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Gordon White, the champion of returning THC guests, is a scholar of magic, culture, & many interesting things. He’s the headmaster of the best digital magic school on the internet at
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PLUS Content

  • Gordon’s Fairies, UFOs, & Psi Course.
  • What is elfshot?
  • Missing 411. Gravity, Altered States, & Space Ghosts.
  • Jef Bezos and the space orphan.
  • Fairy sightings.
  • Making Sanctuary.
  • Fortune Telling.
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Excellent. Thank you both.


Sorry about your dog man!


Mr. Greg, as a 60 year old animal lover and real crazy cat lady, I have lost so many good, good friends who were 4-legged and hairy. We have lived here in the Enchanted Forrest since 1990. Our Pet Cemetery became full in the side of the house and recently, when our 15 year old dog, Bella died, we had to start another Pet Cemetery on the other side of the house. The ONLY ONLY way to heal quickly and feel better DAMN QUICK is to have another pet to hold and love on. Period. It sucks when I hear ppl saying they’ll never wanna have another pet because it hurts to bad to lose them. What the fuck, people?!! ‼️NOBODY GETS OUT ALIVE‼️Just think of all those suffering babies living in shelters and other places, longing for someone to love them that will never have the chance because people are too damned pussified and weak to save them because they had their feelings hurt. I can’t. ( I haven’t listened to the podcast yet. I’m sorry for your loss. I do not mean to sound like a complete asshole- only a PARTIAL asshole. What I’m saying here NEEDS TO BE SAID!! People are so weak and ridiculously afraid of that sweet release called DEATH, that they aren’t even LIVING the life they have now. The Controllers have done this to us. Look at how ppl are so afraid of The Covid! Too scared to even look into the FACTS. HA! 99% PLUS recovery rate for most people. Grrr. But y’all already know that, doncha’ ?
Thank you for allowing me to rant. GET ANOTHER DOG! Go save a life. “Animal Control” is a fantastic place for anyone to get a dog or cat or maybe even other asl species. Cheap cheap cheap. Many will even refund most of the cheap
purch price if you come back there soon w prof of spay or neuter. Kickass !


I just read my above comment. I sound rather harsh, don’t I? I sound heartless and uncaring of tremendous pain and heart shredding agony of having a beloved family member die (Yes. I said “DIE”. God!!I ABHOR it when people say “passed” instead of DIE! Really?! “Passed”⁉️See how afraid of death people are?! They can’t even use the correct terminology!! Argh!!)


Don’t be so hard on yourself! I agree with a lot of what you advise. Save a life , fill the whole in your heart with a dear soul trapped in an animal shelter. Give it the best life you are able to. Warm wishes as one human companion to another, your four legged friends are fortunate.


God bless you. HARD‼️😇 ❤️


Thank you. May blessings come your way as well. Peace🌻🐝🐦

Ronald Nelson

I completely agree


I just read my above comment. I sound rather harsh, don’t I? I sound heartless and uncaring of tremendous pain and heart shredding agony of having a beloved family member die (Yes. I said “DIE”. God!!I ABHOR it when people say “passed” instead of DIE! Really?! “Passed”⁉️See how afraid of death people are?! They can’t even use the correct terminology!! Argh!!)
Anyway- Mr. and Mrs. Greg, I do not want you to think for even one moment that I don’t understand and feel your pain. I know that pain only TOO WELL. That’s why I wrote the comment in the first place. I’ll say it again;
THE ONLY WAY TO FEEL BETTER NOW AND TO HURRY UP THE HEALING PROCESS OF LOSING A PET IS TO HAVE ANOTHER ONE RIGHT NOW. Period. Save a life for God’s sake! No. Not for God’s sake! Get another pet for the animal’s sake. For the sake of all that’s good, true, moral, natural, wonderful, and RIGHT. You don’t even have to get a shelter dog. Buy a pure bred one if that’s your fancy. We have a year and a half old German Shepherd named Blondie that we bought from a breeder. Having Blondie and also these 12 cats (all are fixed and we have a lovely cat door. No litter box. All are rescues) to stroke snd love on when Bella died allowed me to feel good immediately. When I remembered how sore Bella’s body and how tired she was- she was also blind for many years- and what a great life she had with us, I was able to process THIS death so fast that I don’t think I hurt that bad at all. Age, experience, and wisdom from the both have made this possible. You guys are still young. It’s goina sting, my friend. It always does. But when you’ve lost as many well loved pets as I have, it sure gets easier. Wow. What a crazy thing to say! But it’s absolutely TRUE. Please get another dog. Get a BIG one. The bigger they are the better they are with children. Little dogs are delicate and get hurt easily and they KNOW they can’t be hurt easily and therefore will be proactive around children to demand respect and to do all those insecure things we know they’ll do. Pitbulls used to be called “America’s babysitter”. True story. This breed is being murdered in such great numbers because of the bad rep they gave. Fuck that! Go save one or two today! Please!
Thank you for listening. A wise person will take the experiences and lessons of others so they don’t hav to live through the shit that person did to gain that boon. Remember this people.

