Zen Gardner | Expatriating, Jade Helm, & The American Breakdown

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Expatriate, author, and man behind joins THC to talk about his journey in leaving the homeland, traveling to over 40 countries, and settling in Latin America. We talk about the differences Zen has noticed since his move, the tightening of the screws on America, Operation Jade Helm, the poisons of modern society, and more!

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    1. What an amazing show Greg ! The way Gardner exudes peace is truly amazing, and his ideas of spiritualism fall almost exactly in line with my own path. I hope we all can find a way to “operate in peace and love” just like was suggested in this show, as that is undoubtedly the way our species SHOULD act. Thank you so much Greg, this one really gave me a spiritual recharge I was really in need of. Take care everyone !

  1. I’ve noticed Zen has started spreading this idea on this website. The idea that Americans have to pay because we are complicit. Complicity equals guilt. So instead of bringing the ‘elite’, who destroy the world, to justice the focus is shifted to “This is happening because American’s deserve it, otherwise there is no god”. First to suggest that ordinary people deserve to suffer is dark. That is the idea I’d expect from the elites. Do ordinary Chinese deserve to suffer because of what China did to Tibet? Hell no. But the elite would love Americans to believe we should pay or be punished for what they have done. Secondly, I think this whole sentiment is hypocritical. This is coming from an American spoken from the safety of another continent. I suggest that running away is just as complicit as staying. Most of his comments seem to indicate he finds very little redeemable about America or Americans, to the point of flat out disrespectful ridicule. I think the ARchons have gotten ahold of this man’s brain. The mentality that ordinary people deserve to suffer is part of the insanity of the world, part of justifying the evil that is done. I no longer look at this man as someone I want to guide me to higher ideas.

    1. Nobody says the elites are blameless! The number of elites of the world are very very few. To accomplish their plan they have to trick the people to be the architect of their own demise. This is where the mistake comes from the ordinary (IGNORANT) joe-sixpacks. Who are apathetic and too ignorant to care to find out what’s going on. The NWO masterminded the plan BUT it is the everyday ignorant citizens that execute the plan for them! So yes, the ordinary ignorant people are not free of blame.

      1. ‘The Architect of their own demise’, yes bernardchu, I very much agree people are the architect of their own demise. I think the elite also know we have to be complicit in our own demise in order for that to happen, hence the propagation of the sentiment, ‘we deserve what is coming’. Honestly to single out Americans as complicit is too simple, the world has been complicit. To segment the world into nations and claim that only Americans are responsible for what the elite do is too simplistic. I would argue if any are to blame, then all people are to blame. This is a mentality of-bend over take your punishment, you deserve it. I don’t agree with that mentality or manifestation. To me, taking on the mentality of we deserve it is like being the architect of our own demise. Why does anyone deserve subjugation? I’d rather put my energy into the idea that no one deserves subjugation, and to make one race or nation pay for the sins of humanity is a type of insanity to me. I thought Zen’s attitude was hypocritical, as he is an American after all, and if he is taking SS, then he is reaping the rewards of a system he espouses deserves punishment. Regardless of whether ignorant people are wrong or not, does that not strike you as skewed?

  2. Another awesome episode!! Was great hearing about outsiders view on Australia, which I live. I have noticed over the past few years how ridiculous laws are being passed in Australia which erode away our rights. All seems to be accelerating.

    I find it hard speaking to people’s about alot of the subjects you cover, especially in this episode. All the listens would know that it would take days upon days to explain the rabbit hole. I find they are either in denial or scared to speak about it. But I have noticed by planting small seeds and making my work mates question certain topics, they are coming back to me and asking for my opinions.

    Well any ways, Greg keep up the awesome work you do! And g ‘day to all the aussie and world wide THC fans.

    1. We’re going to share guests, but I think if you take my interviews with Lash/Gardner and listen to them vs. the Red Ice interviews- there’s a pretty stark contrast. If it’s not obvious, I meant it to be.

      1. I think it’s obvious and I do see the contrast but I don’t just come here for your style of interviewing, I mostly come here for the guests that you have on your show. That was my point.

        1. I understand your point of view, JKBM, but there are only so many people out there talking about subjects this show would want to focus on and if Greg ignored every guest Red Ice or Coast to Coast has interviewed there wouldn’t be very many left to talk to… and not everyone listens to Red Ice or others so maybe Greg wants to be sure HIS listeners get well rounded subject matter from a variety of guests also. Also, guests can talk about different topics and different angles of each topic depending on the interviewer’s questions and style.

