Brooks Agnew | Alternative Energy, The Hollow Earth Expedition, & Aliens

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The widely know researcher and host of X Squared Radio, Brooks Agnew joins THC to talk all things science-y and weird. From the technological advancements of his electric truck company, to the details about his ongoing attempt to forge a path to the hollow Earth opening, to the UFO connection and much more!

Listen to Brooks show, X Squared here:Β

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  1. I did like this show, and I’ve wanted to talk to Brooks about the expedition saga for quiet some time, but I did think he was a little hard to read on some things. He seems to know what he’s talking about in the alternative energy field, and dropped some interesting sounding science, but he’s not very conspiratorial minded. I tend to think these things go hand and hand, but I felt there were some aspects of trusting mainstream sources and data from the larger scientific community/NASA, yet he’s a entertainer of the Hollow Earth idea. Any one else find some strangeness in that or have I just gone too far off the deep end?

    1. I am hearing you!
      I don’t think it detracted too much from the interview. It is just a reflection of where he’s at. I guess we were all there at some stage……
      It’s a bit like, “I don’t trust NASA, but they have some great people working for them.”

      He hasn’t quite got to the “Main stream science is so conflicted that the data the good people are give to work with is, for the most part corrupted. And when the realise and kick up about it, they are shown the door.” which is, I think, where most of us are.

      I think large scale conspiracy is mostly implausible,( too many links in the chain) but the conspiracy of ” Conspire with us by, at the very least, looking the other way,or you will lose your job that you family depends on.” is strong and deep.
      Financial troubles for the common man makes them that much easier to control…..

      Russia did some terrible things to it’s population last century, but they were willing to deal with the USA to stop most of the population starving too much. One revolution was enough, and they knew only too well what the people were capable of if pushed too far. Oppress them; sure. Starve them; no f-ing way!

      Never pick a fight with or piss of someone with nothing to lose. They can’t lose, by definition, so you have to!
      Notice how the system is really busy filling our lives with things that are easily lost/taken away?
      Pare yourself back to nothing to lose, and you can only win.

      1. Good points Hammer, especially about the honey trap set up by big government. In the decades previous there has been an effort to increase the parental role of government in the sense of our dependence on it, resulting in the weakening of human dynamism. Only now, in the times of Austerity and the GFC etc. are we beginning to feel the iron fist beneath the velvet glove in the guise of health, safety and insurance.
        I think we make an error thinking of Conspiracy always as deliberate, a complex gambit, rather than the result of underlying motivations. Bring someone into a world view sympathetic to your goals and they will conspire as a matter of course.
        Survival conditions activate the Reptilian brain, fight or flight, reduce empathy and exalt the Ego. Maybe we are shape changing into reptiles after all…

        1. “Survival conditions activate the Reptilian brain, fight or flight, reduce empathy and exalt the Ego. Maybe we are shape changing into reptiles after all…”

          good observation:)

    2. I loved this show! I understand your point regarding his trusting mainstream data sources, but I actually think it was nice NOT to have someone so conspiratorially minded on the show. I see conspiracies everywhere, but I also think that many conspiracists are, at times, too accepting that what they are being told isn’t true. Yes, it’s good to question things, but questioning everything constantly can lead to being just as closed minded as those who never question anything. Not that we shouldn’t question everything, but it is important to question everything with an open mind, which means asking if the scientific data we are being given might actually be true and exactly as advertised. (I’m not saying it is, but I think it’s important to consider the possibility, less we become as close minded as the people we are trying to help wake up.) I think most people have a hard time doing that.

      Most conspiracy theorists I know will talk freely about why 9/11 or Sandy Hook were false flags, but rarely can they back their beliefs up with verifiable facts. Don’t get me wrong, I think 9/11 was definitely a false flag, but believing something and proving it are two different things. Saying that something does’t make sense is not proof, and all too often that is the main argument I hear conspiracy theorists make, and it only cheapens our argument. I think this interview was nice because he is trying to find verifiable data and actually prove his theory, and he’s trying to do this himself rather than only relying on what he’s being told.

      Anyways, I really liked this interview; I love the hollow Earth stuff.

