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Susan Clark | The 5G Conspiracy, Radiofrequency Radiation, & Eco-Genocide

Topics Covered: 5G, Conspiracy, Emf, Toxic World

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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast, as he talks… with guest, Susan Clark.

While we distract ourselves with Facebook or mindless television and damage our health with nutrient deficient foods the elite have been carefully crafting a full spectrum attack.
Indeed, a war is raging and we find ourselves in a fight for our lives as an eco-genocide aims to depopulate the planet by depleting us of nourishment and bathing us in harmful radio-microwave frequency rays known to do damage down to microscopic levels.
Fortunately, today’s guest, Susan Clark, has dedicated years studying radio-frequency radiation bio-effects during her time spent as a research assistant for Harvard Medical School, and today, she joins The Higherside to help us understand these ongoing project against the people.
[3:30] Kicking things off, Greg and Susan begin by discussing her work as a research assistant at Harvard’s medical school, the vast array of published papers and medical studies Countway Library afforded her, and the endless paper trail that led her to researching radio-frequency radiation bio-effects. As Susan explains, there has been extensive research conducted studying radio-frequency radiation bio-effects, to the tune of 25,000 and dating as far back as the late 1920’s, in an effort to weaponize this technology. Clark also describes how this technology disrupts our natural biological chemistry, known in Eastern philosophy as Ch’i or qi.
[14:42] Clark discusses the belief held by ancient Eastern mystics that our natural energy levels or power, are slowly being depleted by the abundance of unnatural radiation signals. She also elaborates on how size of life radiation in it’s cosmic form is easily absorbed by water in the atmosphere, rendering it utterly harmless and mostly nonexistent to us on Earth. Greg and Susan also tackle the looming nationwide installation of the 5G network and the inevitable bio-effects that will wreak havoc.
[22:45] Greg and Susan discuss the subtle encroachment of radio frequency waves, and how this has led to a false sense of security regarding devices such as cell phones, WiFi routers, and cell towers. Clark explains the gradual psychological adjustments we make to these seemingly harmless symptoms, our reliance on aids such as caffeine to jump start ourselves, and our dismissal of cognitive impairment as “senior moments”. Susan details the shift in mentality towards a more idiopathic perspective, causing us to look inward and instead of focus of the bombardment of exterior influences damaging our health and well-being.
[31:00] Greg and Susan consider the results of the National Toxicology Program’s $25 million study on the bio-effects of radio-frequency radiation exposure and the somewhat unsurprising links found to cancer.
[40:00] Greg and Susan pivot to talking about the weaponization of these radio-frequencies. With public health science papers using terminology such as “harvesting”, one has to wonder, what exactly is up their sleeve? Clark details the multitude of ways the elite proceed to rake up the body count, while going unnoticed, including capitalizing on natural catastrophes such as the most recent hurricane spree.
A few valuable resources from the interview:
Susan Clark on “Sage of Quay”:
Bill Gates’ 2010 Ted Talk “Innovation to Zero” where he mentions population reduction:
National Toxicology Program study on the bio-effects of radio-frequency radiation exposure:
FiveThirtyEight’s “We Still Don’t Know How Many People Died Because of Katrina”:
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