Victor Thorn Interview on DMT Boston Bombing Conspiracy on The Higherside Chats Podcast

THC 69: Victor Thorn | The Boston Bombing, DMT, & The Holocaust

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Disclaimer: THC is a show about fringe and alternative perspectives. This means we sometimes converse with people who hold very controversial opinions, and we talk to them so we can understand what brought them to their conclusions. An exploration of an idea, should not automatically be considered an endorsement. THC does not condone hate or violence any more than we condone deception or propaganda. We do support open, even challenging discussions. 

Ron Patton, of Paranoia Magazine co-hosts this wild ride down Conspiracy Lane and our guest, Victor Thorn, schools us on his latest article on the Boston Marathon Bombing and a few of his previous books including Machine Elves, Cosmic Serpents, & Quantum Magick as well as a much more taboo title I couldn’t help but at least ask about. Of course, asking questions is not an endorsement of the ideas, only a curiously wanting to hear some of the logic behind this perspective.

Victor Thorn is the co-host of WING TV, which is a daily online television and radio show. He is also the founder of Sisyphus Press, and the author of over 40 books on a wide array of subjects.

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