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Folks, it’s probably no surprise to hear that magical activities are going on within our world pretty much constantly, and this is a tale as old as time…from mans first cave painting to the Super Bowl Halftime show, pulling ideas down from the imaginative realm and firmly planting them in the physical, through conscious attention and art creation just seems to be one of those quirky things man does.

We’ve heard about the concept of the Muse, and countless artists have been quite clear about not exactly knowing where their art comes from- sometimes saying it finds them moreso than the other way around. So there’s definitely some interesting interplay between consciousness and ideas that I don’t think we’ve fully unpacked. Yet it’s something that the Occult world has been exploring and experimenting with behind the scenes for years- and while these activities are usually relegated to the shadows- few people really understand the scope of magical thinking, art, and it’s influence on the wider culture. Which brings us to today’s guest. His name is Carl Abrahamsson, a writer, publisher, magico-anthropologist, film maker and more.

His latest book is titled Occulture: The Unseen Forces That Drive Culture Forward – and in it, he explores that curious crossroads between art and magic, discusses his insights from over 30 years in occult movements, and takes a deep look into the phenomena and people who have been the most crucial in modern esoteric developments including Carl Jung, Anton LaVey, Crowley, Rudolf Steiner and more.

An insightful sage of the esoteric ways, Carl Abrahamsson.

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-Why our magical potency is lacking, and what we can do about it. -True art vs decoration. -Positive trauma. -Culture & Place in regards to magical potency. -Man, Myth, & Hollywood.

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  1. Yes Greg, you did indeed invoke synergy perfectly! This episode is a prime example of a guest-host dance that both deeply informs and offers up useful tools. You are a true spark.

  2. Good or bad? I don’t think anyone really knows, but whatever you want to call these things…gods, demons, entities, spirits, ghosts, etc….
    One thing it seems that we know for sure about these things is that, just like humans, they can be petty, selfish, and manipulative liars.

  3. Hmm, how come no questions pertaining to his unwavering support of satanism and his ties to pizzagate? What a disgusting guest. It’s to be expected at least once a month on this show. It’s fine I still skimmed the podcast and I look forward to hopefully a better next show next week.

  4. Well, well @ mrdemaria, when I read liner or show notes and it listed the usual suspects that publicly gave rise to ideas and pass them through culture and manipulate the profane -I figured another show dancing to the tune these guys are cool and really acted alone developing ideas and influencing culture unaided or affiliated with the government, monarchy, and their apparatus for such-and their intelligence agencies and their agents. They were all products of Intel/Monarchy and the connections are there and they do not act alone and are aided by government , namely The crown. Michael Wann lays out the story and the data points which no one really draws attention to and keep celebrating these deceptive agents and their culture they are tasked to cultivate. Social engineering and MIND control. Michael Wann, Josh Reeves , Miles Mathis cover these quite well with depth and point to who these originators of deception who they are tied to and they are significant ties . Egotistical altruism. Hmmm. Call it like it is and end deceptive cover of Nepharium. The true roots of the movements. Magical thinking and it’s tools used by Aristocracy and it’s subjects in colonies ,the profane sleep walked through time by governments using this mind control and methods /tools to shape and mold keep their control. That would be deconstruction of “the box.” I appreciate your efforts Gregster, keep pushing. Remove the woo and grandisement straight to the gut. Ties, connections, context, extensive research and researchers that use a lens that gives one that focus. Wann more time???

  5. Really enjoyed this episode. Genuine perspectives from a balanced speaker. Really dig his emphasis on the forest and outdoors. Technology is a virus. I used to think it was cool and the utmost marker of career status to be adept at programming and tech but once i got into the industry I just see dead eyes, grey hair, balding dudes in their 20s. But we are all addicted. Humans are rushing home from their desk computer job to sit in front of another screen. Moments spent outside are precious.

