John Lash | Gnosticism, Sophia, & The Archon Control Matrix

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Gnostic scholar and author, John Lash, joins THC to lay out the myth of Sophia and explain the true origin story of the Archons. John then explains how the Archon’s achieved a very substantial  neuro-hack into humanity,  spawning the three major religions and cementing us squarely within their Sophia defying control matrix.

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  1. This being my first post to the comments I’ve done here (I’m not much of a Commenter/Poster), I just wanted to say Hello & Good Morning everyone!

    I’d like to say a few things to the discussion of Race, and specifically towards the concepts we embrace: Race based privilege, & Race based disadvantage. In that I think we may be doing ourselves all a disservice when we seem to stop at Color/Race as it relates to Privilege and Opportunity.
    Please allow me to explain what I mean.
    I am 40 y/o white male, Irish white with a dash of Polish for enhanced alcohol processing abilities, to be specific *wink*. I was born and raised in northern Ohio, and we were extremely poor. So much so, it was not uncommon that my Father & I would go days without eating or Heat. We were homeless several times, and evicted enough times to literally loose count. The area was itself was mostly middle-class, and was largely white, with a semi-large Black & Latino population as well. Well mixed in terms of numbers. Not many Asians or Muslims lived in this area at the time though.
    Discrimination was everywhere, no doubt, but was always Class-based, not Race-Based. DWB, or Driving-While-Black, is a “crime” that happened to me and those I knew often, regardless of race, and in my opinion was always about Class & Income. My first ever chipped tooth came from the barrel of a pistol of an off-duty White Officer who was upset I had dared to walk too close to his yard after dark. He sought to make an example of me that night. My friend and I were just going to do some night-fishing in a near by pond…
    I here references to something called white-poverty or white-people-poor from time to time. Is that like not being able to get the new Xbox for your birthday? I guess I understand the concept, but the ‘poor minorities’ I grew up near had it far better than most poor whites I knew personally. Being that people of any class or income bracket tend to stick together in my experience, it was common for my minority friends and neighbors to be discriminated against, and just treated like crap by their own who made it to the next income bracket above them, not just by whites.
    And contrary to popular belief, there is no hand-shake, nod, or white-guy wink my Father could give to get us out of it either. In contrast, it was (is?) very common to be turned down for Food Stamps & Assistance simply for being White & “Able-Bodied”. Affirmative action or some-such thing they said back then, all I knew is we were starving. Side note – Hunger makes anyone of any ‘Race’ combative, angry, and willing to steal…
    The first time I was exposed to direct “reverse racism”, was an affluent woman insisting I owed her reparations, she did so through a perfect designer smile covered with $50k Braces.

    I could go on for hours, but the point I am trying to make is that what we think of too often as Racism, is actually Classicism is disguise being used very much like Racism to keep us from uniting as one Body of Humans.
    Case in point: Travon Martin vs George Zimmerman. Mr Zimmerman is light skinned Latino, but the control system constructed a Black vs White narrative over the case. We know why. It is to keep us divided, nothing more. Just as they use Classicism and Poverty to do the same.
    Point is, we are all being lied to and manipulated by whoever “They” turn out to be. And Racism is just another tool in their arsenal.

    So lets not forget the forest for the trees. At the end of the day we are all just People.

    1. Yes, a lot of us have had a hard life, my white skinned Irish self included. But I ask you this – Is the US not a country built upon and exists around white supremacy? The whole notion of “white genocide” is direct proof of it. The white man fears losing his privileges and sees that they will not be the majority ethnicity in 50 odd years and it terrifies them.

