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Today on everyone’s favorite podcast, we have Cara St. Louis.  She’s an activist, intuitive, and writing partner of Harald Kautz-Vella and she joins THC to talk about her research into the conspiracy behind the oppressive school system we have today. We talk about where it came from, who brought it here, and the goals the early perpetrators outlined that we can now see the full effects of years later. We also discuss various behaviorists and their effects on human conditioning, as well as the campaign to kill the imagination and how we might regain those weeded out facilitates. Teacher, leave those kids alone.

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  1. So frustrating. I HATED SCHOOL! Yet, even as an early 30’s adult, I am more well-read and “open-minded” than maybe 95% of the people I encounter.

    I do not say this with any sense of superiority or arrogance either. Life can be lonely for individuals such as us…I’d love to have a decent, non-conditioned conversation with my fellow man. I don’t care about major sports, celebrity gossip, fashion trends, vines, memes, or ice-bucket challenges!

    Alas, I digress…

    1. Im in the same boat, I cant handle bullshit get togethers on my girlfriends side of the family, HOW DOES 4 HOURS OF SMALL TALK SOUND? Fantastic. I must say it is nice to find those 5% of people though.

      1. I’m also in the same boat, I used to able to hold my tongue and go along with the chit chat, now it’s like a waterfall coming out, I either clear a room or get an audience, I’m happy with either result as long as I’m not talking about X factor or other such bullshit. Anyway keep up the good work Greg!

  2. 1. Would be nice if they actually taught us stuff that is actually true in the first place!
    2. They could teach critical thinking and I suppose that would be “critical evaluation” as well, but that would expose number 1.
    3. Are they stamping out imagination cause they want more conformity? Conformity means that you won’t question number 1.

    example: light is both a particle and a wave… my conclusion: bollocks!

    1. That’s because ‘The State’ does not offer or recommend education; they offer ‘schooling’; just like you school a horse or a dog for a work environment……… to do what you want it to do, so it is ‘useful’.
      Another good word is ‘train’, or entrain.

      Education is something you have to find/pay full tote odds for yourself, as we are discovering with our children. Nothing wrong with the majority of teachers. If they don’t really think to question the system that brought them up, they are not likely to question what they are asked to ‘school/entrain’ with too heavily. Any they probably feel they need to keep their job so they can eat and feed their family that week, so, no rocky-the-boaty….

      Useful is such a shitty yardstick. Some of my most favourite things are seemingly useless to society at large, and that is exactly what makes them indispensable to a balanced existence.

      1. I suppose school inculcates a set of societal obligations and values like: my country is always right, I must fight and die for my country, there is a moral obligation to pay off debt (even when it’s counterfeited out of thin air). Plus, it’s a good place to round up kids for vaccinations!

        1. Yeah, but we/our fucking parents should be pointing out societal obligations,( or ever better, our aunts and uncles. Now that’s the proper tradition. Who ever listened to their parents between 13 and 25? But cool aunts and uncles; respect!)

          The big problem is that parents are not payed by the government. They pay for the government!! So day to day control is not assured…….they might teach their kids something real!
          I feel so lucky that I was semi-home-schooled for primary, and have the privilege of doing the same for my children. Except they are about to go from semi to fully, because even when you have some oversight and can tweak the State curriculum , it is still horse shit!!
          Steiner-Waldorf based home-schooling package, and then fill in the blanks, un-schooling style.

          1. I honestly don’t think my parents taught me anything about anything! Their attitude is: you go to school to learn, so we don’t have to teach you. Then again, they don’t seem to have much to teach me other than spelling and basic maths.

            A bit of streetwise knowledge? Health tips? Wisdom? Nope, don’t think they taught me anything!

            1. God that sucks. I understand as I had a similar upbringing at least in part. I ended up as the poor kid in private schools because my mom valued education and didn’t like public schools. I went to an open education free school til I was 11 and then went to all girls prep school til high school. That second school was full of kids from the elite families and me. The ideas and educational style at the school was so interesting and more geared to the Trivium style learning and useful critical thinking skills. But from before that school I had no classes, no grades, no homework, no expectations in the free school. We played soccer, and dug for worms in the yard of the school, played tag, wrote haiku, hung out and had birthday parties for Betsy the teacher’s dog. We sang Kumbaya and anti vietnam war songs. I do not suffer in the least from a lack of traditional school.

