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Sofia Smallstorm | Synthetic Biologists Vs The Federation Of Natural Life

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The great Sofia Smallstorm returns to talk about the research she’s been doing over the last few months related to viruses, the history of virology lab work, & the importance of being committed to the ways of natural life.

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  • Stress, psychological conditions, anxiety attacks, and EMF.
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  • The Invisible Rainbow.
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Excellent! Two of the best 💯


You look sexy.



Todd ryan

In regards to your finals words on getting sick. Check out MD Paul Saladino and the carnivore diet. He’s got a book out. Maybe worth having him as a guest. He falls in line with SonRise Farms, and Sally Morrell and weston a price foundation. He loves to talk preventative holistic health and the way big med doesn’t teach true health. So check out his book and that carnivore diet, apparently most veggies and fruits aren’t your friend.

Anyways, glad you’re feeling better! Great episode 👏


Been on carnivore for two weeks- mental clarity so improved! Great suggestion!

April Abel

Fascinating lady this Sofia Smallstorm! Another great interview Greg! Thank you!


I remember being impressed and sharing Smallstorm’s Unravelling Sandy Hook (and especially the beginning part). I’ve never watched any of the full documentary’s on Sandy Hook from the conspiratorial perspective, like We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook or Wolfgang Halbig‘s work. Like with Big, Capstone Events like 9/11, I haven’t delved into everything on that topic, but I’ve gotten enough to get a gestalt of High Dubiousness of the official story(ies).
At any rate, I wouldn’t mind more episodes on Sandy Hook in particular. I’m sure, as we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Greg and the rest of the conspiracy and dissident media platforms will have at least some content or commentary on what 9/11 was or is to them (I’m sure Smallstorm has 9/11 viewpoints, as well).
I have admit a fair degree of ignorance in most major and even minor conspiracy events. My certainly open-to-review position on Sandy Hook for a while has been the kids were killed as part of a ritual, 2012 Mayan-esque sacrifice to feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl. But then the kids also showed up at the Super Bowl singing later that year (clones or identical twins?!). And it was certainly all staged (and, as Smallstorm pointing out in ‘Unravelling’, there’s no way [I’m paraphrasing from memory] 90 lb soaking wet autistic and probable MK Ultra subject Adam Lanza could have achieved a near 100% accuracy with kill-to-ammunition spent, when trained special forces don’t come close to that ratio). Greg could do a 2 hour podcast just on Creepy Gene Rosen, I’m sure (Holy shit, this is real. I recall a parody video of the Monkee’s Sleepy Jean to Creepy Gene, but I can’t find it, now…).
There’s also that Fairfield Mental Hospital in close proximity to Sandy Hook I recall reading intrigue about (underground tunnels, etc.) on conspiracy forums. Was that whole fucking town a CIA stage?! Do you see how I might need a fresher analysis of the conspiratorial narrative and perhaps a more fact-based view on SH?

P.S.: 9/11 was Israel and Jews, and also a mass, occult ritual sacrifice (per the millennium beginning), and I’m definitely intrigued by Judy Wood‘s Hurricane Andrew and her directed, exotic energy weaponry narrative (or basement nukes or nano-thermite, yadda yadda, versus conventional E-Thing & Gelatin demolition wiring, a la Building 7). But the WTC towers debate is only ‘internecine squabbling’, according to James Corbett, so I’m willing to forego some of those more harder or impossible to prove speculations regarding 9/11.
The two towers being replaced by the One World Trade center kind of speaks for itself re: ritual theory:

more occult context

Ryan Dawson‘s apparently done some good, Israelis-did-9/11 link content, but I’ve still to watch that, or even The New Pearl Harbor doc (I’m suprised that’s still on YouTube), or Who Killed John O’Neill, etc.!. I also should probably read The Looming Tower and familiarize myself more with Saudi intrigue and the official narrative, generally. Fwiw, Jane Mayer’s The Dark Side was an early-ish redpill for me vis-à-vis GWOT and renditions, etc., although I’m fairly certain it takes a conventional approach to the 9/11 events narrative in general. I participated in OIF, albeit to a small extent, but undoubtedly this primed me to be quite pissed regarding my nascent 9/11-related redpilling I was experiencing circa 2010-12, since it clearly conflicted with my motivations for said earlier participation(s).

P.P.S.: Looking forward to the Smallstorm interview!

Last edited 29 days ago by SteveD

No kids died at Sandy Hook. Maybe the mom but I’m not sure Adam Lanza was even a real person.


All of the information you want to know is out there, or used to be. Suffice to say regardless of what event you’re speaking of they were all pre-planned and ritualistic in nature.


I really do enjoy these podcasts but Sofia Smallstorm picks the most outlandish science-fiction biology to weave into her narrative. Being so heavily involved in bioinformatics and microbiology in general there are some points I just can’t not address. She seems like a lovely lady and her heart is in the right place but she drops some misinformation.

