Eric Dollard | Revealing Secret Sciences, Tesla Tech, & The Physics Fallacy

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Today on the podcast, Eric Dollard, sits down to talk about his life in fringe sciences and other areas that have been quarantined away from the scientific community.

Eric Dollard is an electrical engineer who is known as a “living legend” in the field of electrical research and is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable expert alive today, on the true nature of electricity.

Check out more from Eric and his fundraiser campaign at:

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    1. Yes he is a tough interview indeed. He will take off on a 15 minute,mindblowing rant and like together 7 totally fascinating facts off from a simple question or comment one minute and then when you think its going well-he stops. All done. And then waits quietly for another question. Lol He is definitely a different kind of character, and that makes him a difficult interview, but the information he holds, in my opinion, is of the highest of quality of truth you will find.

      I think a ton of interesting things came up also. I’m excited to read some of his newest stuff. I hope he can continue his research but I REALLY hope he continues to put his knowledge down on paper so its available to the people to learn from. I think its important for him to continue to work out his theories because I feel they are invaluable.

  1. I thought if anyone could get Eric to go down a few rabbit holes and speculate on some of the more interesting topics we here at THC have a sweet tooth for it would be you Greg. I was elated to hear him touch on Hollow Earth, Electric Universe Model type of theory, a more correct light/matter model and others. I was disappointed he didn’t allow himself to speculate more on certain topics though, but to me it shows that he has s solid scientific mindset. I would really like to pick his brain and get his opinions on the more speculative topics.

    I have to say, you did a great job with interviewing Mr Dollard! He can be a difficult person to get to engage in certain ideas or topics that he doesn’t have personal experiences with or anything he can’t verify with quantifiable evidence and his “simple” explanations can very often twist the mind of an average person that’s trying to follow along in pretty short order but you did an admirable job. When he really gets going he can make a room full of master electrical engineers feel stupid and stammer along in hopes of grasping the idea and wisdom of his 4 quadrant Electrical model and how it explains electromagnetism (and most eveything else) so eloquently. I also appreciated your research into his work and the questions you had lined up for when he stopped talking.

    I will post more in the forum so I don’t take up too much space here but I wanted to say that I admire you for taking on this interview and doing such a great job of keeping some kind of fluidity going while delving into topics off the beaten path that very few people have dared to tread down.

    Bravo, my man… Bra-f*cking-vo

  2. If you buy this, why would it be so hard for you to buy Christianity? I think that most people don’t follow Christianity because it’s too mainstream and people love being hipsters lol. Greg I love the way you interview man! Keep up the good work!

      1. Some difficult info to take in, given how as to an educated but lay person in advanced physics; Newtonian mechanics seems to work for us. His crowd-funding ads to the fear of being fooled (Google ‘Steorn zero-point energy’). I’m not saying I’m totally sceptical, but this is the first I’ve heard from him. I’d love to see some of these amazing claims in action. Even just sound levitation would blow my mind. As for hollow earth, would that mean 24 hr daylight? It happens at points on the surface, but that can be explained again by Newtonian mechanics. Fascinating stuff. Definitely deserves serious attention though.

        One thing off topic that makes me uncomfortable is his continuous referring to Asians as ‘Orientals’. Plus he has no idea what ‘Socialism’ is. We are not living in ‘Socialism’ – not even close.

        Good show nonetheless.

  3. I really loved this. I like that Mr. Dollard has out-there views but doesn’t indulge in speculation or hyperbole, and doesn’t demand in any way that you buy his story. He’s just doing his thing, and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. It gives him more credibility that he’s not trying to evangelize, the way that a few of the previous interviewees seemed to slip into.

  4. Holy Cow, you got Dollard! One up for Higherside. That fellow is a Tesla or Boscovich in the wrong age. I knew my membership would be worth it, but this is more than I expected.

    1. The mathematics will remain consistent, the numbers will work the same and all the functions of mathematics are intact, its the replacement of numbers into the equations, different ideas of what to put into the equations or equations themselves that are going to be different. So its what the numbers represent and the logic of his conclusion is what is so interesting snd not the number crunching itself.

