Chris Knowles Gordon White Coronavirus Conspiracy Interview on The Higherside Chats podcast

Chris Knowles & Gordon White | Coronavirus Chaos, Mr. Global, & The Technocratic Plot

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Legends of THC lore come together for an emergency assembly of the highest order. I really wanted to talk to both Gordon and Chris about their thoughts on this sudden situation, and I’m glad we could all do it together.

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Stay safe out there, thanks for listening.

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-Event 201 & Pandemic drill running. -The potential of an incoming astroid. -Chris’ shamanic illness. -Getting in touch with the spirits. -What policies to expect in the aftermath. -What Chris is seeing on the Synchromystic side. -Nicholas Cage.

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  1. Greg this is why I’m so happy to subscribe! You went ahead and put together just about the best show for us to listen to. Great info to consider moving forward and great, entertaining and insightful show overall. Thank you!

    1. Agreed!

      I fucking love you guys. Thanks for a fat dose of cogent analysis. I’m now feeling better about the prospect of Bill Gates firing vaccines at my kids from drones : )

      I’ve been using this opportunity to talk to people about being more community minded and bringing supply lines closer, cleaner, local. Like, instead of approving that new supermarket that has been edging into town, why don’t we make that land a community farm and bump up employment opportunities 300%?

      Let’s turn the narrative back on them and make it work for us.

  2. Great interview thanks. I take the point about not using this crisis as an opportunity for educating friends and family on conspiracy theories. But I have taken to reminding them that the people pushing the hype are the same people that assured us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and a group of hijackers that didn’t know how to fly orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, and Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy all by himself. I remind them we are never told the truth, and now is not the time to start believing the mainstream news. Thanks Greg for your good work.

  3. Thanks for this episode. I have been wanting to see more Chris Knowles and every time you have him on it is so good. The addition of Gordon White just makes it that much better. Thanks again. Cheers

  4. I was thrilled for this – thank you. I have to admit tho that Gordon is so sure of his speculations it makes me cringe. Anyone who claims to know what’s going on right now just loses credibility. Other than that I’m glad to hear these viewpoints.

  5. This was an awesome extra, thank you so much!! Thank you for addressing the shaming of people who leave their houses, the cops being called on small businesses trying to stay open to literally feed their families. That’s what I woke up to in Pittsburgh today so this show was a cool breeze in hell. Can’t wait for Bubble Boyz…

  6. Wow! What a show and a different format to boot. It was like conspiracy crossfire!
    Speaking of crossfire, here in Philly, the gun store is busier than the supermarket but that’s more of an everyday thing.
    Speaking of supermarkets, hardly anyone was wearing any masks and it was easy to park my car.
    Speaking of the park, The park was choked full of people the other day. There was literally tens of thousands of socially isolated alone people enjoying the weather on their day off. No one seemed to be afraid of dying.
    And speaking of dying, if you ask anyone (the normals) around these parts, they’d say all this overreaction to the virus is overkill.
    There you have it, the Staadtgeist of Philly is pretty based even though not everyone is red-pilled.
    I love this show and community! Take it easy!

  7. Wow, Greg, I could not be happier for having signed up for plus, and especially right now. This was a real reality check. We’re in the thick of something big right now and I’m really glad you had the magical savants on for this one. Because it seems to me that from henceforth us skeptically minded folk are increasingly more at risk of expressing our opinions amongst our peers. I’m glad that we have the magi to lend their advice on how to nuance our opinions with grace, kindness, and intention.

  8. Great interview! I do have a rebuttal to Gordon’s comment about Amazon only selling medical and food supplies. That’s incorrect. They have decided to stop releasing purchase orders to vendors and third-party sellers unless it is medical, food, or high priority for Amazon. This only means that the vendors and third-party sellers are not receiving bulk purchase orders for their products to go into Amazon’s warehouse system. They can still sell on Amazon’s platform, and all of the listings are still available for direct-fulfillment/drop-ship. I’m only privy to this info because I work in it daily, but besides that, I loved the episode!

  9. Don’t know why nobody mentions the fact that the globalist always state how great it would be to have no borders and centralized harmonistic qualities, which of course is the bait to bring everyone into the totalitarian fold, in effect producing none of the said benefits. The control system only lies at this point.

