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Alison McDowell | Human Capital Markets, Predatory Philanthropy, & The Gamified World

Show Notes

Alison McDowell is a mother and dedicated researcher studying the working parts of the World Economic Forum’s declared “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and the global takeover of industries and public policies by the central banks, multinational corporations, big tech technocrats and billionaire funded foundations.

Follow Alison’s work at Wrench In The Gears & watch her recent presentations:

Biometric Health Passports And The Panopticon

Level Up: Life In A Post-Pandemic Video Game


PLUS Content

  • Token economics.
  • Geo-fencing & the space based global prison.
  • How major video game companies are involved.
  • Ras Ben, other colleagues, & the spiritual aspects of this.
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greg t

I agree. It blew my mind when I first stumbled upon her research, the problem is it's not easily digestible for people who want something quick and salacious (trying to get your head around what a social impact bond is lol)

Are you aware of Cory Morningstar Greg? She's on the same level as Alison but focuses more on the environmental side things.


Larry La Marca

Greg, you are such a nice guy, somebody out there just does not like you! I hate to say this, but I do the same with J.B.W. I know it/s petty and childish, but that guy has lied to his "family" so many times, I just cannot stand him. I subscribed there for 6 years when I was working, and he NEVER asks his subscribers for their opinions, unless he is forced to. I remember laughing when you read the e-mail from some guy who pretty much accused you of the same things. I have never heard you lie. For what it's worth, I think this was maybe your BEST show ever. I have not heard anyone lay it out the way she did. Times are tough all over, and I have exactly two dollars in my wallet, and I owe everyone, but if I ever get in a better place, I will be back! By the way, it was not I who rated that program so low.



Someone may have downvoted b/c they thought the presenter is opposed to social services in general? Obviously, what she is saying is that corporations and banks (under the veil of philanthropy) want to turn your preschooler into a traceable data point to be bought and sold for profit, not to offer your child the opportunities to climb out of poverty and reach their full human potential.

Ken Jacobsen

Sorry for weighing in later. I had to listen to this a few times, not that it was hard to listen to, but, that the level of information was off the hook.
I would say this was one of your best interviews Greg…Mind Blown.


Carry the flame/ be the spark that lights the way. She articulates it all very well. I know I’ve shared her in the past with friends as she isn’t sensational like an Icke, not sure if they “heard” as much as I thought they would from it but I know some points stuck- and to me that’s a win! Love the sentiments on projecting our intent and sharing good information when we can.  Great interview and I look forward to hearing more from her. You’re interviews, as always are knocking it out of the park. Thanks for all you do!


She and her work are new to me, I'm looking forward to listening to this and hearing another perspective about what's going on in the Pantomime. 


And, aye, his interviews are really good 🙂 

Julie Smith

Brilliant, Allison has stumbled upon this by local involvement which offered a real handle on the big picture. It blows my mind yet smacks of “duh!” I have also been doing research long enough to understand almost all the conspiratorial terminology Greg lays down in his preface segments and prologues concluding with, “your fucking move.” I fucking love that. I Finally used a free code & stuck around. I find myself pregnant again after 12 years since my youngest was born. This will be my 5th child. My husband and I are very surprised. We were not surprised almost 21.5 years ago when this was happened but I hate to admit that I am scared. Thanks for helping me with hope, I can sense your desire for truth and sincerely wanting the best for humanity. This is overwhelming but I am trying to find strength. The gifts and blessing come and the abundance is overwhelming as well. Whoa, here we go. 

Samuel Dean

Congratulations Julie! Life is beautiful regardless of how it ends.

I'm a father of 7 with the youngest – 10


I’m pregnant too, but it’s my first time! It was a total accident (so be careful to the women out there tracking their cycle, apparently it’s not a guarantee lol), and my partner and I were not considering children anytime soon! The state of things is uncertain, but I’m also having my eyes opened to all the things having this kid will make us finally do. Maybe we will make a move to a like minded community where there will be other people and children. I don’t know yet how everything will pan out. I’ve heard some talk about the next generation of kids being extra spiritually in tune, and though I don’t think that’s a guarantee, I think it would make sense and it’s a nice thought. Congratulations to you, and I hope you can find some peace of mind 💜


She crazy. Staffing agencies have been around for a long time. They help u get a job and the take a little bit of your check. Pre K help has been around for parents who want their kids to get a headstart before they go into kindergarten. There is no malicious intent for pre k. Parents get their kids into pre k programs because they use it as child care. LOW INCOME PARENTS USE PRE K PROGRAMS FOR FREE CHILD CARE. 

Nils Hansen

Interesting, the comment prior to mine; and I see a couple of thumbs down. Knee jerk reaction, I’m guessing. I’m feeling that the person who wrote it doesn’t have millions, or billions….. and not connected to the network I consider to be a dark sinister gang. But they have an experience that warrants listening to, just to try and understand why. Seems important right now. Even though I see it differently.

Alison was amazing as she drew back a curtain of what’s seeming very possible as the play of deception continues. She’s grounded, connected, intelligent and sees a very large field. And to think, how much is being unloaded right now. It took many privileged intellects years to build the map.

Shes enormous !  And a gift giver…..


Can anyone point me to the work referenced  about the 10 cities/ 10 nations (Australia, Uk and Israel) that was mentioned in this podcast. 


Thank you so much, keep up the fantastic work!!


This interview was a grand slam.  Thank you for introducing me to Alison's work Greg.


