Allen Greenfield Secret Cipher Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Allen Greenfield | The Secret Cipher Of The UFOnauts, Occult Alien Contact, & Hellier

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Allen Greenfield is not only a 35 yrs veteran of Ufology and UFO investigative work, he’s also been an occultist since 1960, and has practiced ceremonial magic almost as long. He also spent 2 decades climbing the ranks of the O.T.O. Only to leave the structured organization for a more independent and individualistic path to illumination.

He’s also the author of Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts and Secret Rituals of the Men In Black. Two books he wrote in the 90’s, but have now been reprinted as a single volume by Paranoia Publishing called The Complete Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts.

You might have seen Allen and his Secret Cipher featured in the popular paranormal series Hellier, where letters from a man seeking refuge from a group of little green goblins that were emerging from a cave to harass his family- sent the research team down a winding rabbithole of high strangeness.

Find Allen’s other books, including God Never Does The Same Thing Twice, on his Amazon author page.


PLUS Content

  • The Greys, Sexual Fluids, & Sodomy Secretions.
  • Wilhelm Reich, Orgone, and The Aliens.
  • The importance of banishing rituals.
  • Messages from beings from world’s conquered by the Greys.
  • Transcending dimensions via the Enochian process.

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  1. Fun conversation, and yes, “alien rape” is a breath of fresh air. All kidding aside, great guest and topic. Thank you both. #seektruth #dogood #share

    1. Wow. This is one of the great thc episodes imo. Great guest. This is the kinda guy that deserves a multi part series. Not just hot takes and unqualified speculation.

      1. Your interviews for the last month have been exceptional. I value your skills at letting people speak and asking great and appropriate questions that advance the discussion rather than derailing it. Praying for you in these crazy times my friend. Your higherlight is a much needed light for me.

        1. Well, the site-wide issue we had when the new website launched has been fixed, so it would be something more specific to your account. Please use the support ticket system and someone will get it worked out ASAP. 

          This episode also started differently than most, so pay careful attention that it's not just an illusion bc of that non-traditional start. 

  2. Ordered the book after the 3rd listen. "Meaningful coincidences" through the ordering process. Very fitting. Great guest….Great host…..keep up The Great Work.

  3. Does anybody here watched the Hellier series at Youtube ?

    I am at season 2 and they mention Greenfield some times…

    Anyhow, it is addictive to watch that !!

  4. I enjoyed watching hellier although there were long stretches of repetitive boredom where nothing was happening. i loved the idea & the occultic twinge.


    anyone know of any similar shows or movies with the occultic background? 


    listening to the episode now. 

  5. Interesting feller. Magick is like the old school analog version of where things are heading. So much from the old school to learn if actually recognized and observed. Not sure why science resists this so much but it's eventually gonna get there and will bring with it all the tech to tune and calibrate but not necessarily the deeper connection to the soul of a being. From my research the greys are real but just engage with reality in a different way. Maybe we would just be considered less advanced or just different. Maybe what we call  magick is something they do innately. It's a strange universe.

    Appreciate the stepping away from the Coronacraze, had to instant click "not interested"on a video message from Bill gates "to the people" lol 

    Check out a book called Incident at devil's den, it's in audiobook form too

  6. Something weird going on. I am seeing the 2hr11min plus show but it seems to start with the interview already in progress. No intro, and mid topic.

    Am I higher than I think I am?

    Edit: OK I am not too high that was just some weird pre-roll thing. You’re killing me, Greg. LMAO

    P.s. Love you, bro.

  7. What is the cipher?  I bought the book, read it, and still don’t know.   Does anyone know what the cipher is?   Or, does anyone have Allen’s contact info so I can ask him directly?   

  8. wow great show… he explains so well the concept of  angels/ ether beings ; and the influence they want to have on us and their motives!!!! 

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