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How it going Higherside Chatters, once again the offering on the THC table today is another attempt to unravel the secrets of the ancient past, understand the ways of indigenous peoples, and decode the mysteries of a longstanding and widespread esoteric tradition.

Because as far as I’m concerned, humanity will never feel complete without a better understanding of where we’ve been, and how we got here.

Yet the academic establishment is suspiciously content to uphold a thoroughly contradicted and outdated model of human history- and weather they’re fulfilling their roles as nefarious gatekeepers, blinded by nationalism or just victims of their own stubborn egos- doesn’t matter much to me when important truths are left unknown. And if it wasn’t for the brave and persistent independent researchers, willing to bust up the per-approved paradigm and rework the research from the ground up – we’d be even more lost.

And if that wasn’t enough, we also find that many tribes around the world, as well as lost civilizations of the past- were burned so often by outside forces and arm-chair understandings- that even they developed a system of secret keeping, isolation, and preservation. Structuring their own history and cosmologies into a mystery school hierarchy of learning that requires time and attention that only the most dedicated can undertake. But the clues are in the structures, the stars, the symbols, and the languages of people’s both past and present- and it takes one hell of a code breaker to follow the breadcrumbs.

Fortunately for us dear people of the internet, one hell of a codebreaker is exactly who we have with us today. Back in the saddle for a second show is the great Laird Scranton, an independent software engineer who turned his attention to researching comparative cosmology and ancient language and has since synchronized many aspects of Ancient African, Egyptian, Vedic, Chinese, Scottish, & Polynesian Traditions in a long running book series that has become one of my favorites out there.

Last time we talked largely about the Dogon Tribe of Africa and his book The Velikovsky Heresies. And today we’ll be pouring over the big picture – largely through the lens of his latest book: Decoding Maori Cosmology: The Ancient Origins of New Zealand’s Indigenous Culture. Peeling back the esoteric onion of life, restoring the lost knowledge of the ages, and cracking the big code- Laird Scranton.

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  1. Wooohooo! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And once again, totally okay with price increase. I don’t earn much but even I can justify that for the quality you put out. Very grateful. ????????????⭐️????

  2. as a Polynesian im living for this one!!!! greg never fear raising the entry fee – the show is so worth the admission. and you deserve much more than the fee for all you’ve brought to our lives. thanks for all you do!

  3. Looking forward to this one. Love Higherside, been listening on YouTube but I had to subscribe recently in order to comb the archives & really live the Higherside experience but dude, seriously, Whitley Strieber?, I’ve long been listening to his shows only when there are certain guests but in my opinion, he’s a huckster who feels the need to interrupt his guests to talk about his “communion” with the “visitors”. Bullshit!! Jordan the destroying the illusion guy, ehh, I think he’ll be better with experience but even I was offended when he went on about women& men then I realized that he may have a great point but his delivery is unpolished. Because unlike Jordan, I’m definitely not a Trump supporter or even a Bernie supporter in this parody of reality. But these last two guests indicates that you’re reaching New Heights and reaching new audiences as well as big cross section of the so-called conspiracy world so the fact that you had these last two guests is actually a good thing for you and I’m happy for you I think your show is awesome from the prison industrial complex called The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania I wish you the best and I’m going to keep subscribing even if you raise it to $16 a monthly

    1. Hey neighbor, Maryland here. If you haven’t been on the forums, hit up the ‘where are you from’ section. I hang out in PA a lot and am always looking for nearby like-minded folks.
      I’m actually headed to York/Lancaster this weekend to check out some of the Susquehanna Alchemy stuff.

  4. Kicked the month off with a BANG! This episode was really fucking good. I really liked the piece about time slowing and space expanding. It was all very interesting though. Hope you have him back for the next book.

  5. Cutting baby dicks is fine, as long as you get the baby drunk.
    Lol. Not sure about that part, but the rest of the interview is gold. Love the way he explains abstract aspects of the big system, especially giving analogies for concepts that I have always intuitively known, but rarely try to describe.
    Can’t wait for the Joint Sessions!

    1. Ahhhaha…no sh*t! Exactly what I was thinking…lol!!

      …just shove a wine soaked rag in his
      mouth when he starts to scream…wtf haha
      besides all that I enjoyed it.

      1. I was thinking the very same thing.
        Jim Chesnar was a little closer when he said that your balls are “heart-shaped”, or something to that effect.
        Ayeayeaye. We might need Connor Habib or somebody to clear all this up.

  6. LOL I loved Greg’s reaction as Laird self-righteously tried to explain how a circumcision “done correctly” is actually a great thing. That was painful! Maybe Laird should spend some time actually learning what “the Buddhists” have to teach rather than just tossing out their name as a sloppy citation.

