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Chris Bledsoe | Entity Encounters, The Invisible College, & The Lady

Show Notes


On January 8th 2007, Chris Bledsoe Sr. came face to face with extraterrestrial beings and had missing time.

While on the banks of the Cape Fear River, Chris, his son Chris Jr. and three of his subcontractors experienced an array of unexplained phenomena, leading them to believe this was the end of the world.

MUFON sent their highest trained team to investigate the encounter, only to attempt to debunk and ridicule the Bledsoe family. Their experience was featured on the Discovery Channel’s 2008 series UFOs Over Earth: The Fayetteville Incident.

This was just the start though, Chris (and his family) have experienced a cornucopia of strange things since that original encounter, including a visitation and prophetic vision from a being he refers to as “The Lady.”

Multiple three letter agencies have been involved with the Bledsoe case, bringing increased attention and mystery to this ever evolving story. He’s also working closely with previous guest, Diana Pasulka.

Chris currently lives in North Carolina with his wife Yvonne and their four adult children residing nearby. He enjoys building projects, gardening, being in service to others utilizing his healing gifts, and traveling with his wife.

PLUS Content

  • The prophecies of The Lady.
  • Simulating a mass contactee experience.
  • A big revealing is coming, maybe within months.
  • How the Technocracies agenda’s might relate to the beings’ revealing.
  • Chris’s healing experience & ability, Bruce Fenton’s involvement.
  • That this cycle of genetic tinkering/reset might have happened dozens of times.

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  1. Great episode! Thanks Greg! Chris seems incredibly genuine and even though what he’s saying is really out there…I believe him! Very compelling and even with the lack of a smoking gun that might change the mind of a die-hard skeptic, I just have a feeling that what he’s saying is true. There’s usually something in a contactees’ story that makes me go ‘yep, thats bullshit’ but that never came whilst listening to Chris. Fascinating stuff!

  2. Fantastic Greg, I have heard Chris tell his story many times with Richard Dolan along with Grant Cameron, it's quite an experience and Chris just comes off authentic ya know, his personality and all, just a good vibe from him… Props for having him on

  3. Thanks Greg for asking the really hard questions: why would angels come from another planet; how is AI a "gift" from them if it's used to create a prison planet depriving human beings of liberty; and how can we just "not choose fear" when it's being manufactured for the masses from the highest levels of govt. To which he had no answer and changed the topic.

    And I'm glad you also addressed Jung's theory that ufo ppl are experiencing their subconscious as it is projected into the exterior world. It has form. It has mass. As the imagination of man has more power than the left brain, only we the commoners don't believe or realize that YET. And Govt makes damn sure you won't find out.

    Even though this MK Ultra Subject has many connections to high-ranking officials, Steven Greer and the other Govt-Info-Prophets and those who "leak" military info about aliens are suddenly mute… as they arent saying anything about this guy. Just like the 3 astronauts used for the fake moon landing, who honestly believe they went there, this is the guy the Satanic Nada Agency is going to use to usher in whatever it is they have planned via hologram technology. No doubt it will be spectacular, but none the less, it wont only be real. When you see it, don't go into the light until you are certain it isn't just a giant technology based vacuum-cleaner used to clean up the crumbs. 

    A truth seeker has a painful life as we uncover tangible Red Flags that ppl attached to specific outcomes "want to believe". The interviewed guy evaded each difficult direct question, by responding with a vague overly generalized answer used to misdirect attention. Once again, and I've seen this over and over past 40 years, the "helpful enlightened" aliens do nothing tangible to help an enslaved mankind, except send some crop circles and new kinds of metal, which even our own metal experts create new types daily. So it requires you to "believe" this "new" metal never existed without any proof of such, just because some guy tells you so. The "helpful aliens" never blast open our pineal glands, or rain dmt or escasy (kept illegal by tyrannical govt) ) on us using that  nanotechnology they gave "us" so that WE, the Divine Immortals…who have been somehow captured and imprisoned here in this place that is under a dome, likely buried inside the real earth… can fight back Vision for Vision. As we are Demi-Gods and Creators who have been dampened down and fed violence, lies, and BS, and kept in dark, oppressing vibrations to keep us enslaved. Are we the lab rats in an experiment? Do these Plasma Beings the guy saw have anything to do with it? Are they our captors? Maybe so as they have NO concern that mankind's nextstop is RNA mutilation via a Vaxx. No, instead these alien and nasa-space promoting salesmen have nothing to SAY on these tangible topics. It's just more of the old "choose love not fear" rhetoric. To me it's clear that anything involving the Govt is just a nonstop nasa commercial. But I can see by the questions you asked of him, which were not answered except vaguely, that such details don't evade The Carlwood. This guy interviewed has no idea he is the Subject in a high-level experiment, and just like the Music Industry's Hollywood Sex Kittens, he can be turned on and off with a flip of a switch. Or in this case the tuning of a frequency via 5G. 

    1. I agree.  While I enjoyed the episode, and appreciated the guest being polite and generally all-around much better than Greer (I absolutely detest that smarmy pompous asshole), I was really frustrated by his lack of response.  Greg asked several really good questions that I wanted answered…and he vaguely side stepped every single one of them.  Very disappointing.  His proud boasting about all of his “high-placed” government friends was pretty cringe as well.