          I do understand where your coming from though.

  3. The U.S. government is instituting Jade Helm mainly because they are expecting big natural disasters across the U.S. as we are now headed into Ragnarok. The current undersea volcanic activity is way up plus other very alarming space and earth changes, specifically large cracks in the earth’s crust, are all pointing to massive earth changes. Just one example, the NY fed has moved it’s offices to Chicago because of expected disaster. The earth changes are expected to start suddenly, perhaps as early as this summer, military getting all assets into place prior to June 30. Take as an example the volcano in Chile that spectacularly erupted with no warning, no earthquakes — nothing to indicate any problems — and has erupted three times in the past 8 days. South America is going to be a terrible place to be because they are going to run out of water due to increased crustal temperatures and incursions of sea water into emptying underground aquifers. Same thing goes for the west coast of U.S.

  4. I’m from Sydney, Australia. Australia is not as a free country as people thing. Now we got police in nearly all subway stations, some even have sniffer dogs. It’s only a matter of time before these jack boots say “Papers, please!”.

  5. Hey Greg,
    I have been cruising with the free show, and loving it, for many months now, and THC+ has been niggling away at me, but after the last few shows, and then to end this one with a shout out to Australia, I just had to pull the trigger!! You damn well deserve it, man; you are doing one hell of a job over there……you are an inspiration to those of us standing at the edge of the cliff waiting for favourable winds. ” Just friggin’ jump!!” :{)
    If you do get a knock at your door, it will just be me with a few mates and some cold ones 😉
    I would wish you peace, but you are in the wrong line of work for that, so I will wish you Balance and Harmony, because you resonate with those of us who have woken up all around the world.
    Take it easy man.
    Hammer from Oz.

  6. My jaw dropped when I heard him say he gets Social Security checks. An expert at getting off the grid, who’s on Social Security? First of all he’s a poser and manipulator for saying it like it’s nothing. Second, we’re all screwed because the “off the grid guy” can’t escape.

    1. Many Baby Boomers worked their ass’s off being forced to many thousands of dollars into the Social Security, and now they are being treated like welfare recipients by the government. It’s not hard to see “they want it all”, as George Carlin said.

  7. How do you go to all these countries and make a living? How do you provide a roof over your head…. understandable if you have the money…. like a trust fund!

    1. I guess that was a bit on the negative side…. that can’t be good for the universe…..I am just sour because I want to move out of the states but the all mighty dollar is controlling my life here…;o(

      1. I can see how that may have sounded like I snubbed you. I meant we’re all so screwed, we can’t move. Like how in the episode Greg said casinos put the few people who win in a visible spot. The whole “move off the grid” thing is exactly that. Basically nobody can do it.

        1. The idea is that you influence your own world. Reality is fuelled by your perception; this is not only New Age BS, but what any 60 year old Quantum Physicist will tell you after a lifetime of work. If you think you are screwed, you are, and nobody can help you………..that’s human reality, them’s the breaks. You do actually have to sort your own shit out first! 🙂

        2. Of course our thoughts do something, but surely it’s over estimated. Suze up there was afraid of breaking the Universe because she is grumpy about her crappy job.

          1. She might not break our universes, but she might just break hers……
            I think very probably it is underestimated. You start listening to magick guys like Jason Miller,(or quantum guys like Fred Allen Wolf) and the reason most people think the Jedi-mind-trick-on-your-life thing isn’t working is threefold. Firstly, you don’t actually know what you really, sub consciously want, so you are always asking for at least two different things at once. Second, so is everyone else, so the manifestation lanes are pretty busy! Third, you don’t live in a bubble, so the observer effect works even when it is someone else observing you life. If they look at you and think “What a looser”, that counts, unfortunately.
            Rappers don’t wear all that gold shit and waste half an album telling you how dope they are ’cause they want to. They want you to look at them and think, ” That lucky Bastard! He’s got it made” because every positive vibe helps.

          2. I know all that stuff. I’m saying those things you listed are too much for humanity to overcome. We fail at the simplest things, It’s ridiculous to think we can overcome the compounded effects of those original mistakes, like allowing the Federal Reserve (just an example, I’ll slap anyone who uses it to make a point.)

