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Sofia Smallstorm | Secret Agendas, Oxidative Stress, & Holistic Health

Show Notes

Closing out the year is the return of one of the soundest sages of Southern California, the great Sofia Smallstorm. She’s always had a good handle on health, medicine, consciousness, & the many things in this slice of the pie that one would find most useful in their 2020 navigation. Today, she returns to remind us of what we’ve forgotten, and school us on the latest avenues of her vast and multidisciplinary research.

Check out her blog and her store for more.

PLUS Content

  • Sunlight, our skin, & our eyes.
  • The depth and importance of Breath.
  • Freud and the brain pill paradigm.
  • Taking the soul from people.
  • Lessons from Comanche history.
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