  6. Just upgraded to plus. So worth it. I’m really finding the combination of conspiracy and occult topics exciting and useful. I feel like it makes the birthing out of “ignorant bliss” more bearable. Like the knowledge of the esoteric gives me the tools to work with the weight of knowing what is potentially behind the curtain. The consiracy becomes motivating rather than debilitating, the occult approachable instead of abstract. Thank you Greg.

    PS: is that an array from full metal alchemist?

  7. Ive been waiting a while for a guest to say that an actual solution to our socieites ills are a reconnection to organic psychedelics and appealing to indigenous cultures for how to live in balance with nature. But actual indigenous teachings not new age rebranded bs, so id like to bring to attention the use of the word shaman. The word shaman is from a specific tribe of peoples from siberia and because of some anthropologists has become some blanket word for medicine peoples from all different cultures. It really is a new agey word and has lost its vibrancy as a word of substance because of its over use and misuse. Its also a dangerous thing to give anybody and everybody psychedelics without ritualistic or ceremonial context because it creates a generation of wanna be shamans, fake gurus, and lets egos run rampant. For example the phenomenon of ayahuasa spreading to north america, now theres a culture of wanna be healers and “shamans” running around, especially in California, who think they are qualified to heal people and administer medicines that are very dangerous not just physically but as well as mentally and spiritually. Theres a very good reason in indigenous cultures why only certain people were selected and trained ardously for many years, not just a weekend retreat or even a year of participating, but many years of training for becoming leaders in the spiritual arts. Every tribe and peoples has a distinct word for their medicine people, healers, doctors, and spiritual advisers, so before people start throwing the word ” shamanistic practices, or shaman” itd be nice for people to look into whatever is the correct word for the context of what practice they are trying to learn from. Most indigenous places or ceremonies cringe at the word shaman and see it as a red flag for foolish faker or someone to eager for power. I agree with the guest that the ego can be a good thing when reigned in and trained as a tool, but hes spot on with hubris, and as with many westerners with unchecked psychdelics experiences it becomes an exercise of ego. Some genuine humble learning from the indigenous and contextual ceremonial use of psychedelics can, will be, and is an extremely powerful catalyst for real reality change for the better. But before everyone goes out and tries and starts the psychedelic revolution again, first we need to fix our relationship with water. The first medicine and the most powerful medicine.
    Thanks Greg, love the show.

  8. Long time listener here and I really enjoyed this episode – thanks Greg. Also I love the fact that he isn’t a fan of the lameo superhero movies – I have no interest in spandex underwear soap operas either.

  9. I loved these last 2 episodes, I really feel that magic is within nature and within ourselves and can be manifested as external circumstances in this way. At the same time I believe that there are magical entities being manifested in similar ways not for the greater good and thetas precisely why we need to find the magical centre of ourselves.
    I really enjoy the shows Greg and I appreciate the way you allow your guests to finish a thought trail.. I find interruptions are more about the interviewer’s ego than they are about allowing the guest to make a point.
    Much love from Melbourne australia .. a pretty nutty place to be presently..

  10. I really loved this show! And truly love the idea of talking to more artists about magic. THANK YOU for getting this in the mix of topics. More impressive content from THC, you’re the best! xoxo

  11. Much like Jason Louv (maybe the connection to Genesis P-Orridge and therefore William S. Burroughs has something to do with it), Carl’s adherence to a psychological model of magic belies a sort of “undercover materialism” that seems highly problematic. Possibly even racist as it’s very dismissive of non-Western spiritual models.

  12. Great show!! Loved a lot of points made, such as you mentioned like…the economics of being able to ‘opt’ out of society (which is something I’ve always wondered about the Amish, but that’s another topic)…getting into nature and the fears that happen, the film,sorry to bother you (filmed in Oakland where I live)-so good, also really refreshing to hear a reminder that I have to make for myself about esoteric topics and the elite and a separation from them and the knowledge as far as satanic ritual abuse goes…all around awesome show❤️.

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