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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning the harmful effects of Lysol, hand sanitizer, and other common disinfectants. I have had severe adverse reactions to all those things for about seven years, all triggered literally overnight after a major mold exposure from a collapsed roof. Lysol, Febreeze, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, perfume, cologne, they are severe accessibility barriers to people like me. And those products have been studied and shown to cause cancer and are endocrine disruptors. They are also neurotoxins, and often cross the blood/brain barrier very quickly. It will be interesting to see how many people develop "allergies" to these products, as well as other long term illnesses and severe reactions after being doused with them day after day in public settings and at home. We're certainly not making healthier children by dunking them in Lysol and hand sanitizer every day.

  2. Absolutely Dane Wigington would be a PHENOMENAL guest..I have been following his work/efforts for years..his sincerity and human decency is off the charts!!! I very much enjoy your show and keep up the great work!

  3. Loved the voicemails! That’s a lot of fun. What I enjoy so much about this podcast is knowing that their are others out their that know or feel that something isn’t right. Especially in these times, to hear from the others is promising and it’s hopeful. I really do want to express my gratitude for what you do, Greg. It’s seem strange that a podcast of conspiracy theories would help to keep you sane but it does. For me, I don’t have to agree with each guests view but to know someone else out there is questioning the reality we are given is promising and it provides hope. If the whole grid falling did happen (sure hope that’s not a thing- but who knows anymore- I wouldn’t rule anything out now) I would still subscribe to the higher sides! I pay more in tips for delivery service I don’t need and I will turn off my other add on subscriptions before I turn off this podcast. Who need amazon or Netflix or Hulu? Their all garbage anyways. I like that I can get some good content through amazon but knowing that they censor opinions they don’t like and pay their workers a $15 am hour wage while the owner complains he can’t spend all the money he has is absolute bull shit. A lot of religious folks give churches a 10% cut each month for their tithe. I look at my support of folks like you and the others like you as a monthly tithe. You could even up your price- $8 a month is MORE than fair for the content you help to share and bring into the world. Also- to the Farrell comments- I get that a lot folks don’t trust the right- I don’t either -but the agenda at this time is coming from the left. They are the media’s “good guys” right now the way the right were “the good guys” back in the day. It’s just the powers that be know folks don’t trust the right after 9/11- people have woken up.  But the  Democrats have furthered that same agenda- they haven’t stopped and have only added fire to it. Same masters- different puppets. And while I’m not “team  trump” – I do agree with Gordon’s comments that his sheer narcissism has set their agenda back a couple years which is why they want him out of the way. The idea that we are experiencing a war on populism makes sense more and more each day- I hope that’s not the case, but it seems that is where the evidence is pointing anymore. I wish it was as simple that the “left” are good and the “right” are bad or vice versa but that’s not how reality works. Not all is black and white, the world is filled with nuances. Anyways- I digress. Thank you so much for what you do! I find it sad that their is a heavy weight on your shoulder thinking about having children and being in your current career. I hope you continue to do what you do today because of the value you bring to us listeners and want you to know it is appreciated. I can also understand having that unease. However, now more than ever I think each of us need to find the small things we can do to sustain ourselves outside of the established systems. Even if it means still working for “the man” trying to find the smaller company to go with that still supports and has values. Your words resonate with finding a company or a field or a way you can earn income where whoever is paying you sees more value in you than they would a machine or some way to automate it. I think each of us can do this with little steps. No matter what field or position we are in. We still have the opportunity to do this.  Gordon mentioned going to the amazon and vomiting up all of the implicit pacts he has made. That resonates. I know for me a start is taking my explicit pacts and working to make them more implicit as a good first step. Not sure that makes sense without getting into details about my current situation but my theory is – the way our world is structured we are making pacts everyday- it’s just the system we live in. But if I know I am making an explicit pack with the “demiurge” or whatever you want to call it – I don’t have to do it. Implicit pacts get a little harrier and take longer to think through.  But I guess what I am saying is I can start small.start with the little things so it’s not as explicit.  Example- take the job that maybe won’t pay quite as much with the company that is private or has maybe only 500 employees or less VS a corporation that is part of the machine. Try to find folks that share the values you share and work with them, buy from them, and surround yourself with them. Even when all their views don’t stack up. Back to what you say greg, imperfect allies. This whole rant probably makes no sense but I appreciate the forum to express some thoughts.  Take care all!

    1. When I was listening to this joint sessions I felt the same, it's nice to know that there are other folk out there who feel the same! I feel quite lonely sometimes. I live by myself (well with 126 animals but nae other humans!) and I spend most of my life that way as I don't leave home unless I have to. That's mainly because I feel like such an alien out there! But on here it feels like though we may not agree on everything, our minds are open and willing to listen and learn to and from each other. I like that. I like the voicemails, too 🙂 Take care! 

  4. To anybody that gets upset about hearing about Hillary's emails, why? She used a private server in the basement of her house to conduct government communications, including classified information, for almost the whole time she was Secretary of State. One of the reasons she did this was to avoid FOIA requests (that is, to stop US from seeing what she was doing). These are crimes. Many, many counts of crimes. Why on Earth would people listening to a conspiracy podcast have a problem with that?

  5. Greg!  I don't know why you're less than satisfied with the new song.  It's one of the best so far in sound and lyrics. Seamless interweaving with the original, imo.

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