    1. I have sat and studied with Buddhists from several different countries and traditions, and if one thing is apparent it’s that there are just as many variations as within Christianity. Plus as Laird and others have stated, there is always an inner and outer church in every tradition.
      I do wish researchers would be a bit more specific in this regard, as to specifically where their references come from, for those who wish to dive deep.
      I never heard reference to multiverses or matter creation in a Buddhist temple, but when speaking privately to monks and masters, I have gotten them to open up about energy flow, manifesting intention, and other esoteric aspects of their system, so who knows.

      1. I take that back, there is a Vietnamese Buddhist temple here in MD that houses a small bit of what is supposedly the crematory ashes of the Buddha, that they say manifested before them at the founding of their temple, but like somebody knew it was going to happen or something. I never asked for specifics on the story out of respect, just heard them tell it once as we were cleaning up after a meditation session.
        Really more of a teleportation if anything I guess.

        1. An “apport” as the mediums would call it. Very common in the field of spiritualism. Everything from fresh flowers, to gemstones, to blood and ectoplasm has been know to manifest at the medium’s table, apparently from no-where, or who-knows-where.
          This includes items belonging to departed loved ones, or ones that perhaps went missing long ago.

  7. A piece from Dr. Shmuel Asher on time cycles and ancient Hebrew writings. Happy Friday the 13 th Highersiders:
    The 6th Warning
    This is regarding and in sequence with those 4 warnings from 2015 which appear to be relevant just over the horizon. This Isaiah text is also in sequence after this weekend’s email showing you the 5th warning via Ruth 3 and Joel 3 and other texts which built off the initial 4 warnings. All of them from the 4 warnings to this one appear to be depicting a quickening pace and escalation of events, not the opposite. These last two new warnings appear to be a further escalation and even appear to be providing an actual time frame and three locations worldwide.
    READ Isaiah 21 below: I do not believe any versions you have will read the same.
    Also understand that Isaiah, like Yonah, did not like the message he received and didn’t want to deal with it. What he was not taking into account or allowing to be part of his process was that Free will is the other half of the equation. Yonah only saw that he had to go in and tell the leaders and all the people that they were about to die, with a lot less emphasis on the (if you change) part of it all.
    Also understand that although we read our prophets and believe them to have been real and true connections with the Eternal One, that does NOT mean that the WAY these prophecies come to pass will be in the ways we have been taught by those who know far less than us, or that the prophecies won’t be orchestrated to occur by the evil ones themselves and not the Creator or His gatekeeper Yehovah at all. As I have posited in the past many times, if it was the United Nations that signed the paper for the STATE of Israel to be born in ONE DAY, does that mean it’s NOT the fulfillment of that prophecy? i.e. The Last or Terminal Generation! At no time has it been shown HOW a certain prophecy would be fulfilled in such detail (outside of the GE prophecy that is), nor have the other prophecies made it clear WHO would make it happen. In the end, it is AHEYEH who allows all these things to happen through the free will of all those involved and all those not directly involved by their tacit consent. Additionally, it is his Warden, Yehovah, who allows these free choices to play out in this physical creation for now. So then yes, it is in fact prophecy fulfilled, at least in part because where the ancient State of Canaan is concerned, it is the 2nd and much Greater Exodus that will finally be the completed fulfillment of all that. But for now, it has been fulfilled as required for all the steps to the end to be fulfilled. Of course, there are many other prophecies as well, all converging to one pinpoint end along with the more obvious prophecies like the State of Israel coming into being in one day, although I do not believe that 99.9% of anyone understands any of them correctly. Just as many of you may still say that the current State of Israel is in no way relevant prophetically and totally man-made, etc. Flat out, you are 100% wrong and not understanding the big picture. No, it is not the final and full fulfillment, but it is the portion required to start the end-time clock running.
    The following English is taken from my older Stone Edition Tanak and has a far better translation than any other English I can find.
    Isa 21:1 “A prophecy concerning the wilderness of the West! ‘Like windstorms sweeping through the desert, it will come from the wilderness, from a fearful land.” (Antarctica?)
    Isa 21:2 “A hard vision was spoken to me; The treacherous one will act treacherously, and the destroyer will destroy. Go up, O Elam! Besiege O’ Media! I have brought an end to every sigh.” (Meaning, the nation who overstepped on all nations causing them harm and anxiety has been brought low – America)
    Isa 21:3 “Therefore, my loins are full of anxiety, Pains have seized me as pains of a woman in childbirth. I am bent down from hearing it, and terrified by seeing it.”
    Isa 21:4 “My heart has become disoriented; panic has terrorized me. He (Yehovah) has turned my festival evening into a horror!” (Timing clue – Which Jewish feast is this?)
    Isa 21:5 “Setting the table, lighting the candelabra, eating, drinking, ‘Arise you officers and spread oil on your shields.” (Interesting, the Hebrew uses a very obscure word here for multi-candle holder – candelabra. BUT, in all the English version accept for the Stone Tanak, they totally left this sentence out! I tend to believe this depicts Chanukah. December!)
    Isa 21:6 “For thus said my Adonai to me: ‘Go, station the watchman, and let him tell what he sees.’
    Isa 21:7 ‘He will see a chariot, a pair of horsemen, a donkey chariot and a camel chariot; and he will listen intently with much to hear! And he will call out like a lion!’
    Isa 21:8 ‘My lord, I stand on the watch-tower constantly during the day, as well I am stationed all the nights’;
    Isa 21:9 ‘Behold! It is coming! A chariot with a man, a pair of horsemen.’ Each says loudly – It has fallen! Babylon has fallen! And all the statues of its gods have been shattered on the ground!’

