Bob Frissell | Ancient Aliens, Thoth, & The Lemuria/Atlantis Saga

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In a full 2 hour bonus show, author Bob Frissell joins THC to talk about the origins of humanity, according to the ascended masters.

Check out Bob’s work and get his book, “Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are” on his website:

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  1. yes! I was just reading the emerald tablets of Thoth and was hoping for something….and behold, this cast! I wish Mr. Patch would have spoke about Thoth too to tie in all of his definitions n’ all…..and if there was any connection with Sophia.

      1. Not to say there isn’t anything worth spending time on with the tablets, but you may want to do some digging on where they actually came from. Inspired writing, channeled writing, whatever you want to call it. There’s a whole big rabbit hole of such writings, one could argue Joseph Smith was using inspired material, the book Oahspe, another book named Urantia, you get the idea. They all say very similar things and concepts. A lot of people think that some actual physical emerald tablets exist, that’s just not the case.

        1. Listen to me ramble lol sorry, I forgot to say, a lot of people also have this idea that Thoth was talking about a literal spaceship buried under a pyramid or the Sphinx, waiting to be used to protect the Earth when it is needed. Heh, something like the fifth element. Anyway, Egyptians would not uncommonly include an actual real ship as in for going up and down the Nile, in burials, lot of these have been found, it’s a bit of a leap to assume the text, having been presented as being of Egyptian origin, is actually talking about a space craft.

    1. I do too. Greg, you are also so very well prepared, unlike many other hosts. I feel comfortable listening~ no matter what the subject or who your guest is. You’ve got a loving heart and a wonderfully open mind. I, too, kind of hold all the things I’ve learned over the years in my mind without a complete and total belief in too too many of the theories being tossed around. I do know that Earth is not Home. Earth is School. We come here to learn Love and forgiveness. ‘ We are eternal. All this pain is an illusion’. Love you Mr. Greg. I think you ROCK !

  2. Great episode. In some ways, it reminds me of the episode with Gerald Clark. At the same time, a lot of new and interesting information is presented.

    It also brought back memories of Mighty Max, one of my favourite childhood cartoon series. In particular, there’s an episode title “Aliens from Sirius B” that involves and extraterrestrial having contact with the Dogon tribe ( And there’s the fact that Max’s guide, Virgil, is a known as a Lemurian. Max’s other companion, Norman, is a legendary warrior who has lived hundreds of years, being called by many names including Hercules and Lanecelot.

    Full episode appear to be available on YouTube.

    1. Saw the movie (it’s Animé),; it’s too Generic. Guy’s 15-Min Intro, struck me as if it were an Infomercial. There are better Ways of Learning what Truly Matters (for me, it’s Books & Podcasts; the occasional YouTube Documentary). However, when I first Awoke 26 yrs ago, (similar event as Icke’s, but thankfully, private), I hadn’t even the Vocabulary to seek out Information on the Stuff “Downloaded” all at once, onto my Mind. It took Curiosity, Effort, Developing Self-Awareness/of Others; Reading Hundreds of Books, Finding Corralate Experiences by others, Classes… In my case, the Universe Gave me an Opportunity to Study Gendai Reiki–changing my Life, yet again–under the Humble Mentorship of a Reiki Master, who truly “Walked His Talk;” (a Mentor I’d spent 22-Years Searching for). Growth, under his Guidance (also by Example) just Took-Off. He taught me Reiki, and Mediumship. All he taught agreed w/ the Insights I’d been getting, since ’89. By Re-Learning How to Deal with others for Everyone’s Highest Good (this is a really tough one)…, ultimately, coming to Realize I–and Everything Else–are Expression of God Experiencing ItSelf, in Physicality as me, the Table, the Paper, the Soil, etc. This being so, how could I Treat Anything or Anyone in any way, other than with Love? Love IS the Only Power! Eventually, we all must arrive there.
      Namastè, Everyone (God) :))
      C. Gendai Reiki Sage, York, PA
      NOTE: Any Epiphany I’ve ever Had Came from being Open to my Accessing my Own Higher Self; Not from Someone Else, a book, a movie, etc. They come to others too,! My point is that First we Must Learn to “Listen to Ourselves,” and Learn to Act upon it! C.

  3. Well I really enjoyed that one. That was the most comprehensive breakdown of the “ancient conspiracy timeline” I’ve ever heard or been presented with, and you could obviously tell Frissell could’ve talked for another two hours with ease.

    I’m very interested in his beliefs about spirituality/the formation of religion. Also what does he think about Jesus? Does he believe in reincarnation? Greg you’ve got to pick this guy’s brain some more for us!

  4. Thanks for connecting the dots–and Especially for (indirectly, at least) “dissing” all (mostly) left-brained ppl who Insist if We, as Spiritual “Lightworkers” (or in their term: “Airheads,” “Nutheads,” etc) choose to work Primarily from W/In, “we…deserve what we’ll get…” (MU 09/04/14 Episode). I KNOW they’re Misguided, because, How may a Sick Soul Heal Another, except for by first taking the Steps to Heal Themselves, First? (There’s much more I could say; for now, this is enough). Namastè, C., Shihen Gendai Gokukaiden Reiki Sage/Teacher, Runes-Caster, Blogger, York, PA

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