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The 100th Episode Special

Show Notes

13 past guests drop in to help celebrate the 100th episode milestone and share their latest research, thoughts, and ideas on a whole host of subjects. You can view the list below, or have some adventure in your life and don’t read the spoilers. Thanks to all the listeners who keep THC alive, enjoy!



Anthony Peake ([9:50])

Neil Sanders ([22:10])

Kevin Annett ([39:40])

Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows ([48:20])

Jim Elvidge ([1:04:00])

Lenon Honor ([1:17:30])

Douglas Dietrich ([1:34:30])

Freeman Fly ([1:48:30])

Colin Andrews ([2:05:30])

Jamie Hanshaw ([2:16:50])

Kathleen Marden ([2:25:30])

Olav Phillips ([2:43:30])

Wendy Tremayne & Mikey [2:54:30])

Ending/Bonus ([3:22:30])


PLUS Content

This is a pre-Plus episode. It’s all there, baby!
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Jay Edwards

Hey man I’ve been listening to your show for a while, but I can’t listen to the 100th episode, as it says I can’t access this episode on youtube without a computer. My laptop got stolen and I haven’t got a new one yet. Just wondering how I can hear some new THC? Please and thank you.


so looking forward to this!


Words cannot express the awesomeness of this episode! Congrats on the big 100 and being the best podcast out there for this type of material


Greg I follow Wendy and Mikey on their blog and really enjoy it because I disengaged from the 9 to 5 in 1983. Becasue you mentioned that you are paying rent, I want to suggest to, if at all possible, find the area that you would love to retire too and go there now. Also for housing, put a downpayment on a five unit (or more) apartment building. This can become your permanent place, paid for by the renters for the rest of your life. Housing is a huge chunk of anybodys budget. Wendy mentioned getting something cheap. I agree. Small towns are very cheap and much safer. Best of luck.


[…] Where to start? Well, THC has gotten a lot better with time, and while the 100th Episode Special is a bit dated now, it’s still a great summary of those first 99 episodes w/ 13 returning guests and highlight the range of topics we generally get into: […]

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