Jay Dyer | Cinema Symbolism, Hollywood Psy-Ops, & Predictive Programming

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The great Jay Dyer of joins THC to talk about one of the major tools in the Elite’s multifaceted campaign against the population: Hollywood. We talk about Ian Flemming and the Bond series, on which Jay wrote his thesis. We also discuss many of the films Jay has given the conspiratorial strip down including  Interstellar and Moonraker, the odd connections between magick and technology, the nature of synchronicity, and much more!

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    1. Caww Caww! More Crrow please! Also, Jay sounds kinda like H. Jon Benjamin (voice actor for “Archer”) Though, he sounds more like Coach McGuirk from his “Home Movies” days.

    2. I need to apologize to everyone as I have been so busy getting my pod cast built and filming I have not yet written my next blog for Greg. I promise I will get it done before too much longer – it will cover my 8k road trip. As always I am here whenever Greg asks.

  1. Yeah, if you look at the Bond films, there seems to be a big connection with the monetary system. Of course, a “bond” is just a made up “debt slavery instrument”. Miss MONEY-PENNY. GOLDfinger. DIAMONDS are Forever. The Man with the GOLDen Gun. CASINO Royale. Any others?

    Bombings, war, poisonings, fraud, robberies, threats…. seems to me that much of the secret service stuff would be about various factions vying for control of the monetary system. Volkswagen got whacked with an $18 billion fine cause they were doing large deals outside the Dollar empire. Also cause they developed some electric cars that were just “too good” and the Rockerfellers don’t like that. Also heard that Volkswagen dabbled with the old Geet Pantone engine!?

    Remember when the Pentagon lost $3.3 Trillion? Remember the gold robbery underneath the twin towers? Evidence for $1.5 Trillion in counterfeit bonds that went up in smoke when the twin towers turned to dust? All very James Bond indeed!

  2. I like how he got more weird about the origins and his thoughts about the possibilities of how things might tie together.

    Great show, Greg. It exceded my expectations and will be one that I listen to again. 🙂

  3. Liked this show and his level headed approach. Need more people to call out mainstream scientist mouthpieces like Neil deGrasse Tyson. Did anyone see his tweets this past weekend about the Cincinnati Bengals kicker’s field goal that bounced off the upright being affected by the spin of the earth? He said the spin made the difference of one third of an inch in the short time the ball was in the air. What?? Then why does the earth not spin out from under planes, balloons, birds….not saying I’m a flat earth proponent but I definitely don’t observe the spin…except in the horseshit Neil is shoveling. Greg, I loved the comment about you taking him down…a guest show about Neil being a fraud would be great!

    1. Man…..I would LOVE to listen to that shit. That and that arsehole Kaku need blown out the water in a way that can give us all a good laugh to make up for the genuine anger they have caused us all.!! Did you ever see that fraud Joe Rogan with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.?? Made me want to fucking vomit. Basically sold himself and every single belief he was shouting about in thirty seconds flat. Fuck Neil DeGrasse Tyson, That arsehole Kaku and Joe ( fucking Ice Crystals and Water Vapour) Rogans sell out Ass.!!!

      1. I have to disagree with you about nuclear power plants are to just soak up extra power. My grandfather designed nuclear power plants and he was not one to be fooled by university shoveled horseshit. He did mention that the popular designs used were inferior to other designs that were available. The popular designs used today are less efficient, less stable and the overall structure wouldn’t last as long as atleast 2 other proposals of the early days of splitting atoms.

    1. according to Jay Weidner, the flat earth bandwagon is to pre-empt any revelations from NASA whistelblowers… i.e. if you step out of line, you will be lumped in with the flat earthers

      1. Please lump me in. I would rather be there then with all the liars in NASA. Some of the Flat Earthers might be liars, but they haven’t been lying to me as long as NASA.

        1. not much point being lumped in with a psyop that is factually wrong… 2 wrongs don’t make a right

          the flat earthers just discovered that light is bent by gravity, that’s all

          the point is, that NASA whistleblowers might be more likely to tell you the truth than ordinary NASA

    2. yeah…. ceasarmessiah makes some good points (can’t remember his name) but I’m still going with Ralph Ellis and the theory that Jesus was King Iesus of Edessa, who was the grandson of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra… King Iesus (Jesus) led an armed insurrection to try to claim the title of Ceasar

      also known as Iesus-i-Manu (or something like that) which is where Jesus Emmanuel comes from

      and King David and Solomon were Egyptian Pharaohs!

      1. There is more historical documentation backing up Jesus then there is Alexander the Great, but people don’t have a problem believing in Alexander. There is a reason that their people fighting for you to not believe in him. They don’t try that hard to stop you from believing in Budah or Paganism.

