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Philip Fairbanks | Child Abuse Cases, MK Ultra, & Jon Benét Ramsey

Show Notes

Journalist and longtime THC listener joins the show to discuss the material in his book The Pedogate Primer.

Be sue to check out Phil’s website & YouTube Channel for more.

As mentioned, check out the free speech streaming platform for a media alternative to YouTube.

PLUS Content

  • The nuances of the Epstein/Maxwell situation.
  • The Hunter S Thompson stories.
  • Crimes of the cloth & religious organization scandals.
  • The 7th Floor Group.
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Keep up the fantastic work bro, can't wait for another crrow show too word is he has the LAW stuff down and has resources for people to fight in courts now


Hunter S Thompson claimed that he had been to hillbilly on David Letterman that was the bush camp at Bohemian Grove. I have heard some horror stories. I have not given it a listen yet but I'm going to stomach the whole thing. I have known about the Franklin Scandal and the finders cult years before pizzagate. It was one of the first times I ran into the not fun side of conspiracy. I'm ready for the darkness Greg


He sounds like Dale Gribble 🤣


How did you guys miss Colin Bately? Especially in regards to the conversation around 1:30. Greg– Jason Horsley and Nathaniel Harris are your dudes for this topic. I bet at least one of them would be down to chat. 


Jason Horsley would be a good one, has he been on before? I know he was on Skeptiko, that’s where I heard him first and thought his book The Vice of Kings was quite good.

Steven Sopaul Lal



Its a horror to humanity, this degradation of abuse of children. Those who even defend & excuse it, let alone perpetrate it, know  this: your sin stains your soul andwill be your undoing. My father told us kids, to the Indigenous people in Australia, to harm, victimise, abuse a child you would pay with your life because the child is the next generation to lead the tribe and you have damaged the future strength of the tribe. It made a lot of sense to me. Our dad was warning us kids about the dangers out there.

Thanks to Phill for doing this work and Greg for the important interview. All of us need to start or continue talking about the existance of paedophilia. The Howard government in 2009 passed a law suppressing investigation into CONVICTED political involvement in paedophilia- a 90 YEAR suppression order! 

For those who confront and fight the abusers & the child victims and survivors:  Psalm 23 v. 5 'Yea tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, yet I fear NO evil for Thou art with me, Thy rod and thy staff are a comfort to me.'

ryan withers

Hey there, your quoting of the bible reminded me of a passage I think is better suited to this dark topic.  All christians should open their eyes and check if their "balls" are there and ready to be used:

Mat 18:6 "But whoso shall offend(skan-dal-id-zo = to metaphorically make trip and fall, to offend or to entice to sin, cause one displeasure at a thing) one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him(or her!) that a millstone were hanged about their neck and that he(or she!) were drowned in the depth of the sea."

That passage comes from book of Matt Mark and Luke so I take it to be something to be noted.  While I dont identify as a christian, I do read some of the bible for information, its in there for those with eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart to understand it.  How many people have earned themselves a swim with a millstone around their neck by way of defiling children?  There are so many, it hurts heart to think on it  🙁


Interesting point, Zuckerberg is the only Big Tech head who is still in power.  These people are just disgusting to sexualize and abuse children.  I am a mother of 7 and 9 year old sons and it is just so sad that they can't just be kids.  We have a strict no Disney rule in the house, but its not just Disney its other organizations as well.    Thank you for bringing awareness to this very important subject.  Its awful and heart wrenching and stomach turning, but society really needs to wake up that this has and is still going on and harming children.  


Greg, you sounded a little apologetic in your wrapup. No need to be, I think. The guest raised some points I had never considered before, specifically with literary figures. I always wondered about the pedo stuff in Burroughs and Foucault (Nabokov, too, though he wasn't specifically mentioned in your interview). Maybe there's a bigger pattern there. 

