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Nassim Haramein | The Consciousness Field, ARK Crystals, & The Hollow Earth

Show Notes

The legend himself, Nassim Haramein joins THC to talk about his Holofractographic Unified Field Theory, the Consciousness Field, ARK Crystals, and of course why he suspects the earth is hollow and growing.

Nassim Haramein is a world leader in unified physics. He has spent over 30 years researching and discovering connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, in addition to anthropology and ancient civilizations. These studies led to his groundbreaking theories, published papers and patented inventions in unified science, which have received worldwide recognition.

From these discoveries, Nassim founded the Resonance Project Foundation in 2004 – now known as the Resonance Science Foundation. As its current Director of Research, Nassim leads physicists, mathematicians and engineers in exploring unification principles and their implications in our world today and for future generations. It’s the first and only unified physics program of its kind, educating thousands of students from over 70 countries.

Check out the ARK crystals we talk about at

PLUS Content

-Nassim’s comments on magic ritual and the mechanisms behind it. -Cataclysm and contact events. -Ufo disclosure and the military industrial complex. -When lost technology becomes legend: The arc & the pyramids. -Health and wellness applications of Nassim’s model. -Nassim’s breatharian period. -New technologies in development based on Nassim’s work.
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Christopher McKinney

Sorry. I do have the podcast and it’s audio. Looking forward to it!


Everything is good on my end, love the content


Where is my full plus show?


Please delete my last post. My RSS is working and so is old plus site.
Amazing interview. Really enjoyed it.

Dennis Blessing

The new site isn’t recognizing my email as valid it’s fine I still get RSS feed through podcast addict just would enjoy some time in the plus part of the website, love everything you do Greg keep up the good work man you’ve got a very powerful thing here


How long are the plus show usually? I am a plus member and I have only been seeing shows a little over 1 hour.

Thank Greg!


I can’t get it either using an iPhone


Hi, updated payment info, after login says that payment has been updated, and in the upper right hand corner it says “Thanks for being a PLUS member.” but the podcast is only for the first hour. I know you and your team are working on this just wanted to let you know on this page to hopefully make it easier for you to locate those Plus Members who are not receiving the Plus show. Thanks!


It SHOULD only say that, I am in the same boat where it says its only the first hour, but after you click play it should update right? Atleast it does for me on all the shows.


No, when I click on the link to play the podcast (play in new window) , it’s still only the first hour. I guess there have been some issues with payments after the new website. I also updated CC, and still doesn’t work. Hopefully it’s fixed soon. I understand there’s a lot going on though.


I got the full show from old plus website and also using podcast addict rss feed.


Mine says the same thing. I just had a payment come out on Aug-15-2019 and it says I’m a plus member when I sign in at the top. But I can only see the first hour of all the shows. This is the second payment that has come out now and I haven’t been able to listen to any plus membership stuff. I just signed up last month too, so my whole membership so far has been good for nothing. Greg, you should also make a contact link on the homepage for people to be able to email you. It’s weird having to make this comment to you from somebody else’s comment, lol. Great show though, love the content! Hopefully this is all worked out soon because I really wanna catch up on all the plus shows! Cheers


I agree, updating the “contact us” tab. There is one there under the ‘about’ drop down, but when I click on it, it doesn’t allow me to send anything. Just an option to join PLUS…which I am already a Plus Member for years. I’ll wait til it gets worked out and listen then.


Thanks Greg! Yea I totally understand man. I’ve been listening to you for a couple years now from iTunes and listened to all the free shows. I love the work you do and it’s a shame the world in general can’t be open to these ideas and have them be ‘mainstream’ Although I do think there are more of ‘us’ than ‘they’ would like for us to think. I get that it’s like this by design but it is a shame. Just imagine how much farther ahead we could be as a people if these constraints weren’t there! We still have a long way to go and there’s still a ton of people out there that need to break out of the trap they’ve been lured into, physically and mentally. But I have no doubts, truth will prevail! It always does, eventually. Thanks to guys like you, guys like me can feel some sort of solace in knowing that we aren’t ‘alone’ out there. Thanks again, cheers!


This worked after trying everything else????????


Really goodinterviewnot got to end yet but wonder how this all would work within closed system?


The new site is not delivering the extended interview. I logged in but no go. The old site works so OK.


Interesting, I retried to play this episode just now and this time it was the whole extended podcast. Weird. I am getting the extended episode on Podcast Addict on my phone not problems.


Yeah I can’t get the second hour either here or the old site.


You are the man Greg!! Whatever you did worked and I have the entire 2 hours. Thanks man. Keep putting out great content. Thanks again.

Christopher McKinney

Great show. It’s interesting he lived on “nectar” for what sounded like 5ish years. I’d love to never have to eat or drink again.


Not happy! Says I’m logged in as plus member but no extended shows. Can’t get onto the old site now. WTF? Why did you fix something that wasn’t broken?

My membership is showing up as active on the new Plus site, but when I try to download the latest show only the free version is showing up.
My membership is showing up as not active on the old Plus site…no access to anything there.
Already sent an email to Greg, he replied , but I still cant download the Plus show. (I usually download the mp3 and save to my SD card on my phone)
Money is being taken out of the account so credit details are fine, just can’t access the Plus show?


I’m pretty sure the legends of Solomon’s Shamir point directly to what the artifact held in the ark could have been. It’s basically described as a stone or sometimes a worm that eats through stone. Loved this episode!


Looking forward to this new episode!!! Also, these little technical difficulties make me love this community more it feels genuine and legitimately home grown. We’ll hang in there with you buddy!


This show was amazing. Easily in the top 5 THC episodes ever.


8 thumbs down from the thc community yeah right! Trolls be trolling but we know better


I like Nassim very much. Have been following him since the time when only via torrents one could find new content from him… BUT:
– There is no such thing as a “black hole” :
– Nature do not produces discontinuities as those are only Mathematics concepts.
– Planets are not totally hollow !! Search: neutrinos earth absorption system
Planets cant have huge open spaces filled with gases.
– Anything from Einstein is totally wrong of was wrongly interpreted. Even the photoelectric effect.
– Light travels at a snail pace speed as it is a transversal wave. Longitudinal waves are almost instantaneous, like gravity.


5yr plus member here and this is hands down one of the best thc episodes ever. Greg, thank you so much. I’ve loved “watching” the show and you evolve in the way you have. Thank you a thousand times over and here’s to many more


This was just the boost I needed! Thank you for this vital discussion with Nassim !


Great interview. Nassim Haramein rocks (and so do you Greg)!!! Nassim’s material is more than amazing, it seems that he has figured out how things work.


Mind blown! ????????


Wow! Nassim is so brilliant and still down to earth and funny. Such an interesting interview. Really got me thinking about reality and meditation and reflecting into myself. How cool that connecting with yourself can make the world a better place through shared consciousness! I totally want an ARK crystal! Loved it Carl! Thanks again! ????????????

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