      I hadn’t really thought about people like Chris being an MK Ultra subject, but it makes sense.  Are any of these contactees for real?  It’s so frustrating…I really try to always keep an open mind, but I find I’m becoming more cynical every day.  It’s hard to believe anyone anymore – there are simply too many dark agendas afoot, too many nefarious government plots, experiments and black programs.  Nothing in this UFO/Alien genre is ringing even remotely true to me anymore.  I find it improbable that we are alone in this universe, yet I’m just not buying these contact stories anymore.  I simply don’t believe that the experiences these people are having are what they believe them to be.  It makes more sense that they are being manipulated to serve an agenda.  But what do I know?

      1. I joined THC + specifically to hear the second hour of this episode. I had a vision about 1 month ago of being surrounded by bodiless benevolent beings. I have not known what to make of this vision. I have no particular interest in aliens or spirits but I do enjoy hearing about fringe topics. As soon as this guy said Hollywood I tuned out. He lost all credibility to me and I’m glad Greg pressed with hard questions. Sadly, I think your assessment of him being mk ultra or the like is spot on. I wonder how much of our dreams or thoughts are manifestations if algorithms or programs emanating from our devices. Greg, you truly are the best interviewer! Thanks 

    2. yeeh man. we are being played big time. 40 yrs of listening to many whistleblowers has convinced me that mk programs touch all of us. the covid 9/11 plandemic has been waiting for 20 +yrs to hit the streets. the 'electric nano virus' has set the stage for the injected biosensor switch that global elites prize. this new synthetic biology ploy to vaccinate us with remote nanoreceiver/transmitters wasn't just prof leiber's idea. i assume the 'control codes' for the vaccines can be hacked to blackmail countries. of course, could be idle conjecture or advanced paranoia at work too. ONWARD THRU THE FOG!!  indecision

    1. I caught that, too. Again, this interivew has that feel of loopy story telling, some of which seems to make sense and other of it oddly straining credulity. Maybe the advanced beings know that consciousness likes to noodle on what it hasn't fully understood yet. So that's what they help us experience. 

  4. Thanks for the interview Greg. I appreciate you asking hard questions that require a simple direct answer. It's interesting several guest evade the questions. Like when you had Greer on. you asked "why don't they ask ME what I want from them. Why does it have to be the "POWERS THAT BE"? Why can't they ask Joe Person? The spectacular is always unverifiable. And when you ask them why? They either skirt around it? Or in Greer's case get pissed when you ask them a "yes or no" question. Good job Greg. I don't buy all this guys tales, but I thank you for having him on. And I hope one of them can introduce you to someone that can fix that ear. Blessings to you! 

  5. I live in the northeastern part of Sask Canada. I have seen orbs,on several occasions. I also have a very high number of owls living in my yard. It all freaks me out.

  6. You got the scoop. First time I've heard of the fate and meaning of the sausage-like, boney, prickly haired gift from The Lady, and why Chris interacts with (often times pernicious) Hollywood and the alphabet folks.  Well done.

    1. Spirits must be like 🤦‍♂️, we give this guy the most important precious message for humanity, guy refuses to tell humanity until he can sell the story to Hollywood.  Only because so many more people will hear the message, sure sure……

      this entire show is a 🚩 

  7. I agree with most of what Pamve wrote, except the “under a dome” bit. 
    I have also read Diana Pasulka’s book, American Cosmic, because she was on Gordon’s show. It left a bad taste in my mouth. The Catholic conversion and mysterious slimycon valley/gov operatives, had my psyop meter redlining. 
    Also, this narrative of “our benevolent space brothers” coming to save us, smacks of American, Protestant, Christianity to me. Not buying it for a second. I hate to to break it to y’all, but neither Jesus nor our “benevolent space brothers” 🙄 are gonna come save our collective ass. Cycles gonna cycle . . . 



  8. I just joined plus and am binging the two hour versions of shows that I liked the first hour of in no particular order. Chain smoked this episode straight after Gordon White /  'Alien Ghosts, Animism and Chaos Magic'. It all made sense. I'm slightly concerned that it all makes sense!

  9. Hey, Greg, You should have Jasun horsely on your show. The dude is amazing. He’s been on Miguel’s and Alex’s shows. His latest book is called 16 Maps of Hell. This is a compelling read dealing with Hollywood and their nefarious machinations.
    I think you’d appreciate his concept of “The Second Matrix”.
    Here’s his site:

  10. I liked it; I enjoyed it; I think 💭 what this guy saw and interacted with was real; however I just don’t think 🤔 this beings are benevolent to human kind ; Why? Well; to begin with they gave technology and advance information to the evil nasty groups that had been harming humans for a long time with no shame on their part; also; they gave them technology to controls us and rule us more; not to mention they are trusting Hollywood; the most nasty dysfunctional & corrupted industry there is ! …. Yes , the warning about cataclysm are significant, nonetheless The BIBLE has been warning us about evil and their consequences for thousands of year ; not to mention the 3 major Monotheistic religions that have been always screaming about ONE creator of ALL!  
     God bless 🐝 . 

  11. Not sure what to say as so many people are setting off my BS meter! He seemed to believe what he was saying.  However, he obviously got off on all his "friends". This is not my cosmology ! Thanks though.

  12. Signed up to hear the second hour, worth every cent.  My two cents, for what it's worth, Chris is being honest in his account of events. I'm somewhat concerned the NDA, has been a roundabout way to impose a gag order on him, not sure whose interest is being served. I don't think it is an attempt to make money off his story.

  13. A lot more to this episode than everyone may first believe. I think this is one of this that may be worth listening a couple of times. Great stuff and quality as usual Greg. Thanks for all your work. 

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