I love you with all that I am. ❤️💋🙏🏻
Ronald Nelson

Hey I’m wondering how damaging the feline vaccines are; we lost our beloved Phlox cat a mere four months after I had him vaccinated to prepare for professional grooming. I wish I’d never done it. It’s been two years and my heart is still cracked. So I’ll heed what you say and seriously plan this next adoption. I don’t even like that word; it doesn’t describe what I mean. Boy I sure do miss that cat


Usually animal shots aren’t a problem. You know what could be a problem? The flea and tick stuff we put between tge shoulder blades and the pet food. Corn is the main ingredient in the pet food most of us can afford. Corn is 100% GMO and sprayed w glyphosate.
Gosh, I’m so sorry about your kitty. It’s one thing when your pet is old and worn out. It’s quite another thing when it comes out of the blue like that. I have a secret horror of any of my pets being hit by a car. It happened to my beloved puppy when I was a teenager. I still can’t think about losing her like I did, how I ran into the street and she saw me, lifted her head, wagged her tail and died- without tearing up. Like I am now. Please get a replacement. One that doesn’t need a groomer. Cats groom themselves pretty well. Be careful w the flea stuff. Only get what a vet Rx’s and buy better pet food. Bless your broken heart. I send you hugs.

Sonya Cheffer

Well said and agree with the addition of get another dog when your ready! It may take some time and nothing to rush!


Greetings Juliesunshine,
Spot on my dear, spot on. I’m 65 and have never known a moment in my life that there was not a four legged ‘little kid’ in the house. I, like you I’m sure, have cried buckets full of tears over the death of all I’ve lost. Life goes on and over here it sure goes along better with the companionship and unconditional love of a cat or dog. At my age I’m not sure that I remember them all but I think I do. I still get misty and sometimes laugh when I go through my memory book and that reminds me that I’m alive. All things are connected in this life and it’s so sad that so many humans cannot or will not grasp that reality. You and I are spiritual brother and sister, thank you for your post. It’s was needed right now in my life. There are no coincidences.


Great ass show by two heavy hitters.


Best wishes to you both regarding the impending arrival of baby Carlwood. An Oct. Birthday will be lovely. Your choice for a birth center birth experience is wise and rises to the level of how much you care for expectant mother and child. I’m sure you will be in good hands. Be brave, be strong… Breathe.


I still have my copy of the pen and paper rpg Cyberpunk 2020 on my shelf. It’s surreal to see the ways in which is accurate and the ways in which it is inaccurate.


Wonderful show, thank you.


I was just thinking to myself an hour ago, “I wonder when Gordon White is going to be on THC again?” I am very happy to find this episode today. May the force be with you all, brothers and sisters.

enzo osiri

a bit too frequent i feel

Last edited 24 days ago by enzo osiri
cat gardner

Excellent show. This really hit the spot.

A bunch of random thoughts….

  • Greg: Sending good thoughts your way… losing a critter is like breaking off a piece of your heart.
  • If the grid goes out, most people’s water pumps won’t work unless they have a generator that can power a water pump.
  • Guest suggestion: (I’m sure this is not new) – Ben Davidson from Suspicious Observers. He’s ornery and has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, but the guy has staked out some serious territory in terms of arguing what’s really going on with planetary climate dynamics as well as the apparent 12,000-yr solar flare cycle. Move over NASA.
  • Regarding astronauts seeing angels, there’s a great story I heard somewhere about a group of military pilots who were given red filter night vision goggles. This might have been in the Vietnam or Korean war? Anyway, the pilots using the goggles started seeing all kinds of crazy shit — dragons and demons flying above the trees… several of them completely freaked out. I know this exists online somewhere. I’ll try to find a link.
cat gardner

found the link about the red night vision goggles. It’s Clif High talking about his father in the Vietnam War.

crazy but fascinating story!

archive version – may take a couple days to process

Last edited 24 days ago by cat gardner

THANK YOU!🙏🏻♥️❗️I just listened. Wow! Just wow! THC listeners are sometimes just as interesting as the featured guests! Much appreciated you giving links.

