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Zachary K. Hubbard | Number Games: 9/11 to Coronavirus

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Zachary K. Hubbard is an elementary school teacher, who since 2013 has been educating about Gematria, the ancient and occult practice of coding number into words. This code of Gematria is used every single day by mainstream media and governments to contrive news and with it, agendas that shape the world we live in.

His inspiration to learn this code came on September 11, 2001, when as a freshman in college, he witnessed the biggest lie ever told, and he promised himself that he would expose the lie for what it is, and those responsible. Since 2013, he has not only been helping people see through mainstream propaganda, but he has also been helping them win considerable sums of money in the world of sports and stocks, because as he has proven, those things are rigged by the Gematria code, no different than the news, and they are all being contrived together, and all by the same entity.

As he’d tell you, it is no coincidence that after 9/11 and the Patriot ACT came the emergence of the New England Patriots, led by Tom Brady, a man who runs a 40 yard dash slower than most grandmothers. To date, he has authored two books, Letters & Numbers (2018), and Number Games, 9/11 to Coronavirus (2020). He has also created over 10,000 YouTube videos on the subject and over 30,000 blog posts, many of which have been censored by Google and Big Tech.

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PLUS Content

  • What Zach has been analyzing to crack the 2020 World Series puzzle.
  • Are the elite breeding people for specific cultural roles?
  • The Glade X pandemic simulation, 666 days before the real one.
  • Falling Down, The World Trade Center, & Coronavirus.
  • Was what we’re told about the solar system made up to fit the Gematria Matrix?
  • Gematria’s predictive power outside of the world of sports.
  • What the Boondocks Oracle says about the upcoming election results.

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  1. Zachary Hubbard is throwing gems all over the ground, for those who are brown leaves falling off the autumn brushed trees. Thoroughly enjoyed his knowledge of how the script runs the world! Bravo Higherside for having him as a guest again!

  2. Delivering another stellar show Greg, this does pair nicely with Mr. Wann, and Phoenix. I personally enjoy playing with numbers, letters, the geometry of them both, relating them to how they sound and the meanings they convey in my head, and often find myself in awe of the complexity and beauty you can discover in. It sometimes feel that you are projected into a fractal, entranced by resonating forms. Keep looking though and it gets to the point where  you cannot stop looking. In a way that it changes your perspective, it is a really synced out way of going down a rabbit hole, while actively participating with your minds eye, breaking down and itemizing the world while bringing it back to its root and back to its whole. So this episode was sweet.



  3. Gematria is fascinating because it seems to be evidence of either some intricate human plans that span decades if not centuries and millennia. Even if they are just misreporting numbers and purposely spelling/naming in some cases to subconsciously alter the resonant power of the working.


    But I also wonder how much of this is actually organic, or if it is, could it merely be some sort of coding we are witnessing by the happenstance of the mechanics of a reality that is the “best case scenario” of physical laws themselves or some outside programming.

    Maybe it’s a bit of both and entities outside of our reality are actually directing these human choices of the “cabal” or the “qabalists”. Or the qabalists are just carrying out a history of OCD on a systematic civilization wide scale in order to feed some egregore that originally only existed as a human auto domestication system created by humans themselves

  4. Love it, Love it, Love it, looking forward to maybe hearing Bishop Larry Gaiters?  He has got to be the most requested “never to be on the show” now?  😃

      1. Huh, That’s kinda hard to believe.  Brother Carl, get Jesus’s contract killing assassin.  He has so much knowledge about the Black Skull and Bones and he is certainly relevant in these troubled times.  He is by far one of the most gentle men you will ever meet.  It’s what we all could use right now. 

        Plus, you know, his name appears later down in these comments.😉

  5. This show reminded me of someone; Marty Leeds!

    What happened to him? I followed him all the way until a volcano (Kilauea) took his neighborhood!

    They deleted his channel while he was covering the damn volcano, and he never made a comeback..


    I need closure!

  6. Had to hit pause when my supervisor came in. He had 47 on his hat…we ended the little meeting and I open my phone for the time to be 9:11… synchronization playas.