    2. I was reading some history about white slavery in the early US, the rich were worried because the indentured poor whites and black slaves were too friendly with each other and the Indians. The early Indian tribes would take in runaway blacks and give them refuge for example. Black and white were in mixed communities, were friends and knew the rich were the problem. How did the wealthy solve their problem? They promoted the poor whites to middle class, to make them nearly one of the wealth. So now I wonder, if there is a severe economic crash coming like everyone seems to say, and the middle class is dissolved, will the all poor races unite again? Or do these pompous wealthy think they have created a race war that cannot be mended? I don’t know. But before reading your comments, corax2501, I would have said no, but now I think I have hope that once we are all sent to the bottom we’ll find we have a lot in common. I have been able to speak with some black people and there were very revealing in that they agreed Zimmerman/Martin was a tactic to keep us divided. Now these were educated people, and the media would have us think that all black people hate white people, which is a sort of terrifying thought, but maybe that is just another lie. I’d be curious if there are any black listeners that can give me a real perspective.

    3. You can’t be turned down for food stamps for be white. That’s not a thing. I can’t speak for how things were, say in the 70’s, 80’s and prior, but i highly doubt it it and i can speak from professional experience that it’s definitely not the case today. I’ve seen a lot of people make this claim over the years but it’s an absolute myth.

      I’ve heard other groups make this claim, single men and single dads most prominently, but again…complete myth.

      As far as able bodies, there is a provision called ABAWD, OR Able Bodied Adult Without Dependents, however this portion of the program has been suspended for years. Food Stamps is a federal program so people who try to claim that things are somehow different where they live are just plain lying, with very few exceptions. I will say the ABAWD provision is among those exceptions, and is persistently rumored to return but there’s zero traction to that rumor in most states. While SNAP is a federal program, states can apply for a waiver for this on an individual basis and most states have had this waiver in effect for the last 6-7 years.

      At any rate, pretty much anyone who says they were denied for being white or male or “able bodied” are either lying and simply doesn’t want to admit that they were actually over income, failed to provide verification of some sort, or failed to meet some other requirement, or simply didn’t understand the notice if action they received, which explains why people are denied.

      There’s always someone who skips through the proverbial cracks but there are a ton of myths about food stamps and other public assistance programs and these are just a few. Undocumented immigrants, for example, are not entitled to food stamps or cash aid , and are entitled only to emergency benefits- I.e, they can see a doctor for a broken leg, but not preventive services, check ups and the like. Yet, to hear what seems to be an overwhelming number of voices tell it, they’re all living the high life on public assistance. Undocumented children may receive food stamps, but not the parents, which means a significantly lower grant than the family would receive if they were a lawful permanent resident with sufficient work quarters or a citizen.

      1. You got turned down for food stamps if there was a father in the home “back in the day”.

        Not twenty years ago my son wasn’t allowed in a Headstart program because he wasn’t native.

        This was in Anchorage, not on a reservation.

        Don’t speak to what you don’t know.

  2. But damn Greg, I’ve been studying Gnosticism like a bastard for the last month straight more or less and this dude just gave me some of the most valuable info of all my research, but GODDAMN its starting to get hard to refuse to go down the rabbit hole of Holocaust denial. Damn.

    1. Msauv. How would we even go down that hole? I have been studying the holocaust since I saw the stark pictures that came out when I was a child in the early 60s. I am very emotional about all this right now because I expect to hear stuff like this on Red Ice and understand the context. But I have heard so many respected thinkers skirt the Jewish problem of history, that intellectually I know it needs to be looked at but I just can’t. And I can’t do it alone and I would not trust what I found anyway. Could Lash just left it at the nice concept of an energy goddess embodied in earth?

  3. Why does he think that his listening audience needs to hear the myth of Sophia prior to anything else he says? He does this in every interview and it really gets redundant. It’s a beautiful myth but he tells it as though we’re children that didn’t understand it the first 5-10 times we heard it. Then he starts naming names like Tsarion and Icke and basically says if they aren’t holocaust deniers they aren’t credible. Please. I’ll make up my own mind about that, thanks. Imo, he lost credibility because he found in necessary to take a swipe at people who aren’t here to defend themselves. I’ve listened to both Tsarion and Icke and I don’t remember them ever mentioning John Lamb Lash. My impression of both Icke and Tsarion is that they question everything that we are told is true history. Why should the holocaust be any different?

