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Self-experimenter and field researcher of ancient technologies and lost history, Jared Murphy has traveled the world searching for evidence of advanced ancestors and high technology. What he’s found is laid out in a great new book from Paranoia Publishing, It’s Not Aliens, Worse, It’s Us.

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PLUS Content

  • Humanity’s suppressed superhuman abilities.
  • The mysterious spheres found all over the earth.
  • Nano-geology.
  • A few words about suppression.
  • The shocking amount of missing originals that have been accepted in the official history.

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  1. πŸ™πŸ»Thank you! This is my very very mostest bestest subject- TRUE Ancient History. I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control. And I think I like it!πŸŽΌπŸ’ƒπŸŽΌ

  2. I always describe it as if humanity is on the DVD menu and we do not know how to press play but I think a computer in safe mode articulates this concept better. 


    This was a really good one Greg!

  3. Marianas Trench .13 Empire State buildings deep. The movie the abyss -the ocean so deep we can’t even go down without getting crushed. Love this show thank you 

  4. Enjoyed this, thanks Greg. One of the better shows in a while.

    Always happy to hear more intelligent voices and perspectives in this nascent area of research.

  5. Such an awesome subject but leaves me so sad. We have been reduced in this lifetime – propagandized and held down by lies. I remember the other times spoken of. We will yet break our rusty cage and run. Golden age returns with the frequency change. We need big sheres to fuck 5G!

  6. This was awesome. Kept me on the edge. Jared Murphy is "almost"as knowledgeable as you Mr. Carl wood. πŸ˜‰

    I agree with all of his geologic and "scientific" wordage. 

    Yet, of course, there's always more questions when "digging". 

    There's always truth mixed with lies to keep "us", (not educated at Talistock), to keep chasing our tail.

    Love it! Got alot of crucial information, ready to dig! 

    Thank you for being you! 

  7. Still insisting on the spinning waterball in an infinite vacuum with aliens from impossible distances visiting then Greg? Let me put it this way, or perhaps as Byrd (mason or not) would have said; extraTERRAStrials. Now, as you said, it’d be hard to hide extra land on a planet. Behind an ice wall on an infinite plane on the other hand. And maybe I missed it but did not hear a word about Great Tartary, which clearly was a very recent, very advanced civilization which is also being hidden from us, or wasn’t taught to us rather. I’ve found maps from early 1900s where China is referred to as Chinese Tartary and on sites like there is plenty of material to easily prove history is indeed more of a mystory (sic.) than we have been led to believe. Oh, and not forgetting Star Forts… Jon Levi has done some great videos regarding the markings found all over the earth, and his San Francisco and The Great Exhibitions vids are also worth a watch. Conspiracies’R’Us also has some great content on electricity, foundlings and The Gilded Age Deception amongst other things. Both of whom would make great guests I am sure. Check out Colmn Gibney and a video he did called “Flat Earth; What on Earth?” for a proper head scratch (Don’t worry, it isn’t really a FE vid per se) Still, great show and great guest! Keep up the good work! Lev Vel x 

  8. I just received the book from Amazon.  In just the first few pages Mr. Murphy says very important things about the "religion" of archaeology.  But honestly, I am floored by the clumsy, unprofessional writing style and constant grammatical and spelling mistakes that could easily have been corrected.  This sounds petty, but it's really not.  It distracts from his message and could have easily been corrected.  Academia will look for any reason to disregard this material and they will use this kind of careless presentation as an excuse.  Some sentences are indecipherable. I feel bad saying this because Mr. Murphy has done some brilliant research but this is a problem.     

    1. This is a BIG problem.  I cannot finish this book.  The writing makes less and less sense.  Isn’t there an editor who speaks English? Did somebody try to sabotage this material?  It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.  This material is important and deserves much, much better. I'm sorry but I want my money back.  .

      1. That's sad. Maybe they have an unfinished/unedited copy up by mistake? The copy I got needed some work, but wasn't unreadable. I didn't pull as many quotes out partly for that reason, but I thought Jared was great at talking about these things. 


        It's pretty common for me to get unedited copies because they're often pre-releases, but that would be a major disappointment if the commercial version didn't get a tune up. Hopefully you can get that refund, or get the mix up corrected. Sorry!

        1. It's not your fault Greg.  But there are major mistakes.  I buy most of the books mentioned on the podcast and have never been disappointed before.  But I'll shut up about it.  I just got carried away on the forum and I apologize. The ideas are terrific but somebody should have edited this.

      2. Mr. Murphy, a bonobo is not a monkey.  It is a great ape.  I don't think you "wet the conspiracies agendas".  Maybe whet them?  You are not talking about the "processions" of the earth.  You mean precession.  This is just a quick selection.  Okay.  I get it.  This book is a joke.

    2. That’s unfortunate but thanks for saving me the time and money. I was hoping he wrote better than he spoke because the content is fascinating. Seems he really needs to work on communicating his thoughts since he has trouble staying on topic speaking and apparently can’t write very well either.πŸ˜’

    1. I'm retired but I would be happy to.  Unfortunately, it's a little late for that as the book has been released. And parts of it would have to be entirely rewritten.

  9. I met a nuclear engineer last summer who said they had developed a thorium nuclear reactor which did not result in weapons materials as the biproduct but rather something that was turned into a cure for leukemia and lymphoma in a series of three shots by Sloan-Kettering.  This nuclear reactor he had been using was the size of a bbq propane tank and could power two homes for 10 years on $6 worth of material.  This was developed DECADES ago with the full knowledge of the gov.  It's now supposedly sitting at Hanford.  

  10. Great interview as always Greg and interesting theory from Mr. Murphy. Just wanted to comment here on your introduction with the being and "free thinker, not a koolaide drinker" Loved that so much!! You should make that into a tee shirt for your merch. Department.. Cheers!!

  11. I got some past life readings from a group that I thought were fairly interesting. My buddy went to the same group, and they said he was a farmer in all three past lives they read. I felt kinda bad his weren't more extravegant, but it also makes a lot of sense. Think that would be a super common reading. I imagine a lot of those reading don't get much attention, but they are out there. It was funny hearing the guest talk about that.

  12. I don't know where he got the "Everyone was a Cleopatra!" crap. I did regressive hypnotism and I salted and sold fish that my father and older brother caught in a market. I saw the city and people, I even watched a boat get loaded and once I looked it up the boat was a Minoan trading boat. 

  13. The content sounded so interesting. I just wish he would have finished more than 40% of his thoughts. It was really distracting having him start thought after thought, then tangent off on other thoughts before finishing the first, then not even finish the tangents!

    might grab his book to see if he actually finishes some of these thoughts in his writing.

  14. Man comes across a fire burning.

    Send one of them to see what it is.

    They begin screaming & running around.

    Fire makes you crazy.

    Worse! It's contagious! 

    Hah! L&Ps! ;Q xxx

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