            2. It’s so sad, we’re all reborn without memories, pumped out of random vaginas after we die, no memories, now you’re stuck with your parents who have no clue as to what education is, and a slap in the face when they send you to school prison. Parents that don’t raise their own kids Shame on you all

  3. Aye…… back in primary one, all the boys in the class got belted cause the teacher believed that one of the boys stole something. All the girls got left alone. Those were the days!

  4. I suppose a lot of parents would have complained when compulsory education was introduced because the parents might need the kids to work on the farm, bring in an extra income, babysit their younger brother / sister, or just help around the house? maybe?

  5. Never mind school! What about university?? You’ve got a 1st year lecture hall with around 150 – 200 students, and then around 150 plus students have to suddenly get up, and have about 5 minutes to walk from one end of the campus to the other, up the hill, down the hill, and then climb 4 flights of stairs! Like marching an army to order. Easier just to get the next lecturer to just turn up in the lecture hall where the students already are.

    Exams are like a measure of your willingness to be indoctrinated. A 1st class degree means you really embraced your indoctrination. So all the lecturers are full indoctrinated cause you don’t become a lecturer unless you got a 2:1 at least.

    And like schools seem to create ageism. Kids spend so much of their time with people their own age and are not used to being around those who are younger or older. So you get to university and the mature students are kinda excluded cause, well, they’re just too old! A fractionated society.

  6. This was a great guest! I love this topic.

    I believe the average person in the western world has been de-tribed. Basically cut off from other sources of knowledge or anything that would compete with the gross western empire and its maniac focus on finance and commerce. However, at the core of the gross western empire (the elite) you find–tribes. People living in old fashioned tribes with their own religion, a shamanic type religion, initiatory rites, etc…

  7. One note, the artist who created the KALI image on the Empire State building she mentioned was ANDREW JONES, AKA ANDROID JONES ( I know that because I love Andrew’s work. So she totally got that research wrong. kinda hilarious all the connections she made to cern after that.

    1. Yeah it went a bit far and I’m always curious about this kind of thing. Does it mean nothing? Could the artist have been commissioned to create the piece by an elite who wanted some tribute communicated? Who knows.

    2. Yeah, it was definitely Andrew “Android” Jones who did the image of Kali. Funny enough, I read an interview with him before listening to this podcast about his art, process, etc.:

      I’ve followed his career for a very long time, probably since I first joined an online art community back in 2001 or so called that Andrew helped put together. I don’t know him personally, but he has earned my respect over the years. As a matter of fact, Jones seems to be the kind of person living the type of life Cara St. Louis advocates… Over the years I have read and listened to many interviews with Jones. Actually, he might make a good guest here on THC someday.

      It is interesting to me, however, how images of Kali are surfacing all over the place in our popular culture. Some sort of manifestation of the Universal Mind? A symbol that helps describe the times we are living in?

      Other than that though, I do agree with a whole lot of what was said in this interview. A whole lot.

      1. “…I do agree with a whole lot of what was said in this interview. A whole lot.”
        Truth. If I agreed with everything a guest said, I would wonder what the hell was going on! 🙂

        It’s like everyone who plies the fringe has got at least one thing that is a bridge too far for most people, and for me, that is the exception that proves the rule.

        And to be fair, and interview is a snapshot of( hopefully) a human, warts and all. Who here has not been taken in by some piece of info in the past, and then had to backtrack on it further down the line and call bullshit on your self??

        I think it was Emmerson who said something along the lines of if a person can not revise their position on something in light of fresh information, they are not worth a pinch of shit……. paraphrased!

        One of the hardest things in life is to not let consistency get in the way of truth.

        To the symbol thing, is Kali the demon eater of the punk-artists imagination that is going to chomp the heads of the Archons and their lackys and protect the 99%, or is she the destroyer of the ones who paid for the commission’s minds, come to save them from the 99% by laying waste to the world while they watch from a bunker ? Answer: She is both, and more.

