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Lynne McTaggart | Intention Studies, Mind Magic, & The Power of Eight

Show Notes

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages. She’s consistently voted one of the world’s top 100 spiritual leaders for her ground-breaking work with consciousness and the power of intention. Lynne is known for the quality of her writing and in-depth research, her inspirational speaking style and her uncompromising role as New Thought leader and spiritual change agent.

Also, check out GetWell.Solutions for more alternative health treatments proven to work & Lynne’s long-running What Doctors Don’t Tell You Magazine.


PLUS Content

  • Thoughts as mental trespassers.
  • Tips for memory retention & greater recall.
  • How true deit and health conflicts with the official advice.
  • How to change or control our thoughts.
  • The Coronavirus Intention sessions.
  • Reducing violence in hot spots around the world with intention.
  • Weather, permaculture, and intention.
  • Mysterious qualities of water & how it relates to intention.
  • Intention statement creation protocols.
  • Where does the healing come from?
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Shannon LeBlanc

I guess Lynn hasn't been keeping up Jimmy Saville and all the other pedos that surround the Queen and royals. Instead let's talk about the 3000 billionaires that are directing the negative attack on humanity.  She's one of them too.


There are pedos in your own community. Why would one “keep up” on the abuse of empire? 


The Queen is loved by the people? She is a representation of something positive? Lost some points there. Curious where/why she would say this…people in the media, people in pop culture, sure but certainly not common folk….


I am from the UK so I would like to put this into context, I am no royalist and understand the crimes of Prince Andrew / Charles / The Queen.

I think Lynn was trying to describe the love the Queen gets from the English people and from around the world, not from people who are awake.

Like most people who are asleep, no matter what information you give them they still love the Queen. It used to drive me crazy, people take the Queen as part of their nationalism, they will almost attack you for criticising her, very Plato allegory of a cave style!

Look at the English national anthem!

Over all I think Lynn has good intentions and was only trying to put things in context.


He he. Queens. Thanks again more gold from Greg. Apparently factually mono tone. Come on THCers let's show Greg and the world that we remembered or didn't forget or forgot the stuffs that we were… Wait. Thank you Lynne 👏


I had a Feeling there was a new one and boom here we are.  

Thanks for building thc+ years ago for this censorship was as wild. Think what if you waited for Freeman Fly and that other dude to do that network. Would have been cool but they didn't follower through like you did man. They followed your model after the fact. 

Thank you


Great info and such a great guest and ever so important info, however, the books are a must read to go along with this great interview.


Sadly, Lynn is spot on about the Queen…the vast majority of my fellow Brits LOVE her, including my own family and friends. I was the same until I started actually questioning things and realised that the Royals are basically parasites, have amassed their (obscene) wealth and power by robbing the common folk (of Britain and most of the world) for centuries and could not be further removed from the people of the countries they’ve fucked over. Americans are in an odd position where, even though you have relatively recent examples of how ruthless the monarchy can be…there is still quite a sizeable portion of you that are pretty fascinated with the royals as if they’re this lovely family and the queen is a harmless old relic…they’re not and she’s certainly not. They are rich and powerful beyond imagining…they own half of the coastline of the UK, for example. Not only do we have Prince Andrew being bosom-buddies with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Philip’s Uncle’s were alleged pedophiles, Prince Charles was big mates with pedophile Bishop Peter Ball… and of course Jimmy Savile, the UK’s most prolific pedophile basically had full access to the Royal inner circle… it quickly gets to the point where there are just too many coincidences to call them coincidences. Anyone who tells you the royals wouldn’t have known about Jimmy Savile is deluded. No one gets into Buckingham palace… past MI5… without being heavily background checked… and everyone knew was he was doing, it was an open secret in the British establishment.

Sorry to rant about the royals but it boils my piss how celebrated they are!

 In other news…Lynn McTaggart is fantastic! Great interview as always Greg!  🙌🏻 Thank you!

Nils Hansen

Yikes ! Shotguns right out of the gate. I didn’t dig the conversation, but articulate your resistance, fairly. Remember, you're holding a position on the mental/ psychological game board too.

For me, she’s so dedicated to a, “ speech delivering mechanism “ that I never felt her soul. She’s equally skilled at not crossing the boundaries of those writing the narrative; she knows how to stay squeaky clean. At least that’s how I felt during the interview.

And, she didn’t seem to want to reveal the various scales of force. Covid is powerful because of how much intent fuels it. The power of collective thought on a grand magnitude scale does override the average eight people pod of intenders. This is complex stuff. It’s why 911 hasn’t been unveiled.

kind of felt it was more of an infomercial from her push. Greg was just a great interviewer.



Honestly, in the climate that we're living through, I don't blame her. Just because someone understands the reality of the fear bug, doesn't mean that they are mentally prepared to defend their perspective, risk their credibility by not articulating themselves correctly, or simply ready to take on the stress of a strong stance.


