Richard Dolan UFO disclosure interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Richard Dolan | The UFO Disclosure Drip, Alien Contact, & The National Security State

Show Notes


It is a bit bittersweet to welcome Richard Dolan to THC with an interview that is releasing with a little extra delay due to how quickly the Coronavirus chaos jumped up to such an unprecedented place, but I’m also sure some of us are nostalgic for pre-corona conversation as well. It also puts his surveillance state comments in an interesting context, as we’re now even more dependent on these technologies to communicate in the wake of this current situation than ever before.

That said, Richard Dolan should be well-known to Ufology enthusiasts, as he’s one of the best personalities in the UFO space.

You can find his books at Richard Dolan Press and find his premium content at Richard Dolan Members. Richard is also active on Twitter @RichDolan.

I would also recommend Richard’s recent appearance on Skeptiko if you’re hungry for more.

PLUS Content

  • Wilhelm Reich and the potential for attracting UFOS.
  • Orgone, Sexual Energy, & Aliens.
  • Hybrids.
  • Spiritual technologies.
  • Self-organizing plasmas & consciousness.
  • Real reptilians among us.

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  1. Greg. Absolutely love your show but what the hell did you do to the site? I log in then go to the show to listen and it logs me out and only gives me the free version. I had to log into the review part to listen to the Plus version. Am I doing something wrong?

    You got the best show in podcasting. The only one I pay for and the 2nd hour is totally worth every penny every time. Thanks for putting out amazing content. 

  2. 10/10 Greg! (except the “star fire” slip) I’m really looking forward to what comes out of your plasma physics person. Also, if you want to get in contact with the SAFIRE project for an interview, you could ask Eileen Mckusick, she’s got a direct line to Montgomery Childs (head of the SAFIRE team). Great stuff as always Greg. Cheers 🤓

  3. Sorry, but please utilize a support ticket for support. I have tech people who can sort these things out better than I can personally in the comments section. 

  4. This is the best guest you've had in awhile in my opinion. You were on point as always. I finally became a plus member last week after a year of listening to the show. I've been enjoying the archive during these time's. 

  5. My two heroes! I loved this interview. Have been fans of both of yours for years. This episode was packed full of information, intelligent discussion and frankly was a fantastic break from all the craziness lately. Thanks to both of you, keep doing what you do!smiley

  6. I'm sorry you're having trouble, but please submit a support ticket. Comment sections aren't really designed for tech support, and "Fix the site" doesn't really give us enough info to help you, but we'll get it sorted if you can give us more info with a support ticket. 

  7. Been waiting for this forever, what a fantastic interview, Greg's questions were on point, well done.. I was cool to hear Dolan's thoughts on things he typically doesn't delve too much into On his shows.. Was just a great job by both 

  8. Thanks about fixing my Plus account !!


    About RD: A few minutes listening and i recalled Sylvie Ivanowa about all that "history" they force on us and the expertise of Dolan about it…

  9. Whoa! Super stoked for the plasma episode! I absolutely can’t wait for that one as I have been doing my own research into this area for awhile and want some fresh takes!!

    thanks for all you do man

  10. After had listened:

    Imagine two large recipients of water. Pure water.

    But in one of them someone put one drop of sewer. It is just one drop in thousands of liters of water.  But if you know about all that and can choose from witch recipient to drink of… what would be ?

    Doland connects with  S. Friedman witch connects with Michael Aquino and with the false myths about Roswell and ETs, etc…

  11. Greg, I honestly felt like by the end of this interview you were taking notes. If you weren’t then you should have. Richard and Tracy are the only others that I listen to on a regular basis. One of the reasons is because when Richard speaks you can just tell the hours and hours or years behind what he is going to say. I’m very glad that you 2 got together for this. I know you guys can collaborate on a lot more. Oh well I’ve taken up too much time now. Have a good day.

  12. Hi, Greg — You NEED to check out the work of Nancy Red Star.  She has done extensive research regarding 'Sky Ancestors' and interviews of indigenous people worldwide.  

  13. Great interview!  I’ve heard dozens of interviews with him and I while I always enjoy listening to him, I really appreciate that you managed to make this fresh by not asking the same old questions he’s been asked to answer dozens of time.  

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