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Sofia Smallstorm | Secret Agendas, Oxidative Stress, & Holistic Health

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Closing out the year is the return of one of the soundest sages of Southern California, the great Sofia Smallstorm. She’s always had a good handle on health, medicine, consciousness, & the many things in this slice of the pie that one would find most useful in their 2020 navigation. Today, she returns to remind us of what we’ve forgotten, and school us on the latest avenues of her vast and multidisciplinary research.

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PLUS Content

  • Sunlight, our skin, & our eyes.
  • The depth and importance of Breath.
  • Freud and the brain pill paradigm.
  • Taking the soul from people.
  • Lessons from Comanche history.

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  1. This has been a fantastic year for you man I became a subscriber and I appreciate the episodes you ran about the black issues, it means alot man keep up the hard work

  2. Congratulations on another spectacular year with THC – our favorite podcast and host!  Thank you for your continued commitment to excellence with a beautiful dose of humility and reverence to the “cause”, and for the inspiration to go within, and beyond, ourselves.  Thank you for doing what you do, so well!!

  3. Soooooooo glad to be back on the plus side. Totally missed the extra goodness.

    Loving this episode, and just wanted to pause to toss out an idea …. the reference to using leeches as being horrible and primitive … maybe is wasn’t? 

    We take blood from humans now to analyze it in a lab. Maybe early healers used the leech to take the blood, rather than a needle, then observed the leech in the same way a microscope observes the blood. Maybe there were different things that happened to the leeches depending on what was wrong with the human. Diabetes might generate one response from the leech, while cancer would generate another? 

    So maybe it wasn’t meant to be just a gross, random treatment. Maybe it was no different then using dried rose hips as a source of vitamin C in the winter. 

    Just a thought, as I’m trying to aware of the thoughts I think with.

    so happy to be back. Much gratitude.

  4. Me again. Just chiming in to reinforce what Sofia says about manifestation. Her example of the focused wish for the swimming partner is exactly how it works. I do it every day.

    Example, I was at the store and, just after I checked out, I saw packages of fancy hot chocolate. This is not something I would normally buy, but for a moment, a true wish rose from my heart wanting a couple of packs for my son. However, I had already been through the store as the only person without a mask and using cash, and honestly didn’t want to push the envelope by turning around and getting back in line, so I let it go.

    The next day, a friend dropped off an unexpected gift. In it were packages of fancy hot chocolate.

    literally, this happens all the time. Multiple times per day. 

    We can all do this. It’s how it works. Much love to all.

    1. Sorry. As I read my comment, I realized I wasn’t clear regarding the manifestation thing…..

      I don’t believe that my wishing for hot chocolate made the hot chocolate appear. In terms of timelines, that’s impossible, as my friend had bought the gift some days earlier.

      What my “wishing for hot chocolate” did was predispose me to “want the hot chocolate” in the gift that was coming. Does that make sense? 

      Maybe it is more like we are sensing what we are about to encounter, so we can align with it better when it arrives. 

      So for Sofia, her wish didn’t manifest the lady and her dog. They had set out before Sofia had her thought.

      Sofias wish was like a prompt from the universe to get her to engage with the lady, who otherwise might have passed unnoticed, or with only a passing wave. 

      Make sense? Am I getting closer?

  5. Thank you Greg, I can’t even begin to tell you how your podcast has changed my life and my mindset. You can’t get them all, but getting them all was never your job! Keep shining this light in the world, and the ones who can hear and heal, will do just that. We’re all in progress. 🌟💜🌟

  6. Mind blown!  
    I’m a nurse who loves physiology.  I was wise (just like her) to stay out of med schools, too.

    She’s given me more good, sensible information!

    Thanks, Greg.  
    Bring her back any time.

  7. Another banger brother! Thanks for all your hard work during this wildly insane year. Best wishes for you and your wife in the coming onslaught of bullshit I’m sure 2021 has in store 🤙🏼

  8. This is one of the best discussions that Ive heard on THC which is saying a lot given the likes of crrow, shamangineer, eric dollard. Sofia Smallstorm stacks right up there with the big bosses of The Higherside Chats.  And as always, great interview Greg.

  9. For the sake of feedback for Sofia — she has good information regarding health and wellness. However, I didn't appreciate her notion that "read[ing] 12 books" qualifies her to offer ANY form of insight regarding the libraries' worth/massive topic of Native American culture. I want to thank you, Greg, for subtly redirecting her toward her areas of expertise when Sofia got toward more opinion and less information in her speech.

    Related but a slight aside — she mentioned by name the Comanche, Pueblo, and Apache cultures, but then later spoke of "puha," which I know to be a Shoshone word and is further associated with the Numic (Uto-Aztecan) language group around the notion of the personal will in action. Clearly, I was unimpressed with this aspect of Sofia's offering. So, I will end my critical feedback there.  

    Thank you, Greg, for everything you do, and your finesse in interviewing so many different people, FOR so many different people. 

  10. Greg, you've been shining a light on this year's darkness. I think I've been a subscriber for about three years and it's the best content I get for my money…and I subscribe to Spotify and Netflix! 

  11. Great show, full of great information Greg. Always professional and so well orchestrated.

    P.S. to the community member who took issue with the Native American reference, it is great to always bring light to culture and history of the Ancestors of this land. However, as member of the Haudenosaunee and a long time listener I personally was proud to just hear the reference and took it as a “ tip of the hat” to one culture, from a member of another just trying to understand each other.

    Love and light to everyone.

    1. Greetings, fellow traveler.  I greet you as a member of the Shoshone.  I apologize if I speak before you as one of my elders.  To clarify my statements, it was not Sofia's references to Native culture that bothered me.  What bothered me was her statement, "I've read 12 books!" and the tone she took thereafter. 

      I did not hear Sofia speak in a manner which denotes that she is recognized as a clan mother or clan grandmother.  I am not sure of whether or not she is an elder at this point in her walk.  However, the generalizing statements and lack of clarity regarding her knowledge (in context of the '12 books' comment) is something I personally found more harmful, than helpful.  But I am not the only person listening.  It is good to hear that others did not interpret Sofia's comments as I did.

      Thank you, fellow traveler, for reminding me of the pride we can take in simple acknowledgements from those outside of the cultures.  It is a both/and rather than an either/or situation.  Be well on your walk.  Hoo wee hoo.

  12. I just started taking some of Sophia's Nascent Iodine and using her Satic Pulse Warm White Light bulbs. Thank you so much for this episode, Greg! I loved this interview and learned so much! 

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