          3. Teachings of manifestation are EVERYWHERE, for FREE. Libraries, internet, it cannot get any easier. And what are people doing? Failing at EVERYTHING, like I said above. How can anyone envision people learning advanced abilities like that. What a joke.

      2. Suze, Im not out to bash this dude, Im just thinking that you honed in on the gaps in his story, of how he was able to do so much traveling for such an extended period of time for what sounds like most of his life. Money, of course, and you can’t make that kind of money spending all your time traveling. Obviously EVERYTHING takes money, I almost expected to hear some bs about bootstraps a couple times.

        Of course your thoughts and emotions influence and direct the currents and patterns of your life, and to an extent, the outside world, and yes, there is also non-direct influence. That said, the difference between wallowing in despair and negative thinking patterns, and expressing anger and general discontent that you genuinely feel, is pretty big. Express that shit! feel it! get it out, dont invalidate what you feel because its not harps and rainbows, just deal with it maturely and constructively as best you can.

        Denying that these things exist in yourself and in the world, is quite unhealthy. This idea of ignoring something so you aren’t giving it power, is specious, shallow, fallacious bollocks, but seems to be a popular belief these days. Makes me think of sticking ones head in the ground, like the bird supposedly does.

        The universe? I don’t know why it annoys me on a basic level when I hear that word used like it is. The universe will take care of itself just fine, with or without your input, my input, anyones. It is commendable that you are aware of your thoughts, it takes more than a few stray words or thoughts to do much of anything. Enduring patterns of focused emotion, directed thinking, and of course, ACTION over time, well that’s another matter entirely =)

  8. I’ve been considering a move to another country for many years now and found this interview not only interesting but valuable enough to send a donation. Thank you for expanding my world a little more. — Namaste

  9. When it comes down to the mental state and attitude of the so called “elite” the labels psychopath or sociopath (which are currently officially labelled as anti social personality disorder in short ASPD) and narcissist (NPD) are often spoken of in the alternative media. I think that the biggest threat to humanity as a whole is the largely unknown dynamic between the ASPD/NPD person and the non ASPD/NPD person. This dynamic is really dangerous because most people do not know or don not want to know that it exists or what it comprises off. Another damaging factor is that the ASPD/NPD exists througout society in all walks of life not just merely among the “elite”.

    If a person wants to do something about the worldwide corruption they have to have a solid grasp of the ASPD/NPD people and the toxic dynamic between them and fully empathic conscientious people. If for instance the current power holders and negative influencers where to be taken out of their positions of power the toxic dynamic will still be in place if most people do not grasp this toxic dynamic. The problem is not merely the ASPD/NPD it is also the non ASPD/NPD that is not aware of or not willing to be aware of the dynamic in place.

    A big obstacle to overcome will be that the ASPD/NPD uses the psychological state and attitude of the non ASPD/NPD against them. A lot of people that I have interacted with in life see themselves as the standard from which to judge interpret or predict the intentions and actions of other humans. The biggest pitfall towards a free and sovereign human being is a human being who sees the world from a solipsistic point of view. When dealing with ASDP/NPD all known healthy and good human attributes do not apply. There will and can be no reciprocity. From the end of the ASPD/NPD the dynamic will consist of deceit and manipulation without conscience and remorse. The manipulation tactics used by ASPD/NPD are undermining the sanity of those that are being manipulated by them. A commonly used tactic will be ‘’gaslighting’’ the reversal of what is really happening or true. For instance constantly subjugating a person to ambient and emotional abuse for which the abused will be blamed. If the abused person were to speak up for themselves they will be met with a flabbergasted ASPD/NPD who is really hurt by the accusation and also asks the abused person if everything is allright with them and maybe they should seek out some psychological help. This example is just one of the many tactics that are used by the ASPD/NPD other types of abuse can be physical, sexual, mental, psychological, spritiual,withholding of resources etc..

    It is hard for most conscientious empathic people to consider that there are people in all walks of life without conscience or remorse and who will destroy another human being for their own needs and wants that sometimes could be simply for the sake of entertainment. It is also difficult for many people to know that they are dealing with an ASPD/NPD because these people are not necessarily overtly violent or murderous. Often times they will be charming intelligent and seemingly toghether and they have the cappacity to awaken states and needs in a person that they themselves were unaware of that they had. An in my opinion much made mistake is to claim that the ASPD/NPD is incapable of empathy. This is not completely so they are certainly adept at reading empathic cues in others. It is that they have a cognitive capabillity to interpret and mimic empathy in a skilled manner it is true that there is no or hardly any affect thus there is little to no feeling of empathy.