Kathleen King

Great show. A lot to think about and to prepare for. Hang in there!

cat gardner

Greg – is there a recording somewhere of Gordon giving this presentation?

edit: found it – rune soup bonus member content
July 4, 2021

Last edited 24 days ago by cat gardner
Matthew Isbell

So wonderful to have the forward thinking perspectives. It is refreshing to talk about the whole picture and not get caught up in the current virus dominating so many peoples thoughts. There are so many other aspects of the Totalitarian Tip Toe that they are trying to bring in with the virus being the trigger.

I was happy to hear him briefly reference Catherine Austin Fitts in the beginning. She has a great breakdown of what she sees as the larger game being attempted here (worth a listen): There are some cosmic elements to this play too though.

Also, Greg, way to go with the birth center! My wife gave birth to our daughter in our living room with low lights and a spa-like scenario (it was beautiful and the oxytocin levels were high =). We also did a “Lotus Birth” which I recommend you check out. Basically, you leave the placenta attached to the baby for a few days until the umbilical cord naturally comes off instead of cutting it. It’s a little awkward for the first few days and you have to prep the placenta with herbs, but I think its worth it. After day four the umbilical cord came off naturally and our daughter is a bright little whipper snapper. <3


Yup great


Greg I just don’t see why you are so enamored with Gordon White. I know you guys go way back. I go way back with you, I’ve been there most of the way. Gordon is a well informed guy, with the gift of being able to talk endlessly about certain subjects. Quite often I find that I don’t remember the question that was asked. It just takes so long to meander around the answer until some kind of conclusion is reached. It’s different than someone say like David Icke. He’s constantly plowing forward and he keeps it tight all the way.

I say Gordon is well informed, but really I don’t think he’s more well informed than I am. He just more confidently steps up to the plate with his rambling explanations and allegories.

I guess I’m just in it for the information, and a lot of people are in it for the personalities.


It’s all about trying to find happiness and enjoying what you can while you can . We know now the madness / insanity isn’t ending , no sense getting caught up in it anymore , great show


superb. wishing the best for new babe.

Joe Mauriello

Went hunting for Gordon’s”Digital Best Practices” presentation and couldn’t find it on his site. Anybody have the link?


Honestly, I just wish you two would do a podcast together, I love it when you get together. As for Americans not protesting I think it’s because they have brought in the draconian measures incrementally and the red states, where the real protests would be expected, have largely been living normally since July 2020. My friend has driven across the US 3 times this year and in those mid-west and southern states people are just going about their business. I think on the east and west coasts, like Canada, most are fully on board with the NWO.


I’m really enjoying Odysee too, but I’m lovin’ Rokfin. Convo Couch, Niko House, Slow News Day, Organic Consumers, Alison Morrow, Kim Iversen, Vanessa Beeley, Grand Theft World, TLAV, Whitney Webb, Union of the Unwanted. And I can tip them knowing none of that money is going to fucking Youtube. Convo Couch have finally fully embraced their inner conspiracy theorist, doing regular shows about the Great Reset, Ivermectin etc, and even Max Blumenthal is waking up. Wonders never cease. I found the 2013 documentary on TWA 800 from 2013 on Odysee, also The Panama Deception, and The Spider’s Web about British Banking, and they have most of the old Adam Curtis documentaries. Even has the Conspiracy of Silence tv doc that got banned in the 90s, and the Boys for Sale documentary with Tom Philpott. Still trying to find an English version of the Plug and Pray documentary about Joseph Weizenbaum.


I know what you mean about not getting much joy from old favorite tv and movies, but I think it’s a good thing. It’s been over 10 years since I went to see a movie. I cut cable almost 20 years ago now, so I’m not actually missing much. I do miss the old internet though, pre Google identifying as evil, when Wikipedia was still open and fun to read. Used to use it magically and it was amazing. That reminds me, Odysee also has the documentary Lo and Behold by Werner Herzog, that gives an inkling of what the Internet could have been and what it was becoming. Worth checking out.

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