Charlie Robinson | The Octopus Of Global Control, NASA Lies, & The Depopulation Agenda

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Alright Higherside Chatters, as we roll our way through the cornucopia of campaigns against the people, we tent to see a synergy between them that cannot be overlooked. That tells us something about the puppetmasters of the pyramid, they have their hands in a lot of pies- but that fresh fruit filling has been replaced with aluminum, mercury, fluoride, glyphosate, gasoline, and a whole host of substances that aren’t nearly as good for people, as they are for profits. And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve completely captured the education system, the media, the top internet platforms, and pretty much any other messaging apparatus, and weaponized the findings from their behavior scientist think tanks- so that most people will reject any “grand conspiracies” about their precious masters.

Well that’s why we have shows like this, and guests like Charlie Robinson. Charlie is the author of The Octopus of Global Control, that Wily bastard THC fans know all too well. It’s a controversial and humorous book that takes quotes from over 500 witnesses to some of history’s greatest events, and uses them to piece together and expose a century-long plan for world domination. He had a front-row seat to the fraud and corruption in the mortgage industry during his career in Las Vegas real estate, and he credits John Perkin’s book Confessions of an Economic Hitman as the final piece of the puzzle that helped him to really see how the American government operates as the enforcement arm for multinational companies.

Well pack your glass and park your ass, because we are poking that big octo-bear today, with Charlie Robinson.

PLUS Content

-Autism, Vaccines, and the power of diet. -Death by astonishment. -Charlie’s “Top of the Pyramid.” -George H.W. Bush and the Reagan assassination attempt. -The prospect of a social crediting system in our future. -The coming trillion dollar robbery.

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  1. Can’t wait for this one! I just subbed for another year for the plus shows, worth every penny! Thanks Greg for all of the hours of interesting, thought provoking content! Much respect, peace!

  2. I love The THC family. We’re all connected through our love of Greg and this podcast and just the positivity flowing…I love it! Now…I’m going to listen to this episode and as zmat920 said “Man, September is on fire”…Amen!!!!

    1. Much love and respect to all of you! Had the random urge to look at my “smart” phone this morning and you would never guess what time it was. Only THC fam would understand!

  3. Lots of good points and questions. When someone brings up my opinions to laugh about them, I say “You’re outta your element Donnie!” And so far no one has got the joke. We do need a handshake or something.

  4. Greetings. Me again. I just had to respond to Greg’s comment about how some folks feel about him making money from this most awesome show. For the record, I consider my plus dollars as doing my very tiny part to help share this important info, and I am always grateful that Greg is willing to be the one out front, and allow folks like me to participate from the background. I feel like my plus subscription is contributing to making the world a better place, and I think that’s groovy. ????✌️ Anyway, back to the awesome show ….. ????

  5. Thanks Charlie – great concept for a book and you speak with really neat concise clarity so I’m sure the book is really well-written. I’ll be after at least two copies on payday, one to keep and one to lend out.

    Thanks Greg for this show, hope you’ll be around forever but I agree internet is closing down fast so people do need to get to know each other offline and advice about doing “local” stuff is great also bearing in mind though some of us (okay maybe only me) are so uprooted we don’t even know which way north is anymore never mind who the neighbours are today. There’s a lot of movement and stagnation at the same time, a lot of government pressure to sit down and stay wherever you’re born and keep your post code forever, on the other hand closing down banks and post offices and jobs so people have to move.

    Bit of advice for people who are trying new jobs or new businesses – don’t rely on GPS and google maps. Memorise the map and the route. For starters, you need to keep your brain functional but as I discovered recently, GPS will work perfectly for months on end then just die on you in early morning rush-hour traffic just when you really need it, in a strange city.

    Not saying it’s a conspiracy but most network systems are designed to drop connections when overloaded and dropping connections is normally prioritised so emergency services aren’t dropped and who knows what other criteria kick in next, could be random but it’s unlikely, all the money going into sorting and analysing big data is going there for a reason and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is already some kind of social profiling going into which connections get dropped on all the “free” services we’re becoming dependent on.

    Anyhow, great technique Charlie, quoting the powers that be in their own words, and putting it all together logically in one place, can’t wait to read it.

  6. Buy physical books. The digital things don’t sink in properly and rights to ebooks can be revoked. If you have to go digital make backups. (That was the point of detour into long story about GPS. Stay connected to the physical world and invest in it.)

  7. I’m reading this book right now, and I’m about a third of the way in. It is an awesome book! Extremely well written and tons and tons of quotes. Mr. Robinson doesn’t hold back and leaves no stone unturned. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it!

    1. Whatever we choose to believe about Terrence McKenna doesn’t matter. That man was an agent, or he wasn’t. Our emotions can’t change the facts either way.

      One thing that people who can appreciate McKenna must admit is that if he was an agent; that commonly cited excerpt was the best possible veiled admission, if Terrence was in fact an agent.

      Strangely enough, after my first ayuahuasca experience I couldn’t listen to Terrence anymore. It just couldn’t hold my interest. Then later, I became aware of the allegations of his CIA involvement.

      Jam Irvin has some good facts to share here and there, if one can get past his unfortunately boisterous personality.

      Who knows what the facts are concerning McKenna’s ties to intelligence, but we should hold our heroes to high standards, not special standards.