    Isa 21:10 “It (Babylon) is grain on the threshing floor, for Me to thresh! That which I have heard from Yehovah of legions, mighty one of Jacob, I have declared to you!’
    The next phase and location to be affected:
    A prophecy concerning Dumah: = The land of Edom, whose homeland was called Seir. It is also understood that the “watchman” they call out to is Yehovah the gatekeeper.
    Isa 21:11 “He calls out to me because of Seir: ‘Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night?’
    Isa 21:12 “The watchman said, ‘Morning is coming, but also adversity! If you truly desire it, (the light), repent and RETURN!’ (Ahhh…and there you have it! The Watchman of all LAW, the 1st law and his 2nd law for those who continue to rebel against the 1st; clearly telling them to RETURN to the law of they truly desire to be saved.)
    The 3rd phase and location to be affected:
    A prophecy concerning Arabia:
    Isa 21:13 “In a forest in Arabia will you lodge, you caravans of Dedanites. (This is important because it is depicting that all the people in Arabia today will be forced to move out)
    Isa 21:14 “Bring out water for the thirsty! Those who live in the land of Tema greet the wanderers with food.
    Isa 21:15 “For they will wander because of the sword, because of the drawn bow, and because of the severity of war.
    Isa 21:16 “For thus said the lord to me: ‘Within a year, as with the year of a hired man, all the glory of Kedar will be ended. (Within a year? As with the hired man? I have explained this ancient understanding before. The “hired-man” time frame is an absolute start and stop time frame. Am I to understand this all as to mean “within the year” for us in these three locals?)
    Isa 21:17 “And the remainder of their army, the mighty heroes of the sons of Kedar will be diminished, For Yehovah, the mighty one of Jacob, has spoken!’
    Is it possible that these events can be set off to a later time by the free will choices of the majority going forward? Of course, that must be the case, which is what makes all prophecies fluid and not absolute like all the Christian teachers tend to teach they are.
    Making Christians believe these prophecies to be the absolute final word that cannot be changed or moved has been, as I mentioned in Soul Revolution, that they have all been taught this way by those who create the false narratives for all the souls of this place to consume, assimilate, believe and constantly speak into life on a continual basis. THIS is the art of getting your enemy to create the world in which you want, rather than having to create it yourself against their will, which of course will not be allowed by AHEYEH or His top management Yehovah and the Malakim, etc.
    S. Asher ©2018

  8. I liked this guy fine until he endorsed infant genital mutilation. He doesn’t really even know the function of the foreskin or its make up. To compare removing it to clipping the embical cord shows a basis lack in understanding the biology of the penis. For someone who is supposed to be so intelligent to be so ignorant of something so easily researched and making false claims makes me now doubt his entire message. I have spent the past 25 years researching infant male genital mutilation and the many functions of the foreskin. I have read the hundreds of testimonies from men who have been damaged by this terrible practice they had no choice in. I have heard the horror stories of babies losing their penis do to a botched circumcision of going into such shock during the process that they have a stroke. All the myths that a circumcised penis is healthier or cleaner are easy to prove false with only a little research. There is no excuse to carve one’s religion on another persons body.

    1. thanks for going off on that so I don’t have to. i am glad you and others on the comments have called out Laird Scranton’s utter bullshit explanation and rationalization for male genital mutilation. as someone who is undergoing the tedious process of restoring my foreskin (if my username wasn’t obvious haha), I was frankly disgusted by the detachment with which Scranton discussed the issue.

      perhaps Laird has never seen the late, great Christopher Hitchens utterly eviscerate a rabbi on the subject of circumcision. Nor has he read any of many great books discussing the horrible institution.

