Jim Fetzer | The Moon Landing Hoax, The Holocaust, & Jade Helm

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Disclaimer: THC is a show about fringe and alternative perspectives. This means we sometimes converse with people who hold very controversial opinions, and we talk to them so we can understand what brought them to their conclusions. An exploration of an idea, should not automatically be considered an endorsement. THC does not support or condone hate or violence any more than we support or condone deception or propaganda. We do support open, even challenging discussions. 

Longtime conspiracy researcher, Jim Fetzer,  joins THC to talk about the new book he put together with a dozen or so other researchers called, “…And I supposed We Didn’t Go To The Moon Either: The Moon Landing, The Holocaust, & Other Mass Illusions.”

We also discuss the Jade Helm Operation that has many alternative minds a bit concerned, and rightfully so.

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  1. I think it’s spelt Fetzger right? I’m just beginning to listen to the show so I dont know all the content yet but I hope you guys spent a good amount of time on Sandy Hook because Fetzger is the main person who changed my mind about it being a false flag and his info on that hoax is great. Anyways another awesome guest/interview and get Mark Sargent on the show ASAP!

  2. If ever there was a paid shill it’s this guy. I haven’t checked Wiki, but will be shocked if he is not the first definition. And the absolute most smarmy, annoying voice ever- how appropriate. Ugh. So disappointed a show was wasted on this… guy (I am thinking another word, but will refrain). Love you Greg, love your show, I don’t mind guests I disagree with, but I do value at least consistency if they are going to feed me nothing but BS. I won’t officially vote (but would give him a negative 5 stars) , because I won’t be listening. I’ve had more than my fill of him over the past 2 decades. I wish he would just go away.

    1. Out of curiosity what exactly makes this guy a “shill”???? He just went on a holocaust denying rant? What type of shill is that??? Im not saying I agree with all the holocaust stuff but if you disagree with the Boston Bombing stuff/ Moon Landing Hoax and Sandy Hoax then I have no idea what you believe in because those are undeniably fake and even if you hate this guys voice that doesnt discount the evidence. Sometimes I am just baffled by people……shill?? Really…….

      1. I’ll chime in here – I agree with Luna, and as a full year subscriber I am a fan of Greg’s, so I am not here to troll on him. Fetzer however – loses all integrity with me for pumping and continuing to triumph Wolfgang Halbig has a real hero when it comes to Sandy Hook. Halbig is dirty, and there’s a heap on the internet to back that up. More than enough for Fetzer to notice. Rather than revisit Halbig Fetzer continues to salute all his ‘great’ work and promote Halbig’s resume, even though it’s proven to be full of lies. Anyone who questions these statements search yourself and see what a tool (literally and figuratively) Halbig is.

        Fetzer’s also done himself no help with discerning researchers the way he derailed the Scholars for 911 Truth – again there’s ample evidence out there – won’t take much time to search it out.

        I have to give this one a low rating – not just for the above but for Greg’s lack of research and/or is resistance to challenging Fetzer. It’s clear Greg that you know your stuff, and by all accounts you are reading all the time. Either the cloudy side of Fetzer’s place in the ‘alternative’ community got past you or you elected to ignore it. I hope it was the former and not the latter – either way I got here to get away from the Alex Jones’ and the Coast to Coasts, but if THC is going to let guys like Fetzer peddle their lies then maybe my hopes were set too high.

        I trust that THC is still the place to be and this one can be just be a notch in the learning curve.


        1. As a year long listener you should understand that Greg is not putting on guests to challenge their ideas but to allow them a forum to express them. He then allows you, an adult, to draw your own conclusions. And if this guy is a shill or Halbig for that matter you should also be willing to provide details to support your position.

          1. A good interviewer who’s interested in the truth should push his guest’s boundaries, not stroke him. I like Greg but anyone with a search engine will know that Fetzer has made some dubious moves. I am not going to post links when all is required is to type Fetzer shill or Halbig shill into a search engine.

            I am also curious – why hold me to a higher standard than the supposed expert Fetzer? The claims I am making are far less grandiose (and much less profit making) than Fetzer’s are.

    2. How is this guy a paid shill though? Can you explain your reasoning for this to me please. And if you didn’t even listen to the show how can you know what he had to say?

