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Chris Bledsoe | Entity Encounters, The Invisible College, & The Lady

Show Notes

On January 8th 2007, Chris Bledsoe Sr. came face to face with extraterrestrial beings and had missing time.

While on the banks of the Cape Fear River, Chris, his son Chris Jr. and three of his subcontractors experienced an array of unexplained phenomena, leading them to believe this was the end of the world.

MUFON sent their highest trained team to investigate the encounter, only to attempt to debunk and ridicule the Bledsoe family. Their experience was featured on the Discovery Channel’s 2008 series UFOs Over Earth: The Fayetteville Incident.

This was just the start though, Chris (and his family) have experienced a cornucopia of strange things since that original encounter, including a visitation and prophetic vision from a being he refers to as “The Lady.”

Multiple three letter agencies have been involved with the Bledsoe case, bringing increased attention and mystery to this ever evolving story. He’s also working closely with previous guest, Diana Pasulka.

Chris currently lives in North Carolina with his wife Yvonne and their four adult children residing nearby. He enjoys building projects, gardening, being in service to others utilizing his healing gifts, and traveling with his wife.

PLUS Content

  • The prophecies of The Lady.
  • Simulating a mass contactee experience.
  • A big revealing is coming, maybe within months.
  • How the Technocracies agenda’s might relate to the beings’ revealing.
  • Chris’s healing experience & ability, Bruce Fenton’s involvement.
  • That this cycle of genetic tinkering/reset might have happened dozens of times.
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