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Brendon Marotta | American Circumcision, Intactivism, & The Hidden Truth

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Brendon Marotta is a filmmaker who graduated from the University of the North Carolina School of the Arts in 2010 with a B.F.A. in film editing & sound, where he worked in every major role on a film set.  In 2014, a feature he edited was selected to premiere at the Austin Film Festival and won the Narrative Feature Audience Award there. In 2017, he completed his first feature-length documentary as director, which won Best Documentary at the Lone Star Film festival. Brendon currently lives in Austin, TX.


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-Botched circumcision: cases and states. -Forced extraction. -The Dr. Winslow approach. -How circumcision effects and changes sexual interactions. -Foreskin restoration techniques and results. -The political situation.
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Happy Yuletide Carlwood & Higherside fam!


I see what you did there… that’s funny!

People keep recommending documentaries for me (super boring netfix docus) so now I’m going to recommend this to them in return. =D


Goddamnit!!! I’ve not listened to this yet… I don’t know IF I even want to listen to this but I just had MY son circumcised last week & I still cannot get his screams out of my head! The only consolation is that the Doctor told us mid-way through the procedure that she couldn’t “remember seeing a bigger dick on a baby in all her time as a doctor.” They actually had to go ‘freestyle’ on his apparatus cause what they would normally use (ring & string) wasn’t large enough for what he is packing!!!


Congrats on yr boys….ummm package size.
Merry Christmas!


I think the doctor was probably the biggest dick!


I’m only part-way through when writing this. So I’ve read that you loose about 70% of the sensitive nerve endings in your penis. My buddy had a circumcision at 40. He went from being a guy that had sex with 100’s of women per year to a guy that goes years without having sex. He does not attribute the circumcision as the cause of that but I have a hard time believing it’s a coincidence. He did tell me that after he lost his foreskin it was “all about cumming “.

As a man who hasn’t dated or had sex in many years and never found sex very enjoyable I have a hard time believing that my life would not be very different if I still had my foreskin. Sure maybe my life would be worse, who knows. All that I know is that some men talk about sex like it’s the greatest thing ever and I don’t think it’s worth the calories spent.

To me this is a really big issue. To anyone else interested in the details my buddy made a video about his circumcision if you want to hear what he has to say on the topic.


Sex with 100S of Women? Anyone could do that without feeling anything too deep about them I would hope for quality over quantity!


When I was a nurse in the US Airforce I assisted a doctor who was preforming a circumcision. The baby was tied down naked on this disk shaped object. During the operation the baby screamed and screamed. Then suddenly was quiet. I said to the doctor, “ Look. The baby fell asleep!” The doctor answered, “ No. He passed out. They always pass out. “ I have never forgotten that horrific scene. When my son was born I refused to have him butchered. My German husband is also not butchered. And even tho I told this story to my daughter she still had her son cut. It breaks my heart. She wanted him to look like his daddy down there. He’s almost 8. I’ve asked my daughter a few times how many times my grandson has gone up to his father and compared penises. Not once. Well, duh. It doesn’t happen. I have heard that circumcision is a form of blood sacrifice. Ew. It’s simply beyond belief that modern ppl are butchering their male children still today. This is Satanic ritual abuse plain and clear. It needs to go the way of bleeding ppl when they were ill. We can’t believe the ancestors were so stupid as to believe that. Our future generations will think the same of us and circumcision. Thank you for interviewing this man on this subject! That took balls. ????

Hugh Johnson

The ancients were not stupid. They ould only cut a small portion of the foreskin, but it was later changed. It’s an honest signal, making sure the tribe members are actually committed.


I applaud you for finally having a show about this topic. It certainly has been a long time coming. As a mother of three intact sons and a long term supporter of ending routine infant circumcision I was pleasantly surprised about how informative this interview was. For me this has always been a human right’s issue. No one should have the ability to alter another’s body without their consent. The fact that is procedure also greatly affects sexuality and can greatly negatively impact a mans life is no small thing either. As my children one by one come to adulthood each of them has thanked me several times over for respecting their bodily integrity. That alone lets me know I made the correct decision.
Now on a side note, as a woman who has had sexual intercourse with both circumcised and intact men, I can markedly see a difference on how each experiences sex and how different the experience is for both the man and myself. Circumcised men seem much more disconnected from the actual act and the act itself is more more violent. The intact men seem to be much more intimate during sex and not as rough. Now obviously my experiences are only anecdotal, however discussions with my female friends seem to collaborate my personal findings. It saddens me to think how many loving couples have been negatively effected by something neither had any say in.
In conclusion, I thank you for your bravery in bringing this topic to light and showcasing it here. And I am thrilled that this movie has been made and is now a resource I can use to bring more light on the immorality of routine infant circumcision.