    When a person has been abused by a ASPD/NPD the consequences are disastrous. In a lot of cases the preyed upon individual develops complex post traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) a variant of the well known PTSD. But this C-PTSD will be really difficult to recover from. In part because of the denial and judgement from most people in society including the mental health community. It leaves a person as an empty shell of the human being that they once were. It is even more damaging when a child grows up with one or both parents with ASPD/NPD and or other ASPD/NPD persons in their familly or enviroment.

    I wonder how much of the people that are educating themselves about the state of humanity and the world via alternative media and alternative sources truly grasp what it means when it comes down to the claims that the world is run by psychopaths. And what it will require to deal with this predicament humans find themselves in worldwide. Another remark that often gets made in interviews about this subject is the description of ASPD/NPD as psychotic and the widespread propagation of psychosis as inherently violent and dangerous to other people. This is a false view while you can say that the ASPD/NPD is in a state of delusion about themselves it is more like some kind of controlled psychosis. In that a non ASPD/NPD person in a psychotic state is more than often really scared and retreated into themselves and it is the enviroment around them and the people in it that are dangerous and are behaving violently towards the psychotic person. Psychotic does not as a rule equal psychopath or crazy violent murderer. It is a lot of times so that most ASPD/NPD persons and non ASPD/NPD psychotic perons have had horrible abusive childhoods in which their needs were not met. A big question that that raises is: what causes some people to devolop ASPD/NPD while others who suffered simmilar abuse as children do not? But a horrible childhood does not excuse abusive behavior abuse is abuse. All these distinctions are important to make if someone wants to understand the causal factors of the problems at hand.

    What will be needed is education about the aforementioned subjects.
    A good basic understanding of human psychology, philosophy and critical thinking.
    An understanding of cognitive dissonance and ones own weak spots.
    Being able to admit that one can be or is wrong, ignorant, imperfect, capable of making mistakes, abandoning a solipsistic world view if a person has one. An honest look at childhood and familly of origins dynamic. Because from these aspects if not fully understood and integrated the ASPD/NPD will find the weakspots of a person and use that against them. This will apply to almost everyone to a varying degree.

    While someone may think that this is all nonsense or something they do not want to know. The toxic dynamic between ASPD/NPD is still in place and does still have a great effect on their lives whether they know it or not.

    1. Good post, thanks for your extended time. The line about people recognizing cognitive dissonance is interesting. If that were to happen, the rest may fall in line. It’s the biggest problem I see in my community. Those mental walls slam down like during a bank robbery.

    2. Our current system is just to put people in prison, but at some point if we want to evolve, we will have to think of a way to heal those people who have experience trauma and forgive them.

          1. I’ve been trying some of the Rife Frequencies, it may be just a placebo effect, but I think there is great promise for frequency healing. Some studies have had amazing physical effects from even short term frequency healing. I’m not the hopeful type, but I think if people really desire to heal then options will start becoming more available.

    3. Wow. You really nailed it, in particular with these aspects of what one experiences when in the company of a psychopathic personality……”Often times they will be charming intelligent and seemingly toghether and they have the cappacity to awaken states and needs in a person that they themselves were unaware of that they had. An in my opinion much made mistake is to claim that the ASPD/NPD is incapable of empathy. This is not completely so they are certainly adept at reading empathic cues in others. It is that they have a cognitive capabillity to interpret and mimic empathy in a skilled manner ”

      These people have an ability to make others feel pretty much any way they want them to feel, an uncanny ability to make you feel valued, special, and that being around them is exciting, all without coming off as flattering or fake. They can see right through you with ease, and know exactly what to say. It’s just something they can do with their mental presence and way of talking, and it is very alluring, very powerful, to most people.

