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Joint Session Bonus Show | Eugenics, Alien Spaceballs, & Grimes

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Welcome to the latest Joint Session bonus show for Plus Members. Leave me a voicemail to get on the next one!


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You should be proud Greg! Bringing so much to the table and, delivering the very best interviews. Top tier indeed. I can hear a guest on other shows but, boy do I get excited when I see that same guest post on The Higherside Chats. đź’Ż


Huge Grimes fan here!

Grimes is very much a visual artist influenced by Asian aesthetics. Do you think decades worth of Asian countries wearing masks and turning them into cultural aesthetic and artistic projects are predictive cabal programming? Me either. I genuinely don’t believe it was intentional on their part. Grimes has used masks in many projects.

The “Violence” single he’s referring to was featured on an album titled “Miss Anthropocene” and was an attempt by Grimes to personify different negative human aspects (rape, climate change, body dysmorphia, war, etc) as demons.

I agree that it’s something worthy of dissection, but more as an attempt to understand esoteric and creative artwork rather than something conspiratorial.

It’s easy to conflate associations with powerful people as something nefarious, but I like to urge people to work a little harder to, you know, not always make everything negative?

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There’s a vid on Yt from France. In it is a poster about the “CV passport”. They zoom in on the poster’s printed date on the bottom left corner-it is shown as janvier 2020.
going to watch Grimes now.


Thanks Greg, sold me with “when you tip a waitress $8.00 she doesnt roll out with a whole second meal!!! But, I do…so get that 2nd meal” hahahaha, well done.

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Thank you Greg I love the joint sessions I got a call in one day


Lol, the end of podcast when Greg read’s listeners’ comments is like Jimmy Kimmel’s show where celebrities reading “mean tweets”.

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Shout out to you, Chris from North Carolina.


best session ever, thank you everyone.


Greg .. your opening salvo was exquisite., crystalline.. and I haven’t even started the show yet . Rock steady


I love when The Carlwood is in a salty mood- he speaks the truth!


So, when do I call in for the next one?

Steve Dale

Opening was great but I had to abort after the first caller.


I skip some callers but I don’t want to miss the gems A la Carlwood!


I 100% agree with Ana from Europe’s comments. You’re a natural Guide & likely clairaudient. And consistently the best interviewer out there, across pod, radio, tv, streaming, etc. I’m glad you prepare and use an outline, and write some pieces of script.


I am a proud Father of 3 and Grandfather of 4. My 22 year old Daughter gave birth to her Daughter literally into her own arms with not a Doctor in sight!!!. The midwife/nurse seemed to have missed it as well. My Granddaughter just turned one is unvaccinated and absolutely thriving. Thanks THC love ya work (:


Thanks Chris from North Carolina for sharing. I cried with you. I wish you a beautiful healing journey.

Amanda Stephen

Ana brought tears to my eyes. I agree you are a treasure Greg.

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