  2. Great show. I don’t have much time for a longer comment right now but I wanted to mention that as soon as I heard Brooks describe a solf those huge mysterious holes found in Russia some time ago. Maybe it was caused by a HAARP type array?

  3. Another in the plus column, good show. I think rogan would be to much of a mainstream dick/ a-hole (that would be a taint), than an interesting guest. He just do not strike me as a “common” man any longer.Either way keep up fire. Peace

    1. Rogan is open minded but he is very very skeptical as well i have a feeling as much as he has done dmt and float tanks he is still lacking on what people would call a true mystical experience so thats why even though he talks about alternative medicine he never considers conspiracy theories or anything spiritual , to me something keeps saying he needs ayahuaska not dmt smoked version .

      1. I would be so definitive about Joe Rogan. He certainly did, and may still, come off as a meathead but there is some sophistication to the guy and he does play devils advocate, said so himself enough times. Plus, you can’t always spend all your time focusing on the beyond, still plenty that needs tending to and processing in the mundane 3D world of everyday life.

    2. My take on Joe Rogan is that he is an incredibly intelligent, funny, motivated, interesting human being who’s moved up into the Stern /Oprah / whatever sphere on his own merits. ‘Conspiracy’ (Disinfo dot com and Alex Jones style) helped him get into the upper atmosphere. Then the Joe Rogan Knows Everything Show ejects the lift rocket and implies that all that stuff is just a bunch of bullshit. Now he is a nuanced skeptic (with psychedelic adventures under his belt for color). For the most part I only listen to shows dealing with comedy or hunting now and take them with a huge grain of onnit flavored Himalayan sea salt.

  4. I liked the first part of show. Southern California Edison(the power utility company where I live), doesn’t pay you for electricity that you generate, they credit your bill now. I think the electric companies lobbied the government because in certain cities in California they will condemn your home if your not hooked up to the cities power utilities(corparations) even if you are off the grid creating your own power.Let’s say you buy solar panels, windmills, and have your electricity completely of the grid and there is no relience on the power companies. Then the power companies wouldn’t exist. That gets rid of the need for a grid(George snorie) if everyone could power their own homes and cars. That is why I think Elon musk is in the right direction with those house hold batteries. grew there own food then they wouldn’t have to rely on a job to support themselves. Then the power structure goes away. Because people would have food , could travel and live with no bills.

    1. The grow your own food thing is a catch 22.
      We do it as much as we can, and if you are actually producing enough quantity to feed your family, one of you has little time left for that job you don’t need any more! πŸ™‚
      If you are looking to shave a significant amount of your fresh fruit/veg bill every week, there is the initial outlay for fruit trees( which you can not count if you are going for veg only, but it’s $100’s up front) and then a good, solid 2 hours a day, every day, or nearly 3 hours 5 days a week.
      This is not a joke!!

      Luckily, going or staying off grid in Oz is not so hard, as not so much large numbers of people, but large areas of the country are already off grid. Local councils still try all that crap, but the smart people just don’t pay any attention and do their own thing, quietly. πŸ˜‰

      1. Definitely can’t do it math equation style (monetary input + time = output at Whole Foods costs, problems solved!). Always takes too much time, and plants, garden supplies, and tools do cost. But what a rewarding way to use your life energy.

        My work on the land i live on offsets the grocery bill and supplements our income – its the best I can hope for at this point but not a catch 22. Every fresh fruit, vegetable, herb, egg, and cut of meat is a direct gift from the Source.

    2. I live in Michigan and have seen the orange stickers the city puts on condemned or inhabitable homes for that very same reason, just because the power is turned off.

  5. I know this is depressing, but I am fairly certain the last thing the power company or gov wants (or will ever allow) is for you to generate your own power, grow your own food and survive without a job (how would they take half our earnings to them in taxes?), because if we had any free time at all to enjoy life and research all these things that keep us enslaved we would not allow this to continue.

    So instead they will do everything possible to keep us living in fear and running on the hamster wheel until we die an earlier than natural death.

    Even when it appears the gov is doing something that benefits us, they are really just maintaining the overall status quo by creating another fee or BS challenge elsewhere in our lives.