  7. Would love to see you have Bishop Larry Gaiters on, I think you would complement each other nicely and that you'd ask questions that would bring out the best of him!

  8. After listening to this program I found Zach’s Patreon account and signed up. I like making money on a “clear lock” like everyone else. I have to say I was extremely disappointed after signing up for the sports enthusiasts level. I was excited to see what the pick for Thursday nights NFL game. It was like trying to do Chinese arithmetic. This word equals this number and this date equals this number and so on. Just say who’s going to win and by how much. If you can predict the winner just say it. There was a 63 comment long diatribe on the post from his Patreons complaining about all kinds of things. I was really disappointed. I thought it would be legit. But it just looked like a bunch of shit to con people out of 5 bucks a month. If I missed something let me know. But it just looked like BS to me. Love the show Greg. You’re my favorite podcaster BY FAR! 

    1. Damn, well I like his material regardless. Oviously a lot was covered in this interview, but the sports aspect was extra interesting. I wasn't privy to anything behind the Patreon, but I did plan on recommending it to a few friends of mine. 

  9. Love this episode, only about an hour in, though. My only rejoinder to this guest is this: if what you say is true, it cannot be controlled by merely a bunch of scheming powerful people, like Jesuits. It's too strange, too vast. There are stranger, higher forces at work here, and perhaps THEY control the humans and their cabals which exert so much power over us. A lot of this would tie into Chris Knowles' ideas: the elite are conducting these rituals, but rest assured, they aren't  actually in control. It's something weirder than that. 

  10. When the pope had that big shindig in Philadelphia, Joe Biden kissed his ring or received some kind of favor from the pope. This could be the pay back that he gets to be president for a split second before Harris takes over.

  11. This was a great show, but my head definitely hurts.  I couldn’t stop listening despite at the same time longing for a respite from the endless numbers and correlations coming at us.  He just kept going deeper and deeper and presuming that we can rely on all of his calculations and conclusions, it’s just undeniable that there is an underlying code/agenda.  Crazy.

    That final example involving the football game, just before the wrap-up, blew my mind.  It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea that seemingly random or organic events can be so perfectly tied in with all of the elements they contain; which of course implies planning and the manufacturing of precise results.

    Now of course I don’t know what all the world beyond our 3D perception entails (or 4D for those who can grasp how spacetime is interwoven with the material), but based on what I can imagine with what is available to me, the only way I can see any of this Gematria being possible is if we are literally in something similar to the Matrix.  In a complete construct it doesn't have to be about planning and consequent manipulation (by refs, players, or other entities) to arrive at the desired result.  It’s more like writing code for a computer.  Results are generated based on forethought and then systematic input.  And then that would make it seem less suggestive and symbolic and instead more of a direct communication to others in the know – more like a secret language that has the dual purpose of communication as well as the manipulation of people and perceptions.

  12. I listened to this twice today, and I still can't believe how deep this goes.  I'm still sitting here shaking my head and  I am questioning if we all died in 2012,  again.  Thanks Greg.  smiley

  13. It's crazy how Zach can keep all those numbers in his head. Really something else. Well, for what it's worth, this is the 33rd comment and I was born an a 33 day. Cheers!

  14. Have any of you actually read Mr. Hubbard's book, Letters and Numbers?  Let me give you a taste:

    Talking about a Jewish journalist Maggie Koerth-Baker who writes for the New York Times, "Her true name most likely ends with a berge or a Stein, as those types are well known to fill most media positions, and are equally as known for trying to hide their true identities by changing their names, even though their noses give them away Everytime."

    Regarding the Holocaust: "As I've said many times to my followers before, the only thing wrong with the 'holocaust' is it never happened.  And no that doesn't mean all Jews deserve death, but it does mean a lot of them do"

    I would be very careful with Mr. Hubbard.

  15. Back in the 90's, I used to teach Windows software at a community college and I always told my students that Gates was the anti-christ and then I'd laff & laff, but I meant that shit.

  16. I've never been into numerology and I've only recently started to understand the significance of synchronicity. I always believe it was an interesting coincidence that my initials are EMF and I decided to study electrical engineering after a lifelong long near obsession with electronics. Now I'm not so sure it was a coincidence. 

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