Susan Clark | The 5G Conspiracy, Radiofrequency Radiation, & Eco-Genocide

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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast, as he talks… with guest, Susan Clark.

While we distract ourselves with Facebook or mindless television and damage our health with nutrient deficient foods the elite have been carefully crafting a full spectrum attack.
Indeed, a war is raging and we find ourselves in a fight for our lives as an eco-genocide aims to depopulate the planet by depleting us of nourishment and bathing us in harmful radio-microwave frequency rays known to do damage down to microscopic levels.
Fortunately, today’s guest, Susan Clark, has dedicated years studying radio-frequency radiation bio-effects during her time spent as a research assistant for Harvard Medical School, and today, she joins The Higherside to help us understand these ongoing project against the people.
3:30 Kicking things off, Greg and Susan begin by discussing her work as a research assistant at Harvard’s medical school, the vast array of published papers and medical studies Countway Library afforded her, and the endless paper trail that led her to researching radio-frequency radiation bio-effects. As Susan explains, there has been extensive research conducted studying radio-frequency radiation bio-effects, to the tune of 25,000 and dating as far back as the late 1920’s, in an effort to weaponize this technology. Clark also describes how this technology disrupts our natural biological chemistry, known in Eastern philosophy as Ch’i or qi.
14:42 Clark discusses the belief held by ancient Eastern mystics that our natural energy levels or power, are slowly being depleted by the abundance of unnatural radiation signals. She also elaborates on how size of life radiation in it’s cosmic form is easily absorbed by water in the atmosphere, rendering it utterly harmless and mostly nonexistent to us on Earth. Greg and Susan also tackle the looming nationwide installation of the 5G network and the inevitable bio-effects that will wreak havoc.
22:45 Greg and Susan discuss the subtle encroachment of radio frequency waves, and how this has led to a false sense of security regarding devices such as cell phones, WiFi routers, and cell towers. Clark explains the gradual psychological adjustments we make to these seemingly harmless symptoms, our reliance on aids such as caffeine to jump start ourselves, and our dismissal of cognitive impairment as “senior moments”. Susan details the shift in mentality towards a more idiopathic perspective, causing us to look inward and instead of focus of the bombardment of exterior influences damaging our health and well-being.
31:00 Greg and Susan consider the results of the National Toxicology Program’s $25 million study on the bio-effects of radio-frequency radiation exposure and the somewhat unsurprising links found to cancer.
40:00 Greg and Susan pivot to talking about the weaponization of these radio-frequencies. With public health science papers using terminology such as “harvesting”, one has to wonder, what exactly is up their sleeve? Clark details the multitude of ways the elite proceed to rake up the body count, while going unnoticed, including capitalizing on natural catastrophes such as the most recent hurricane spree.
A few valuable resources from the interview:
Susan Clark on “Sage of Quay”:
Bill Gates’ 2010 Ted Talk “Innovation to Zero” where he mentions population reduction:
National Toxicology Program study on the bio-effects of radio-frequency radiation exposure:
FiveThirtyEight’s “We Still Don’t Know How Many People Died Because of Katrina”:
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43 Responses

      1. It sounded fine, and your guest was so passionate about the subject, it really affected me. She seems like a genuinely good person in a world of too many not-so-good people.
        This is one show I’ll definitely listen to again. I listen at work, so sometimes it’s hard to give enough attention to really grasp an idea.

  1. Good show. Don’t buy it all. My family are longtime Louisiana residents and a bunch of ’em worked Katrina. As far as I know from their stories and experiences, nobody got dumped in the lake after the hurricane. Now admittedly, my people are simple, honest, hard working country folks and not Harvard researchers. Their not liars either. The weird bullshit shoveled about Katrina and southern LA could fill dump trucks from here to the moon. Please understand, i’m not trying to stir the shit. I just have to trust my bullshit dectector. It’s served me well for a lot of years. God bless Ms. Clark and her story…I just don’t buy it. I listened, I thought about the information, and Yatzee! As always, thank you Greg, Your a good dude. keep working the problem. peace.

