Chris Knowles | A Synchromystic State Of The Union, The Great Seal, Lyra & The Space Altar

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The great synchromystic sage, Chris Knowles, joins THC for another look at the culture, the symbols, and the troubled times we’re in.

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-Speculations on where we could see examples of hybrids and clones in our culture. -The Lion Air crash & A.I. -Messing with the timelines. -Bringing back the Old Ones. -Annihilation & The Shimmer. -The new Celine Dion gender-neutral and deeply esoteric clothing line for babies.

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      1. Hey Greg just letting you know! David noaks the gcmaf guy you had on (great bloke) has been jailed in the uk for 15 months due to selling a substance not licensed by the big pharmaceutical cartel! Cheerz Greg

        1. He must’ve been under indictment when I and my best friend were trying to reach him in September due to her father in law dying of cancer (He died in October.) Thanks for the heads up Craigz33. Gerson Method or Mary will be our primary resources going forward in helping people.

  1. What an absolute treat! And more episodes coming this month too! Woop thank you Greg!
    “…Romans didn’t cross the road without splaying a squirrel and reading its entrails” hahahahah
    Haha we’ll just leave E.F. be for now.

    1. My head is spinning and I’m not even done… I keep thinking you need a trialogue or quintuplogue with Chris Knowles, Ras Ben, Tracy Twyman and Gordon White with yourself flying the ship…. whoa. I can’t even imagine

  2. Finally signed back up for Plus again, cause of the Knowles chat. Holy feck… all my love to those who can speculate and play around with thoughts and ideas without that stupid cognitive dissonance getn in the way. Best Christmas present, ever!

  3. On the Lyra star system subject. I have just noticed in the Vedic Nakshatra star system there is a small not often used Nakshatra (Lunar mansion / abode of the deities?) in the astrological area that I’m newly interested in. It is called Abhijit. It is the 2 main stars of Lyra. It has some association with Brahma the Hindu creator god. Sorry I don’t know more.. I did type it into google and got the urban dictionary, which may be more interesting. Ahbijit – “A name bestowed upon supremely talented/awesome/out-of-this-worldly handsome individuals, who are truly the personification of perfection.
    God this guy’s pure fukn talent. Must be Abhijit behind that mask.
    #prodigy#awesome#supreme#talented#perfect” or “A gay-lord with a gigantic penis and a stud-like figure. Abhijit is a person who every girl would want in bed. Unfortunately Abhijit’s are homosexual. They leave girls wet. The kind of guy and who’d give you blue balls.”

  4. A show of hypothesising, at this point I’m shocked you’ve not all been brave enough and extensively tested and ultimately overdosed on mushrooms or dmt to the point where it is clear that were in Gods creation (Archetypal Mind) and it is lower Gods and Spirits, good and bad or male and female, rather than aliens.
    That feeling inside you that says religious is not the preferred choice, aliens is more interesting is your programming or ignorance. I don’t trust, knowing what I know of our Goddess, the alien crowd even though I can imagine other species of intelligent life all throughout the cosmos. But the magic science is to do with God and Spirits, not aliens.
    Our local Goddess being Sirius (Mother Nature), the diamond on the ring, the snake eating its own tail, the road, the head of the zodiacal ring, our suns binary twin.
    Manly p hall failed to mention aliens in his secret teachings of all ages 1926.
    The fundamental Truth is just this, that it is Gods Creation, and our job is to escape this school by finding the door home and in person during your material living life meeting God and achieving being born again.
    Manly P Hall said until you achieve gnosis and know the Fundamental Truth you are still part of the ignorant masses. Sorry but it’s truth.
    You can know, it is possible to achieve gnosis. Don’t ever believe that you can’t know, seek, seek some more, don’t stop seeking till you find.
    When you do find you will be disturbed, ie God and the Spirit realm will not be as you expected, it will be entirely alien to you, light and sound, ethereal, machine like, mythical creatures, sacred geometry, multi dimensional, mental, etc
    Coming out to hear this is useless, going inside yourself to seek truth is golden.
    That said if you’re not putting into action what you know, and are still paying taxes and in the matrix then maybe nothing will or should be revealed to you, you’re a muggle, a consumer, and the problem that you’re searching for.
    As a whole humanity hasn’t long been out of the dark ages and were still bleary eyed on mass, we’ve forgotten the last golden age and what we could do then.
    Aliens does seem like a good answer for all that which we’ve forgotten due to a lack of being able to imagine or conceive.
    You can see it in 4`s and in all examples if somethings true, so ;
    one day 6am midday 6pm midnight (reset/dreams/amnesia)
    One year spring summer autumn winter (rebirth)
    Great year gold silver bronze iron (amnesia of previous ages/low consciousness)
    Human life birth growth maturity death (amnesia of previous life)
    Anyway you’ll hopefully give this a fair read and your feeling and intuition should confirm its reality. If I pissed your heart and/or mind off I’m sorry I do not intend this.
    Ive been told to be brave and say what I know…

  5. Atheism is dying out? It’s been on the rise for some years now, as far as the numbers I’ve read. Of course polls can be unreliable, but it personally seems to be rising as far as people I interact with.

  6. At first I was confused by the Star magic and almost stopped listening. I was glad I persevered because he gave me a lot of things to chew over and made me look at the world from very different angles. This is the kind of show I love.

  7. Has nobody seen “Contact”? A movie based on Carl Sagans book? Lyra And Vega are the basis of the plot. I was yelling at my phone like come on how does Chris F’ing Knowles not find that connection! OCD extraordinaire lol. Love his attention to detail.

    He’s dead on about you can’t avoid the system if you live in the system. Back to nature everyone. The waters nice and the fires warm. Get off the grid!

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