  10. This is what I’m talking about! I loved this debate. Both such eloquent speakers. But have to say it was really uncomfortable to listen to Gordon’s flimsy arguments being torn apart. I would have to side with Chris on this one, his thoughts that globalism is dead, the op is likely a Chinese one and not American, and the virus is real. “You’re thinking like an American not a European.” Shit, I cringed so hard. Interesting Gordon kept using a bubble analogy, it seems the bubble of his own belief system is being burst. “Reverse transcriptase is only necessary in 50% of cells.” Hold up, what nonsense did you just say? Is he really trying to feign expertise in molecular biology? The audacity is impressive! Not surprising though from someone whose entire business model revolves around being a spoofer. Overall, amazing and timely episode!

  11. I’m “essential staff”, so except for working from home, still fully part of the slave system. Wish I could use this time to get some rest and do more prep of all kinds, for things to come, as I whole-heartedly believe we are entering a new chapter and I don’t want the bad guys to win. I’m hoping that like-minded people are connecting and realizing how many of us there are and that we are not going to let a crisis go to waste (😂😂😂 we’ve learned from the worst), escape this slave system forever and finally have a life worth living. Are you with me?

  12. This episode really stuck with me and I was thinking about some of the content pretty thoroughly. Then today I was sitting at my computer doing something for school and just staring at my screen when an idea hit me. In the education system who benefits from the virus the most? I’ll tell ya who, the companies that provide the accessibility to “remote education”. Its the same for companies and governments who need to have large scale conferences. Most Organizations are choosing to use a company called ZOOM.

    I started looking into zoom and sure as shit, there they are doubling their market price while the economy took a 24% hit! And the sketchiest part is that the majority of sales are by high-level insiders! The Ceo Eric Yuan sold 419,918 shares since the start of the year. Last year at this time the shares were worth 36 dollars, and during these crises where they are somehow benefiting, the CEO and the Chief Accounting officer are the largest sellers. Are they just non-believers of their companies fiscal future, or do they know something more?
    Anyways I don’t know if this is the right place to put this just wanted to let you know that this episode revelational and I will continue to chase the rabbit down the hole.
    Zoom stock closed last Tuesday at 135 dollars

  13. Quarantine !  How so ?

    If we can, for instance, go outside to get food in the grocery store… this should be enough "catch" any kind of virus.

    An air balloon can not keep its form if there is just one hole… It is or it is not air tight, there is not middle ground.

  14. RN here. Not everyone is being tested even if they are showing symptoms. If someone is acutely ill and needs to be hospitalized they are being tested because we do not need to cohort + and – people together. We have a separate covid unit with separate staff so we do not infect fragile people. People are getting pissed because they feel they have the virus and they want to be tested. If they are healthy enough to go home and ride it out, then that is where they are sent. They are instructed to call if they get worse.

    We only need to hospitalize critically ill covid patients because of the stupid PPE shortage. Treatment consists of support for their symptoms or any opportunistic infections, not the virus.

    Testing is only about 70% effective in positive identification and can have false positives, this is why we really only want to test people who are running high fevers, have low O2 sats, know they were exposed, and may need critical care. I doubt seriously we will ever test everybody. There is so much more I could probably say, but everyone will still have their own opinions.

    Also, if anyone is familiar with reactions to poison ivy then they can imagine what the immune system is doing to the inside of critically ill covid patients. Their immune systems are killing them by swelling and slowly leaking thick viscous fluid into lung tissue or whatever organ may get infected. Others react just like normal viral infections. Only time and research will tell why the body is over reacting in such a way. 

    1. Thank you chaosandorder for your post and for the work that you do. I wish that you could have gone on this show to give a sobering dose of reality.  

  15. Maybe its because I’m Scottish but I’ve always found White’s arrogance difficult to deal with. As far a the virus issue goes you should get Andy Kaufmann on !

  16. Two extreme thoughts. This Event 201 exercise isn't, perhaps, as big of a clue as people think. Governments, corporations, and agencies go through regular drills and simulations and exercises on a regular basis. Whether it be earthquake response, terrorist attacks, viral response and bioterrorism attacks, cyber attacks —  this is all very very common, practical, and necessary. That said, many of the same players behind Event 201 were also behind Dark Winter, an exercise that simulated a smallpox epidemic just weeks before the anthrax attacks (just after 9/11).  

    Maybe a previous guest has covered the Dark Winter – Event 201 connection, but in case they haven't, a couple of links below.

    basics on dark winter, wikipedia style:

    Whitney Webb's recent Part I of her newest series:

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