    Regarding his opinion on white genocide- imo focusing on race is just another way to keep us divided. I would have rather heard about the Kalika war party than his opinion on race. On the one hand he says that we are all members of the human race and that no one is chosen. I agree with that and never bought the delusion that Jews are chosen by God. But then he says that white people are superior in art and literature etc. and therefore deserve to be at the top of the heap. I won’t deny the accomplishments of Europeans and I won’t deny the accomplishments of Native, Central and South Americans, Asians, Australians, northern, central and south Africans either and I don’t think anyone deserves to have power over others regardless of their accomplishments. Imo his over all message is contradictory and muddy now that his focus is on the paranoia of white genocide. It’s kind of sad, really.

    1. I have heard all Lash’s commentary . He has to set the stage and he tightens his research more and more everytime I here the Sophia agnostic view . My point is I believe it is very necessary that this be done to those not so privy to John’s research. I feel he did a wonderful job!! Very compelling Content . Great show Greg! If one would like to dive into the holocaust more check out Dennis Wise or the greatest story NEVER told …. It’s a very lengthy video on YouTube but full of amazing content and buried truths on WW2 . Now I am just getting into the what actually happened in WW2. But I believe I have been missing a lot of real history growing up due to my generic education. And I want the damn Truth!!!!!

      1. The Sophia agnostic view? Lash is telling the myth of Sophia according to the Gnostics, not the agnostics. I have no problem with the story, I just think he likes to hear himself tell it a little too much.
        The powers that shouldn’t be are thrilled with people like John Lash that fall in lock step with the tried and true divide and conquer objective. That’s the truth.

    2. well said JKBM, i basically agree with everything you said-
      talks to us like children-
      get eric dubay back on!
      i’d love to know why greg thinks the earth is a globe, like just a piece of evidence against eric-
      alternatively have him back on-
      nuclear hoax another one-
      nuclear=unclear to me-
      i still very much enjoyed the show though-very interesting-
      i think though that lash-encourages violence and meat eating and i think he is dangerous-
      albeit very interesting-

      1. You’re right about encouraging violence although he didn’t really get into that in this interview as much as he has in others I’ve heard. He advocates taking out the “enemy” through the use of Tantric sex magic and maybe other means, it’s up to each individual to read between the lines, I guess.
        Yeah, I think he’s dangerous because there is an over abundance of nutters out there who will gladly answer the call. And who decides who the “enemy” is? If you read the Kalika war party narrative the participants are self declared and it’s loosely organized if at all.
        My personal opinion is that he has become infected by the archons that he has been writing about all these years.

  4. Interesting show Greg.

    When it comes to equality among humans I think you have to be precise about what that equality means.
    People are different from one another when it comes to abillity, talent, personality, compatibility and their situation.
    The only true equality among humans would be in my opinion their intrinsink value and worth as a humanbeing.
    People are not equal in what they can and do achieve or the oppurtunities they get or take.
    From what I have noticed in my life in society is that a lot of the focus of equality is on the personal unique aspects of
    a humanbeing instead of the intrinsink worth and value of every human life.
    And that is a dangerous road to go on and makes it easy for one person to say they have a right to life and the other person doesn’t.
    If you were to grow up abused and severly traumatised and some one of the same age grows up in a loving and supporting home
    than the starting point would not be the same. A severely traumatised person has more diffuculty in getting ahead in life than a resonable balanced person.

    When John mentioned the Aeons in the beginning of the show and the way in witch he described them immediatly gave me a thought.
    It reminded me of the vector shape in the logos of the space agencies on this earth. And also some photos taken of white things in space that have a kind of vector shape to it. Could this have something to do with Aeons?

  5. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Same comment better grammar.

    Interesting show Greg.

