as well as (if not more) the capacity for thevast number of purveyors therof to comment and discuss the show.  I get that 'n-worders' are not deserving of the respect of consideration, but isn't that like punishing an entire population for the digression of a few undesirable adherants whom are flagrantly airing their stupidity or complicity in sabotage of expression?

      -asking for a friend. 😉

  7. P.S.  I wasn't going to 'whine' about it, as it's likely thefault of my cheapass phone, but it seems somewhat correlative to the show.  I don't get a keyboard pop-up for replying to other comments. Maybe is a site glitch?  It's fun to discuss things with folks that give a hoot, which is a thing that i dug about the live chat stream rollung with the old call in joint-joint format.  Much love. 🙂

  8. I am new to THC and am loving the rewarding experience of listening in.  I too was cheered up by the THC member Rainey, who shared their dream prophesy with us through Greg and the October Joint Sesh. Over the last couple of years, I have noticed research and discoveries, studies into the communication abilities of fungi and life, trees etc and when I heard Rainey's dream about the demise of the 'Age of Sand' I thought: "of Course!" how wonderful and empowering to know that the tech-drenched-all life controlling tyranny will not prevail and Life will continue under the benevolent warmth of the New Age of Simbiosis! I can see myself standing around one of those communal stone pots of bubbling mushroom stew, sharing stories with friends of our species and the others too. Thanks for bringing this amazing, heartening prophesy to our ears.

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