Tiffany, I am so glad you have let your sons choose for themselves at an appropriate age! This is the only thing that makes sense to me and it cannot have been an easy thing for you, b/c I have seen first-hand the push-back from even questioning this practice. I just wanted to say too, even though my heart/mind is with you on your very wise choice, my anecdotal experience with ‘intact/not’ men has not been parallel to yours. I have found the bonding, intimacy, intensity to not be causal and even, that intense sexual experience can happen without any equipment at all! 🙂


Three intact sons here as well.
I would take a knife to a Dr before I let anyone take a knife to my baby boys. It’s actually a very rare occurrence these days in Australia. It still happens; but it’s frowned upon and fortunately most hospitals won’t do it.
It shows the stupidity and pure conditioning of humans that we would watch a screaming baby have a knife taken to its genitals for the sake of tradition or the way something looks. We switch off our hearts and intuition to follow the program.

Personally, I recoil when I see a circumcised one. I only see pain and scar tissue and child abuse.

Hopefully one day soon society will look upon this as they do with female circumcision… As an entirely barbaric and unnecessary butchering that belongs to the dark and unenlightened ages.

Hugh Johnson

I saw some study stating that the vast majority of women do not orgasm during intercourse with cut men, women with intact men do generally orgasm from intercourse.

dreamtime jedi

I was wronged too bro, and I’m not happy either.
I remember when I first heard about foreskin restoration on Penn & Teller’s old series Bullshit.
I was mainly intrigued by how simple the process could be, as far as simply stretching a new sheath, which as stated is not a full restoration but is quite a difference nonetheless . I have not made the commitment, but I sometimes wonder…
And…although this guest wasn’t particularly keen on the possibilities of a Much deeper conspiracy at work, we know damn well that there are hidden agendas behind Everything that is “common practice”.
Good thing the great awakening is gaining tremendous momentum. We might just end up with a peaceful and non-traumatized civilization afterall, but I’m not going to place any bets on it just yet.

Tracy Twyman has been covering self-castration rituals and other novel activities with knives recently, with some very interesting ties to the dizney machine and pop culture. Something tells me there are connecting threads, but then again, aren’t there always?

dreamtime jedi

Oh, and Holy Fuckbomb! Has anyone seen that footage of the googul ceo being questioned about the killery klinton murder tape FrAZleD.RiP ??!!!??!
Are you kidding me? Are we looking at soft disclosure here or what folks???
Fake news is fake news is fake news is…the truth????
If the vampires want to rule over us so bad, they need to grow some balls and come right out and just admit they’re a superior reptilian race or whateverthefuck, and conquer us already. Is it just for sport??? Sorry guys, but seriously. Foreskin in the makeup.


The Penn & Teller’s Bullshit episode on circumcision is what first really opened my eyes to all this, too. It was totally random–I saw a profile of a young mother on a dating website and she was very anti-circumcision, an intactivist. So I asked her about it and she sent me some links, including that episode. Sure enough, a few years later I decided to bite the bullet and start restoring my foreskin. It’s a tedious process, but very rewarding and I can tell it will no question be worth the effort in the long run. It just becomes part of the daily routine, and one day I won’t have to bother with it, but for now I’m committed to the process and the years doing it are part of a very profound personal transformation for the better. Plenty of info out there and the Reddit forums are great if you ever decide to explore further.


My husband is not circumcised (40 year old). He is first generation American and his parents would have never considered circumcison. Honestly, when I see me husband in a non aroused state, it looks “right” because his body’s is clearly protecting sensitive areas, it makes so much sense.
Also, as a women, I do think there is a huge unspoken double standard at work regarding female circumsion. I hope this topic continues being discussed in the broader population. Women have been encouraged for years to “know your body” “have choice over your body” etc and it seems that men have not been given the same encouragement. Male bodies have almost been portrayed as one dimensional and another reason why men are often portrayed as dumb/stupid. Hope the guys out there can make some headway in this area .


Zip, so agreed!


Nice photo, Greg


Changed my life forever! As an unintact male lol I’ve used the knowledge to completely transform my sex life into one of near perfection. The short stroke long stroke bit is very true, very very very true. I LL never get my children circumcised like me and I’ll always speak out against it. At least with knowledge like this interview I can have an almost normal sex life. I told my wife that I was pissed about it all but was also relieved that I might have a solution for the sheets. Solution indeed!! Badda boom badda bang I feel like a new man!.. .Your move cock slicing foreskin forsaking fiends your fucking move!!!