    1. Totally agree. I was born in New Orleans and have lived in southern Louisiana my entire life. At the time of Katrina, blacks were the majority of the population in New Orleans at around 70%. To say that 5,000 black people were dumped in Lake Pontchartrain is completely absurd given that they make up the majority of all city service members including police. I lived 3 blocks from Lake Pontchartrain at the time of the storm and ALL people suffered from all backgrounds. The “disaster” of this storm was man-made. The failure of the levees was inevitable. Funny thing is, the levees are the problem in the first place because they keep the Mississippi River from flooding and depositing sediment into the wetlands -which has caused catastrophic coastal erosion for the last 60+ years.

      Also, the year 1780 is still the strongest Hurricane season to date! 25,000 people died through multiple storm systems.
      The US just happens to be the place were most Atlantic storms fall.

      I’ve never even heard this outrageous claim espoused before by any one in this region.


  2. Reframing puberty blockers given to children to alleviate the stress of dysphora may well be sterilization of the middle class. The speed of acceptance without critical discussion is alarming.

  3. Hi gang I have noticed for a few years now the birds vanishing. Its not normal to drive around or walk outdoors and go for hours without seeing a bird. You can go days barely seeing a bird. Soon people aren’t going to know that the skies where once blue and full of life. I prove it to people by asking them to count the birds they see on the way to the work or school and I bet you can do it using only the fingers on two hands.

      1. I live along the Eastern United States on farm land. A lot of birds is a relative thing. Not long ago you so birds everytime you stopped at a light or past a farm field. I have been an outdoorsman for a very long time and I see a huge difference everywhere I go even overseas. Please look at the research I have seen bird data show a fifty percent near extinction rate for common birds.

  4. Ill be honest I was all about this chick until she went way out of the way to shit all over Dr. Judy Wood. Something about that did not sit right with me, I am always very leary of people who are 100% certain about anything, let alone something that has puzzled the world community for 16 years. I just don’t know about this lady, between the tangents she took off on and had to be corralled back by Greg, random laughter almost like duping delight and the Dr. Judy Wood hit piece…just major reservations. Am I out of line here?

        1. Agree. I live through Katrina in NOLA and heard lots of stories about scores being settled and ATMs being robbed after the storm but nothing about hundreds of people being cut up in fish cutting machines and dumped in the lake (Ponchartrain- pronounced ponch a train). Besides, what the heck is a fish cutting machine? I’m somewhat familiar w the fishing (mainly shrimp and oyster) industry and that is tripping my BS detector. Also, she seemed SO sure re Wood and nano thermite. Thermite looks like lightning when it goes off. Also. there are plenty of pictures of stuff dustifying, And the seismic stuff. She sounded like a flat earther, cherry picking a few things and avoiding anything that challenges what she is sure of. Some good info in the interview but I could not help feeling she was disinfo or just so ego driven that she can’t accept or consider other POVs. Greg did a great job letting her speak her piece. Once one’s discernment is tuned up, disinfo can teach you much about what they are trying to hide.

      1. Alright I am glad a few of you guys saw some of the same things in that interview that I saw and I did not swerve out of my lane to far. And while I am thinking about it Kudos to Greg and his skills as a host in trying to keep this lady and other guests on topic and getting pertinent questions answered, that’s not easy with someone you have never met, so cheers to Greg.

  5. I pretty much only stream THC on my Android device and I have never had so many problems streaming this episode every time I tried the stream shuts off about 45 minutes in. Honestly got to say this has not happened with any other episode on any of the devices I have stream THC on over the years
    figured I had to leave a comment

  6. Just like another listener above I had issues streaming this episode. The episode would just stop playing randomly. First through the website but then also the app. I was able to just hit play again and continue where it stopped playing, but man was it strange.


  7. I”m not trying to be a smart ass but unless it is the frequency that microwaves travel at in a oven I do not think we need to worry remember scary shit sells books speaking engagements and so on.. I doubt these little low frequency waves will do any harm. Great show Greg from a lifetime member. But bring on five G oh yea baby faster stronger better.