        In truth, a symbol is a trigger for the mind who sees it, and what it triggers depends entirely on your social and societal conditioning/training/schooling. ( back to that again…..) The only power the symbol holds, is the power to activate the consciousness of the ones viewing it.
        Symbols are starter motors, not engines.

        1. Very well said, my man. Haha, I don’t know that I agree with everything I’ve said 🙂 I guess, or at least I hope, we all just do the best we can and try to integrate and learn as more information comes in…

          “Symbols are starter motors, not engines.” A lot of truth there too. I like that. Its all relative to who sees or creates the symbol, and how they are inspired by it

  8. would be nice if the programme had touched on girls’ schools, boys’ schools, religious schools, private schools, public schools (and why public schools in England are actually private!) and boarding schools

    it’s like the elites have a private (public) boarding school like Hogwarts where they learn secret stuff like spell craft… or as I like to call it “legalese”

  9. Does anyone know who the woman is she mentioned that has done all the videos on the dark ages/added 1,000 years of history? I’ve seen the Nico Haupt 1649ish video and it is very intriguing. How nice to be an elite and simply invent the dark ages to explain a huge “gap” of 500-1,000 years. I’m tired of being a mark.

      1. Thank you!! Will check it out.

        Greg, love your treatment of this person and topic.

        When I was in public school I thought nothing could possibly suck more and then I got a job working for someone else.

        My senior year, I attended my 4th high school in four years. Because of all the different credit requirements at all the different school, I had all the specific course content I needed, but had to put in my time and be there all day.

        I was also forced to take one more credit of physical education (every class was comprised of only freshman). If you can believe it, one PE option was “Recreational Activities”, card games.

        So I took a card game PE class with freshman and spent 4 periods in newspaper and 35mm photo processing class, had lunch and a foreign language. What a waste of my time.

        Here is a fantastic essay I found about how all of us, regardless of job (minus some self-employment) are all really Professional Clock Watchers”. Hope you enjoy it.

    1. Alan Wilson says something about this. Something to do with the Egyptians, the exodus (across the Mediterranean and into Britain), biblical history, the Trojan wars, the Jewish colonisation of Britain (Brutus), King Arthur (Artorius Rex the first and Artorius Rex the second).

      But honestly, I just can’t remember!
      Might be in here somewhere:

      1. The historians and archaeologists use a calibration factor in their carbon dating. Actually, it’s an “error factor”; it doesn’t eliminate an error, it introduces one.

    2. Yes, that’s the channel! Glory of glories, you can also go straight to the works of the statisticians who originally identified the 1000 year shift. That’s just one of the major ones – basically their findings show that everything pre-16th century is a garbled mess of events copy-pasted to multiple times and places. A bit dense since it’s translated from Russian, but the illustrations and graphs speak very loudly on their own if you just want to skim.
      First four volumes are available for free in English here:
      For some reason the bibliography links are mostly missing but it can be found here:

      Loved this episode! She puts a lot in pretty coherent perspective. I really resonate with the idea that the point of education is to be able to argue your own freedom. Appreciate your ongoing resistance to the savior motif, Greg!

  10. Such good stuff up untill she claims to be fay 🙁

    Also her abduction sounds to me like she was just drugged or very tired, then lied to the next day by a sham “psychic”.

    So before everyone starts speculating into absurd territory, Lets face the fact that NASA has lied about everything space, to the point i’m not even sure there is one, and these fringe researchers need to get of the ET stuff untill this is resolved, be it interdimensional or extra terrestrial ET’s.

    Ofcourse be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but the aformentioned stuff raised such big red flag for me
    that i’m only left with the 2 options of her either being duped, or deliberately spreading unconfirmed flim flam.
    And i find it hard to argue in favor of ppl that claim to research everything and then get duped that hard.

    I know i have been sounding negative in comments lately, but in my opinon someone should call out these “aliens did everything” guys to either give solid evidence or put theire energy into researching other stuff.

    This ET stuff has been going on for years and its getting old.

    That being said, the first part up untill “im part fey” was brilliant, and i found myself agreeing with most of it and thinking back to my time in school and university and it sure had that ring of truth to me.