      I guess if you just want to crunch numbers to verify his calculations you can do that. But you would need a firm grasp of conventional physics and the laws and the anomalies within current scientific theories to compare to Eric’s “New Math” to understand the fundamental discrepancies. Basically it comes down if Mr Dollard’s “New Math” explains what we can perceive and quantify of the fundamental nature of subtle energies and forces better than current physics equations do, inwhich case, Eric’s mathematical equations would better express and predict the anomalies in the current equations to which point they would not be an anomaly, but an integrated mathematical expression within the equation itself.

      I hope that came out right and makes sense.

      If I can get my hands on some of his work and can get permission from Eric to share it I will post it if Greg hasn’t by then.

      The implications of a fundamental change in the speed of light and better understanding of how light behaves is huge. It would literally change the whole world of physics, science and reality as we know it.

      1. Please do. Here is a listener with a Math degree, whom should be able to understand this new math. This info needs to get into the hands of people who can not only understand it, but are also open minded enough to give it a fair reading and put it into practice. I know I might sound like a naysayer, but in fact I am the opposite. I want this information to be worked on by more people.

          1. I wouldn’tcut yourself short, Greg. Thank you but Eric is the smart one, I just have enough understanding to debate the proposition that meesterkitty (with all due respect) might have misunderstood Eric’s “new math” and that in addition to a mathematical degree one would also need to have a firm grasp of the current physics theories and thought processes of light along with all of the anomolies the current physics model can’t account for, then understand Mr. Dollardstheory and compare them to see if Erics math would account for the anomalies within his equations. Then you can crunch tge numbers to be sure he didn’t forget to carry a 1 somewhere.

  5. I had never heard of this Gentleman before. Very interesting interview Greg, I’m no electrical engineer or physicist so have no idea if what he is telling us is real or not.

  6. Really great stuff. Wish I was more educated and could follow up on my own. Have no problems with anything stated in this interview. Would really be interested in hearing Eric’s thoughts on the random sounds being heard around the world, you know the ones people keep attributing to trains. Recently heard in Terrace BC Canada and previously in Battleford SK Canada and I think elsewhere in the northern hemisphere but not sure. Very little time to dig into any of this on my own so Gregg your show is more than appreciated and this episode especially. Will be sharing and hopefully get some more plus subscribers headed your way. Thank you.

  7. I suddenly wish I was smarter, or had a better science back ground. But I feel like this was the confirmation I needed about the hollow earth. And I had previously heard that free energy would be taxing to the earth, but now I feel like I have a handle on why and I’m changing my opinion. Very cool show.

  8. Greg, you have developed into quite the awesome interviewer. This could have been a tough one for a layman, but your preparation really shows and results in fascinating segues.

  9. Awesome, thank you both! This is a great continuation of the thread on vibrational energy you’ve had since I started listening a few months ago. There is so much exciting research these days exposing electromagnetic linkages between the brain, heart, and earth’s magnetic field as a whole. Makes the potential implications to the bypasses of the transformers he was talking about staggering, if I’m understanding correctly and that means you could propagate signals over the entire grid.

    Yeah, I think Dollard would be a tough interview for anyone. There is a scientific priesthood, which makes him a heretic monk.

  10. What a character! Living out of his car, writing books on park benches – half Kerouac , half Einstein. Great the way he kept to his personal integrity of process by refusing to speculate *too much*, but still managed to get into hollow Earth, spiritual warfare and the Electric Universe. Might have to check out his Introduction to Tesla – I’d like to know how to go from toaster repair to harnessing the latent power of the Ionosphere.

    1. I’ve seen the same videos before. First, the quick cuts are obviously taking a lot of offensive words and phrases and stringing them together without context. It also has nothing to do with the science or information presented. It really doesn’t effect my view much at all.

  11. re-visiting this interview after a year & a half of continued & expanding, understanding, & research into the flat earth. To say the least, it is incredible. So much more of this makes sense to me now. Thanks again Greg for an outstanding interview.

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