    When it comes to equality among humans I think you have to be precise about what that equality means.
    People are different from one another when it comes to abillity, talent, personality, compatibility and their situation.
    The only true equality among humans would be in my opinion their intrinsic value and worth as a human being.
    People are not equal in what they can and do achieve or the oppurtunities they get or do take.
    From what I have noticed in my life in society is that a lot of the focus of equality is on the personal unique aspects of
    a human being instead of the intrinsic worth and value of every human life.
    And that is a dangerous road to go on and makes it easy for one person to say that they have a right to live and the other person doesn’t.
    If you were to grow up abused and severly traumatised and some one of the same age grows up in a loving and supporting home
    than the starting point would not be the same. A severely traumatised person has more difficulty in getting ahead in life than a reasonable balanced person.

    When John mentioned the Aeons in the beginning of the show and the way in which he described them immediately gave me a thought.
    It reminded me of the vector shape in the logos of the space agencies on this earth. And also some photos taken of white things in space that have a kind of vector shape to it. Could this have something to do with the Aeons?

  6. Good show as always though I do get uncomfortable listening to the race stuff like so many, but I feel strongly that taboo subjects should be talked about. I know it’s a tough call as an interviewer, but I respect and applaud your choice to have people on you don’t completely agree with.

  7. Loved the show, never heard this guy before, IMHO, the most important take-away or subject of discussion is the total horse-puckey that the Jewish genocide didn’t happen. In order to hide the killing operation as much as possible from the uninitiated, Hitler ordered that the killings not be spoken of directly in German documentation or in public statements. Instead, the Germans used codenames and neutral-sounding terms for the killing process. In Nazi parlance, for example, “action” (Aktion) referred to a violent operation against Jewish (or other) civilians by German security forces; “resettlement to the East” (Umsiedlung nach dem Osten) referred to the forced deportation of Jewish civilians to killing centers in German-occupied Poland; and “special treatment” (Sonderbehandlung) meant killing. Let us not forget the millions of mentally ill, homosexual,Gypsy, and political dissidents, that were also given “special treatment”. The amount of evidence, and testimonials, just from Nuremberg should make us all shutter.

  8. Thanks again for this one … I’ve been listening to John Lash for a long time. Just one comment in reference to the podcast when ‘race’ was discovered. It brought to mind the genocide committed by Gengis Khan as an example of the same mindset carried out by a so-called non-white ‘race’. There is a good summary of that on Dan Carlin’s website in his Wrath of the Khans history series.

  9. Of course there is a German word for “masterrace”, it is “Herrenrasse”. Nowadays it is not used in polite conversation, that’s for sure, but it is a proper German item of vocabulary. Nothing strange about it in terms of word formation or general intelegibillity. I have not read Hitler’s writings or speeches, so I cannot comment on his use of the term. But there it is, a very average item of German vocabulary.

    Greg, I really liked your aftershow comments. The show itself, well…. and what was all that sniffing and snuffling? Did he have a cold and ran out off hankies?

  10. John’s book, Not in his image is an amazing eye opener. I learned a lot from it and it gave me a totally new understanding of things from another perspective. I must say that I feel a bit weird and let down since I heard him and red ice talk about the white genocide. They make some good points, but I agree with others here. It’s paranoia of the fact that so called minorities aren’t really and are multiplying at faster and bigger rates than whites, and I guess are scared. The one thing in this interview thats contradicting when John said it was impossible for nazis to kill six million jews, but then later he had no problem stating that the chinese killed millions. It was too good to be true. I really liked what he was all about until that, but even I have questioned the holocaust. I can’t deny it happened, but I think its like the supposedly thousands upon thousands of aztec sacrifices in one dau. I think they did happen but are both greatly exagerrated. Great show as always Greg!