  8. Are there combative counter actions we can take? I’m not a fan of the fear mongering approach. Yeah I’m listening via wifi lol. I work in computer aided design, so I guess I’m screwed? I need to hear other options. How can you share info if you are cut off from world? They are going to formulate another way to kills us jeez. I don’t mean to be rude….I do appreciate her research………

    There are minerals / crystals as well as sound frequencies we can use to counteract the negative waves, yoga, meditation, prayer, staying positive and raise your vibration. Maybe we can create a counter 5g signal to break the wave.

  9. This was very disturbing and I am not a fear monger. And I am confused because, doesn’t this affect everything? If so, is there special water, food, air etc that those who are perpetrating are consuming that aren’t affected by this? If not, then they are also doing this to themselves. Am I wrong? I guess I don’t understand how this can be done to us but not done to those who are perpetrating this.

    I did not have one issue listening to this other than it was disturbing.

  10. OMG Bat shit crazy cat lady alert. 🙂 Well, TBH she’s not far from Dave Asprey’s Dr. Mercola episode on the dangers of electronics. Her electronics and frequency physics seemed sound, however she kinda drops the Harvard name like she gets big brained by association. She was like an admin assistant? Whatever. If she’s right then I’ll be becoming Amish sooner than I thought and there will be no need for Greg & Higherside chats cause podcasts over my iphone are killing me – what a Black Pill. The final thing, and the point you made, was if the “Elites” are killing us with electro gimickry – what’s thier protection and is there a secret remedy? Honestly evil Archons controlling a flawed world –created by an evil demiurge –seems more chearful…..ugh

    Oh Jebodiah son, come here, where did thoust place thy faraday cage for the horses?

  11. Some great info…but kinda fell flat with a lot “well, academia” explanations through the middle. I thought her comment on Dr. Wood’s perspective showed how she had her blinders up. I think all the points about a team and structural planning were in the mix, but that doesn’t explain dustification. So, as the little Mexican girl on the taco commercial says, “Why not both?”

  12. Hey Greg
    Loving your Tinfoil i/v
    Great beard!
    Also, this chat with Susan was a real eye opener
    Thanks for always being prepared.
    Really appreciate your incisive questioning.

    1. Yep people can be hypochondriac. That addresses zero of her claims. Thousands of studies show the harmful effects of too much radition at these wavelengths. I think you have bro blinders on.

  13. Just wanted to say I am sharing the shit out THC, unabashedly. Much to my Facebook’s friends and family dismay. Susan’s interview confirmed for me that the reason they are all so blind and dumb is because of the frequency and radiation assault on our minds and bodies. Keep em coming Greg and I will keep supporting you, sharing, being a Plus member and someday when I get my big bag of change, you and Susan and a few other important guests you have exposed me to will be getting a hefty chunk of my change. I never comment or do the forum, mostly because I can’t stand some of the rude, cynical idiots that comment. If they know so much why don’t they do what you do. Screw em, some of your fans are here to stay no matter what!

  14. Glad to be back to THC full time! Couldn’t sit back and let the people I know be blinded. Anyhow… Not sure if anyone watches or watched Better Call Saul, but Saul (Bob Odenkirk…who is great as an actor) proves that mental illness caused by or attributed to electromagnetic wave exposure is bull shit. The board agreed with him… Just another subtle way for the entertainment industry to prime the general public to view people like us as crazy.

  15. Hi Greg, A tower went up (without planning notification) last year on the hill opposite at roughly the height of my residence and my other two neighbours. It’s been great being able to use the internet etc while my mind melts and my physical health deteriorates to the point of being basically bed ridden and mentally semi vacant for prolonged periods over the last year, have tried everything imaginable to fix my elf. Timing impeccable as always…made the connection a few weeks ago Susan seems to have provided confirmation. By the by my neighbours and partner have all noticed deteriorating health…my kids who run around barefoot and eat really well and haven’t been vaxxed seem to fair better. Feet in dirt is evidently a good thing. I’d like to offer Susan support if I can. How can I do this. Cheers always, Fran

  16. I was sold on the 5G thing (and wifi for that matter) before I even started listening to the podcast, but she lost me when she threw Judy Wood under the bus.

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