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Sylvie Ivanova | Alexander Paramanov, The Parasites, & The Prophecies

Show Notes

Our old friend Sylvie Ivanova of the New Earth YouTube Channel & returns to talk about provocative prophecies, the Parasite’s takeover, hidden history, & the emergence of an interesting character in Russia named Alexander Paramanov.

Sylvie’s YouTube Channel:

Sylvie’s site:

PLUS Content

  • Separating Tartarian fact from fiction.
  • Sylvie’s favorite prophets and clairvoyants and what their visions say about this time.
  • How the elite twist prophecy in their favor.
  • Sylvie’s own recent expeditions to megalithic sites.
  • Exploring caves systems
  • The Nobel prize PR stunt
  • Why the Genghis Khan story doesn’t add up.
  • Was some Medieval armor made for non-human frames?
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