  1. Viruses are very much real and it’s a slap in the face to say virology is not a real field.
  2. “Writing” on DNA is an incredible ambition. This is because more information can be stored on it than on hardware and possibly can be preserved for millions of years if frozen. There is no sinister premise to this other than companies wanting to maintain their power and increase/preserve data storage capacities. Microsoft has a huge project working on this atm.
  3. To “write” or change our DNA (in our bodies), one would use CRISPR. The mRNA and DNA vaccines give the blueprints to our cells to synthesize or manufacture the protein blueprint.
  4. Extracting crystalline filtrates from faeces and plants, then calling them viruses?! What? Lol. Then “programming” them to do something. Source please?
  5. “Bacteria will morph into another type depending on what they eat”. No, a bacterium can not change species. The composition or dominant species of bacteria in our guts change depending on our diets. Western diets are associated with bacteroides dominant compositions. Google ‘enterotype’.
  6. Poliovirus existing in the lab and students injecting poop into people.. I just had to stop listening

Thanks Greg for your work. Love ya


Oh great I will dig into that! I am genuinely interested and open minded to this stuff. Also anti the jab. Thanks Greg!


Viruses are real but no one has actually shown that they are the cause of dis-ease anymore than rats at a landfill are shown to be the cause of the mess.

People have observed bacteria morphing into different shapes with special microscopes that allow them to observe them inside the body.

What they called Polio (paralysis) was actually high levels of exposure to the insecticide DDT.

Sarah Smith

I have wondered if “viruses” were little messenger packets from specific tissues
that send messages to other tissues; kind of like plasmids are messenger packets between bacteria. It actually makes more sense than the idea of these ever mutating pathogens that constantly escape the immune system but somehow vaccines magically remain consistent and unchanging. I don’t think pleomorphism is entirely out of reach, logically. Many fungi go through various forms in its life cycle; is it not possible that pleomorphism in bacteria may not be visualized with the current media? We know human cells can transition under stress (cancer) and stem cells are omnipotent, do we really know if bacteria can shape shift? They can go dormant and produce spores, maybe they can do a lot more than we know of we’ve been told….

Sterling Conway-Jones

Pleomorphism is well documented… even on Wikipedia! Though the official position is that it’s quite limited. And yet a lot of very intriguing science suggests it’s not.


Sofia just makes me want to learn more. I respect her research and thorough approach.

Timothy Clark

Great episode. I have been feeling the pressure to get the juice, from work. I’m happy to see the leaf and log. Signs that sticking to my gut is the right thing to do.


I am really curious about the link between what we are calling COVID and 5g or other atmospheric/pollutants/frequencies. Is it possible that surges in COVID illness (not cases, but actual illnesses) can be caused by frequencies expressed into the areas experiencing surges which then combine with those who are vaccinated who are (1) getting sick and (2) spreading the spike proteins?


Getting sick every 2-5 years is nothing to be disappointed about. No matter how healthy we try to be, we’re still being exposed to numerous environmental toxins outside our control. It’s all about mitigation this day and age.

Andrew Taverner

If water holds memory and water can be mesmeorized maybe virus rnt real but maybe theirs a technology that is real that hypnotizes or mesmorizes bad intentions such as a virus would feel like and thts whats being distributed and some people have a very strong auto suggestion that negates the bad water or saline shot… and then alot of people r highly suggestible who think the virus is real so they get the vacc and its phucks them up cuz their autosuggestion is broken the autosuggestion would tell them ok you are healthy or okay nothing can harm u but they get this shot and tht doesnt work for them and they get really sick… i know this probably sounds looloo but the power of suggestion is truly tht strong so strong tht hypochondriacs die from their own thoughts -Law of Psychic Phenomenon by thomson jay Hudson

cat gardner

Greg, did you happen to get tested for Covid? Apparently loss of taste and smell is not as common with the Delta variant.

You can get at-home test kits at CVS.

And if you did have it, now you’ll have natural immunity!

Last edited 28 days ago by cat gardner
Melissa Nordness

Hey GC,
congrats on being sick! I’ve always said, “we can be too clean”. Pat your immune system on the back!


I love Sofia, she stays ahead of the curve – even Catherine Austin Fitts says she relies on Sofia. Also, I love to buy her awesome products – the light bulbs are a dream come true.

Jessica Gartner

you made me yawn

Steven Sopaul Lal


Solveiga Skendele

Hi, hope you are feeling better. Maybe I am just a silly optimist , but I see getting sick as body’s request for a good rest, nothing to panic about, just a part of life, even it might not feel great at the moment. I used to travel a lot before, and would get sick after a long exhausting trip. I still catch a cold about once per year, it lasts for a few days, it is probably useful for something 😆, and definitely helps me to catch up on sleep.

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