      1. After 25 years of following these topics you start to develop an understanding of how things work. Regarding individuals, you start to notice inconsistencies, themes, patterns, affiliations, etc. I will not go further into detail. I will say that just because someone was correct about something once does not mean they are not compromised. The best disinfo, distraction, mind control is when they first pull you in with simething true or en vogue, only to misdirect you and waste your time (it’s called a “limited hangout). It takes awhile to develop that intuition and see how things unfold over time. Once you have done that there are some people and topics that are what they are and you know you don’t need to devote any more of your very precious time to it/them. Perhaps this was why Greg brought him on. Whether it was that or not, it’s Greg’s show. If i don’t like it I can choose not to listen. This was one guest I just had to comment on. Even guests I disagree with or are not super interested in are still enjoyable and insightful in some way, however there are some people I refuse to let in my head, waste my time with or give any credence to. Again, you are entitked to your opinion.

        1. Sorry Luna! Obviously THC covers a diverse group of guests and nobody is going to like each one. I only chime in to say that the reason I had him on was because I thought the book covered the ideas of the moon landing hoax, (which of course fits with recent themes) as well as the Holocaust, which is probably the most requested topic ever, (Probably because I share a lot of the audience with Red Ice and that’s a theme in most of their episodes.) and the Beatles thing is pretty interesting too and I think is probably pretty true.

          My big problem with the Holocaust critics is that they, sometimes, make concentration camps sound like they “weren’t so bad” and that element definitely comes up in this show: “Oh they had an opera house and a soccer team.”

          I’m honestly coming to the conclusion that they were not “death camps” but I also don’t think “work camps” are that much different. Why wouldn’t an empire that values cold-hearted efficiency get some labor out of people before they leave them to rot? I think the fact that factions in the Zionist elite used the whole affair as a justification for Israel leads some people to take the alternative version of the story to it’s opposite extreme, in saying things like it wasn’t so bad or the world would be a better place if Hitler had won the war….which I’ve heard several times. I think the truth is almost all leaders are corrupt and have no respect for average people. Hitler was just a bit bolder about it.

          Hopefully you’ll like the next show with (Spoiler Alert!) Nick Redfern a bit more.

          1. Spot on.
            No such thing as a “Death Camp”. Prison is where you go to be locked up. Camps are were you go to be worked, to death. Search “Burma Railway” if you want to see a “Labour Camp” dispose of prisoners and keep problem soldiers/officers out of circulation.

            Do we really think that a country up to it’s neck in a war with most working aged men in or supporting the military would lock people up and then just kill them?? Really?? When they could be making stuff??………..
            Kind of defies logic.
            Where are all of the USA’s basic military equipment made today? 3 guesses, but you only need one. This is why drug laws can’t change; who would make all that stuff at poverty pay, which the prison then sells to the military, gold plated style?

            ….did somebody say Nick Redfern? Oh boy oh boy oh boy 🙂

            1. i agree mr. carlwood is a class act. and he has a great business model with a valuable product to society that we need to support. i’m committed to giving a gift subscription by the end of the year. you’ve been in this game for 25yrs… how many hosts have been as good as mr carlwood? i’ve only done this for half as long but i can only think of one that comes close. he has ALOT of quality stuff out there for 60 bucks! it enables him to get through obvious limited hangouts that infiltrate.

  3. Great episode, I just bought Jim’s book a couple weeks ago and it’s great so far. I think he is correct on so many things. And I’m so glad you brought up the ufo sightings by astronauts because for me that is one of the strangest things about the moon hoax debate. Jim Fetzer did jump around on topics a lot, but at least they were the same five topics, you did a great job keeping him focused. Another awesome show!

    1. Thanks! I agree the UFO’s & Astronauts thing is a bit strange but you can almost see how it would be just a story to feed to the alternative community.

      Something akin to: “Well, we need to make sure everyone KNOWS this happened, but some alternative thinkers don’t trust us, so let’s make them think aliens is the thing we’re hiding rather than the moon landing itself.” But who really knows. This is how I rectify the two things for myself at the present time.

      1. I have to say, it’s possible that both things happened. We did go to the moon and we did also faked the moon landings. By all accounts, the story of real audio recordings of Buzz Aldrin and others seeing “huge” ships on the Moon that were menacing, seems to be real. At the same time, the footage broadcast on public TV at the time was not the real footage. The moon cannot be filmed publicly, because it’s a control station, a space port, a city, and a manufacturing center. It is said that many super secret submarines we have are built from a type of titanium not found on Earth, it’s mined from the moon. And as we now know from military insiders who have spoke out about this, the dark side of the Moon is a busy place, complete with many buildings and other structures. The line between real info and fake planted information is very hard to decipher in this case.