    As always tough this was my take on the guest only.

    Greg you do your job impeccably every interview, giving the guest just enough rope to potentially hang themselves 😛

    1. I’d be pretty sure that E.T. is actually I.D. as in inter, or multi dimensional, but still of the Earth.
      All you have to do is project something on a wall in front of me in infrared or ultraviolet and whatever you have projected is in another dimension and unknowable to me as far as I am concerned, because my receptors can’t pick it up. And it ain’t from “outer space”. You made it right here. Of Earth.
      You could go so far as to say it is not in ‘my reality’, but it’s sure as hell real, because you can see it with your infrared camera.

      Also, if I “know” there is something in a room, and it’s causing shit, and no one else is aware of any presence at all, and after I piss it off the shit spontaneously stops flying, what is that??
      New agers and the like have lots of pretty words for it,( and real shamans don’t talk about it at all!) but it’s not a question of belief as far as I can see.
      It might as well have been an infrared dog, unable to sink it’s teeth into us “rainbowers” but able to upset the room somehow by pissing on everyone! I have no “belief” in the dog,( I just experience it), or my ability to deal with it, but what am I to do with the results of my actions?

      Dimensions are not quite what we have been led to believe. It is more about perception

  11. I am glad I listened to the plus show all the way through. The best part about it was the post-show wrap-up. Fuck St. Pius X high school. Greg, your story has inspired me personally and I’m sure so many of your listeners as well.

  12. Regarding “dimensions”.

    In my view dimensions is science fiction. and at best scientism gone bad.
    Even string theory is considered bunk even by most brainwashed physicists nowadays.

    That being said, the entire “inter dimensional alien” thing, does have some merit.
    And by some i mean, that when you take various psychoactive substances and enter different states of mind, you tend to see things.
    (and just cause you see them in altered “counsciosness” does not mean they are not “real” per say, just less tangible)

    Google “ayahuasca paintings” and in almost all of them you can see what ppl call ufo’s and alien beings.
    Add to that, the fact that when you sleep you produce DMT in your brain.

    Maybe “abductions” is just as simple as you wakeing up in the night, still tripping on DMT being halfway awake and halway asleep, sort of like sleep paralasis.

    My guess is this phenomenon is stronger in some people than others, and that would be where you get your “abductees” that seem to get abducted all the time (usually at night when asleep, and left where they are found, still asleep) whereas most people never experience this.
    (i have even met people that has never had sleep paralasis, or at least claim not to).

    I have even talked to a cousin of mine that is an ex-junkie (some days less ex than others :P) and he has probably tried every substance imaginable.
    i dont remember how we ended up talking about it, but he told me that one time he and a friend was on something (he said what it was but i forgot what he said) and that they both saw something he called short people/gnomes, is how he explained it, and that they got scared when they realized my cousin and his friend could see them and ran away.

    The part that stuck with him though was that later, after coming down from this trip he talked to his friend, and he had seen the exact same thing, so it was not just in my cousins head.
    It was like they either shared a trip somehow or actually could see things that wasnt there.

    My cousin is not a conspiracy theorist of any kind, and i have no reason to belive he would make that up (doesnt mean he couldnt have though).

    Things like this, i give some credence too. but the concept off “dimensions” we know from physics and TV is probably just a way to obfuscate this subject in my opion.

    Long read, but i hope you found my toughts interesting 😀

    1. “and just cause you see them in altered “counsciosness” does not mean they are not “real” per say, just less tangible”
      “he talked to his friend, and he had seen the exact same thing, ”

      Some really great thoughts here.
      I agree, dimensions is a really shitty concept/title, but stuffed if I know what else to pin it down with. Like the word “shaman”, it’s an approximation, and not a very good one. 🙂

      Your friends experience is the smoking gun for me. I know even “science” is talking about telepathic, non verbal communication, (and what is the second blind in a double blind experiment cancelling out, if not the way your thoughts affect outcomes around you?) so it could just be two people in the same general area getting into a different state of consciousness, (whatever the fuck that means! 🙂 ) and then having thought pattern entanglement.