One of the all time best THC. Worth a second listen. So important. However I want to use this space to state that Philadelphia is in my experience the weirdest city on earth. I lived there 2 years. I’ve been fairly privileged and gotten to live in a bunch of “great” cities and traveled all over but I still get a chill down my spine whenever I think about my time living there. Philly is the only place I’ve lived where I felt like I was living in a bubble or I was an alien. Everywhere else I’ve lived I quickly made friends and gotten to feel part of the zeitgeist but in Philly I was constantly shut out of things or I’d meet people who were initially friendly but then I’d be ghosted. I lived near the art museum and I’d walk all over the city and be simultaneously in awe of the history and architecture and at the same time I felt invisible and had so many awkward and uncanny experiences. The energy there is so distinctive and unsettling. I ended up working in ny and felt wonderful there where I have so many contacts but every time I went back to Philly I felt like I was in a simulation of life. I remember having a long conversation with a college friend who grew up in Philly and he kept apologizing for the city because he instinctively knew what I was going through but we could never arrive on what “it” exactly was. The feel of that place is just frightening and I never want to go back. 

Melissa Tuggle

 As a woman afflicted with iaterogentic disease, I know firsthand that electronic and psychological warfare are being used by housing authorities and large purveyors of below mkt. rate housing (funded by JP Morgan, etc) for disabled & middle-to-low income residents in California.  EWF guinea pigs and political targets are subjected to satanic terrorism, no privacy, police-state gang stalking, online harassment. (Google works with NSA and has Delgado patents.) EAH uses model of residential, community-based prison. They work with legislative and executive branches of the government. Military-medical industrial complex is also actively participating in electronic and psychological warfare on targeted individuals. If you know that cancer, autism and the autoimmune epidemic are caused by documented animal cancer viruses and neurotoxins in the vaccines, you're considered a national security target. Our entire healthcare system is set up with the knowledge that they're waging domestic warfare. (Doctors can't afford to keep up with Obamacare paperwork and go out of private practice. Medical corporations that take Medicare are subject to police state rules.) Homeless epidemic here is not just happening all by itself. It's definitely a social agenda being worked on, and  property values have caused greed and desperation to destroy many families and bring out the worst in human nature. 


Great guest Greg, I believe there is a collective consciousness, but I worry that “ time is on our side” , is not quite true, I feel that  the technocrats, and powers that be are gaining.

Jonathan Frame

I would just like to say that after listening to THC for years, this was the best episode I've heard and is why I finally joined as a plus member. I am excited to listen to the second hour.

Matthew Wirtala

I only started listening to THC a couple of months ago (introduced via Rune Soup) and this (along with the Lynne McTaggart episode) also nudged me into getting a + membership. Her conversations here and with Gordon at RS have both really rattled me… and I don't even have kids. Thanks and keep these up!

Moshe Diane Ramsay


Bring her back!


High calibre guest, Greg, cheers


Outstanding work and very organized, meticulous deliver. Thank you so much. Here’s a related link from Giza Death Star


Aye a Salt Lake City mention! Solid episodes recently but this one is really well rounded. Great work Alison on all the details. Ammo for sure!


Five years in for me on THC and best material yet (that’s really saying something).

 I know we are best armed together than fighting this as individuals. But organizing and mobilizing at a scale necessary to effectively combat this agenda is too slow while “they” seem to be accelerating.  If you think about the oxygen mask scenario – put your mask on first so you can help others – I wonder what Alison would say about that in this context? What can we do NOW as individual family units that will help us remain as sovereign, secure and agile as possible so the larger force of opposition can grow from a base of “secure” individuals? (Things are getting really weird really fast)


To all recovering liberals, please stop crapping all over the founding fathers. Yes many of them held slaves, yes they werent perfect. For the time they were the progressives and with out them we very well could still be struggling under monarchy. Also quit crapping all over capitalism. The original idea of capitalism was privately owned capital and means of production. Which mean you not your master has the right to own business. Corporate oligarchy protected by the government is not capitalism. The newly awakening progressives need to stop dividing. You will lose everything if you do not have the conservative right. Get off your virtue signaling moral cult horse The conservative right are the freedom soldiers. The only thing left the elites fear, thus why their trying so hard to shut them down. Your waking up progressives but remember the right woke up long ago.  


That being said loved the interview, great information. Glad to have a new THC guest that knows their stuff!


Total side conversation- listened to Anthony Patch’s interview with you from 2015. Wow- was he ahead or what? Anyway to bring him back? The guy was on the pulse 5 years ago. 


Hey THC members , I really enjoyed this episode and I am hoping someone can help me out with a specific late remark Alison said right after the Lakota Indian comment she mentions another group of Native Americans and their Chauga ceremony …hoping someone can hear what she said. I can’t figure it out. My wife and I are into Chaga hunting and would love to learn more about the people and their traditions. Thx 


Greg, Thank you so much for your response.  Its my first response ever.  My wife and I have been followers for a few years and we love your show.  I have been trying to listen to ever single show in your archive.  I have a quick story to share because its pretty awesome and something that happens a lot to my wife and I.  Yesterday I had to drive about an hour and a half to coach my athletes at a Ski Resort in Maine (I live in Franconia NH).  I love the 1.5 hr drives because its about one of your episodes.  Anyways on my ride back home I got to the part of your show where Allison talked about the Chaga and the ember carrying briefly and I was like wow we are chaga people isnt that cool.  I immediately thought about my wife and what she has been doing (herbalist in the woods, christine mckim) and how her and I have been able to communicate since we were very little together without being in the same space (she is a spiritualist, reiki master, herbalist).  I called but she didn't pick up.  When I got home she was there and I said "man Carlwoods episode with Allison was pretty telling) and there was this one small part that I could not make out about Chaga and burning embers in it and I thought that was awesome.  Chrissy looked at me and showed me what she had just done which was she had just completed one of her Intention walks, cuddled up to some of her chaga in nature and burned it and gave it back to the chaga  at the basically the same exact time.  Anyways I thought it was a sweet story that you and your show were directly involved with that had a ton of Positive Intention.  Cheers and Merry Christmas. CLARK   

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