This is a hot potato Greg! It is a totally horrendous thing. I had a daughter so never had to make decision although only done here in Scotland for medical reasons. I would hope I would have trusted nature to have provided the right mechanism. My understanding is that it stops proper connections forming in the brain between sex and caring the ultimate divide and conquer! Really bad especially when boys already have less connections between left and right hemispheres. Very important issue – thanks x


I usually don’t leave comments but it’s funny I started joking about circumcision a couple months ago. Something like those damn doctors robbed me of that 16th of an inch, what I could do with that 16th of an inch, lol. Just another funny synchronicity I thought we could laugh about. Great show as always and thanks Greg


A full THC dedicated to dicks. Hahahaha


The THC community is quite ahead of the curve on what’s going on, but still… THANK YOU Brendon and Greg for helping folks become more conscious regarding this BARBARIC practice.

Type “botched circumcision” into a non “safe search” search engine to see a treasure trove of horrors.

I have a friend who’s circumcised have a son recently and he decided not to continue this cycle of pain onto him. A man of honor.


I think “arbitrary” replaces “provocative” for this episode.




I love all the work you do, but, for Christmas can we get a really crazy mind melting, reality shattering conspiracy episode? I don’t care if it’s full of speculation and what ifs, even if it leaves us with more questions than answers.

Please and thank you!

Other requests: anything on simulation theory, a follow up on Missing 411 ( national parks disappearances )


Another Missing 411/David Paulides interview would be awesome!


super interesting. I’m not cut but grew up at a time when I was the exception. I used to get called “aardvark” in the locker room. When I asked my mother why I wasn’t she said it was a senseless mutilation of the body. The idea of it being a blood sacrifice is interesting too. It’s literally giving up the most pleasurable few inches of your body…for what? Tradition? So they’ll look like there dads? Maybe there is more to it. It would have been interesting to get into the more conspiratorial aspects of what could be behind this agenda but that didn’t seem like his thing. My wife and I were discussing this last night and we remembered a few times intact penises have been mocked on the biggest mainstream popular tv programs. Friends – Joey fashions foreskin out of bologna, Seinfeld – Elaine says “You wouldn’t even know what it was”, Sex and the city Charlotte refuses to sleep with a guy until he has it done and then after he does he finds sex so much more enjoyable that he leaves her to explore how great sex feels now that he’s surgically removed all those pesky nerve endings on his boner. I’m sure there are many many more examples. Makes you think. Must be all those Jehovah Witnesses that run the media.

Sir Yogalot

I’m going to listen to this podcast now. I hope that you addressed this study done in Norway that shows that most of the rapes in the country were performed by circumcised males. My understanding is that most of the men in Norway are not circumcised. My concern is that what we are doing is creating a sexually traumatized male that will be problematic for society later on.


What a surprising topic for a THC podcast and yet Gregg covers it with exceptional maturity ‘expected’ from established media outlets with nationwide coverage. This should be debated and explored in the daily news. The guest is really impressive in his mastery of the variety of details and his empathy for the subjects. Having been raised in former Yugoslavia where only a small minority of Jews and Muslims were circumcised (we lived in a secular scientific materialist dictatorship) circumcision was frowned upon as a primitive. I’m truly shocked that male circumcision is so widespread in the States. Really looking forward to learning more from the documentary.

You could have gone down quite a few rabbit holes. Well done by refraining Mr Carlwood. As much as I would have liked to have heard them explored, I have a few theories myself, this topic needed to be treated at research face value. An excellent job!


Although not directly related to the topic, I couldn’t resist posting this legend’s masterpiece (one of too many to count):


This is fabulous! I will most certainly watch the film now. I applaud you broaching these most dicey subjects, please don’t stop! 🙂 And to Brendon too, of course, huge BRAVO to you and more power to ya! I agree with Greg that this is deep conspiracy, but am glad Brendon keeps it close to what the public can digest at the moment, b/c this issue is huge. I’ve tried to talk to a few about it myself and was blown away at the ‘sheeple-level’ responses, even among those who should know better. Trauma-based mind control, that’s what it is. That we should distinguish this as any different from ‘female genital mutilation’ is so ridiculous it’s mind-blowing. I wish I could say that the gay men I know are bringing any light to the topic at all, they’ve argued on ‘esthetic’ reasons. YIKES! But that’s just anecdotal, hopefully not the norm. Trimmed, artificial, polished, picture-perfect and just fucking fake in every way seems to appeal to far too many folks in American culture. Technocracy rising!

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