  4. If ever there was a time in his-story that the Emperor was stripped totally bare, and pee pee spanked until red raw, it would definitely be in this episode!

    Jim. Greg. “Hats off to you both, for showing true unfaultering courage against evil.”

    Always remember that standing in truth, means standing in honour!

    One can tell by your earlier comments that you guys are scraping “their bones,” and now it’s beyond (just being), “close to the bone.”

    Power of the people, by the people, and from the people, to you both. . .

  5. Another in the plus column. The next few months WILL be interesting. I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself, A bird will fall frozen dead from a bow, without ever having felt sorry for itself.

  6. Thank you Greg for the interview.

    Yeah, the idea that NASA lost the moon landing footage is totally ridiculous. If the footage is any good, they would make Backup of the backup of the backup of the films! These government agency never lost nothin’!

  7. Fetzer is cool. You got to take everything with a grain. Like Bill Cooper said. Read and listen to everything. Believe nothing until you can verify it yourself. Most of his stuff is on point. The Judy wood thing got weird but I see through all of that Including aspects of J Wood’s work. I find his JFK stuff a bit shillish because I think it was staged. Like most pivotal events in history. Theater. Just my take.

  8. I find Fetzer’s take on Jade Helm 15 dated.
    A far more compelling & comprehensive explanation behind the exercise has been presented at
    I would also recommend the interview on Caravan to Midnight episode 309 ‘Jade Helm Decoded’.
    Artificial Intelligence & quantum computing running warfare and the military. We’ve been predictively programmed my Cyberdyne Systems and now it’s time for the rollout…
    Very effing frightening and a complex subject well laid out by the interviewee “D.J.”.
    Note to Greg: Your style & intellect could absolutely set this subject alight so may I suggest you see about getting her on.
    Keep up the sterling work.

  9. Fetzer provides useful argument on several topics.
    He still buys into the “nuke” thing but his usefulness on the holo hoax subject should be appreciated.
    As a teacher of “critical thinking” as he claims…. He should have recognized the fakeologist viewpoint if his goal was to be honest and forthwith as he claims…..

    11 Most Enlightening Facts About 911

    1) A simple google search “hollow towers,” which shows the towers before the automatic shutter system was installed to conceal this… reveals dozens of floors never installed and over half of the people said to have died on 911…. came from areas that had no floors or ceilings…. ever! Check for yourself! Plain as day one can see straight through the buildings! And it’s not just in one picture, there are MANY!

    2) Of the roughly 3000 people said to have died that day….
    9 out of 10 do not appear on the Social Security Death Index. This is most disturbing and unusual. The SSDI protects benefits from being received from other than the deceased. It is as if most of these people never existed. The same statistic is true of the families who never even applied to receive the $2 million awarded to the supposed victims families. Huh? Well maybe most of the families didn’t need 2 million bucks….. While on that note New York’s monthly mortality index does not show an extra 3000 increase for that month in September nor for the year as a whole.

    3) Two of the planes supposedly hijacked that day…. went on to normal scheduled operation until being decommissioned years later in 2005 even though one was said to smack into the south tower and one was said to crash land in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Perhaps they retrieved them, rebuilt them, and put back into the sky or…..

    4) Curiously, the approximate 102 minutes or so of crash, burn, and collapse footage shown on our TVs of the towers by supposedly rival competing television stations, common filming vantage points are in hindsight upon investigation shared,as if they were sharing film and just adjusted they sky and colors to obfuscate this fact. Timing sound glitches seconds before the 2nd impact mysteriously correlate they were in synch…. on all stations…. Nice.

    5) Of all the hijackers, no arab names are on any of the passenger lists, not one, none have video or so much as a picture of them entering the plane…. even after 7 to 9 have been found alive and well in the world…. the FBI has never given an updated assessment or account to this day nor formally charged Osama Bin Laden.