      I have done shamanic journeying with another person, remotely( and drug free), and gone to the same place, found each other, did what we went to do (which had an external effect), and both knew exactly what each other had done afterwards……….
      I mean, who really needs to rabbit on about entities, internal or external, and other dimensions when the human system is capable of that?? If the human energy body really does work like a radio mast, we can pick up some freaky channels!
      It blew the back of my head off, I’ve got to tell you.

  13. Hey Greg another great interview. I love that you let her go on a bit of a tangent. Keep up the great interview skills. I’m listening to another podcast but the interviewer talks to much and has a annoying creepy old man laugh. I felt it a bit worrying that Cara found it hard to get info out to Australia. I feel like we a so fucken backwards here sometimes and following the leads of the US/UK governments.

    Keep up the great work mate!

  14. I really liked this guest…great topics even when it went ‘off topic’ a bit.

    I live in a really hippie area where there’s normal government schools, two major Steiner schools plus a lot of people who home school and even un-school and I gotta say, in my opinion, it often seems that the standard style educated peeps around here are the more switched on and awake. Almost like going through the system and seeing it for what it is and coming out the other end still awake and aware of the bullshit is waaaay more powerful than shielding your kids from it completely and pretending it’s not there.

    . So many Steiner folk around here, and they all seem so “love and light” airy fairy “we don’t talk about negative, dark things”. The Steiner kids aren’t allowed to paint in anything other than soft watercolous (yellows, pinks etc) for the first few years, no reading till 7 & no screen time, so they’re not very savvy to the bullshit. so it’s not all perfect with Steiner either.

    I’m not sure yet, but I’ve got three small boys and I’m thinking of maybe it’s better to show them the “mainstream” system but be punching holes in it each and every day. One foot in each door so to speak.
    Basically like “look, it’s all one big control system and here’s what they’re trying to do to you, and here’s how you play the game and live and imagine outside of it”.
    I think that might be far more empowering for them.

    I also appreciated her sum up of Harold and was glad to get her perspective on it all.

    Would love to hear her talk more about the ‘folk spirit’ that she mentioned!

    1. Sounds like NSW northern rivers….. 😉

      That is the big problem with someone else teaching your kids, in my opinion. Turning Steiner’s style of education into “Love and Light” is crap, and no way to prepare children for the world. The issue is the sort of people that get attracted to a super sensory, like big colour big music, style of education; they can be a bit happy clappy!! 😉

      I think main stream can do well enough, if you talk to your kids about what they did/learned and take an interest, so you can call bullshit on a concept or programing method when you see it. Trouble with this is, this is a luxury position for the modern Westernised family. We are so busy on the hamster wheel trying to provide for our kids, that we are not really providing anything of substance for our kids…….

      End of the day, balanced kids comes back to balanced parents, even more so than balanced parenting, I think. You have to be there for yourself first, so that you can be there for them. Kid’s bullshit meter is hyper sensitive; you can see in their eyes that they know when you do not have your shit together.

      Sorry, I am probably over commenting!
      Education vs. Schooling is my trigger point, in case you hadn’t noticed. 😉

      One of my go to comments about this, and there are so many examples, is Lindsey Fox, of LinFox fame, ( massive Ausie freight company) left school at the age of 13 and started sweeping floors in a warehouse, and went on to own/use more warehouse space than anyone else in the country.
      So much of schooling is a babysitting service so that both parents can work………

      1. Yep, northern NSW (byron bay ?).

        Couldn’t agree more – education vs schooling. I’m actually more inclined to let my kids do the primary years at school and then not bother with high school.
        I think high school is where the big time bullshit begins and sooo much time wasting!
        Would way rather see them get out in the real world and figure out their passions and let them explore for those years.

        I’m planting seeds of new thought every day for my kids. My 5 yr old is currently obsessed by Giants after reading Roald Dahls ‘BFG’. He asked me if Giants are real so I showed him some youtubes on Giants bones and explained about the big museum that comes and takes them and hides them.
        Little things like that.

        The other day He told me he wanted to be a seal jumping throughthe waves in the ocean when he grows up (??!!) So we talked about surfing & went to the beach and watched the surfers for a while…I’ll happily pull him out of school for that any day!