  11. It’s a masonically-created country, right? So built to be a ‘stylized thing’ – but let’s REALLY be honest about the situation. This country is not an inherently white country – it was built THIS TIME on white in general, which sets the stage this time, but in the end, what seems fairly obvious to you, is not exactly obvious to each human who happens to be white. So the rub is this. You’re right, when you say it ‘seems’ like whites have had it better in this pocket of time and space where it SEEMS good to be white, we, on this sinking ship of this economy as is, and we, as those who are able to see the TRUE humanist perspective (non-agenda 21 style humanist) where the individual truly is made to be the best individual they are, which is ‘post post post race’ or what the hell ever, multicultualism WAS used as PRS and tell those families who were losing their jobs that it’s their choice to be upset. It’s wrong of them, but they’re in fear like force will do. Now again, the true humanist perspective is understanding that maybe one race type (I’m like… 6 types of white, so, sly and slutty and sublime be me ancestry, one love it is), is that maybe, if Lash is right, about the archon-choice of paranoid-setter-uppers, my good Gregory-sir, I say, that perhaps, this is the complicated view to take, as I, an ‘ex-liberal/progressive’… say from Massachusetts, even, the bluesachusetts, sometimes green, well, always green, baby, yeah… but yea, it’s love…. so what I’m saying is, if we want love, Greg, brother, that’s HARD to get to, coz it means REAL and REAL means TRUTH and TRUTH is like the smoking gun, brother, it’s hard to figure out Col Mustard style, but like, fuckin, what if He’s right, Lash… ok… I’m like, let’s complicate this, my fellow dreaming son of eternity. Bless your style, rocker.

    1. To be sure, one should check out the Tragedy and Hope boards, learn about history, social programming, and the dialectics of groups… I think that there are many sides to this which need to be broken down over time and reintegrated in to our opinions based upon Natural Law, not man’s, not some opinion of perfect equality, but proof of a natural equilibrium related to the Integrity of our Souls as individuals. The very same soul which will either rejoin the highest levels of heaven, or become a god itself, perhaps, or to be recycled for not having the moral fortitutde to look at complicated social issues without accepting that the soft, fluffy version, is so hard to get rid of because it is designed as an argument that way. The real truth is much more complicated, but always based in compassion, honor, and again, Natural Law.

      This is for funsies, coz, it is complicated – the next comment will be on Sophia’s myth, since, this is a huge one for me, especially when I woke up a few months ago, Sophias Myth, I was all about it. I think this show re-birthed that interest in me. But it did get very side-tracked, you’re right in your closing notes. Let him be gently guided back to the Sophia topic. The Fall of Sophia was really cool to learn about, pipettes and all. Something is going on. Gregman, get Karen Hudes on. – funsies.

  12. Fascinated about the Sophia myth! This is my first exposure to it.
    Otherwise he really ends up talking out of both sides of his mouth here. He denounces the victim-perpetrator myth and the division of the human family, then turns around and reinforces them both with this “white genocide” nonsense. ‘The white race has the highest cultural achievements’, Really? By what standard? It’s so easy to appreciate the achievements of one’s own civilization because we are raised in it and have the greater knowledge of its breadth, and greater context to appreciate its depths. What about the indigenous people he mentioned earlier? Do only things written down or constructed count in this equation?

    Of course the news media portrays a simplified white-nonwhite conflict that’s obsessed with casting (or deflecting) blame- that’s what they do. It seems to me he is getting his impression of the situation mostly from them. I have many friends involved with political organizing and the discussions among actual concerned people these days are far more conscious of complexities than you’d know from that distance. That racial oppression takes place all over the world between entirely non-European groups, for instance, is not something novel to people concerned about social justice in my experience. That doesn’t change the fact that the hard work of actually progressing towards a healthy world starts with your own history, your own locale, and standing up for people facing ALL forms of oppression there. Respecting the challenges of others you might not share and taking responsibility for how your words/deeds can either support or oppose the system that created them doesn’t mean taking “blame” on yourself personally.

  13. And for crying out loud! Propaganda about racial purity and ethnically targeted violence permeated the entire National Socialist system, even if the average German didn’t *really* buy their extravagant myths about the Aryan race. What does it matter if he actually used the term “Master Race” or not?

  14. This interview is pure gold. Esoteric knowledge rules our world from the beginning. This is an invitation to go deeper and deeper… if we dare. Thanks a lot Greg.