    6) There are photos of the Pentagon on fire before there is a hole from being punctured by a huge airplane…. when the hole is finally shown… it is a small one showing no evidence of wings nor a tail structure impacting three walls totaling approx 9 feet of steel reinforced concrete that part of the pentagon was just updated with. True to form no evidence, of people, luggage, chairs , wings, or fuselage of a passenger plane are ever shown in the hole supposedly created by the soft aluminum nosetip.

    7) Even though no building in the history of steel reinforced concrete skyscrapers has ever collapsed due to fire whether by jet fuel (which is just processed kerosene, not new and magical) or any other type of fire anywhere in the world…. those two buildings were able to fall to dust, dare say at near freefall speed, one in 9 seconds and the other in 11seconds with steel and concrete disintegrating right before our eyes like magic, and effectively destroying a 7 building lease area and severe damage to two others with only four little wings of fuel that in hindsight did not carry a substance able to melt a BarBQ or medium sized tree.

    8) “Lucky Larry” Silversteen renewed the leases on the WTC group of buildings less than 3 months before Sept 11, 2001 and “luckily” decided to hyper insure them and there surroundings in the case of terrorists attacks to the incredible sum over $4 billion which covered the buildings and many many dozens of cars/trucks that looked like they were hauled in from the junkyard without even license plates and some without interiors and motors. All fully insured and replaced in this genius of an insurance scam.

    9) Vice President Cheney went on meet the Press and stated all the evidence connecting Osama Bin Laden to the 911 attacks didnt…..pan out….
    hmm…no one seemed to flinch about…. hay Aphganistan bombed to shit and overthrown or ding ding…Iraq invaded and over a million people slaughtered and countless men, women, and children seriously injured and made homeless….
    Horribly, that isn’t just a movie.

    10) My favorite factoid… that the actual computer graphics used on 911 have been decompiled and fine tooth combed over showing completely fake planes, impacts, and even, yes, even the supposed collapse footage all an animation cgi effect including buildings moved and missing (even the bridge location varies about a quarter mile….. with even smokey rocket trails added to falling rocks and debris for pizzazz…. that the very city shown on tv was all computer generated and that we have seen these effects many times in movies time and time again. In my humble opinion this is because several studios and artists worked together but not under the same roof on this motion picture ruse.

    11) Financing this beauty of a production isn’t hard to fathom…. The day before, yep, September 10th, Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld stood before Congress and stated $2.3 trillion was, oops, missing from the Pentagon budget. Plenty of production money, building demo cost, replacement insurance and of course retirement hush money….. Talk and loose your multimillion dollar retirement egg…..

    Officially called a false flag event…
    Complete with fake researchers alleging nuclear weapons, and some touting magical mystery super duper energy weapons, one out there fascinates one with the joke of completed projected planes. But he likes his TV spots on FOX so like all the fakes…. They don’t update their stories with media fakery proof and pertinent evidence.
    Evidence of total Direct TV media fakery is professionally, logically, and brilliantly substantiated at in hundreds of ways.
    Brilliant work can be found at
    We can stand up and appreciate NO one died that day, breathing guilt free….
    And it’s not the first time they “got us!”
    Realize it was just a movie with no traceable deaths or even injuries…. Why would anyone stay or be allowed to stay in controlled demolitions? Duh!
    Shanksville, Penn. showed no valid evidence a plane crashed, and the Pentagon, well, a physical impossibility with all direct evidence, especially perimeter crash video extracted and disappeared… Immediately.
    There is no authenticated private pictures or video of the event and most importantly…….
    A sincere and thorough undergoing search for credible direct family (it’s been almost a decade and a half) and not one validated…
    ……and now the incredible truth of crisis actors is evidenced by simple YouTube searches…. Multiple supposed victims, speakers, and posing family members found at multiple crisis….911, Boston bombing…. Sandy hook…. Aurora…. Hmmmm
    It all becomes…

    Love and respect,
    Michael McNeil

  10. Overall a very enjoyable show and I liked the guest. The only topic that I think is getting a little overblown lately is this Jade Helm thing. Sure it seems concerning but I don’t see it as some sort of takeover of those areas by the fed. If there is anything to it beyond the “drills” they say it is I think it could be they are expecting something big to happen that would cause a lot of people to be displaced and they don’t want to announce it.