      CARLWOOD– consider having an episode in which you touch on foreskin restoration–it’s a practice that existed in the Hellenistic era of ancient Rome times by Jews, as a historic precedent. You could also consider inviting James DeMeo who runs the Orgone Lab in Ashland, OR. He wrote the book Saharasia that explains the cultural origins of genital cutting, etc. He is also an expert on all things Wilhelm Reich and orgone, both subjects that deserve to be revisited.

  9. Just came to say this is the most thorough, objective “conspiracy” show i listen to, and I am and more than willing to support with $8. Do what you gotta do Greg!

  10. WOW. What an episode!!! Tying SO MANY things together!!! Fascinating comparative cosmology! More, please!

    Re genital mutilation, I don’t know what to think. Regardless of whether it’s a valid “excuse,” the cosmological concept seems a plausible driver.

  11. Greg, I have a question about your pronunciation of esoteric. Well actually I can’t tell if it’s just a difference in pronunciation or if you mean a entirely different word. Until this podcast, I just thought it was a different pronunciation.

    Anyhow, at around the 24:15 minute mark, you made a comment to Laird where you compared (following is the phonetic representation of what you said) “eh-soteric vs ee-soteric”. Now based on the way you said those two words, it just sounds like two ways of saying the same word because they sound like they would have the same spelling. But if you are actually comparing two different words, which are they?

    Sorry if this is something that should be clear to me, but I am confused. I’ve only known of two words in this neighborhood and they are esoteric and exoteric. Loosely meaning ‘knowledge for a private group’ or ‘knowledge for the masses’, respectively.

    Is there another related word out there with a similar pronunciation that you are using? What is it and what is the precise meaning?

    **I hope this doesn’t come off as some sneaky, snarky way of pointing out a potential error. I can’t stand when people do that; and this isn’t me doing the same. I genuinely don’t know what I’m hearing.

  12. The Female to Make flip, made me think that it was caused by the distance from creation.. the female is associated with birth and creation, and the male is more dominance and controlling the forces of the Earth.. so the flip, may have been caused by the distance from creation, when humanity felt like it was time to shift from worshiping creation, and move to controlling that which was created.. female to make changing like the time on a watch after flight example

  13. re Circumcision: The 8-day-old baby is running on soul energy to survive with very little consciousness and no awareness. Circumcision is never anyone’s first memory. Clif High has suggested that consciousness doesn’t even integrate with the body until the age of eight months.

    1. Where do people come up with this garbage. There is plenty of evidence and writing out there of the lasting trauma caused by circumcision. Individuals that have undergone mind-body therapy such as that originated by Wilhelm Reich have even relived their circumcision, and it is a terrifying process. Consciousness exists in the womb, and you are talking about soul energy like some blissed out ninny.

  14. Wow loved this episode.
    Definitely a different way to look at the material world compared to the non material world and I can see how the blinking universe theory would fit with this also seeing as the non matter or off blink all goes back to one point where everything exists and once .
    Very thought provoking chat!!
    One thing I picked up on that Laird might be interested to know is re the meaning of the Egyptian word Penu .. if that’s how it’s spelt at Gobekli tepe.
    In Australia there are Egyptian glyphs at Gosford. The ones Robert small mentioned only his interpretation was different some what to others, I’ve been and seen them myself after watching the 2 part documentary on the deciphering of them by the guys from the Khemit school of egyptionology. These guys also deciphered the Rosetta Stone. The glyph Penu was the name for Australia. I’ve seen other correlations with the Australian Aboriginal symbols and those at Gobleki Tepe so just thought I’d pass that on. Klaus Donna also researched the Gosford Glyphs and they used that technology that can see underground structures, and it showed narrow perfectly straight tunnels .. so it’s a very interesting site which would totally rewrite the history of Australia as we know it if it were accepted by the Status Quo. I also wondered why Laird hasn’t concidered the Bosnian Pyramid? I know there is hot debate over wether it fits the definition of a true pyramid but either way it’s a massive structure that’s been deliberately buried.

    You won’t loose me as a subscriber over a couple of bucks, just keep the amazing chats comin!!

    Thank you!!

  15. I don’t know,yo….Circumcision the same as cutting the umbilical cord?!?!
    The nuance to Laird’s statement is that not everyone performing circumcisions are thoughtful,trained rabbis.
    Although, I had never considered
    ????the mushroom shape???? parallel.
    Savory Food For Thought,Indeed!

  16. Yes the circumcision thing was odd, but not being a particularly hyperbolic individual I’m not cancelling my subscription… Alright it was hilarious!

    Anyway, Greg, I’m glad you stuck with the correct pronunciation of Maori, in spite of the expert’s pronunciation. (Moe-ri)

    Love you man.

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