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Joint Session Bonus Show | Healing, Brown Greys, & Brown’s Gas

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Welcome to the latest Joint Session bonus show for Plus Members. Leave me a voicemail to get on the next one!

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I’m 43 minutes in, and your caller about non binary has offered some seriously important discourse.

I think there are so many nuanced conversations to have about media indoctrination, mental health, and trans/gender construct. However, we’re not having nuanced conversations. It’s so heavily politicized on *both* sides.

I think anti trans rhetoric treads scarily close to fascist and alt right sentiment. It also echoes Satanic Panic era levels of misunderstandings regarding what the occult is.

Lumping Satanic p3 do cults to any social movement is beyond reductionist, as is entertaining fascist sentiment.

We need to be having smarter conversations about human experiences.

Greg, your follow up to her voicemail is spot on, and I appreciate the moderate perspective. Your dedication to letting everyone speak their truth is very admirable.


Thanks for doing these!

Tyler Vollmershausen

Hey Greg, I started listening/found THC last fall and subscribed as a plus member shortly afterwards. It took me a few months to realize what these plus sessions were all about, but I look forward to them every month now! I enjoy the personal feel to the joint session show and like to hear your thoughts.

You are the best podcast host, hands down. Keep doing what you do and screw the haters haha.

Kind regards,

Farmer Tyler from Canada

Alison Gingg

I purchased the aqua cure. I decided with Covid back in April 2020 to not pay my self employed insurance premiums to anthem blue cross for myself and my husband. Instead I paid the premiums to myself and saved the money. I thought why the eff not buy one. So we’ve had it about 2 weeks. It’s been great so far.

I cut my skin off my thumb while camping. It’s been doing ok. I tried the aqua glove. So far it’s every other day but the new skin does not ache for about 24 hours after. I initially started the glove treatment for repetition and arthritis in my thumb/wrist. There isn’t sharp pain. It’s totally lessened.

Anyway. I appreciate the interview. I’d seen another browns gas machine for $3500 and couldn’t do it. He answered so many questions.
Thanks for all you do.

James Kyle

Your allergies might be helped by doing Hulda Clark’s gallstone cleanse.

Lots of info about it on

Also, there is a book about it by Andreas Moritz.

I have done this cleanse many times and it has noticeably improved my energy and mental



I would like to say that I am one who looks forward to the joint session and I’ll be here for them as long as you do them. Thanks for making a great show Greg!


Greg, maybe you’ve already tried this, but may I suggest a grounding mat for the restless leg thing. I used to get the twitches as well. Now I sleep on a grounding mat and the problem seems to have resolved — though, interestingly, it recurred briefly when I was sleeping away from home without the mat.

By the way, I find the voicemails really cool. I enjoyed some of the video joint sessions as well, but they were a bit rambly and maybe that’s why I stopped listening to them. This format feels a lot punchier and more focused.

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Jess Mycel it a

I’ve been using this magnesium spray called EASE from Activation Products for years and it always stops the weird leggy things and also helps me fall asleep. It is in some kind of special water not an oil and it doesn’t have any weird texture nor does it sting; and I feel it go to work instantly .,.. I think it’s the special water that gets it into the bloodstream right away. I get the gallon size and just put it in a spray bottle keep by the bedside.

Drew Carter

This episode troubled me deeply! I’m past 70 years old, when I was growing up there were “tomboys” and “feminine leaning guys” .. the worst that ever happened – was that someone felt left out or made fun of.. I know that can’t have been fun for those kids, but lets compare that outcome to the current situation:

Currently children are allowed, or forced by society and parents to choose their “preferred” sexual identify, and the caller tells us how “cool”, and “freeing” this is.

The suicide rate for trans gender kids is now over 50%, is this an improvement over being ostracized, or made fun of?

The Sexual Revolution is NOT designed to Free us, it is designed to Enslave us. What did the Israeli’s do in Gaza – when they invaded? They forced the TV stations to broadcast Porn 24/7

The Sexual Revolution was planned and abetted by Freud and Kinsey. Who were these men?

Freud, had over 26 operations on his face, throat so that he could continue to keep smoking, he was a cocaine addict, he told his clients to divorce their wives, marry richer women and give Freud the $$! The Father of Psychiatry was a complete deviate.

Kinsey, who died from a bacterial infection due to his habit of sticking a coat hanger up his urethra. Judith Reisman has done some amazing work exposing Kinsey. He went to many prisons, interviewed sexual deviates, and then wrote a report stating that “All Americans have the same sexual appetites as these criminals”! The Rockefeller Institute made sure the report was accepted as valid Scientific Research! Kinsey forced babies to have multiple orgasms for days, this is the ultimate child abuse. Judith Reisman was told by Indiana U – that if investigators ever get near Kinsey’s original papers, they will be burned.

Young lady, the Sexual Revolution is NOT freeing in any way!

A man or woman who is enslaved to their passions is NOT FREE!

Drew Carter

my bad.. no post

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Drew Carter

The young lady who called in has no idea how much has been stolen from her! Remember innocence, chastity, not having the pressure of having to perform sex way before their minds and bodies are ready? For over 6,000 years we revered our elders, when you asked a boy or a girl who they wanted to most be like – they would for all those eons say: My dad or mum, or Grandad or Grandmum. Then Freud and his evil nephew Edward – told us it was natural to disrespect our elders and mock them.. that is pure evil! Hollywood, Books TV followed with James Dean epic after epic: The message: “It’s natural to disrespect your elders, it’s okay to mock them, because they don’t believe sex should be fun! “


Hi Greg,

Just to let you know that shamanic healing can definitely work with the right curandero. In 2007 I had a herneated lumbar disc with accompanying painful sciatica cured by Shipibo shamans near Pucallpa, Peru. My book ‘Long Road to Chavin’ by Martin Stevens tells the story.

Do us all and the planet the favor, get a kayak, not a jetski!

Nicholas Burnett

Bro! My left ear hearing went away 50% about a month ago. No pain, no vertigo, just obnoxious lack of hearing. Never got vexed, never been sick! Mmmm? Makes me lean to some type of 5g poisoning….

Nicholas Burnett

Love you Greg! Keep it up….I also look forward to these joint sessions. I always love street you say goodbye to the guest, you talk it out with us…. this is that on steroids…lol. also every time tracy twyman is mentioned, it makes me happy.

Jess Mycel it a

Just got my aqua cure and setting it up today! I’d love to know how it’s going for others and I’ll report any thing I notice on my end

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