    It never gets better where gov is concerned, they are just rearranging the chairs on the Titanic and hope we don’t notice.

    1. I agree,some states are taxing electric cars to drive on hwys, because they they aren’t paying the 29 cents federally or depending in what state you live like cali something like a, buck a gallon. And the counties get revenue also. I understand that our roads need to be taken care of so you need the revenue for that but go into the cali dmv and look what percentage of tax revenue goes to the chp. They have the majority share it. (control)My buddy told me, you use to be a rebel if you drove fast, but today you are a rebel not to speed because, that’s what they want you to do to make a buck. With stupid laws they make up for revenue.

      1. I would look into this the other side of the curtain with musk he is a stock holder in, I think his cousins company, Solar city, it’s one of the two major household solar companies where I live, and they offer zero dollars to install solar for your home, but that’s when your hooked up to the grid, and the power companies send a check to them.

  6. Great show Greg! I really like this guys approach, the good old “I’ll do it myself type” anyways you have been doing better and better, I really think your going to go far man! Keep it up πŸ™‚

  7. Maybe not so strange. Despite what we’re spoon fed, the so-called elites are not in control. Yes, they’re masters when it comes to exploiting a horrific situation to further their own evil plans and are no doubt responsible for evil acts of their own. But their pathetic false flags like Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, the Charlie Hebdoe, etc., are pale mimicries compared to something like 9-11. The smaller ones just don’t have the same fingerprints on them.

    Think about it for a second. Yes, there was human involvement, but 9-11 scared the shit out them because it wasn’t planned by them and the reverberating multi-layered implications and consequences that continue to emerge from the rubble even to this day is simply staggering. The information contained in the event is like a multi-faceted crystal or jewel, there are infinite reflections of nuanced light — every time you rotate it just a little a new angle is revealed.

    The 9-11 event has all the hallmarks of a traditional rite of passage / coming of age crisis / initiation on a grand scale. In traditional cultures, for instance, a child who has been training to hunt and find his way out of the forest with an experienced elder goes out one day and discovers that during the night the elder has slipped away, leaving him, without a word, to fend for himself and find his way out of the forest back to his village. Sometimes the child doesn’t make it back, but that’s the risk. The child won’t be able to function as a healthy, contributing adult member of his tribe if that personal crisis isn’t faced. If he never grows up, he becomes a detriment and even a threat to the tribe’s survival, for if he can’t face his own crisis, how will he ever be able to help out the tribe in it’s times of crises?

    My point is, someone or some thing out there is screaming and shaking humanity to wake up and pay attention to something really big. The problem of 9-11 is the elites hijacked and very adroitly and successfully steered that mass collective jolt of wake up energy into furthering their own evil schemes and very few saw the rite of passage / initiatory omen for what it really was. After all, they are master thieves and tricksters, they reign supreme over that domain. But they can only steal, pillage and murder and mimic in their own twisted ways. They cannot come up with anything like 9-11 on their own, that takes an imagination far beyond their own skill levels.

    Your graphic for the show is excellent and brought to mind the ancient Labyrinth symbol, both of which look just like a human brain. I think the medieval artists got it right, like the ones who painted scenes from Dante’s Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso (The Divine Comedy)– reality is built in layers just like the brain. We exist in one ventricle or cavity in our “surface world.” The Hollow Earth is in another one below our feet, and another ventricle exists just above our heads, that’s why we can’t get into “outer space.”

    I didn’t mean for this to be so long. Thanks for the great thought-provoking shows. Keep it up!

    1. When dealing with the Trickster can there ever be an end to the feints within a feint? On Multidimensional and multiple timelines? I think the only way to find solid ground is to seek out the line between duality and wholeness and stand there solid and moving, Taoist style.

  8. The guy is a scientist, and they like to prove their findings before going off the deep end. However I thought the guy was openminded to the possibilities of his work. It’s too bad that the “empty office” happened! Like wtf happened to those people? Too darn bad I’m not made of millions, I wouldnt mind funding an expedition to the poles to check out his ponderings. As long as I get a ride with them! Haha. Jules Verne would be proud to stuff it in peoples faces and say “see? I
    told you!”

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