  11. I think that i would expect a little more hard evidence when talking about holocaust ‘facts’ otherwise it’s just BS and same old right wing groups bedtime stories.
    I was raised by two holocaust survivors, the male used to work in the crematorium burning hundreds of bodies a day,
    some arrived straight from the gas chambers. i remember the female crying and screaming at night. the whole building could hear her
    nightmares. in the days she couldn’t function at all. keep telling what she saw there in these ‘work’ only camps.
    Of course the nazis used the capable people to work for their war machine, until they just couldn’t, and then straight to the ‘selection’
    Left line was the gas chambers.Right line was back to work. i know that from facts, from family members and friends who left handicaped and had no agenda or hardly any reason to live anymore. all had numbers tattoos on their arms.
    For me these are hard evidence my friend!
    It’s such a shame to have Mr Fetzer talk about these things in a gossip manner, no hard evidence just more of that “what this guy wrote in his book” or “hitler didn’t want these people dead”. let me see those documents about the official numbers of dead
    jews. Haven’t you heared about ‘Mein kampf’ ? The ‘Final Solution’ for the jews? Ohh probably some staged and false agendas implanted by the elite…
    Let me just say that – Aushwitgz was a wonderful place, great meals , great music, awesome times.

  12. Entertaining episode. Fetzer has some great info compiled in his book, the facts stand alone. I must point out he lost some credibility with me a couple days ago when he put out a 2 hour video “exposing” James Corbett as a “shill”, with ridiculous flimsy evidence, coincidentally while Corbett is on a month long vacation. In my opinion Corbett is one of the most intelligent, thorough, and independent researchers in alt media, so to call him out makes me question if Fetzer is the shill as ‘LunaParker’ above suggests.

    Great episode though. Greg I think you’ve struck the perfect cord in your Holocaust analysis. The problem is guys like Fetzer bring a lot of important facts that certainly question the official narrative, but their delivery is so jarring and attitude about “death/work camps” so flippant, they are easily dismissed as typical anti-semite.

  13. There are several things I love about THC plus:
    1. Greg is a great host allowing people to put forth their ideas even when he doesn’t agree. He only later makes it clear where he currently stands on the issues, but still doesn’t take any personal cheap shots at his guests (which is good if you want to be observed as having an open and unbiased critically thinking mindset, and have future guests on the show).
    2. This format has made it more important for me to have a open, yet guarded mind. And as a couple commentators have already noted this can serve to strengthen a person’s intuitive ability to discern between good and bad information. For me personally this has been the case. As I have listened to many different guests covering many topics I have discovered myself becoming more capable of determining between good and bad information. I believe this skill will be increasingly important to all as we move forward. So thanks Greg for doing what you do, and even more, how you do it!

  14. I loved this episode. I don’t get the grief this guy was given by the 1st wave of commenters. Very solid presentation, covered a ton of topics in a very coherent way with surprising insight for such a broad presentation. Definitely a great show I’d love to hear him again.

    1. Hi Cavalier

      I hammered on Fetzer and if you can tolerate a presentation that sounds coherent but contains outright lies then by all means enjoy Fetzer all you like. Halbig showed on the Sandy Hook scene as a real savior with credentials, and sadly he has been proven as a fraud. Fetzer continues to promote the lies surrounding Halbig, so really, why shouldn’t that bring all his claims under suspicion? I admit when I am wrong – that Fetzer doesn’t makes me wary. I will say I agree with you in part – I would listen to an interview with him again, but only on THC – I’d like to hear Greg call him out and see how he reacts.

  15. Greg Carlwood is one of the best interviewers out there. Excellent interview simple as that. I do not believe his guest on everything but he does raise some really cool points and it was a entertaining two hours

  16. Nice Podcast I enjoyed it a lot however mentioning nationalities of prisoners in concentration camps he forgot to mention Polish people. It should be Poles, Jews, Gypsies etc. Not sure about mentally challenged and homosexuals tho? Didn’t Nazi Germany have the ‘The Aktion T4 programme’??? He should look up nazi euthanasia.

    Also taking about Holocaust it is important to highlight that concentration camps were GERMAN as some americans has tendencies to call them ‘Polish Concentration Camps’. Auschwitz was in Germany at the time of WW2 and Poland was under German / Soviet occupation.

  17. The past several days I’ve been pretty on edge about all this Jade Helm business and then last night I was pulled over and stuck with a $300 ticket by an officer named J. Helm! Gotta love those terrifying synchrosities.

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