        1. ohh.. please site some then…. ahhh like the bible.. reeeaal hostorical that one. lol But in all seriousness… site some historical texts proving jesus’s existance. Don’t get me wrong, I think he did and does exixt, because jesus is the sun. You know, the Sun of God. Astrotheology proves jesus’s existance undisputably bro, but historically theres not been a shreed of proof that I am aware of. I hate to be wrong though, so please, what are these texts you speak of?

      2. Yep Jesus is called “EA-SUS ” in the Orion language , he was born of royal blood: cleopatras first kid. She then has 3 more later on with Anthony. Because he was her first boy from Caesar she sent him to India with her 2 loyal servants Mary and her servant Joseph. She sent them out for 500 years on a pilgrimage to learn Buddhism . Also having a donkey back in the day meant u had lots and lots of cash. Donkeys meant money. So don’t feel sad for poor little AESUS from Orion riding on a donkey all the way to India. He did come back to teach after 500 years and reunited with his 3 half siblings. And yes they are all alive and well today

    3. Yeah, something is messed up with Eric Dubay, he is pushing “Hitler was a good guy” meme as well. If you challenge him with all of the occult nastiness they were involved in, or about “Operation Paperclip” (where the USA and Canada got a ton of those evil boys), he will delete and block you.

      1. I think Hitler started out with good intentions and became more and more desperate to defeat the cabal so ended up becoming the very thing he initially set out to oppose. Choosing an act of war will do that to you.
        Gandhi set the template for the whole world to follow at this time, passive resistance by opting not to contribute to a societal structure based on imperial intentions

        1. Hitler was following orders from the queen of Orion . Orion is the translation for “Aryan”. That’s why all the Indiana jones movies, it was all real, it was a war for Orion to control the world again, but Hitler took too much LSD and stopped following correct orders

  4. Now this was more like it, didnt get any crazy or agent vibes from this guy.

    top notch !

    PS : Please dont tell me next week’s guest is Hoaxland or Joseph P Farell, the obvious NASA agents 😛 ill still listen just because its you Greg, but those guys are nothing but entertainment at best 😛 in my opinion anyway.


    1. Hoagland yeah, even though he’s still one of those “conspiracy staples” I’d want to scratch off my list at least once.

      I love Joseph Farrell though, no? I just think he’s a good natured guy, an intelligent speaker, and I think you might actually like the angle of the show. It’s kind of different, at least I thought so.

      1. I read Hoaglands books years ago and thought they were mind blowing. Now I am WAY more sceptical and would need some kind of digital imagery to believe his claims about structures on the Moon and Mars. In fact….. even that wouldn’t do now after tuning into Crows channel. Hoagland would now have to offer a return flight to the Moon with snacks and beverages provided for me to believe anything he says..!!

  5. Greg! I think you mentioned you watched ‘Modern Family’? When Cam and Mitch are talking to their pediatrician (about asian noodles) Cam says, “Pho, am I pronouncing that right?” And the doctor answers, “I wouldn’t know, I’m from Denver.” Also, David Paulides points out a huge cluster of missing people in Colorado. Thanks for another great show!

  6. Very cool and informative program.

    I think people who are interested in the esoteric should look at the scientists of the past, or the scientists and engineers of today as kindred spirits rather than as opposites or antagonists.

    The esoteric tradition is our shared heritage. If you’re interested in it, it’s because you’re not satisfied with the exoteric and your proscribed role in society.

    That tradition appears to be the wellspring of creativity. It’s what people turn to at the end of an age, I think, to build the next one.

    Almost by instinct, we’re all looking to it to understand what to do next.

    I’d also suggest that creative work, whether it’s in the sciences, art, mathematics, philosophy, or whatever ~is~ an everyday experience in contacting the “other side”. If you go back and read Plato–I forget which dialog–there’s a scene where Socrates talks about learning as “remembering”, that is that we’ve already got the pattern of the world programmed into our brain, we just don’t remember it.

  7. Oh just had a flash of insight about 2001 and Tolkien.

    The monolith of 2001, I think, is perhaps a stylized representation of the barque of the sun god Ra from Egyptian mythology. Here’s an image:

    Basically that image encapsulates some aspects of our basic mythology–that is, it is a story of astrotheology. The amazing thing about that mythology is that it is somehow mysteriously working on us–transforming us–and has been for ages.

    I also think that’s the basic message of lord of the rings, too. The ring–being the solar cycle mythology–if you control it, you rule them all.