  15. Great job, Greg. I’m impressed you were able to get any info at all out of this guy. While I remain very open to any theories out there, this one doesn’t pass the sniff test for me, but I am happy to change my mind after I do more research. I will say, if this does hold any truth, having Lash be the person disseminating it won’t get it very far. His speech pattern is grating, his constant use of qualifiers for every other word he says is frustrating, and he’s long winded as hell.You did awesome on this Greg, while this one doesn’t resonate with me information wise, your quest for the truth does, and I respect the hell out of you for it. Keep up the great work!

  16. An article from Red Ice…written by Zen Gardener –

    Every dog has his/her day. The romans ruled the world..spain was a superpower, so was portugal, China. Now its USA.
    I think its the male energy that has dominated the planet for so long. Look at Hilary Clinton & Merkle (for example)…these woman are not matriarchal (female energy, they are fulling into male energy

    My point is its not men…its male energy that is unhealthy is such dominate proportions.

    Look at how our spirit energy has been beaten down..and ego has been raised to such a level.
    Equate spirit energy to the female energy…ego to the male energy.

    Thanks Greg for these great podcasts 🙂

    1. I read the article you put out there earthwayexperience. It’s an interesting read. I have no issue believing that there is an abundance of propoganda, but Lash, in my opinion, would’ve been better served to make his arguments about the official story of Hitler, Germany and WWII. He sounded like a white supremist to me. I say this because he focused too heavily on white accomplishment. My main worry in taking the angle he takes is that there will be some white men that see their own victimology in this discussion. I’d prefer race, the truth of Hitler, and WWII to be about finding the truth as a basis for seeking peace.

  17. Duuuude the most excellent music is black music. Jazz, Blues and subsequently Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll a gift to the world made in America.

  18. So my take on this is I think Greg’s post show( and the “racial” forum comments) was great and very relevant, just not to the show.
    I never heard John say that Americans with black skin colour( or Latino’s, or Chinese, if you want to get historical!) had not been oppressed in the USA. What he was pointing out was what the first poster ( corax2501) was saying, just as many Gaelic people were brought to North America as slaves,( In fact, they only looked to more expensive Africans when the Gaelic supply ran dry) and had children born into that slavery. They were then discriminated against right up until the 60’s, when you got a Catholic President.(Who was shot for leaving the reservation, but that’s another topic 😉 )
    Now, I am a white Anglo so I can’t (and would not want to) use the N word,( see, that’s me not using it 🙂 ) but I can blow some poor family off as “Trailer Trash”, (we call them “Bogans” in Oz) in mainstream society and no one will bat an eyelid.
    The implication is” Buddy, your white so you could have made it and if you didn’t, it’s your own damn fault!”
    How many dirt poor whites in the USA have Gaelic surnames? At the end of the day, it’s a shitty comparison,( my oppression is worse than your oppression!) but John has a point. And he said more than once, paraphrasing, “Evil is colour blind.”, so it’s clear he doesn’t give a shit what race or colour you are; if you are fucking with the experiment, John Lash is going to take you down! 🙂
    Oppression of Americans with black skin through violence and social pressure is wrong. Oppression of Americans with white skin through banking, the media and different social pressure is just as wrong. Everyone is getting screwed!
    As for the Holocaust bit, I’ve got no skin in the game here but I thought he held a pretty level, balanced line about it. Again with the paraphrasing, “I have a view I am going to share because I think it’s important. I am a professional researcher. I have looked into this so deeply it is counted in weeks, not hours. If you want me to even enter in to a discussion with you about this, you will need to clock up 50 hours minimum of research, then we can talk.” Dude, 50 hours of research is a whole damn boatload!! This says two things to me; 1. He knows that the evidence is there to make his view at the very least hold water, and 2. It is buried so deep, at first, all you will get is a feeling and no facts to back it up. Just enough of a feeling to do ANOTHER 50 hours………
    You start talking mind control and false flag, and I think it’s possible, but it doesn’t matter a damn to my day one way or the other so I try not to get bent out of shape about it. If 6 million people did die, it was still not a good enough reason to give their political movement someone else’s country! It’s like apologising to the Native Americans for the genocide, and then offering the survivors New Zealand…..WTF?!