  8. Hi Greg man I’m a Lyft driver in San Francisco. I always have you or crrow on pause on my phone. When people get in my car I always ask” I got a conspiracy pod cast going on you mind if I play it over my phone” I always get a smile and a yeah its ok. I love it when a 20 something before getting out of my car say ”what’s the name of that podcast”!? I think by now I should get a free membership-just kidding. Today I was playing this one and was synchronisticly cued at the right spot when talking about all the shit in vaccines and it’s relation to children and autism. We took a 30 minute ride and I dropped him off at the California department of public health office. I got a good vibe from him and a five dollar tip! Just another drop in the wave! Thank you brother

  9. Awesome show! I think your comment at the end of the show about black people knowing the government can’t be trusted is spot on! I’ve had plenty of interesting conversations about government conspiracies and some black “non conspiracy theorist” have responded with “Yeah I’m not surprised at all”. My study of black history and the civil rights era helped me be more open to conspiracies when I first became “woke”.

    I try not to distrust all public figures, but I have my suspicions about Dick Gregory. Did you know that Malcolm X called Dick Gregory and Lena Horne puppets? I have watched plenty of interviews with Gregory where he seemingly says some enlightening stuff and I’m not saying just because Malcolm X said it means it’s true. I just thought it was an interesting footnote in history.

    Anyways, great episode!

  10. If you don’t make any money or have some kind of hustle you are a fucking loser.
    Daddy Warbucks ain’t paying my bills so I do not have a choice. I need to make money to eat, pay rent, register & insure a truck…etc.
    I dont want to get up at 5 in the morning to go frame houses, but I do. Anybody complaining about Greg making money with the product of his time can go fuck themselves. Love the show dude, hope you can rake it in buddy!

  11. Thanks for another great episode Greg. Truth be told, I didn’t have enough time to keep up with all your recent episodes lately. I enjoyed this show because I think many in this community can identify with the alienating positions that we partake once we go down the rabbit holes.
    It’s been almost two, perhaps three years since I’m almost addicted to catching up on all the darkness. Pretty sure I’m PTSD’ed by a lot of the darker, nefarious stuff too. Lately, I’ve been wanting to kind of move on from this all, and yet how can I. There was a moment where Charlie and Greg discussed responsibility upon having all this knowledge, and that was such a poignant moment for me, because I’d been dealing with the exact angst this whole period. Granted, I don’t try and seek to teach anything to anyone at this point, but I still think that I owe it to myself, and others, to try and do something with the hidden esoteric stuff that I’m interested (I’m thinking water-science related, since that’s my jam). And Charlie is right, the reason I love this show is of course the content of the guests, but it’s also listening to that intro and outro (however short they are compared to the bulk of the podcast), and hearing about your personal hero’s journey and how it helps me identify mine in context. So huge props to you Greg. I feel like I’m still at the Gamestop-soul-crushing moment in my life, and I need to take a leap of Faith soon. I’m tired of complaining and feeling fatalistic, even if I have faith in my heart that we’ll all go through this. That’s all I wanted to say. Peace and thanks for keeping the quality higher still.

  12. Ok, I’ve heard the whole Jim Marrs, “there’s all this vacant land so how can we be overpopulated?”, blah, blah, bullshit repeated too many times now to not comment. For the Endless Growth people out there, study math, ecology and geography. (Strangely, I did study those three topics in college.) Add in biology, physics and anthropology. There are valid reasons many of the ‘wide open spaces” remain wide open spaces to this day. There are reasons, beyond pure physical space alone, and actual evidence for concerns about overpopulation and the bad things that happen to the species that exceed the carrying capacity of their environment. While I enjoy the zero point energy, breakaway civilizations and the speculation of many conspiracy theories out there (which is why I listen), to the best of our real, actual knowledge thus far there really, truly are limits to growth for ALL species on this planet. The landscape of the planet is littered with the remains of cultures that either encountered these limits, or collapsed due to other limits they could not overcome.

    Concerning the depopulation agenda in this episode, contact Paul Ehrlich himself and have him on the show. I’ve heard him recently on the Nature Bats Last and the Last Born in the Wilderness podcasts. It appears that he’s willing to appear on podcasts, so hit him up Greg even if it’s a short segment. Get the real deal from the horse’s mouth. Considering the manner in which some people talk about people like Paul, it’s funny that a quick search brings up his contact info and he appears on podcasts like the two I mention above. Strange that such a nefarious character of the Illuminati would be so available huh? Here’s his contact info if you’re interested:

    Paul R. Ehrlich. President, Center for Conservation Biology, Bing Professor of Population Studies.
    Department of Biology 371 Serra Mall Room 409 Herrin Labs Stanford, CA 94305-5020 Phone: 650.723.3171.

  13. If Steve jobs gave a shit about making stuff last he wouldn’t of put wafer thin glass in his phones!! Ha ha I’m only joking! Blessing and a curse the I phone!!! I suppose it the old adage ‘if you a knife to make a salad that’s a good thing’! ‘but take it and stab a child to death’. I bought the book waiting for it to be shipped! 500 pages for 18 pounds well worth it you couldn get 500 pieces of toilet paper for that these days. Cheers Greg great show! Love your hard work and it shows! The ppl that have a pop at you for making money for putting out this great work! They must be jealous!

  14. Well, I have had this quote that I wrote down long ago, while listening to Joel Wallach’s radio call in health show. One of his long time patients and now colleague, read this on the air. I thought it was a very telling quote, from an institution that directly effects all our lives.

    1966 federeal reserve bank of New York

    Keeping our money healthy

    Edward f Howard company publisher

    Sugar,salt,tabbaco,aluminum,flouride water,over a period of years, with perhaps other slow poisons, will help to ensure that they expire before they retire. if there were fewer people bidding against each other,money or credit would keep it’s value.

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