Cort Lindahl | The Arcadian Mysteries, Oak Island, Edgar Allen Poe, & The Inner Earth

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Today on everyone’s favorite podcast for conspiracy, the paranormal, & the all around fringe:

Alright Higherside Chatters, it’s no surprise that the elite speak to each other in coded symbolism not meant for mere commoners or non-initiates- and we’ve seen the breadcrumbs of this stretching back centuries.

Sometimes it’s in statues and obelisks, sometimes in the architecture of famous buildings, and sometimes it’s in the media.

This doesn’t surprise us today, but what if many old famous landmarks that we take for granted in modern times actually contain indications that they’re connected to a group of Royal bloodlines and an inner circle that we haven’t heard much about?

Well when it comes to such legends and landmarks as the Oak Island Money Pit, Rennes Le Chateau, Washington DC, Sterling Castle, Roslyn Chapel, and the like- as we’re going to learn today, this might be the case.

Of course, many seekers have sought to unravel the mysteries in these locations, the secret messages in famous paintings, and the hidden meanings of their associated lore…. hoping to unearth some hidden Templar or Masonic riches at the end of the proverbial rainbow like a real life National Treasure situation, but they’ve all had little luck so far. As far as we know.

People, these are the themes in the work of today’s long overdue returning guest Cort Lindahl.

Cort joined us back in 2014 to talk about his book Axis Mundi which looked at a particular type of Geomancy and building design that aligned certain landmarks across huge portions of the globe- and he’s been expanding on that research ever since having released several new books along the way, such as:

The Geographic Mysteries of Sir Francis Bacon: The Truth about Oak Island and more

The Secrets of Edgar Allan Poe, the Kensington Rune, and Beale Treasure Revealed.: The use of the Prime Meridian in Talismanic Architecture

Mysteries and Legends of Northern California: The Truth About Mt. Shasta and Beyond

and the latest in the series: Oak Island and the Arcadian Mysteries: Oak Island, Rennes le Chateau, and Shugborough Hall

A Nichols Cage for the modern age. The main magi of Axis Mundi, and the Geographical Mystery Decoded Extrodinare’ – Cort Lindalhl

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This episode’s Plus content includes:

-The influence of the Bacon family on America

-Disinformation in alternative media

-More mysteries revealed in the work of Poe

-Mary Magdalene and sifting through the lore of the Merovingian Bloodline

-Cort’s thoughts on the Oak Island TV series and how they present the mystery

-The Kensington Runestone & The Hudson Bay Company

-H.P. Lovecraft

-Mysteries of early America

-Mormon history

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  1. Something strange happens every time I’m going out of town, dammit! For some reason this show posted funny, but I have someone trying to figure out why. Stay tuned!

  2. Okay so I’m not the only one having issue, good to know hahah. We all just pheening for some Carlwood truth!!! Haha legoooo, gotta get my mind thru this slavejob somehow before I go even more “crazzzzy”

    1. Sage Words & great life philosophy, Slotherzzzzzz. Gotta love the An-Tici-pa-TION!
      **Press play on “LAUREN SILVA”/passes the bong in YOUR direction while waiting patiently too.

  3. Awesome show!

    Yeah, the Huguenots (French Protestants) are an interesting bunch (some say many were crypto-Jews who left Spain) and have a whole lot to do with the founding of the USA.

    2 good articles on who Edgar Allan Poe really was:

    I’ve found the EIR (Executive Intelligence Review) to be one of the best sources for alternative history. You can search their archive here:

    Cort mentioned Fritz Springmeier in his examples of researchers out there. I’d like to say that Fritz is one of the truly genuine ones in this area and his deep, deep info on the Illuminati and trauma-based mind control are invaluable and far beyond most other stuff out there. His Bloodlines book is a classic must-have with tons of valuable info. He has first-hand experience with what he writes about and was thrown in jail for allegedly just knowing about a bank robbery, for 8 years, after exposing so many secrets, after they tried several times to do him in. He comes from a Christian perspective but has never pushed his views on people and isn’t dogmatic about it…some of the real research out there, at least in the US, has come from Christian groups trying to get the word out. Of anyone I can think of, I’d like to hear Fritz on THC more than anyone else, but I don’t even know if he’s up for doing shows now. Also, I’ve seen his work suppressed and removed from the internet more times than I can count, way more than the work of anyone else I can think of. Not to mention the slander on his character e.g. his Wikipedia page.

