Sylvie Ivanova Parasites and Prophacy New Earth Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Sylvie Ivanova | Alexander Paramanov, The Parasites, & The Prophecies

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Our old friend Sylvie Ivanova of the New Earth YouTube Channel & returns to talk about provocative prophecies, the Parasite’s takeover, hidden history, & the emergence of an interesting character in Russia named Alexander Paramanov.

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PLUS Content

  • Separating Tartarian fact from fiction.
  • Sylvie’s favorite prophets and clairvoyants and what their visions say about this time.
  • How the elite twist prophecy in their favor.
  • Sylvie’s own recent expeditions to megalithic sites.
  • Exploring caves systems
  • The Nobel prize PR stunt
  • Why the Genghis Khan story doesn’t add up.
  • Was some Medieval armor made for non-human frames?

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  1. I absolutely love her I don't even care if she's right or wrong about any of the things that she says. I just love listening to her she's very confident and very intelligent and yet seem very empathetic what you don't see from that many intelligent people..I have downloaded a bunch of her shows her appearances on this show and spliced them all together into hours long tapes I go to sleep to a lot of nights .Her voice is very soothing and it's cool she doesn't show her face, she's like the MF DOOM of the truth community. I haven't listened yet but already know it's a great show ..Greg always on point my main damey. Sign yo pity on the runny kind!! 

  2. You are the king of podcast. Know I don't like all of you topics but most. The research you do and the ability to know your guests spot on. And seeing steven greer trying to hold to that script oh man. Just keep it up.

  3. Hey Gregg, Checked out the Joint session. Do not listen to the cheap ass Motherfuckers. You are one of the top 3  Podcasts on theses subjects. What a load of whinny asses. You make so many of your interviewees sound so much more together than they are. You are an excellent interviewer. Ive went to so many of theses guys websites only to be really disappointed by their rap. You make everyone sound better. Keep on keeping on. JD

      1. sorry again. the original link was not edited and made shorter. Now I realize the second link and videos on that channel have duplicate video attached at the end of the videos, making them longer, but at least the full videos are there and it looks like most of the Survivors series is there in that second link.

  4. Islam has a wealth of info on end times prophecies. Indeed, it is said that Jesus will come back destroy the Dajjal (Antichrist) and lead people in faith. Sheikh Imran Hosein is a well known Islamic eschatologist (end times studies) and talks a lot about the geopolitics and importance of Constantinople/Istanbul and an alliance between Muslims and Rum (Russia) in the end times, the same alliance they once had in the Tartaria days, which the controllers erased all knowledge of (discussed by Fomenko). Check out:

    A Sufi source I've trusted for a while says the Dajjal (Antichrist) will come after a great war between a country from the east and another from the west and that the Dajjal will actually first come to Russia, and then will appear in Damascus, Syria.



  5. this stuff about mongolians is some silly stuff. the mongolians have many legends and artifacts about ghengis khan, they arent monsters but theyre far from "the most peaceful people on earth" they play a game were a sheep is the ball. They also play a game where they steal a woman to be their wife….thats not so popular anymore. But yeah, nothing about what she said about mongolians was right, except that mogols arent mongols. Ghengis Khan is never described as blonde, a few times he sounds red haired but thats because hes got Kyrg blood. if you know the ethnic people in the mountains between Mongolia and Europe youll understand that he is both asian and fair haired, and that its quite natural. 


    1. Makes sense. The part about GK that I found most interesting was more the thought that their population, lifestyle, & underdeveloped metal working is inconsistent with the notion that his army killed 40 million people.

  6. Great episode, I just love your interviews with Sylvie.  One doesn’t have to agree with all she says to thoroughly enjoy listening to what she has to say.  If she ends up being correct – awesome!  If not—well, it was very entertaining 2 hours.  

  7. Hey Greg , Thanks for having Sylvie on ;  I enjoy listening to her and have learned quit a bid from Sylvie… her prophecies show on YT are great 👍🏼 🦋!  


  8. I don't doubt Sylvie's integrity but this feels like David Wilcock style wishful thinking, or a Russian psyop. Either way, it's a case of us being saved by something outside ourselves. 

    From my perspective, humanity is transitioning from solar / stellar consciousness to black hole consciousness. Solar is the I or intellect, resident 'on high' in the head, imparting its orders without much concern for the input of other communities of intelligence throughout the body. Since discovering that there is a huge black hole at the centre of our galaxy – not a central star as was previously thought – we are moving past the limitations of top down conceptual thinking, into black whole consciousness. This is where each community of intelligence throughout the body is in moment to moment communication with the whole body and its environment. The black hole represents the holy fool, or pure awareness in each of us, prior to personal identification. We are slowly waking up to the point where we can appreciate that life as it is right now before thought, is a pretty good place to be. As this deepens in more and more people, the shift that Sylvie and others are anticipating will come to pass, not by opposition, but because the old ways will be forgotten like worn out children's toys.

    The limitation of past prophecies is that they came from within the understanding of hierarchical thought. We are moving beyond that now into the present, where as Lao Tzu said, "In doing nothing, nothing is left undone".

  9. Back in the nineties and early 2000s, I taught computer applications at a local community college and I would tell my students, and there were many, that Bill Gates was the antichrist. And then I'd laugh and laugh…😶

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