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Just a quick note to the non-Plus people that they can get the next two shows right NOW for signing up for plus at  and a recording of my astrological birthchart reading from listener-turned-pro, Joseph Druet. Feel free to follow along with my birthchart print out and think about contacting Joseph for one of your own!

Email him at

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    1. Best to post this under “guest/topic suggestions” in the forum.

      And yes, one would VERY much agree with you!

      Greg, one should probably be able to hook this up, as one has already discussed your show with Max a little while ago…..

      Just e me.

  1. Oh wow! This is fantastic!! Thank you so much for this, Greg.
    I have been dragging the chain on this link, but know I am in. Booking this dude up!

    “…Neptune as the Universal solvent.”
    Yeah, man! That’s my boy Shiva; knock that shit down. Everyone is taking it, and themselves, waaaay to seriously!! 🙂

    Time for a hard reset. And I do mean HARD……..

  2. Hello THC members. I have listened to this a couple times and I can’t quite hear the email address of this guy and I would like to show some support to anyone getting out of the enslavement plus a reading would be fun!!;) if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you!!!

  3. Amazing show Mr. Carlwood. I have to thank you. Today is my birthday, going to see Primus. Woke up this morning and said, “Let’s have a listen to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…. Fair enough. Get to work ( ×{] ] and say, ”Hey, wonder what’s up on the Higherside?”. Then, BOOM!, birth charts and Charlie! A great birthday gift.

    Thanks for all you do and happy synchronicity!

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