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THC 99: Alexx Bollen | Occultism, Chaos Magick, & The THC Tarot Forecast

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Lifetime occult magick enthusiast, author,  and fellow podcaster, Alexx Bollen (@TheAlexxcast) and my occasional co-host Kyle (@KylePrindiville) join THC for a chat on Egyptian mystery schools, occult knowledge, chaos magick, sigial making, the power behind corporate logos, altered states, Crowley, and for our last trick: Alexx performs a tarot reading to determine the future of THC! Don’t get The Tower!

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Inside tip…Ft 370, banker suicides…members of these high occults are leaving, they sre leaving their bodies behind because of faith and belief in their occult majik and participating in ritual suicide. The occult dark side even the light side can lead to this. I think this is awful. They maybe gearing up for the big suicide blowing us all up with them like the way the ancient pharohs killed servants and wives to go along with them to the other side please embrace the real. BEWARE…DANGER>>DANGER<

Matthew Hutchinson

New listener here, your comments on the Crimea incident were a bit amusing. The United States is the only one calling for sanctions? Pretty sure the G* is now the G7. As far as Russia’s intentions Putin was very much around for the Cold War and actually has been documented saying that his intention is to bring Russia back to its former glory, he has also stated his intention on reclaiming territory lost when the Soviet Union collapsed. Not limited to but including the Blatic states which are members of NATO. Of course you know if those states are invaded the US and 27 other countries will be required to come to their aid hence the beginning of a new conflict or war if you will. At any rate I do like the podcast just had to put my two cents in it!

Ryan Griffiths

The Toth deck represents the true tree as in shepherds yetzirah, most people follow the wrong tree. The correct tree represents the menorah, the ark and the holly grail. A map of the micro and macro The logos of phycological thought, dreams and physical possibility. 

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