How it going Higherside Chatters, once again the offering on the THC table today is another attempt to unravel the secrets of the ancient past, understand the ways of indigenous peoples, and decode the mysteries of a longstanding and widespread esoteric tradition. Because as far as I’m concerned, humanity will never feel complete without a better understanding of where we’ve been, and how we got here.

Yet the academic establishment is suspiciously content to uphold a thoroughly contradicted and outdated model of human history- and weather they’re fulfilling their roles as nefarious gatekeepers, blinded by nationalism or just victims of their own stubborn egos- doesn’t matter much to me when important truths are left unknown. And if it wasn’t for the brave and persistent independent researchers, willing to bust up the per-approved paradigm and rework the research from the ground up – we’d be even more lost.

And if that wasn’t enough, we also find that many tribes around the world, as well as lost civilizations of the past- were burned so often by outside forces and arm-chair understandings- that even they developed a system of secret keeping, isolation, and preservation. Structuring their own history and cosmologies into a mystery school hierarchy of learning that requires time and attention that only the most dedicated can undertake. But the clues are in the structures, the stars, the symbols, and the languages of people’s both past and present- and it takes one hell of a code breaker to follow the breadcrumbs.

Fortunately for us dear people of the internet, one hell of a codebreaker is exactly who we have with us today. Back in the saddle for a second show is the great Laird Scranton, an independent software engineer who turned his attention to researching comparative cosmology and ancient language and has since synchronized many aspects of Ancient African, Egyptian, Vedic, Chinese, Scottish, & Polynesian Traditions in a long running book series that has become one of my favorites out there.

Last time we talked largely about the Dogon Tribe of Africa and his book The Velikovsky Heresies. And today we’ll be pouring over the big picture – largely through the lens of his latest book: Decoding Maori Cosmology: The Ancient Origins of New Zealand’s Indigenous Culture. Peeling back the esoteric onion of life, restoring the lost knowledge of the ages, and cracking the big code- Laird Scranton.

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