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3 responses to “THC 98: Project Sepro: Secret Journey To An Alien Homeworld w/ Len Kasten”

  1. I have not listened to the podcast, and I will not since it is very well known that Project Serpo is/was a hoax. I cannot believe that years after it was shown to be one that someone is still talking about it. There are quite a few articles on the internet dealing with the Serpo Hoax but one of the best is here:

    Please do not give this garbage any further coverage. It muddies the waters of ufology, and cheapens any real investigations in to ufos and high strangeness events.

    Best wishes

    H Price

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    • It was an interesting show and worth a listen. Like Greg, I am undecided on what to think. But “internet articles” are not enough to make me just dismiss this whole thing.

      UFOlogy is muddied and until disclosure always will be. But its fun to sort through it and we all have to take the info and figure out for ourselves what rings true and what doesnt. But utter avoidance isnt going to help at all. There is probably some truth in this Serpo stuff, we just have to find it.

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