        1. I have in-laws to the South, and only a week ago we went up to the Byron/Mullum area, just sniffing around…. some areas really grabbed us, and others were all hype with no follow through, it seemed to us. And man; pricy!!
          We were interested in the Steiner schools but what we saw of them turned us right off their particular versions of it.

          Kids are a great reminder about what life is really meant to be about. 🙂
          I love that you taught him about giant bone cove-ups; priceless! 😀

          Definitely check out the School Sucks Project podcasts that davetbh pointed at. Thanks dave!
          In particular this one was great;

  15. Love what you do Greg. This lady was awesome. I loved her Smokey voice. She was making total sense, then I got to wondering. Usually when people make total sense, they end up ruining it somehow. Then, BAM! I’m of the the Fae` blood line and I’ve been visited by ET’S who know I’m special and were just checking on me because I ate too much pizza at the hotel so they gave me rug burns on my elbows and knees (?!) and a bruise on my chest.
    And I thought, “there you go”. Another good interview over the coocoo’s nest. Damn! Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m not far enough along in my understanding to get past this kinda shit sounding wacko. Or maybe my intuition is is just working really well. Who knows.

  16. Hey, liked this show but I think I need to listen to it again. I work as a substitute teacher right now, and work within 4 different districts, grades K-12 but mostly high school. I have definitely heard, on occasion, teachers saying something on a subject that I know is inaccurate.

    One thing, however, which was said in the interview which I don’t think is entirely accurate is regarding kids having to move from class to class while teachers stay in the same room. Maybe it’s different in different states or districts, but in the high schools I work at, the teachers change classrooms each period just as the students do. It’s extremely rare to find a teacher who has the same room all day.

    Also in elementary school, the kids are in the same room most of the day. The exception is P.E. or music, in which the kids switch rooms. However, you can’t have a gym inside each classroom, nor can you have a piano in each room. Likewise, when you get to middle school or high school, you can’t have bunson burners for science classes in each classroom, nor can you have giant drawing tables for art in each room.

    My point is that although I absolutely agree that there is conditioning happening in schools, changing classrooms is frequently just more practical. Do you really want band playing their instruments next door to a math class? And as I said, these days teachers change classrooms just as often as their students ( at least in high school).

  17. We decided for the first time to homeschool this year. NC is the largest growing homeschool in the nation. Some do it for religious reasons, but many moms I talk to, are really knowledgeable about 432hz, and other things. I couldn’t fit in with the PTA moms at all, but this group of moms are different. The kids are different, nice, polite, embracing, and can’t wait to learn things. And if California has any upside with the vaccination mandates, perhaps it will be that more moms decide to homeschool. I and my kids are starting to feel a kind of freedom that I forgot about. So many moms tell me they could never be with their kids all day long(and I worried about this), but really I told me kids I’ve never felt closer to them and they agree, and every parent I’ve spoken with has said the same. Life has become really lovely, and we still get lots of learning accomplished.
    Okay the Fae stuff was out there, but when I tell my friends I’m starting to embrace the flat earth model, I know they think I’ve gone over the edge. Everyone has their own line for ‘crazy’. I’ve decided to just be as discerning as possible and not embrace the all of any one presenter.

      1. Well I definitely force structure upon my lovelies. Ha. But my girls are figuring out, that if they want to know something, they don’t need a teacher. Its all out there. Someday we’ll figure out we don’t need colleges either.

  18. Oh oh… I sent you blessings (warmhearted well-wishes to you and yours) Greg, no yuky B-lesser thoughts— while commenting on Cara’s recent return podcast. Yep! Have always felt English language leaves a lot to be desired.
    First experience listening to Cara tonight. Had to seek out this earlier podcast to listen to. Cara is interesting. Passionate. Articulate. Enjoy what she shares.
    I’ve suspected many people who say they are part Draco, Anunnaki or Mantid, etc… that for some of these ones being human may be considered undesirable. No thanks to power-hungry numb-nuts determined to remake us into pet automatons. Considering all the CONS we’ve been dealt, is it any wonder? Let em’ have at it! May be there is some truth to it, may be not. That’s for them to sort out. And they will. Thanks to your podcasts Greg and other listeners here.

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