  19. Great show again. I agree with the subject matter simply based on the easy to assume statistics. We can’t just demonize white people for all the division in the world just because that’s what we see here in America or other western countries. I’ve been all over the world and believe me, everybody is doing a pretty good job of killing and supressing their minorities. Don’t forget, the US hasn’t been around that long, so we’re only standing on the shoulders of the murderous elite who came before us. I fought for the pricks, but I woke up. Glad we can come here and debate. He’s probably used to having people buck the subject, so great job of letting him know it’s all good here Greg.

  20. So why does thinking a tentacle of energy turned into a ball of rock so humans could think creatively require me to hate Jews?

    Oh, because of rock insects.

  21. Just catching up on shows, the so called …Greg….Anyway im behind you with the rant at the end, like you said it was shocking as fuck what he said.

    Quick google search. Martin luther king Jr “Although slavery in the United States ended in the late 19th century, institutionalized racism continued to oppress African Americans even decades later. By the mid-20th century, blacks were still forced to use separate public utilities and schools from the superior ones reserved for whites; they suffered routine discrimination in employment and housing, as well as abuse and lynching from some whites, and they were unable to fully exercise their right to vote.”

    The fuck.

    1. That’s because you personalized and localized what he said.

      Because of my interest in Gnosticism I have been listening to Lash quite a bit.

      He is talking about genocides and race issues starting 3800 years ago, which he CLEARLY stated.

      Slavery and segregation aren’t genocide anyway.

  22. I just relistened, and Greg, you absolutely missed John’s race point- absolutely.

    Revisit his point that Netanyahu is not white.
    You referred in your commentary to Caucasians including Jews.

    I would say that some of the worst atrocities happening right now ARE on Israel’s behalf.
    John Lash would say Israel is not a white country.

    1. I don’t completely disagree with your assessment northplaza. However, Lash’s comments and intent seemed infused with defensiveness and an unwillingness to simply state what he’s read. That would be more convincing to me . . . to hear the evidence rather than emphasize white accomplishment. I will listen to this episode again though.

  23. Oh no, “it’s the jooooooos.” Please… He might as well finished it up with a “Heil Hitler” at the end! Jews don’t believe they are the master race, they believe they are the chosen people with the task to heal the world. I lost count of the number of lies in his diatribe.

  24. Just listened for a second time. What he should of mentioned was about the conquer of indigenous Europe which preceded the conquer of indigenous peoples in the Americas, Australia, central Africa, Pacific Islands, Central and Southeast Asia etc… This sheds light on the obvious timeline of oppression stemming from Rome and Abrahamic religion.

    There is a general understanding that somehow “whites” have always been in control. But what really happened in the Dark Ages throughout indigenous Europe?

    But this is how the 3 waves of religion works, but supplanting the last dominant ethnicity and demonizing their doings. As the power shifts I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there were actually a “white genocide” in the wake of misunderstanding of said power structure.

    And you are right Greg, it is power that needs to be exposed and not further division by race.

    This show is the greatest and I enjoy it all!

  25. Greg, as I go thru these back ep’s I’m just amazed at the breadth and depth of piss-poor ideas openly available to an ravenous public. Listen, when it takes 10 minutes to explain “how-to” listen, comprehend and digest homeboy’s message, my BS detector goes up. With John Lash, it blew up. wrapping evil is a sweet, fluffy “goddess myth” is evil. Harsh I know, and I don’t throw the word out indiscriminately. Love THC+ as much as ever.

  26. Wow – Have been drawn to the Gnostic teachings recently and this was just what I was looking for. Some unpopular Truths in this one that rattle my worldview more than I expected, nonetheless the narrative stacks up and I’m going to be delving a lot deeper into this… Greg, you are a superb host and thank you for remaining chilled AF even in the Light of such revelations (I’m a humble stoner too but still get lost in anger and confusion!)

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