  10. To christonas11 — I agree with you that the ‘elite’ have carried out of most of the evil deeds — I wrote about it seven years ago here … ( … I have stopped blogging … all the dialogue about it hasn’t changed anything. What is left but your own life to live and share with those you care about. I, too, am an expatriate like Zen Gardner and have lived overseas for more than 25 years of my life. I now find myself in Nepal and the earthquake has ‘resonated’ within me (pun intended) … maybe the world and its societies and so-called civilizations can only be changed by the earth itself. I am sure the elitists are well prepared for it and will try to make the best of it, manipulating events to their own advantage. I don’t think Americans are complicit … although too many of them are like the zombies from the t.v. series the Walking Dead. I and my Nepalese students really relate to that show and ‘get it’. I guess I have to also agree with the comments of ‘spiralmind’ as the evidence for what he is talking about is right in my face and all around me. I have blogged more about my own life as most expats do ( and find most real news in the blogs of cyclists traveling around the world. These cyclists’ insights (I am a host with Warm Showers) make more sense to me than the observations of all the armchair pundits back stateside who won’t take the time to observe the world outside of their own living room couch and t.v. set. Those zombies are ‘complicit’ although I’m not sure they even have enough awareness of reality to realize it. Must not rant … off to walk around Kathmandu some more and find some of that nice grass growing along the banks of the Bagmati River.

    1. I’m was sorry to hear about Nepal. My husband biked in the region that suffered earthquake. He got emails from some new friends who had to sleep outside for awhile and said it was really bad. I read a post that showed CERN was booting up just at the time the earthquakes were starting. The Anthony Patch interviews suggest CERN is powering up even more then before and it will have an impact on areas. I’m inclined to believe CERN might have been responsible for this happening in Nepal. This bothers me because if Nepal is suffering because of CERN, it shows that no where is safe from the elite’s war games. People from every part of the world will have to wake up, and Jade Helm is probably waking people up as we speak. It just occurred to me, all the zombie movies, we watch them and hope they all get killed so there can be peace. That is a nice bit of social programing right there. Enjoy your walk, we should all enjoy the earth more.

  11. Why I overlooked this podcast until this morning….what a BIG oversight!!!!!
    Please, please listen to Greg Carlwood and Zen Gardner…ALL of The Higherside Chats​ podcasts are a blessing in this MASSIVE GLOBAL END GAME by the “Global Elite”…
    Please donate and keep this alive..Gred Carlwood and The Higherside Chats (Plus) has enlightened me..and I share this with all I am to <3
    Love the podcasts, listen to them everyday…can never learn enough!!!
    Thank you Greg Carlwood <3
    CHEMTRAILS…mass means of global population control

  12. Okay.

    So there’s a download at Easter, which is Passover in Judaism.

    They put ash on the Christians’ foreheads and lambs’ blood on the Jews’ doorposts.
    And the ones who don’t have the lambs’ blood lose their firstborn, and the ones who go out that night surely perish.

    Then there’s twelve notes in the chromatic scale in addition to twelve tribes of Israel and twelve signs in the zodiac.

    Then there’s that science is coded in so many ancient writings, and even in art, with positions in yoga and hand mudras standing for we don’t even know what…

    But it’s there.

    I’d love to hear Mark Sargeant and Crrow and someone like Laird Scranton, who’s deciphering ancient languages and cosmologies in terms of particle physics, mosh.

  13. Greg, what I don’t understand is why the anti-vaccination crowd, which you brought up several times on this show, keeps saying that autism and folks on the spectrum are somehow broken. I’ve never raised a child, but with a little extra care, autistic people turn out to be fucking geniuses. Sure, they don’t fit into the status quo, and they will be harassed and tormented in public schools, but isn’t that ideal for most of your listeners? Or are we really just too lazy to actually raise an Indigo? Who wants an average child when you can have a genius? I urge your listeners to check out Jonathan Franzen’s work. He delves into a lot of issues with autism, and really brings the whole thing into perspective. It seems to me that if we’re experiencing a great awakening, and the dawning of a new age, why isn’t the supposed rise in autism and other children on the spectrum a good thing? And is it really caused by vaccines, or are they heralds of the Age of Aquarius?
    Also, my mom’s sister died a horrible painful death, caused by Polio, when she was a little girl. Polio is now eradicated. When you say you haven’t seen any evidence that vaccines work, it’s because we won. The current spread of measles is directly related to vaccination denial, and at least one person has died. I’m ok with my allergies, as long as I don’t die of Polio. I know this is against the flow of your normal crowds mindset, but on the one hand you lament our culture’s massive amnesia, and on the other you forgot about Polio.

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