  8. Greg, you have this energy that brings out the best in people. I’ve followed Jay Dyer for a while now, have always liked his work, he is amazingly insightful, skilled debater and renaissance thinker, but you brought out even more of the best in him. You are awesome, thanks!

  9. I like how Greg thinks his audience are deushbags because we don’t want to trust info from people who whose job is to lie to us (NASA).

    Anyone have a compulsive liar in their life? How fun is it to hear them talk?

    Oh, btw, I really liked the guest.

  10. Always good to get someone else’s take on things, and a top notch interview.
    The bit that jumped out an grabbed me was how he thinks that trans-humanism is going to be the way forward for humans. I may have that wrong, but that is how I heard it.
    Now, I am all for the Dave Aspery ‘be your best you, improve your existence ‘ type of stuff,( can’t bring myself to say bio-hacking; it just sounds wanky!) but I find myself agreeing with Chris Knowles that trans-humanism has to date been mostly hollow claims and empty promises.
    I also agree with Gerald Clarke that we are quite possible already Trans; we are augmented beings from the start and able to upgrade ourselves/ be upgraded remotely. Of course, an electrical engineer with a Dr in communications would think that out bodies are one big radio mast, ( I do like the term Meat Modem! 🙂 ) but it is not the craziest thing I have read, when you get into the nuts and bolts of it. He may sound like a bit of a nutter,(!!) but he has done some pretty solid work on this idea.

    Also, trans-humanism/bio-hacking strikes me as trying to find the meaning in your life by looking down and out, instead of up and in. It’s like another expression of the ‘get more stuff’ paradigm. So what if you live to 140, if your life is shit, and you have absolutely no idea what you are here for?
    What’s that? You found another plane of existence/consciousness? Just pop it up on the shelf with all that other crap you bought on sale, and your photo albums. You’ll get around to exploring it when you’ve got more spare time……..

    By the way, I just watched Age of Ultron last week; I like to let the hype settle on the big ones these days. 🙂
    What struck me was not the Ultron/Skynet bit, but the creation of “The Vision”. I think someone had either been perusing Sumarian tablets, or listening to Gerald, because Enki, Isis and Thoth creating humans,( and their team mates getting more than a bit pissy about it!) was rather like how the movie played,( Stark, Banner and the Geneticist chick). The conscious was taken from another sacrificed being(s),( Ultron and JARVIS, ) but the jump start comes from the ultimate meme for human consciousness; the Infinity stone. A highly unstable, hugely destructive and corrupting power source. Yes, dear viewer, that’s your “Allspark” they are referring to.
    It’s a miracle that the powers that be trust us with it…………oh wait, they don’t!! 😉

    Keep ’em coming, Greg. I know how far I have come. I can only imagine the change you can see in yourself after the last few years of all the in depth research you have done to make the shows so damn good.
    This is one hell of a ride, Bro.

  11. I think bio-hacking is just trying to do some REAL science. Not the standard “this is science because we said so” and “scientist say, scientists believe” (which bloody scientists?) just accept the official narrative and do as you’re told, version!

    The body is not a big thermodynamic system. Did anyone ever work out the calories in a jobby? Don’t think so!

    The body doesn’t “burn” anything anyway!

  12. Great show Greg! The subject matter really flowed and covered many of my fav topics. I just can’t watch a movie anymore without pondering on it’s true agenda.
    Tony Scott’s death a couple of years ago never sat right with me. Ritual sacrifice? Knew too much? Or just walked off into the sunset, who knows!

  13. Ive been putting this episode off for a couple days. Didnt really see anything that would interest me. turned out to be an awesome show like always. SUPER interested in the Scientism part haha. Have a guy at work that bitches about how his religious sister goes on about god and stuff. Meanwhile the blind man preaches to me his pure science like a its the be all end all of everything. Dont get me wrong, science is good and all. Just don’t regurgitate what bill nye/neil tyson tell you and act superior than people that dont believe everything they are told.

  14. Great show ! Werner Von Braun was mentioned in this episode and I have found it quite interesting that on his tombstone is inscribed Psalms 19:1 . I looked up The verse and the first line tells of Gods handy work and the Firmament. Maybe he was telling us something ?

  15. Sorry for mentioning the J word. But surely the most pertinent point to make about Hollywood is that it is almost entirely Jewish owned and controlled. So whatever Hollywood spends millions on producing should be seen in that light. #BoycottStarWarsVII because if Hollywood were erasing any other race from film, it’d be genocide. #WhiteGenocide

  16. Great interview, except for the denial of the facts of the flat earth by both you and your guest. The ball earth is the theory, the FE is fact. You’ve had Eric Dubay on; I listened to him here…

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