I do think the guest came across as a little "black-pilled," as he himself said at one point. That's not a vibe for everybody, but the grim comedy your guest was offering may be an acceptable response to horror. I do of course wish we could talk about what could actually be done about the problem of pedophilia, short of keeping kids away from parties with Hollywood producers. But there may be no easy answers. 

el gallinazo

Greg, you should try to get Elisa E. on again.  Her only interview here was Ep. 77 and IMO you did not touch the things that I find most interesting.  To refresh your memory, she is a very credible “high level” MK Ultra survivor.  Her second book in particular deals with her interactions with malevolent interdimensionals.  She ( or “they” as she usually refers to herself, as her personality fragments are still to some degree dissociated), divides the administrators of the program into three levels which are top to bottom: programmers, controllers, and handlers.  The programmers are all multidimensional non-humans.  Connects with this Fairbanks episode in that her personality was originally primarily fragmented by being raped repeatedly as an infant by her father.  The occult aspect, as dark as it is, should be right in your wheelhouse.


Excellent interview, Greg! I'm teaching a graduate course on violence and victims, and I'm having the students read McGowan's book "Programmed to Kill" in addition to a more standard textbook. So far, the students are finding it interesting but also extremely disturbing. I'm really hoping that I don't traumatize them, but I feel strongly that people need to know about these crimes, especially these students who are either currently working for criminal justice agencies or will be in the future. Many of them have never heard of MK Ultra or SRA, the occult, etc. Their eyes and minds will be blown wide open. In other classes, I've assigned Handrahan's book called "Epidemic," which looks at child porn/child torture among the elites, or professionals working for the federal government, universities, law enforcement agencies, courts, etc. Greg has had her on as a guest (in 2018 or 2019). People need to wake up to the fact that pedophilia, child porn, etc is happening at the highest levels of society. The networks run wide and deep. 


I don't blame the guest for being or coming off as black-pilled. I feel black-pilled about a lot of this too but I keep the flame of hope alive when I require students to read books about this and then they learn about it, they can educate others in their circles… Perhaps eventually, these demonic people who are involved with pedophilia and trafficking will be brought down. I'll keep trying for as long as I'm still teaching and working at my university, and even afterwards. Thanks again for a great show!


In the fear and loathing in las Vegas book version, Hunter S Thompson says Lucy is from whitefish montana. Which is where I'm from. And I always felt that was a detail he couldn't have made up in the era of writing the book because it's a tiny nowhere town in NW MT, and in 80s that would have been far too obscure to just come up with. 

Also, does anyone else remember in the movie where he describes a blood drenched reptilian orgy? I've been thinking about that a lot lately, wondering if anyone else ever made that connection ?


Greg, if you want to hear about another serious sra scandal look up the Hampstead cover up. It's a rough one that involves Satanism, cps, and trafficking. Ultimately the two kids recanted and the biological mother was ran out of town. But we know people are coerced into recanting, it happened in the Franklin scandal. 


This is very disturbing, so much so I’m not sure how to rate it yet, but I am sure it’s my preference of the year so far.  We absolutely cannot recoil from the dark topics, no matter how much we wish to, on that I totally agree.  At the same time we know how ‘performance art’ works and that this dark side goes all the way back.  Those who have experienced altered states also understand how easily and deeply dissociation goes and my biggest issue with this guest is that he does seem incredibly disconnected from the emotional trauma of it all.  Sometimes what he’s saying and how he’s saying it are like oil and water.  And also, an extensive bibliography means nothing when you know these charades have been going on forever and the newspapers have never been legit.  There’s also a lot of mixing fact/fiction, which I’m not sure he was clear enough about—this is such a common practice of ‘occult’ writers and mentioning Mark Twain is a great example. It’s like all the great writers of that age that we are still continually quoting but few actually read, 1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World which now seem so relevant and folks question whether they were ‘part of the club’ or great predictors of human fate—but that’s the square right there, that’s the narrative framed, because they were talking about their present, only cloaked, this is exactly what was happening then, nothing has changed and nothing will change, because these researchers and authors are not connecting emotionally, that’s what makes all these authors forever profiting on this disgust so disturbing.

my 2 cents, thank you for what you do, so I can keep doing what I do. 😉



I enjoyed this episode and guest and his information. Hope to hear from him again.

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