  4. cool show, neat topic, I liked how it was local…sort of..for me anyhow(New England)
    I was just waiting for him to get to the American Stonehenge in Salem, NH…but it seems he did not, that place is FULL of all sort of stones aligned to TRUE North, solstices, equinox, theres a HUGE 4 ton sacrificial block, blood channeled and all, with a pretty intense “Oracle Chamber” right below it, which includes a speaking tube/tunnel right to the sacrifice , as well as a viewing window ….man it was nuts, I got the chance to visit the site a few days ago, very intense, yet super natural and kind of oddly calming..anyhow THANKS to both y’all

  5. Let me reveal the ultimate meaning Shakespeare:

    = shake spear
    = masturbation
    = creation powered by imagination
    (= magic = art)
    = self-irony of the author Shakespeare

  6. Thanks for the cool show! We love THC x10.
    A show on Joseph Smith would be fun. Some people have dug up records that the Mormon church tried to bury that support Smith being in to magic, using wine and possibly halucinagens, talking to entities, and setting up something that was completely different than what the people who proceeded him set up. Some think they framed him to look like he had multiple wives when really they were the creeps who were in to that nasty crap. If anything was cool about Smith it all died with him.
    But yah, I myself don’t believe any thing except what I can see with my own eyes, but it is fun for the ex-Mormons to hear other perspectives on what happened.

  7. The Carlwood:
    Something strange happens every time I’m going out of town, dammit! For some reason this show posted funny, but I have someone trying to figure out why. Stay tuned!

    We’re all good! If you don’t see it in your feed, you just need to refresh/reload it.

  8. Thanks a lot for the great interview Greg. By far one of the best I have done because you actually do some reading. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask here or catch me on Facebook etc. Thanks again all. Love me some THC. -Cort

    1. Heck yeah! Thanks for saying so. Obviously you have really impressive work that offers a unique perspective that I think everyone here should appreciate. I don’t see anyone else tying things together they way you are man. Great stuff!

  9. I have been looking at that area recently myself, the dome of the rock and the templars. One thing I’ll add to the beginning of the show, the 8 sided dome of the rock is unique to Islam. The dome of the rock does not face mecca, and it does not face east. No Muslim would build this as a worship center. It is also the only 8 sided mosque used by Muslims. No other mosque is like the dome. I think It is clear the Muslims did not build the dome. Rabbi Rabat in around the 1100s claimed there was still no center of worship or shrine located at the original Jewish temple location. This is a problem because the dome of the rock was standing for around 500 years already. So we can conclude, the temple of the Jews was not located where the dome of the rock is, or even on the “temple mount complex”. Basically, what we know as the temple mount, is the old Roman fort Antonio. The dimensions are near identical to all other Roman forts that held a legion.

  10. Uh-oh, I’m breaking the perfect 33 number of comments! This was such an interesting interview that I had to wait to be in the right mindset for, the right timing. There’s so much to uncover within old literature and that’s my background so to hear all these same names again in new context made me want to unpack all my old books from uni! I also loved to travel and visit old castles and towns and was amazed by similar connections and especially, what has been recorded, and how, and by whom.

    There’s so much I could say/ask, but I just got stuck on the flat earth part of the convo, which makes perfect sense, until he said ‘sphere’ so I looked it up and found: noun
    (maths) a.a three-dimensional closed surface such that every point on the surface is equidistant from a given point, the centre
    b.the solid figure bounded by this surface or the space enclosed by it. Equation: ( x–a)² + ( y–b)² + ( z–c)² = r ², where r is the radius and ( a, b, c) are the coordinates of the centre; surface area: 4π r ²; volume: 4π r ³/3
    2. any object having approximately this shape; globe
    3. the night sky considered as a vaulted roof; firmament

    Lordy, how I hate math and all things related, but isn’t this definition suggesting that ‘sphere’ does not necessarily mean ‘ball’ as in the current NASA model?

    1. Or, did I misunderstand that altogether? Is he saying it was the spherical model is what was used for navigation before the NASA ball came to be??
      I get folks don’t like this topic, or are sick of it like chemtrails, but it still compels me.

      1. Ok just another little thing or two–see you are back on YT since yesterday, yay! And about Laura Eisenhower–I agree with your ‘spidey sense’ hehe. 🙂 In terms of simple psychology, it’s very clear she’s ‘married to a theory’ and this is so clear among many of this ilk and it’s exactly like listening/talking to a Bible thumper, and you being from my neck of the woods I know you too know this type all too well–so very, very certain of their worldview one might expect them to soon skip to the guillotine in defense of it. It’s curious and unsettling how many fly right into this coop.

  11. to mishelle
    The earth was found to be spherical or ball shaped long before NASA existed. This isn’t just “the current NASA model”. It’s an accepted and proven fact except by a current group susceptible to a divisive and ridiculous psyop.

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