Love this episode! Greg, let's try it on your ear.  Holler out a coordinated time in the near future and I would happily send hearing intention at your deaf ear. 



Came here to say this. We only need eight people : )


7th like here just need 1 more. lets pretend the 8th like is the group, the intention is set and "see what happens" as Lynne just said as I'm listening to it now. 


Greg, the photograph doesn't exist. It's consciousness just like everything else. In a dream your body, the environment, the other people are all perceptions of your consciousness. Your thoughts, expectations and intentions change the dream landscape. Waking life is no different.


Important intention for the 21st of December – the grand conjunction. A great ceremony is occurring at Uluru. 

Please join us in love and good intention for our mother. Let's raise a beautiful future!

Ceven Seven


Ever listen to Paul Stamets the mycologist? 

On Rogan's podcast he relates a story about a friend of his who is 80 and lost his hearing.  

The person takes a heroic 5g dose of cubensis, and when he awakens, he was able to hear ants walking near him (where he passed out from the mushrooms). They chalked it up to neurogenesis.  

Keep your open mind and positive attitude and best of luck on the journey.

Link to the story here:


Greg, I would happily be part of an intention group to heal your ear, I’m in, just tell me when and where. If it gives me extra points, I’m an acupuncturist, study qi gong, and magic practitioner for 10 years. Let’s do this. 💜🌟💜


Damn, dude.  Like with Chris Emons (Ormus, M-State Elements, Alchemy and You), the guest makes super-implausible claims to my ears (citation needed on the scientific, blind-study on the seed growing-intent experiment, btw) like (~19:30 min. in) when guest Lynn T. starts talking about a 'Sputnik' device measuring 'subtle changes of human empathy in the atmosphere'.  Insert Doubtmeme.jpg

Imo, that's a good point for Greg to put on the breaks and ask the guest to clarify or add web-source or link context for ostensibly outlandish claims like that.  I don't want to spent 2+ hours getting smoke blown up my ass.  I like THC and want to keep it in my podcast-listening repertoire, but this was another disappointing listen. Maybe, as Greg said in the beginning, the attention spans are short these days, and I’m just not giving these interviews their entire due. Time is precious commodity, though, and…well, you know. You gotta’ pick and choose how you spend it, sometimes.
I guess if there's better follow-up questioning or more clarification in this interview, someone will let me know.  I don't want to be that skeptic guy, but shit.  I guess I'm that 'rational, scientific rigor'-needed skeptic guy… 


P.S.: the recent Dr. Joseph Farrell interview was very good (just so it doesn't sound like I'm shitting on THC guests or interviews all the time). 


That's so interesting to hear your perspective! I totally get where your coming from, I would have thought the same thing a few years ago. Just the word "vibration" would turn me off. What's amazing to me now is I listen to this episode and it's like Yes, that totally makes sense, of course this is how our reality works. So many people are saying the same thing, a new view of reality is coming into focus. Not only that, and most importantly I can see it at work in my own subjective experience. More and more, the more I pay attention. It's subtle. We create our own reality through our thoughts, intentions and emotions. Crazy how much a worldview can change. I guess that's what 8 years of hangin around the Higherside can do!

Timothy Clark

Eight is around



I haven't listened to this episode yet, but I wanted to leave praise and encouragement for THC overall. I love Mr. Carlwood's interview style, his personality, and his vitality– it can make subjects I'm only peripherally interested in very engaging. Over all, I am fascinated by the majority of subjects he presents, particularly hidden history, the 'logistics' of the occult, synchronicity, and the problems with our 'education' system. If I give an episode or two the pass, I consider it the luck of the draw and– to my mind– it is still money well spent. I am happy to support anyone with the ability to interview so many people with vastly different world-views and value systems so respectfully and neutrally while still posing hard questions, especially someone who delves into those topics left to the shadows by the screaming mainstream strobe light. Moreover, any sane voice in the time of 'Rona is a treasure in and of itself.

Keep doing what you do, please. I, too, am sending positive intentions to heal your ear (and towards your person in general!).


Well, I was pretty surprised when she had never heard of a sigil before. Some humility is in order! 


THANK YOU.  i havent finished listening.but ive been wanting to hear a show on this for a while. it gets touched on here and there in other shows but an entire two hours…im willing to overlook the queen thing. we should get busy intending stuff.


Big disappointment to hear the opinion of your speaker regarding the queen.  History cant deny the issues between both our nations. As an irishman with English  born relatives  and also with many english friends  who are  properly educated  in history its widely agreed  the   common grievances  Ireland and common wealth countries share  are all involving harm the queen and her ancestors have caused ,not with good intention . Never have I once heard anybody  speak of the queen as being like Mom speaking with a voice of a nation and common wealth that voice of best interest of theirs 


Greg, I’m sure you’ve easily ammassed your 8, but I love using my focused intention in meditation and would happily help out with your healing! 

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